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Jeans are usually synonymous with denim, but British fashion company Topshop seems to think plastic works too.牛仔裤通常都是丹宁布做的,但英国时尚公司Topshop似乎认为塑料也适合做牛仔裤。Its 100% polyurethane see-through jeans went on sale last month for a whopping 0, and got some not so-positive reactions online.Topshop上月开卖100%聚氨酯的透明牛仔裤,售价高达100美元,而网上反响不太乐观。Why would anyone ever think that plastic pants, be they jeans, leggings or what-have-you, are a good idea?为什么会有人觉得塑料裤(不管是塑料牛仔裤、塑料紧身打底裤还是别的什么)是个好主意呢?Well, nobody knows, and Topshop has yet to comment on what inspired the unusual garment, but somehow it seems to be a huge hit with shoppers.没有人知道,Topshop也没有透露自己这个不寻常的灵感是从哪里来的,但不知何故,这种裤子似乎很受消费者的欢迎。A few weeks after showing up on the Topshop online store, the MOTO Clear Plastic Straight Leg Jeans are currently out of stock.在Topshop网店开卖几个星期后,MOTO透明直筒牛仔裤已经断货了。Just last week, people were bashing Nordstrom for charging 5 for a pair of jeans caked in fake mud, but it turns out that they weren#39;t the only ones with crazy ideas.就在上周,人们还在猛批诺德斯特龙百货公司那款售价425美元的泥巴牛仔裤。但现在看来,不是只有诺德斯特龙才想得出这种疯狂的点子。Topshop took the strange-looking jeans idea even further by completely taking denim out of the equation and replacing it with clear plastic.Topshop家这款模样古怪的牛仔裤根本没有使用丹宁布,而是全部用透明塑料替代,其疯狂程度更上一层楼。At 0 a pair, they are much cheaper than Nordstrom#39;s dirty jeans, but twice as weird-looking.100美元一条的裤子比诺德斯特龙那条脏兮兮的裤子便宜多了,但是外观却是更加怪异。The MOTO Clear Plastic Straight Leg Jeans incorporate most of the elements of their fashionable MOTO jeans, including the signature cut and classic pockets, but the total lack of denim makes it hard to even consider them jeans.MOTO透明直筒牛仔裤融进了MOTO牛仔裤大部分的时尚元素,包括标志性的剪裁、经典口袋设计,但是完全不用丹宁布,确实让人难以把它当作牛仔裤。They just look like a plastic bag that you can sweat in, if you#39;re looking to loose some fat off your thighs.如果你想瘦腿的话,这条形似塑料袋的裤子保准你穿了会流汗。At first everyone thought they were some sort of joke, but as time went by and Topshop kept mum about its wacky new product, people stopped laughing and started expressing their disbelief online.一开始,每个人都认为这种裤子是个玩笑,但随着时间过去,再加上Topshop对自己古怪的新品保持沉默,人们不再嘲笑,而是开始在网上表达怀疑。;0 for a rain coat wrapped round my legs no thanks,; one person wrote on Twitter.有人在推特上发文:“花100美元买一件雨衣套在我腿上,算了吧,谢谢。”;Finally !! topshop make a pair of jeans which won#39;t fade ! Phew,; another commented.还有人道:“终于!!Topshop造了一条不会褪色的牛仔裤!唷!”But despite the avalanche of negative reactions online, the clear plastic jeans appear to have sold quite well, since they#39;re sold out. The few reviews left by customers are also positive.尽管网上负面满天飞,但透明塑料牛仔裤似乎卖得很好,眼下已然销售一空。顾客留下的几条也是好评。;Another quality garment from Topshop. Amazing that they managed to stitch together a pair of jeans from something other than denim and still managed to finish up with something that still looked like jeans,; CommanderCody wrote.用户名为“指挥官科迪”的顾客在中写道:“Topshop又一件高品质衣。真的很惊人!他们居然能不用丹宁布就做出一条牛仔裤,而且还做得有模有样。” /201705/511294

【视频欣赏】国外00后小孩吵架超可爱,看来还是亚洲人厉害一点,哈哈。。。小男孩教育得很好,那么生气都没有伸手打人。看他抓狂的那个样。。。哈哈。。。,^^【英文文本】-Yes-No-I'm gonna say yes.-I'm gonna (say)no.-I' m gonna say...-Yes, I got yes.....-No~~~~~~~-I said no.-I said no first.-I said no first.-No, I said no first.-I said no first.-Be quiet.-YOu be quiet.-You be quiet now.-You be quiet.I'm 4,you are not 4.-you...my 4..you..my...-you are not 4, I am 4. -No, you...You are disrespecting.-you are bad.-no, you are bad.-I'm gonna tell your Mom.-Go Article/201006/105938

Steps步骤 Step 1 Schedule时间表Schedule the party a few days before the wedding, but preferably at least a week ahead of time. Scheduling a party the night before the wedding is usually a mistake.婚礼前计划安排单身聚会,聚会最好安排在婚礼前一周,婚礼前夜举办单身聚会并不明智。Step 2 Invite friends and family邀请朋友和家人Invite the groom#39;s male friends and relatives.邀请新郎的朋友和家人。Step 3 Set up a budget预算资金Plan a budget for the party and figure out how much each guest is willing to spend.计划聚会预算,并估计宾客愿意付的数额。Tip: Overestimate the cost per person to make sure all the expenses are covered.小贴士:预记出比收入高以确保宾客的出都能派上用场。Step 4 Pick the location选择地点Pick a location for the party. Popular bachelor party destinations vary from Las Vegas to local bars to camping in the outdoors.为聚会选择地点。从洛杉矶到地方小酒吧,有名的单身聚会酒吧各种各样。Tip: Hire a car service if the party includes drinking and no one wants to be the designated driver.小贴士:租赁汽车务,如果聚会上大家会喝酒,可能就没有可以开车的人了。Step 5 Plan activities策划活动Plan the evening so that there#39;s never a dull moment. Consider hiring entertainment, going golfing, gambling, or camping.为聚会策划活动,这样就不会有尴尬的空白时刻出现。考虑考虑去场所,如高尔夫,或露营。Step 6 Have fun玩得愉快Have fun. Bachelor parties are a chance for everyone to have a good time, but don#39;t let it get too out of control.玩的愉快。单身聚会是每一个人度过美好时光的好机会,但也别玩得太过了。Step 7 Take pictures照相留念Take lots of pictures at the party, but don#39;t take pictures of anything too incriminating.聚会中照相留念,但别照那些不雅的行为。Fact: Bachelor parties originated in fifth-century Sparta.小常识:单身聚会起源于15世纪的斯巴达斯巴达(希腊南部的古代城邦)。You Will Need你需要Schedule时间表Guest list客人名单Budget预算Location地点Entertainment,消遣Camera照相机Car service (optional)汽车务 Article/201209/199714Monday is the first working day after the week-long National Holiday in China. Traffic jams across the country have eased.今天星期一,是国庆长假后的首个工作日,国内的交通拥堵现象有所缓解。Beijing and seven provinces resumed toll charges on drivers 6 hours before midnight Sunday, while Shanghai decided to prolong the toll-free time by 2 hours.北京及七个省份提前6小时恢复正常收费,而上海将免费时段延后2小时。During the holidays, in order to speed up traffic, cars were allowed to pass toll booths without stopping or paying. Meanwhile, some large and medium sized cities are expected to see light traffic jams on Monday.国庆期间,为了加快交通流量的速度,小车免费通行。长假后首个周一一些大中城市仍有可能出现轻微拥堵现象。 Article/201210/202992

8Oe~ZxIk(ehqq6^qD8UYlzUgMUi2lSG*uToday in History: Monday, September 10, 2012历史上的今天:2012年9月10日,星期一!uTiOFV%]vjOn Sept. 10, 1989, Hungary stopped enforcing East German visa restrictions and opened its borders, beginning a flood of emigration that led to the fall of the Berlin Wall two months later.1989年9月10日,匈牙利停止执行东德签限制并开放边界,开始大量迁移出境最终导致了柏林墙两个月后的倒塌yYs|S!@e2d4。*(7r654aE%kkt._1608 John Smith was elected president of the Jamestown colony council in Virginia.1608年,约翰·史密斯在弗吉尼亚州当选詹姆斯敦殖民地议会主席LK4viby9e63Y;JH8l。,MSBv4a4dYe1813 Oliver H. Perry sent the message, ;We have met the enemy, and they are ours,; after an American naval force defeated the British in the Battle of Lake Erie in the War of 1812.1813年,在1812年伊利湖战争中,美国海军击败英国军队,随后奥利弗·佩里传报这条消息:“与敌接战,敌已成擒”-818YETUFj|mGTX2C。i_VWx;q~xSMJp(b_Ix1846 Elias Howe of Spencer, Mass., received a patent for the sewing machine.1846年,发明家哈维发明的缝纫机获得专利ziWS+keKUTxmJB#v。0ZF;]+I]UUju3n6*cO1919 New York City welcomed home Gen. John J. Pershing and 25,000 soldiers who had served in the U.S. 1st Division during World War I.1919年,纽约市欢迎第一次世界大战期间效力于美国第一部的约翰·潘兴将军以及25,000名士兵aHyX^l)t96F8EXTuJ^7h。HvCg_aHh_7-vkS]Xl1924 A judge in Chicago sentenced Nathan Leopold Jr. and Richard Loeb to life in prison for the murder of 14-year-old Bobby Franks - a ;thrill killing; that had shocked the nation.1924年,内森利奥波德二世和理查德·勒布因谋杀14岁的鲍比·弗兰克斯被芝加哥一法官判处终身监禁,该起;骇人听闻;的谋杀事件震惊了全国X16v-tH3+q^5(e|。f3YS9L4Gu(.691935 Sen. Huey P. Long, the ;Kingfish; of Louisiana politics, died two days after being shot in Baton Rouge.1935年,路易斯安那州政治首领参议员休伊·长在巴吞鲁日遭击两天后死亡Af^z0%72|p.N。o))wOb~I+f-pdO1948 American-born Mildred Gillars, the Nazi wartime radio broadcaster known as ;Axis Sally,; was indicted in Washington, D.C., for treason.1948年,纳粹战时被称为;轴心国莎莉;的美国本土出生无线电广播员Mildred Gillars在华盛顿特区因叛国罪而被起诉66clMZED54Hyij[。)#5y@6g09k1955 ;Gunsmoke; premiered on CBS.1955年,;硝烟;在CBS首映rtg.f[h2-EOPG。gnmOa5sGEII1963 Twenty black students entered public schools in Birmingham, Tuskegee and Mobile, Ala., following a standoff between federal authorities and Gov. George C. Wallace.1963年,20名黑人学生进入阿拉巴马州塔斯基吉和莫比尔伯明翰公立学校,随后,联邦当局和乔治·华莱士政府之间展开了对峙vNFv%B0@]y3~f#。2fv9et2~~hT,5f1977 A convicted murderer became the last person to be executed by the guillotine in France.1977年,法国断头台处决了最后一名执行该刑罚的杀人犯oZ@NY9hx0#@7,。T^.(@8F|lr.|[a1988 Steffi Graf of West Germany achieved tennis#39; Grand Slam - winning all four major tournaments in a calendar year - by taking the U.S. Open women#39;s title.1988年,西德格拉芙赢得美国网球公开赛冠军成就网球大满贯——她在一历年度中赢得全部四大赛事X,1Ts,UZDDXz|dU-。okR%p7Z~@05eQ2000 The Andrew Lloyd Webber musical ;Cats; closed after 7,485 performances over nearly 18 years as the longest-running show in Broadway history.2000年,安德鲁?劳埃德?韦伯的音乐剧《猫》在历经近18年,7485场演出后闭幕,这是百老汇史上演出时间最长的音乐剧|C^]0bP9FFCzi。IxY-s-W06ds22000 N#39;s ;The West Wing; won a record nine Emmy awards, including best drama series.2000年,美国广播公司推出的《西翼》获得了创纪录的九个艾美奖,包括最佳电视剧3IRA^EnD-@0K301。Y#j9a9]Bv,~6TnP9S8U2002 Switzerland became the 190th member of the ed Nations.2002年,瑞士成为联合国第190个成员国LrPO@ky9o2ggr!_#。hPb~zq4|SiEv2003 Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh, 46, was stabbed in a Stockholm department store; she died the next day.2003年,瑞典外交大臣安娜·林德在斯德哥尔百货商店遇刺后第二天身亡,年仅46岁1|lbN*5CJP0-|20suV。M0@5drpI,(ykA~U,I+8PAxVHeDjYbg^o5bMmf~.q7 /201209/198894

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