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A picture of a man in Canada calmly mowing his lawn with a menacing tornado swirling in the background has gone viral on social media.身后龙卷风疯狂肆虐,但加拿大一名男子仍在镇定自若地修剪自家草坪的照片近日在网络上走红。Theunis Wessels was ;fully aware; of the twister but ;wasn#39;t worried at all;, his wife Cecilia, who took the photo, told the B.照片的拍摄者是他的妻子塞西莉亚,她在接受英国广播公司采访时说,丈夫特尼斯?韦塞尔斯“完全意识到了”身后的龙卷风,但“却一点儿也不担心。”She said the tornado was about 2km from their house in Three Hills, Alberta - much further away than it appeared in the photo. The storm was quickly gone, she added.她说,他们家位于加拿大阿尔伯塔省三山镇,龙卷风距离这里约2公里,比照片中看起来距离要远,而且很快就消失了。Mrs Wessels told the B she was sleeping in the house on Friday - but then was woken by her nine-year-old daughter who was concerned that her father would not abandon his lawn-mowing and hide inside from the tornado.塞西莉亚告诉英国广播公司,6月2日她正在屋里睡觉,却被9岁的女儿叫醒。女儿担心爸爸不肯放弃修剪草坪而回到屋里躲避龙卷风。;My daughter was the most upset, saying #39;Mum, what we gonna do?#39;;“我的女儿非常不安,她说:‘妈妈,我们该怎么办?’”。Mrs Wessels came outside to check on her husband, who continued mowing. He said ;Everything is OK,; and he looked ;calm, in control,; she recollected.随后塞西莉亚走到屋外查看丈夫的情况,当时他还在除草。他说:“没什么事儿”。塞西莉亚回忆说,丈夫看起来“镇定自若,胸有成竹的样子”。She added that he had some knowledge about twisters as he had recently attended a seminar organised by a storm-chasing association.她补充说,韦塞尔斯最近参加了一个由追逐风暴协会举办的研讨班,所以对龙卷风有一定的了解。Many town residents were taking pictures of the tornado, and Mrs Wessels decided to post hers on Facebook and also sent them to her mother in South Africa.小镇很多居民都拍摄了龙卷风的照片,塞西莉亚决定把她拍摄的照片放到脸书上,还把照片发送给了远在南非的母亲。She said her mother was very worried about her son-in-law, asking: ;Why are you letting him outside? Please stay safe.;她说母亲很担心女婿,问道:“为什么你让他呆在外面?一定要注意安全。”Very soon the picture began causing a storm on the social media.这张照片很快就在社交媒体上走红。One user wrote: ;This is the craziest picture! Lol. I#39;m glad that the tornado didn#39;t come down on your house!;一名网友留言称:“这是最疯狂的照片!哈哈哈!我很高兴龙卷风没有袭击你的房子。”“Nothing stops a Canadian from mowing his lawn,” joked one on Twitter.还有一名网友发推特开玩笑说:“没有什么能够阻挡一个加拿大男人除草。”Mrs Wessels said her photo had aly been shared 3,500 times in two days, and she had received 256 friend requests.塞西莉亚说她的照片在两天内已经被分享了3500次,还收到了256个好友请求。It caused no injuries in the town, and only minor structural damage was reported.据报道,龙卷风在小镇并没有造成人员伤亡,仅有一些建筑受到轻微损伤。 /201706/512974A total of 1,409 people died as a result of infectious diseases on the Chinese mainland in February, official data showed last Monday.上周一官方发布的数据显示,今年二月份,中国大陆因传染病共死亡1409人。According to the National Health and Family Planning Commission, there were 485,649 cases of infectious diseases reported on the mainland last month.据国家卫生和计划生育委员会统计显示,上个月中国大陆共报告了485649起传染病例。Nearly 279,000 cases were classified as Class B infectious diseases under China#39;s Law on the Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases, and they resulted in 1,397 deaths.按照《中华人民共和国传染病防治法》,近27.9万病例被确诊为乙类传染病,共造成1397人死亡。Viral hepatitis, tuberculosis, syphilis, gonorrhoea and bacterial and amoebic dysentery accounted for 96 percent of cases in this category.病毒性肝炎、肺结核、梅毒、淋病以及细菌性痢疾、阿米巴性痢疾占到了该分类的96%。Category C diseases were responsible for more than 207,000 cases and 12 deaths.丙类疾病数量达到了20.7万例,导致12人死亡。Infectious diarrhea, foot and mouth disease and influenza were the most prevalent in this category, accounting for 94 percent of cases.感染性腹泻、手足口病、以及流感在该分类中最为常见,病例占比约为94%。 /201703/499751

JENNY NING WAS self-conscious about being one of Kondo’s only employees who had not yet finished tidying(!). What could Kondo possibly think of an employee representing KonMari Inc. to her American base not having her own house in order? Last year, when Kondo visited San Francisco, she came to Ning’s studio apartment, and Ning said she felt very ashamed when Kondo opened her closet. Kondo would visit San Francisco again to introduce the consultancy and maybe even before, and Ning told me she wanted to tidy and to show Kondo the progress. I asked if I could come along and maybe help Ning complete her tidying.近藤麻里惠的雇员中有几个还没有完成整理,其中就包括詹妮·宁(Jenny Ning,音),她为此感到有点不好意思。身为KonMari公司的员工,在美国受众面前代表着公司的形象,她自己的屋子却没有收拾得井井有条,这会让近藤怎么想呢?去年,近藤访问旧金山时来到了宁的公寓。宁说,当近藤打开自己的衣橱时,自己羞愧极了。近藤还会再来旧金山,启动这家咨询公司,甚至可能是在那之前。宁告诉我,她打算好好做一下整理,让近藤看到自己的进步。我问她我是否能过来,说不定能帮上她的忙呢。When Ning was little, she loved to collect things: stamps, stickers, pencils. She was never overwhelmed by her stuff. She thinks of her childhood bedroom as “very happy.” But as she grew into adulthood, she kept buying clothing: far too much of it.宁小时候喜欢收集东西:邮票、贴纸、铅笔。她从来不会觉得自己的东西是负担。她觉得自己童年时代的卧室是“非常快乐”的。但是成年以后,她不停地买衣:买得太多了。She went to work in finance, but she found the work empty and meaningless. She would come home and find herself overwhelmed by her stuff. So she began searching for “minimalism” on the internet, happening on Pinterest pages of beautiful, empty bathrooms and kitchens, and she began to imagine that it was her stuff that was weighing her down. She philosophy blogs about materialism and the accumulation of objects. “They just all talked about feeling lighter,” she said. Ning wanted that lightness.一开始她在金融业工作,但她觉得这份工作空虚而又没有意义。回到家里,她总觉得自己被她所拥有的物品压倒了。于是她开始在网上搜索“极简主义”。偶然在Pinterest上看到那些空空荡荡的漂亮卫生间和厨房,她开始感觉自己拥有的物品成了累赘。她读到一些关于物质至上主义和物品囤积的哲学客。“他们都在讲一种轻盈的感受,”她说。宁也想感受那种轻盈。And here, at this moment in the story, Ning began to cry. “I never knew how to get here from there,” she said. She found Kondo’s book, and she felt better immediately, just having it. She began tidying, and immediately she lost three pounds. She had been trying to lose weight forever, and then suddenly, without effort, three pounds, just gone.故事讲到这儿,宁开始哭泣。“我完全不知道怎么从那种状态达到今天这个样子,”她说。然后,她发现了近藤的书,光是读一读,就让她立刻感觉好了很多。她开始做整理,很快,人就瘦了三磅。她一直在努力减肥,但现在她什么额外的事情也没做,就这么突然一下子瘦了整整三磅。Ning has thrown away her collections. She wiped her tears and leaned in and told me, like a secret, that she has kept one collection: the stickers. She asked me if I wanted to see her album. She pulled it out from under her bed, pages and pages of Snoopy stickers and stickers of frogs and cupcakes and bunnies in raincoats playing in puddles and Easter baskets. She smiled down at them and touched a few while I thumbed through the pages.宁已经把自己收集的东西统统扔掉了。她擦干眼泪,凑到我身边,像说悄悄话一样告诉我,她只保留了一种藏品。那就是贴纸。她问我想不想看她的收藏簿。她把它从床底下拿了出来,里面是一页一页的史努比、青蛙和纸杯蛋糕的贴纸,还有穿着雨衣,在水洼里玩耍的兔子,以及复活节篮子。她低头看着它们,脸上露出微笑,我随手翻动时,她还轻轻地抚摸其中的几枚贴纸。A WEEK LATER I was on another assignment, still using the same notebook from the Kondo story. As I flipped through it, passing through the pages of my notes from my time with Ning, I noticed that a tiny blue butterfly sticker had escaped her collection and landed on a page. When I saw the sticker, I froze and put my finger on it. I had had a sticker album, too. It had stickers that smelled like candy canes and purple. It had bubbly heart stickers and star stickers and Mork amp; Mindy stickers and Peanuts stickers, too.一周后我有另一项采访任务,用的还是采访近藤这篇文章时用的笔记本。我随手翻页,翻过采访宁的那次所做的笔记。我突然发现,有一片小小的蓝蝴蝶贴纸从她的收藏里跑到了我的本子上。看到它,我不觉怔住了,伸出手指去抚摸它。我自己也有过贴纸簿,里面的贴纸闻上去好像拐棍糖,带着点紫色的味道。那里面还有心形泡泡贴纸、星星贴纸、“默克与明迪”(Mork amp; Mindy)贴纸和花生漫画贴纸。I went abroad for a year to Israel after high school. While I was there, the boiler in my house in Brooklyn exploded and a soot fire destroyed all our possessions. “Everyone is OK, but there was a fire,” my father said when I called. I never saw my sticker album again. I never saw anything again. After the place was cleared out, my mother was able to save a few photo albums, because they were closed when the soot invaded the basement and covered and ruined all the surfaces. When I look at the pictures, I don’t ever notice how young or cute my sisters and I were. I look in the background for the items that lie in the incidental path of my mother’s Canon. I try to think of what my life would have been like if I’d returned home to what I left behind, the way my friends were able to return to their homes to what they’d left behind and keep returning, after they finished college and after they got married and after they had kids. I try to think of who I’d be if I weren’t in the habit of looking at my home before I left it each day and mentally preparing myself for the possibility that nothing I owned would be there when I got home that night. I try to know what feelings my lost objects, which I forget more and more as the years pass, would evoke if I could hold them in my hands, KonMari style, like a new kitten. Some would bring joy and some would not, but I’m not someone who thinks that joy is the only valid emotion. I try to remember what I no longer can because, in terms of my possessions, it is as if I was born on my 19th birthday.中学毕业后,我去以色列呆了一年。在以色列期间,布鲁克林家里的锅炉爆炸了,烟殆引发的火灾烧掉了我们所有的财物。“大家都好,但是着火了,”我打电话过去时,父亲告诉我。我永远地失去了我的贴纸簿,什么都没有了。现场收拾干净之后,妈妈抢救出几本相册,烟殆侵入地下室后,覆盖并烧毁了所有东西的表面,但相册是合着的。看着那些照片,我注意的不是我和姊们过去有多么年轻可爱。我只是看着背景中那些被妈妈的佳能相机碰巧拍到的东西。我试着去设想,如果我能回到幼时的家,看到自己留在家里的那些东西,那样的生活会是什么样?就像我的朋友们可以回家,看到他们留在那里的东西仍然在那里,甚至大学毕业或者结婚生子之后,还都保持原样。我已经养成习惯,每天出门前都要审视家中,做好当晚回来发现自己所有物品都已不见的心理准备。如果我没有养成这样的习惯,现在的我又会是个什么样的人呢?那些我已经失去的东西,随着岁月流逝,也渐渐被我淡忘。但我常想,如果我能再次把它们握在手里,用KonMari的方式,仿佛捧起一只新生的小猫,那会带给我怎样的感受?我想,有些东西一定会带来快乐,而有些则不会。但我不认为快乐是唯一正当的情感。我努力回忆那些我已经不记得了的东西,因为从个人物品的角度来说,我感觉自己仿佛是19岁生日那天才刚刚出生。 The reason I bring this up is to tell you that you could not have any stuff at all, much less too much stuff, and still be totally messed up about it. The reason I tell you this is so that you know that that tiny butterfly sticker has been the same burden to me as any hoarder’s yield. Nostalgia is a beast, and that is either a good reason to KonMari your life, or a terrible one, depending on how you want to live.我之所以说起这件事,只是想告诉你,就算你什么东西也没有,就算你拥有的东西远远算不上过多,你还是有可能过得乱七八糟。我告诉你这些,是想让你明白,那片小小的蝴蝶贴纸对于我来说,也像任何一个集物癖的破烂儿一样,是一种负担。怀旧情结是一头猛兽,如果你想用KonMari法去整理自己的生活,这既是一个好理由,也是一个坏理由,完全取决于你想怎样生活。THE LAST TIME I saw Marie Kondo, we were in a hotel room in Midtown, a different one, and still the only visible objects in it were that metal suitcase and her husband’s laptop. But one item had been removed from the suitcase: a spray bottle that she keeps around. She sprays it into the air and the scent signals to her that she is finished working for the day, that her obligations, which seem endless lately, are done. I told her that, to my observation, a company trying to grow the way hers was trying to grow seemed at odds with the personality of someone who required such extreme measures for peace in the first place. “I do feel overwhelmed,” she told me, and she gave me one note of a quiet laugh. People demand a lot of her, not really understanding that you don’t go into a business like tidying if you’re able to handle a normal influx of activity and material. Kondo is not part of a breed of alpha-organizers bent on dominating the world, despite her hashtag. She has more in common with her clients. But when it comes to stuff, we are all the same. Once we’ve eliminated that which does not bring us joy and categorized ourselves within an inch of our lives, we’ll find that the person lying beneath all the stuff was still just plain old us. We are all a mess, even when we’re done tidying. At least Kondo knows it. “I was always more comfortable talking to objects than people,” she told me. At that moment, I could tell that if she had her way, I would leave the hotel room and she would spray her spray and be left alone, so she could ask the empty room if she could clean it.我上一次见到近藤麻里惠是在中城的一家酒店房间。不是同一个房间。但房间里能看到的唯一几件物品还是只有她的金属旅行箱,还有她丈夫的笔记本电脑。不过有一样东西已经从旅行箱里拿出来了,就是她的喷雾瓶。她喜欢把香氛喷洒在空气中,告诉自己一日的工作已经做完,她那些似乎永远做不完的任务已经完成。我告诉她,据我观察,一家以如此方式追求成长的公司和一个需要采取如此极端方式追求平和的人,似乎有点格格不入。“我确实感到力不从心,”她告诉我,对我静静一笑。人们向她索求很多东西,却不明白,如果你真能处理好日常生活的种种匆忙和繁乱,也就不会从事“整理”这种行业了。尽管有那样的井号标签,但近藤并不是那种一心主导世界的顶级组织者。她和自己的客户之间其实有着更多相似之处。但是说到身外之物,我们都是一样的。一旦丢弃了那些不能给我们带来快乐的东西,拼命地自我归类,我们会发现,那个身外之物底下的人,仍不过是原来旧我。我们所有人都是一团糟,哪怕是完成了整理之后。至少近藤知道这一点。“和东西说话总是比和人说话更让我觉得自在,”她告诉我。在那个时刻,我看得出来,如果按照她的心愿,我应该马上离开这个酒店房间,好让她独自一个人去喷洒香氛,然后询问这个房间愿不愿意被她清理。 /201607/453655

The growth rate of China’s migrant workforce has fallen to levels not seen since the depths of the global financial crisis.中国农民工总量增速已降至本次金融危机最严重时期以来最低水平。The total number of migrant workers rose 1.3 per cent in 2015 to 277.8m, the slowest rate since 2009 according to data available from the National Bureau of Statistics.据中国国家统计局公布的数据,2015年农民工总人数上升1.3%,至2.778亿人。这是2009年以来的最低增速。In 2014 the number of migrant workers had increased 1.9 per cent of 2014, on par with growth in 2009. But growth in China’s mobile workforce jumped to 5.4 per cent year-on-year in 2010, thanks in part to a major stimulus package that revved up economic activity through infrastructure projects and real estate development – and which has left a fraught legacy of overcapacity as the country attempts to transition toward a more services-oriented economy.2014年农民工总数增加了1.9%,与2009年增幅相当。但2010年农民工总数同比激增5.4%,部分原因是一项重大刺激计划,该计划通过基础设施项目和房地产开发推动经济活动。但随着中国试图转型成更以务业为导向的经济,该计划也留下了产能过剩这个令人担忧的遗产。Now China’s “migrant miracle” – in which cheap, mobile labour subsidized an export-driven manufacturing sector – is drawing to a close.中国的廉价流动劳动力曾对出口驱动型制造业有利好效应,但如今,这一“农民工奇迹”正接近尾声。Adding to downward pressure on the growth rate is a demographic downshift: the share of migrant workers above age 30 rose to 67.1 per cent last year, up from 57.6 per cent in 2010, according to the latest figures from the statistics bureau.同时,人口增速放慢也加大了农民工增速的下行压力。根据中国国家统计局最新数据,30岁以上农民比例去年攀升至67.1%,2010年为57.6%, /201605/441110

“I don’t get it,” says an old university friend. “Surely you either like a fragrance or you don’t?” We were discussing our respective days. As a criminal barrister, she was off to assess the profile of a suspected rapist; my day, meanwhile, would be spent being “profiled” for perfume. A service increasingly popular with boutiques, profiling is designed to help clients discover the right fragrance for them. (It’s arguable who put their law degree to better use, my friend or myself, but I defend the right to a signature fragrance, m’lud.)“我不明白,”一位大学老友说道,“你要么喜欢一种香水,要么不喜欢,肯定是这样吧?”我们正讨论着各自的日常工作。她是刑事律师,平时要评估强奸嫌犯的“心理画像”。我的一天则花在与香水配对上。香水配对(perfume profiling)是精品店里日益红火的一项务,旨在帮助客人发现合适的香水。(我和我的朋友都有法学学位,很难说谁更是学以致用的那一位,但我捍卫拥有一款招牌香水的权利吧,法官大人。)As someone who isn’t loyal to any one scent but who nonetheless has olfactory opinions, I’m inclined to be as sceptical as my friend. Perfume is like art, right? You don’t know much about it but you know what you like. And, more pertinently, what you don’t like.我不执念于某一种香型,但在嗅觉方面颇有主见,因此我也和那位朋友一样对事物充满着怀疑。香水就像艺术,对吧?你不太懂,但你知道自己喜欢什么样的。更重要的是,你知道你不喜欢什么样的。Apparently not. “It’s hard to find a fragrance because there are so many,” says perfumer Azzi Glasser, whose profiling service at Harvey Nichols in London poses questions of loves, hates and favourite designers.但事实似乎并非如此。“很难挑选出一款香水,因为选择范围太广了。”香水师阿齐格拉瑟(Azzi Glasser)表示。格拉瑟在伦敦夏菲尼高百货(Harvey Nichols)提供香水配对务,问许多与爱好、憎恶和最喜欢的设计师有关的问题。Corny as it sounds, finding the right scent can be life-changing. Benjamin Paul Mabbett, the ma de consultation at the Roja Dove Haute Parfumerie, tells me that one client broke down in tears when she found a fragrance that suited her: “I’ve been smelling of cat’s pee for 26 years!” After being guided through choices for an hour, she had picked Lalique’s Perles de Lalique (55). Each time she returned to stock up on it, she reeked of confidence.虽然听上去是老生常谈,但找到合适的香型可以改变人生。Roja Dove高档香水店的高级顾问本杰明保罗氠贝特(Benjamin Paul Mabbett)告诉我,一位客人在找到合适的香水之后喜极而泣:“26年来,我的身上都有猫尿味!”在被领着挑选了一个小时之后,她选择了莱俪(Lalique)的水晶之珠(Perles de Lalique,售价55英镑)香水。每次回店里“囤货”的时候,她信心洋溢。Mabbett’s profiling consultation (150, redeemable against purchase) is great fun. It is approached via the celestial marble corridor of the Salon de Parfums, which sits like a sort of posh perfume souk at the top of Harrods. Inside, it’s all Swarovski crystals, that shade of Prince-purple, and a sofa area like the VIP bit of a nightclub. Mabbett puts me through an hour of rapid decision-making, with some interesting discoveries along the way — one fragrance smells strongly of Play-Doh, which, he explains, is because it’s packed with “amber notes, and vanilla, benzoin and labdanum”.马贝特的配对咨询(150英镑,如购买产品可免费享受)务乐趣横生。在哈罗德(Harrods)百货顶楼,穿过香水沙龙(Salon de Parfums,它像一座荟萃了时髦香水的集市)富丽堂皇的大理石走廊,便可到达他的店面。店里镶满了施华洛世奇(Swarovski)水晶,主色调采用美国歌手Prince标志性的紫色,沙发休息区类似夜总会的VIP包厢。马贝特带我经历了一个小时的闪电决策过程,中途不乏有趣的小发现——一款香水带有强烈的培乐多(Play-Doh)泥气味,对此他解释说,因为它“使用琥珀香调,富含香草、安息香和劳丹脂的气味。”In the end we narrow my “profile” down to the chypre family and I pick the beautiful Risqué (345) by Roja Parfums from the 400 fragrances on offer. Risqué is both fresh and leathery, with notes of bergamot and patchouli, cedar wood, vetiver, rose, jasmine and hyacinth. Mabbett assures me that Risqué will “take the wearer to the edge of the forbidden”, so I’m expecting something really exciting to happen any day now.最后,我们将“配对”范围缩小至西普(chypre)家族。我从400款候选香水中选择了Roja Parfums精美的Risqué香水(售价345英镑)。Risqué清新、有皮革味,融合了佛手柑、广藿香、雪松、香根草、茉莉和风信子气息。马贝特向我保,Risqué会将“使用者引向禁锢的边缘”。好吧,我期待着哪一天能上演什么激动人心的事情。At Diptyque’s fragrance-fitting, I find myself sniffing the air as fragrance expert Julie Bonin offers me candles to smell (candles’ scents have less complicated structures, so they’re a good way to figure out a person’s likes and dislikes). Its 34 scent (65) is composed of 100 notes and turns out to be my favourite. Its fig, sandalwood, roses and tuberose alternately dazzle like excitable children before each settles down into a wearable blend of green woody opulence.在Diptyque的香水配对柜台,香水专家朱丽娠坓(Julie Bonin)给了我一根蜡烛闻,于是我试图对着空气嗅出点什么。蜡烛的香味化学结构比较简单,因此容易分辨出一个人对香味的好恶。Diptyque的34号香氛(售价65英镑)由100种气息组成,是我的最爱。它的无花果、檀香、玫瑰和晚香玉气息好似容易兴奋的孩子,交替散发出迷人的味道,最后沉淀下来,幻化为萦绕周身湿木材味的丰盈感。London has two new fragrance boutiques — Creed at 99 Mount Street and Frederic Malle at 14 Burlington Arcade (a perfume hotspot where you’ll also find Penhaligon’s, Chanel and By Kilian) — both of which offer free profiling. Creed has a serene drawing room — you can take a group of friends (book first) and work your way through the 44 fragrances. I’m asked which scents I aly wear — Le Labo Santal 33 (150); Shay amp; Blue Blood Oranges (55) — and what I don’t like. “Oud,” I tell boutique manager Claire Slaney. When she slips in Creed’s new eau de parfum Royal Princess Oud (130) however, which uses a green oud from Cambodia with iris and vanilla (something else I thought I didn’t like), I’m surprised by its freshness and lightness.伦敦新开了两家香水店——蒙特街(Mount Street) 99号的Creed和伯灵顿市场街(Burlington Arcade,香水聚集地,在这里还能找到潘海利根(Penhaligon#39;s)、香奈儿(Chanel)和By Kilian等品牌)和14号的Frederic Malle,它们都提供免费香水配对务。Creed配备了安静的休息室,你可以带上一群朋友(需提前预约),挨个尝试44种香水。我被问及自己用过什么香水——回答是Le Labo Santal 33(售价150英镑)和Shay amp; Blue Blood Oranges(售价55英镑)——以及我不喜欢的类型“沉香。”我告诉经理克莱尔斯莱尼(Claire Slaney)。但当她拿出Creed的新款沉香香水Royal Princess Oud(售价130英镑)时,我却讶异于它的清新和轻盈。这款香水取材于柬埔寨的一种绿色沉香树,混以鸢尾和香草味(也是我以为自己不喜欢的东西)。Equally at Frederic Malle — which opened earlier this week — I find myself veering. They may have 22 fragrances but each is exquisitely different. I’m tempted by the woody Angéliques sous la Pluie (130), Malle’s collaboration with Jean-Claude Ellena. “Ellena is like a watercolourist, he likes fragrance to be translucent and effortless,” says Margaret Magnuson, who has worked at the brand for eight years and who tells me it’s a fragrance for someone who is confident and “does not need to broadcast their arrival. A lot of architects and photographers like it.”同样在不久前开张的Frederic Malle,我发现自己又被颠覆了。Frederic Malle可能只有22款香水,但每款都是制作精良而又迥然不同。我钟情于散发着木质气味的Angéliques sous la Pluie(售价130英镑),它是Malle与让-克洛德埃莱纳(Jean-Claude Ellena)合作的结晶。“埃莱纳就像水画家,他喜欢为香水赋以半透明、慵懒的质感。”玛格丽特氠格努森(Margaret Magnuson)表示。玛格丽特在这家品牌工作8年,她告诉我,这宽香水适合性格自信,“不需要大张旗鼓地通知自己到来的那种人。它受到许多建筑师和摄影师的青睐。”I’m not sure that pinpointing a signature scent via profiling is so easy. You’ll find one you love, several even, but these things take time and however good the profile, you need to live with the fragrance. Glasser chose Sequoia Wood (95) from her eponymous new line, The Perfumer’s Story, with top notes of fresh-smelling neroli underscored by cedar, patchouli and white musk for me — but it came with instructions: I have to wear it every day, day in and day out, even under my arms and in my hair. “Promise me,” she says, “because only then will you really feel the magic of the perfume.”我不清楚通过配对找到一款招牌香水是否真有如此简单。你会发现自己钟爱的一款乃至几款,但这需要时间。而且,不论配对有多好,你都需要学会与香水相处。格拉瑟为我挑选了自己同名品牌新系列The Perfumer’s Story的Sequoia Wood(售价95英镑),其前调采用清新的橙花油,配以雪松、广藿香和白麝香,不过这款香水使用起来也很讲究:不管在家还是出门,每天都要使用,甚至是腋下和头发都要喷。“答应我,”她说,“因为只有这样,你才能真正感受到这款香水的魔力。” /201512/412957The introduction of a women-only bus in one Chinese city has riled some local men and sparked an online debate.中国某城市引入女性专用公交。此举令当地部分男性不满的同时,也在网络上引发热议。The new summer service will run during morning and evening rush hours in Zhengzhou, in an effort to cut the number of groping incidents, Dahe Daily reports. The local bus company says it#39;ll protect women from being harassed when wearing lighter clothing, and also help breastfeeding mothers feel more comfortable.据《大河报》报道,为了降低性骚扰发生率,郑州在夏日早晚高峰期推出了这个“防狼”新举措。当地公交公司称,女性专车能保护“穿得清凉”的女士免受骚扰,而且也方便了乘公交哺乳孩子的女性。Female-only train and metro carriages have been introduced in many countries with varying degrees of success, but single-sex transport is a relatively new concept in China.虽然不少国家都推出过女性专用列车、女性专用地铁车厢等,并取得了不同程度的成功,但男女隔离式公共交通,在中国还是个新鲜事儿。Women interviewed on board the bus said they were pleased with the service, with one telling a reporter: ;Of course this is a good idea, it is very respectful to women.;受访的女乘客纷纷表示对这项务非常满意。其中一位乘客告诉记者:“这个主意简直太好了,是尊重女性的表现。”But some local men are less impressed. One tells Dahe Daily that harassment isn#39;t common on public transport: ;The bus company has made a fuss over it - this measure will cause men to feel humiliated.; Another man complains to China National Radio: ;I had to wait a really long time for another bus to arrive because I wasn#39;t allowed on.;不过当地不少男乘客可不这么想。一人在接受《大河报》采访时称,公交上并不常发生性骚扰:“公交公司就是小题大做,简直是歧视男性。”另一人在接受中央人民广播电台采访时说:“因为不让男性上车,所以我得花很长时间等下一辆公交。”A that has gone viral shows an elderly man remonstrating with the driver after being denied boarding. ;You#39;re discriminating against me! This is a public bus!; he shouts. Others appear unfazed, and wander off in search of another service.网上热传的一个视频显示,一位老年男性乘客被拒绝上车后,开始向司机发出抗议,高喊:“你这是歧视!这是公共交通!”其他人好像倒没什么所谓,纷纷去寻找其他乘车途径了。It#39;s become a hot topic of debate on microblogging site Weibo, with lots of women welcoming the idea, although one notes: ;Not all men are bad, but aren#39;t all men being discriminated against here?; There#39;s support from male users too, although some think it promotes a general distrust of men. Many also feel an exception should have been made for the elderly man in the .此事在新浪微上引发热议,很多女性赞赏这一举措。不过,有一位女性写道:“男人也不都是坏人,这样一来岂不是把所有男性都排除在外了?”虽然有男性认为这会招致对男性的广泛的不信任,但也有男性持持态度。还有人觉得,对于像视频中那样的老年男性,应当给予特例,允许上车。 /201605/441132

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