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Within these last 19 months at least 45 satellites have circled the earth. Some 40 of them were made in the ed States of America and they were far more sophisticated and supplied far more knowledge to the people of the world than those of the Soviet Union.在过去的19个月中至少有45颗卫星进入了太空,环绕着地球。其中大约40颗有着“美国制造”的标记,它们比苏联的卫星更加精密,能为世界人民提供更多的知识。The Mariner spacecraft now on its way to Venus is the most intricate instrument in the history of space science. The accuracy of that shot is comparable to firing a missile from Cape Canaveral and dropping it in this stadium between the 40-yard lines.水手号飞船...正在飞向金星的水手号飞船是空间科学史上最复杂的装置。其精密程度比得上在卡纳维拉尔角发射一枚火箭冲击这个体育场的40码线之间。Transit satellites are helping our ships at sea to steer a safer course. Tiros satellites have given us unprecedented warnings of hurricanes and storms, and will do the same for forest fires and icebergs.海事卫星让船只的海上航行更安全,气象卫星给我们关于飓风和风暴空前的警告,它同样也能用于森林火灾和冰山的预警。We have had our failures, but so have others, even if they do not admit them. And they may be less public.我们失败过,但是别国也一样,即使他们不承认失败。而且失败可能并不是公开的。To be sure, we are behind, and will be behind for some time in manned flight. But we do not intend to stay behind, and in this decade, we shall make up and move ahead.很显然...我们落后了,并且在载人航天方面将继续落后一段时间。但是我们并不打算一直落后,在这个十年间我们将会迎头赶上。 /201306/244760。

We saw this a couple of decades ago我们在在几世纪之前目睹了这一切的发生。when Teddy Kollek, the great mayor of Jerusalem当耶路撒冷的市长,特迪·科勒克 (Teddy Kollek)in the 80s and the 90s,在八十和九十年代,was besieged one day in his office被来自于不同背景的宗教领袖by religious leaders from all of the backgrounds,包围在办公室里,Christian prelates, rabbis, imams.基督教主教、犹太教和伊斯兰教领袖They were arguing with one another对圣地麦加的朝圣问题about access to the holy sites.争论不休。And the squabble went on and on,市长科勒克聆听着这些领袖们的争论,and Kollek listened and listened,最后说,and he finally said, ;Gentlemen,“先生们,spare me your sermons,把你们的步道放一放,and I will fix your sewers.;我去给你们修下水道。”Thats what mayors do.这就是市长们的工作。They fix sewers, they get the trains running.他们修理下水道,他们使火车运行。There isnt a left or a right way of doing.这不是一个左翼,也不是一个右翼的处理方式。Boris Johnson in London calls himself an anarcho-Tory.伦敦市长鲍里斯·约翰逊 (Boris Johnson)称他自己为无政府主义者 - 托利(党)Strange term, but in some ways, he is.一个非常奇怪的名字,但他却是这样。Hes a libertarian. Hes an anarchist.他是一个自由主义者。他是一个无政府主义者。He rides to work on a bike,他每天骑自行车上班,but at the same time, hes in some ways a conservative.但与此同时,他又在某方面又有一些保守。Bloomberg in New York was a Democrat,纽约市市长迈克尔·布隆伯格 (Michael Bloomberg) 起先是一个民主党成员,then he was a Republican,后来他又是一个共和党成员,and finally he was an Independent, and said但最后他退出两个党派然后说,the party label just gets in the way.“党派的标签妨碍我做事。”Luzhkov, 20 years mayor in Moscow,卢日科夫(Yori Luzhkov)在莫斯科担任了二十年的市长,though he helped found a party, ed Party with Putin,尽管他帮助普金共同建立了联合党in fact refused to be defined by the party但他实际上拒绝被定义为政党人士and finally, in fact, lost his job not under Brezhnev,最后,他不是在勃列日涅夫手下not under Gorbachev, but under Putin,也不是在戈尔巴乔夫手下,who wanted a more faithful party follower.而是渴望更忠诚的政党追随者的普金手下丢掉了工作。So mayors are pragmatists and problem-solvers.所以,我再次强调,市长是实用主义者,他们能够解决问题。They get things done.他们能够使事物运转。But the second thing about mayors另外一件我想说的关于市长的事是,is they are also what I like to call homeboys,我喜欢把他们叫做“哥们儿”or to include the women mayors, homies.不过如果要把女市长们也列入其中的话,就叫他们“死党”吧。Theyre from the neighborhood.他们从我们的街坊邻里中被选举出来,Theyre part of the neighborhood. Theyre known.是社区的一部分,而且他们也知道这一点。Ed Koch used to wander around New York City纽约市长埃德·科克(Ed Koch)层漫步于纽约街头,saying, ;How am I doing?;采访路人问,“我任职期间做的怎么样?”Imagine David Cameron想想戴维·卡梅伦(David Cameron),wandering around the ed Kingdom如果他漫步于大不列颠王国的街头,随口就问,“我做的如何?”asking, ;How am I doing?; He wouldnt like the answer.他应该不会喜欢那个。Or Putin. Or any national leader.或者普金,或者任何国家领导人。He could ask that because he knew New Yorkers埃德·科克之所以能够这么问是因为他了解纽约人,and they knew him.纽约人也了解他。Mayors are usually from the places they govern.市长通常从他所管辖的区域中选举出来,Its pretty hard to be a carpetbagger and be a mayor.非本地的参政者通常没有办法被选举为市长。You can run for the Senate out of a different state,你可以在不同的州为议员拉选票,but its hard to do that as a mayor.但却无法作为市长这么做。And as a result, mayors and city councillors所以,市长、市议员and local authorities和地方当局have a much higher trust level,在民众中有更高的信任度。and this is the third feature about mayors,而这也是关于市长的第三个特点,than national governing officials.那就是比国家领导人更具有民心。In the ed States, we know the pathetic figures:在美国,我们知道一个可悲的数据:18 percent of Americans approve of Congress只有18%的美国民众and what they do.赞成国会和国会的所作所为。And even with a relatively popular president like Obama,而甚至是稍微更受青睐的总统奥巴马,the figures for the Presidency run about 40, 45,也不过在总统大选中获得的持率得到40%或45%,sometimes 50 percent at best.最多50%。The Supreme Court has fallen way down from what it used to be.最高法院的持率也比以往大大下滑。But when you ask, ;Do you trust your city councillor,但如果你问民众,“你是否信任你们市议员,do you trust your mayor?;你是否相信你们市长?”the rates shoot up to 70, 75, even 80 percent,持率飙升至70%,75%,甚至是80%。because theyre from the neighborhood,因为他们从街坊邻里中被选举出来,because the people they work with are their neighbors,因为他们的同僚们也是他们的邻居,because, like Mayor Booker in Newark,因为,就像纽瓦克的市长布克(Cory Booker)a mayor is likely to get out of his car on the way to work是一个不坐豪华车去上班的市长,and go in and pull people out of a burning building --是一个冲进火场并把人火场里救出来的市长that happened to Mayor Booker --这是真实发生在市长布克身上的事情or intervene in a mugging in the street as he goes to work或者在他上班的途中看见行凶抢劫毫不犹豫的上前见义勇为because he sees it.就只因为他看见了,他就不会坐视不管。No head of state would be permitted没有任何一个国家领导人by their security details to do it,会被安全条例所允许去做这件事,nor be in a position to do it.也不会去做这件事。Thats the difference, and the difference这就是他们之间存在的区别。has to do with the character of cities themselves,而这种区别与城市的特性本身相关,because cities are profoundly multicultural,因为城市是融合多种文化的,open, participatory, democratic,开放的、供人分享的、民主的、able to work with one another.合作无间的。When states face each other,而国家间的交流,China and the U.S., they face each other like this.如中美两国,他们的交流模式是一种模式 ,When cities interact, they interact like this.而城市间的交流是另外一种模式。China and the U.S., despite the recent中美两国,且不论最近在加州召开的高层会议,meta-meeting in California,两国之间被各种are locked in all kinds of anger, resentment, and rivalry愤怒、不满以及竞争所禁锢。for number one.两个国家都想要争第一。We heard more about who will be number one.我们对于谁可能坐上第一的宝座的争论听得很多了。Cities dont worry about number one.但城市之间从来不用担心谁会第一的问题。They have to work together, and they do work together.城市之间必须彼此合作,而它们真的在这么做,They work together in climate change, for example.她们合作对抗气候变化问题,Organizations like the C40, like ICLEI, which I mentioned,如C40,ICLEI这些我刚才提到的组织,have been working together都在互相合作,many, many years before Copenhagen.而这些是很早就在哥本哈根气候大会之前发生的事。In Copenhagen, four or five years ago,四五年前,184 nations came together to explain to one another184个国家聚集在哥本哈根why their sovereignty didnt permit them为自己辩解为什么他们的国家不允许他们to deal with the grave, grave crisis of climate change,处理这一场日渐严峻的气候变化危机。but the mayor of Copenhagen had invited但是哥本哈根市长却邀请到了200 mayors to attend.200位来自世界各地的市长参与会议。They came, they stayed, and they found ways他们参加会议,共同商讨并最终找到and are still finding ways to work together,并仍在寻找方法使城市间、city-to-city, and through inter-city organizations.通过城际组织共同合作的道路。201503/367009。

My Harvard degree represents for me to curiosity and invention that were encouraged here, the friendship Ive sustained, the way professor Graham told me not to describe the way like hit a flower, but rather the shadow that the flower cast, the way professor Scarry talked about theater is a transformative religious force, how professor Coslin showed how much our visual cortex is activated just by imaging.哈佛学位对我来说是我在这里被激发的好奇心和创造力,是我维系的友谊,是格莱安姆教授告诉我的不要去描述光线是怎样照射花朵的,而要描述花朵投下的影子,是斯卡里教授谈到戏剧是一种变革性的宗教力量,是卡瑟琳教授向我们展示皮质只靠想象就可以激活。Now granted these things dont necessarily help me answer the most common question Im asked, What designers are you wearing? Whats your fitness regime? Any makeup tips?虽然这些知识并不能帮助我回答最常见的问题,你穿的是哪位设计师的作品?你的健身方法是什么?有啥化妆技巧么?But I have never since been embarrassed to myself as what I might previously have thought was a stupid question.但从那之后我再没有因此前我可能会觉得愚蠢的问题而为自己感到羞愧。My Harvard degree and other awards are emblems of the experiences which led me to them, the wood-paneled lecture halls, the colorful fall leaves, the hot vanilla toscanini, ing great novels and overstuffed library chairs running through dining hall screaming ooh! ah! city steps! city steps! city steps!我的哈佛学位以及其他奖项都是我的经历的象征,木质地板的讲堂,五的秋叶,热香草托斯卡尼尼,在图书馆软椅上阅读精小说,在食堂里边跑边喊:“哇哦,城市的步伐!城市的步伐!城市的步伐!”Its easy now to romanticize my time here.如今浪漫地回想求学时光是很容易的。But I had some very difficult times here too.但我也有过非常艰苦的日子。Some combination of being nineteen, dealing with my first heartbreak, taking birth control pills that has since have been taken off the market for the depressive side effects, and spending too much time missing daylight during winter months, led me to some pretty dark moments, particularly during sophomore year.19岁时因第一次分手而心碎。吃了有问题的避药,该药后来因为有导致抑郁的副作用而停产,冬天好几个月不下楼,见不到阳光,种种致使了那段很黑暗的时光,尤其是大二那年。There were several occasions I started crying in meetings with professors, overwhelmed with what I was supposed to pull off when I could barely get myself out of bed in the morning.我曾好几次在跟教授会面时失声痛哭,不知道自己该如何努力而崩溃,连早上起床都很难做到。Moments when I took on the motto for my school work. Done. Not good.那段时期我对自己功课的格言是。做完了,但是不好。If only I could finish my work, even if it took eating a jumbo pack of sour path kids to get me through a single 10 page paper.只要能完成作业,就算让我吃超大包的酸味软胶糖都可以,只要能写完一篇10页的论文。I felt that Id accomplished a great feat.我觉得自己完成了伟大的功绩。I repeat to myself. Done. Not good.我反复对自己说。做完了,但是不好。201506/381694。

But by editorial,说到编辑I mean there are a thousand things that we could我是指我们正在做的1000件事里be doing but theres only one or two that are important只有一两件是重要的All of these ideas and来自用户的all of these stories from our users,工程师的,持者的from engineers, from support people,各种想法和故事from designers are going to constantly flood会不断冲击what we should be doing.我们应该做的事情We need to choose the one or two我需要选择那一件或两件that are really going to drive会真的带动这个网络,务,产品and sustain the network and the service and the product让它们持续发展的事情As an editor,拿编辑打比方I am effectively just the chief editor of the company.我就是公司有效率的总编As an editor, Im constantly taking all these inputs作为一个编辑,我不断地吸收这些输入程序and deciding on that one or that intersection of决定哪一点或是哪一部分a few that makes sense for what were doing.是值得去做的Theres three access points that I pay attention to,我尤其注意到in particular.三个切入点Number 1 is the team.第一就是团队We have to bring the best people in,我们必须招揽最优秀的人edit the best people in吸纳最优秀的人so we have a good cast of characters,所以我们有了强大的阵容and edit away any negative elements.剪辑走了负面元素A lot of this is just like the timing is off这项工作很难,经常会出现and our relationship just doesnt match.不论多久,关系就是调理不好的情况In some cases, we have to ask people在某些情况下,我需要让有些人to leave or they leave on their own.离开,或者等他们主动离开But its always minding that team dynamic但是团队动态需要始终放在心上because at the end of the day,因为当这一阶段结束后were just a group of people working on one single goal我们就会成为一群人在为同一个目标奋斗If we cant step in a cohesive coordinative fashion,如果我们不能成为一个相互协调相互统一的整体then were going to trip all over the place.那我们就会东扑西扑And thats a messy company. No one wants to use that.公司也会变得一团糟,团队也没人敢用So, recruiting is number 1.所以招贤纳士是第一位Number 2 is internal and external communication.第二是内部和外部的交流Internal communication is just the coordination around内部的交流就是协调我们手头的工作what were doing and why were doing it and what our搞清楚我们为什么在做这些工作goals are and why the goals are like that. Thats it.为什么我们有这些目标,就是如此If you have that sort of high-level,如果你做到这么高水准的内部交流this is where were going,就与我们的前进方向不谋而合this is the vision, this is the next 30 days and这就是未来,这是接下来30天three months and six months and a year maybe,3个月,半年或是1年的前景it makes it very, very easy to这让公司各部门的人set priorities and for all of the edges做正确的事of the company to set their own priorities设立工作重点to do the right thing.变得非常容易The external communication is the product.外部交流就是产品The product is the story were telling the world.产品就是我们告诉世界的故事We want to put everything through this.我们想将所有东西都放在里面We dont want it to be about a person.我们不想让故事只针对某人We want it to be about我们想让它成为关于how people are using it and how people are人们怎样使用它和人们怎样fitting it into their lives让它融入生活and what theyre doing with it.人们用它做什么Thats the strongest story we have.这是我们最有力的故事So, number 2 is that所以第二就是internal and external communication.内部和外部的交流Number 3 is editing the money in the bank story.第三就是像那样;编辑;钱This comes in two ways.这有两种方式It comes through investment and它来自投资和taking money from investors,从投资者那里拿钱either through swiping their credit cards while无论是当他们不注意的时候刷信用卡theyre not looking or through revenue.还是通过业务来盈利Fortunately, Square is a company幸运的是 Square是一家that has revenue from day 1从第一天就有收入的公司so we can look at constantly building that and所以我们可以看到在不断地建设它we dont have to worry about much investment.而不必担心投资问题We can focus on that revenue piece.我们可以集中在收入这一块So, my three priorities and以上依次是我的三个重点my focus areas are in that order.和关注领域Thats what Im constantly editing as a CEO.这是我作为CEO不断编辑的东西I think it makes managing a growing company我认为它让一个不断壮大的公司的管理and a fast-paced movement very,和快速发展变得very easy because非常简单there is basically one thing that you have to do.因为你必须做一件事You have to make every single detail perfect就是让每个细节都很完美and you have to limit the number of details.你必须要限制细节的数量Thats it.就是这样Every detail perfect, limit the number of details.每个细节都完美,限制细节的数量If you can do that well,如果你在这方面可以做得很好no matter where you are in the org structure,不管你在这个组织机构的哪里no matter where you are in the company or organization,不管你在公司或是组织的哪个位置youre going to succeed because youre paying你就会成功,因为你attention to the smallest things.注意到了细小的东西And if you pay attention to the smallest如果你注意到了最小的东西things while knowing whats important,并且知道什么是重要的then everything else takes care of itself.那么任何其他事情都会自然而然地好起来201503/366863。

Unlike any other creature on this planet, human beings can learn and understand, without having experienced. They can think themselves into other peoples places.与这个星球上任何其他的动物不同,人类可以学习和理解未曾经历过的事情。他们可以换位思考,能够设身处地去体会他人的感受。Of course, this is a power, like my brand of fictional magic, that is morally neutral. One might use such an ability to manipulate, or control, just as much as to understand or sympathize.当然,这种能力就像我在小说里虚构的魔法一样,没有邪恶之分。有人可能会利用这种能力去操纵或控制别人,也有人选择用它去了解和同情他人。And many prefer not to exercise their imaginations at all. They choose to remain comfortably within the bounds of their own experience, never troubling to wonder how it would feel to have been born other than they are. They can refuse to hear screams or to peer inside cages; they can close their minds and hearts to any suffering that does not touch them personally; they can refuse to know.而很多人不愿去运用他们的想象力。他们选择舒适地生活在自己经验所及的范围内,从来不愿费心去想想如果生在别处会怎样。他们会拒绝去听别人的尖叫,不愿看一眼囚禁的笼子;对于与自身无关的苦难,他们会封闭自己的内心;他们会拒绝了解这一切。I might be tempted to envy people who can live that way, except that I do not think they have any fewer nightmares than I do. Choosing to live in narrow spaces lead to a form of mental agoraphobia, and that brings its own terror. I think the willfully unimaginative see more monsters. They are often more afraid. What is more, those who choose not to empathize enable real monsters. For without ever committing an act of outright evil ourselves, we collude with it, through our own apathy.我可能会受到诱惑,去嫉妒那样生活的人。但我不认为他们做的噩梦会比我更少。选择生活在狭窄的空间会导致不敢面对开阔的视野,那种生活同样会有恐惧。我认为不愿展开想象的人会看到更多的怪兽,他们往往更会感到害怕。而且,那些没有同情心的人会激活真正的怪兽。因为尽管他们自身没有作恶,但他们对于罪恶无动于衷,这已足以使他们成为作恶者的共谋。One of the many things I learned at the end of that Classics corridor down which I ventured at the age of 18, in search of something I could not then define, was this, written by the Greek author Plutarch: What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.18岁时,为了追寻我当时还无法解释的东西,我踏上了学习古典文学的征途并汲取了许多知识,其中一点便是希腊作家普鲁塔克所说:我们的内在修养将会改变外在的现实。201402/275013。

Its an honor to be here today to address HBSs distinguished faculty, proud parents, patient guests, and most importantly, the class of 2012.今天很荣幸来到这里为尊敬的哈佛商学院(HBS)的教授们,自豪的毕业生家长们和耐心的来宾们,尤其是为今年的毕业生们演讲。Today was supposed to be a day of unbridled celebration and I know thats no longer true.今天原本应该是狂欢的日子,不过我知道现在并不合适了(由于一名毕业生在欧洲突然死亡)I join all of you in grieving for your classmate Nate.让我们一起为Nate同学表示哀悼。I know there are no words that makes something like this better.我知道任何言语在这样的悲剧前都苍白无力。Although laden with sadness, today still marks a distinct and impressive achievement for this class.尽管满怀悲伤,但今天仍然象征着你们取得的杰出成绩。So please everyone join me in giving our warmest congratulations to this class of 2012.所以让我们一起为12届的毕业生们献上最热烈的祝贺。When the wonderful Dean Nohria invited me to speak here today, I thought, come talk to a group of people way younger and cooler than I am?当尊敬的院长Nohria邀请我今天来做演讲时,我想来给一群远比我年轻有活力的人们演讲?I can do that. I do that every day at Facebook.我没问题。这正是我每天在Facebook做的事情。I like being surrounded by young people, except when they say to me, ;What was it like being in college without the internet?; or worse,; Sheryl, can you come here?我喜欢和年轻人在一起,除了当他们问我,“没有互联网的大学是怎样的?”或者更夸张,“谢丽尔,你能过来下么?We need to see what old people think of this feature.; Its not joking.我们想知道‘老人会对这个新功能怎么看” 这类问题。我不是在开玩笑。Its a special privilege for me to be here this month.能够在毕业季来到这里,我觉得很荣幸。When I was a student here 17 years ago, I studied social marketing with Professor Kash Rangan.17年前当我是哈佛的学生时,我上了Kash Rangan教授的“社交化营销”。One of the many examples Kash used to explain the concept of social marketing was the lack of organ donors in this country, which kills 18 people every single day.一个Kash用来解释“社交化营销”概念的例子就是美国在器官捐赠方面的不足,每天因此有18人死亡。Earlier this month, Facebook launched a tool to support organ donations, something that stems directly from Kashs work.本月早些时候,Facebook推出了一款持器官捐赠的工具,这是对Kash工作的直接应用。Kash, wherever you are here, we are all grateful for your dedication.Kash,无论你今天坐在哪里,我们都十分感激你的贡献。So It wasnt really that long ago when I was sitting where you are, but the world has changed an awful lot.所以也就在“不久”之前,我坐在你们现在的位置上。但是这个世界已经变化了很多。My section, section B, tried to have HBSs first online class.我所在的小组Section B曾尝试进行HBS的第一次在线课程。We had to use an AOL chat room and dial up service.我们用的是AOL的聊天室和电话拨号上网务。Your parents can explain to you later what dial-up service is.你们的父母可以向你们解释什么是拨号上网。We had to pass out a list of screen names because it was unthinkable to put your real name on the internet.我们得给每人发一张写有我们网名的列表,因为那时在网上用真名是件让人难以想象的事。And it never worked. It kept crashing and kicking all of us off.不过这完全不行。网一直断,我们会被踢出聊天室。Because the world just wasnt set up for 90 people to communicate at once online.因为当时的世界还无法让90人同时在线交流。For a few brief moments, we glimpsed the future a future where technology would power who we are and connect us to our real colleagues, our real family, our real friends.不过有几个瞬间,我们仿佛看到了未来。一个由于科技进步让我们和真实生活中的同事、家人和朋友更好地联系在一起的未来。It used to be that in order to reach more people than you could talk to in a day, you had to be rich and famous and powerful. You had to be a celebrity, a politician, a CEO. But thats not true today.过去如果想在一天内联系到比你能见着面更多的人,你要么有钱,要么有名,要么有权。得是名人,政客,或者CEO。你但是今天不一样了。201501/357211。

At the dawn of the 21st century a free people must now choose to shape the forces of the Information Age and the global society, to unleash the limitless potential of all our people, and, yes, to form a more perfect union.在二十一世纪的曙光来临之际,一个自由的民族现在必须做出选择,去打造信息时代和全球一体化的力量,去释放全民无尽的潜能,并且,去成就一个更完美的联邦国家。When last we gathered, our march to this new future seemed less certain than it does today. We vowed then to set a clear course to renew our nation.上次我们在此相聚时,我们向这个新未来的进军似乎没有今天这么明确,我们那时曾宣誓确立新的道路,复兴我们的国家。In these four years, we have been touched by tragedy, exhilarated by challenge, strengthened by achievement. America stands alone as the world s in dispensable nation. Once again, our economy is the strongest on Earth. Once again, we are building stronger families, thriving communities, better educational opportunities, a cleaner environment. Problems that once seemed destined to deepen now bend to our efforts: our streets are safer and record numbers of our fellow citizens have moved from welfare to work.在这四年中,悲剧使我们动容,挑战使我们兴奋,成就使我们强大。美国作为世界不可缺少的国家巍然挺立。再一次,我们的经济是世界上最强大的;再一次,我们建设着更牢固的家庭,繁荣的社区,更好的教育机会,更清洁的环境。曾经似乎注定要恶化的问题现在也屈于我们的努力:我们的街道更安全,参加工作不再领取社会福利的公民人数比任何时候都多。And once again, we have resolved for our time a great debate over the role of government. Today we can declare: Government is not the problem, and government is not the solution.再一次,我们解决了当前关于政府角色问题的巨大争论。今天我们可以宣告:政府不是问题的产生者,政府也不是问题的解决者。 /201304/237175。

Hello everyone. 大家好。Veterans Day Weekend is a chance for all of us to say two simple words: “Thank you.” 退伍军人纪念日给了我们所有人机会说出简单的两个字“谢谢”。Thank you to that greatest generation who fought island by island across the Pacific, and freed millions from fascism in Europe. 感谢在太平洋战场上一个岛屿接着一个岛屿征战,以及在欧洲从法西斯手中解放数百万人民的最伟大的一代军人。Thank you to the heroes who risked everything through the bitter cold of Korea and the stifling heat of Vietnam. 感谢在朝鲜的苦寒和越南的炙热中不顾一切的英雄们。And thank you to all the heroes who have served since, most recently our 9/11 Generation of veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan.而且尤其要感谢的是自911以来在伊拉克和阿富汗为国役战斗过的英雄们。Now that more of them are coming home, we need to serve them as well as they served us. 现在,他们当中的大多数人已经回国,我们应该回报他们,就像他们对这个国家尽忠一样。That requires more than a simple “thank you”-especially from those of us whove been elected to serve.对于我们这些被人民推选出来为国务的人来说,这不仅仅是简单的说一句“谢谢”。Ive often said that my top priority is growing the economy, creating new jobs, and restoring middle-class security. 我曾多次说过,我的首当其冲的任务就是促进经济增长,创造新的就业,为中产阶级重建安全感。And a very important part of that is making sure that every veteran has every chance to share in the opportunity he or she has helped defend. 其中,很重要的一件事就是要确保每一名退伍军人都有机会分享到他们曾经为之战斗和保卫过的东西。In addition to the care and benefits theyve earned-including good mental health care to stay strong-that means a good job, a good education, and a home to call their own.除了他们应该得到的保障和福利之外,还要有好的工作,好的教育,以及他们自己的住房。If you fight for your country overseas, you should never have to fight for a job when you come home. 如果曾经为国家征战海外,你回到家乡的时候就不应该还要为找份工作继续奔走。Ive made sure the federal government leads by example, and since I took office, weve hired about 300,000 veterans to keep serving their country. 我代表联邦政府已经做出表率,自从我主政开始,我们已经雇佣了30万名退伍军人继续为国家务。Our new transition assistance program is helping veterans and their spouses find that new job and plan their career. 我们新提出的援助转移计划正在帮助大量退伍军人及军属找到新的工作,规划他们的职业生涯。And Im going to keep calling on Congress to do the right thing and pass the Veterans Jobs Corps. 我也将继续呼吁国会做出积极努力,通过《退伍军人就业合作法》。Put our veterans to work rebuilding America.让退伍军人加入到重建美国的队伍中去。Our troops gain unmatched skills while serving in harms way. 我们的军人在危险战场上掌握了无人能及的技能。So were also doing everything we can to connect more businesses with highly-skilled veterans. 因此我们也在尽一切可能为更多企业与拥有高超技艺的退伍军人牵线搭桥。More help with job searches. 提供更多的工作援助。More tools to connect veterans to job openings. 建立更多退伍军人和职业空缺之间的沟通渠道。More chances to earn licenses and credentials for civilian jobs. 提供更多获得普通工作需要许可和书的机会。And new tax credits for companies that hire veterans and wounded warriors-tax credits which Congress should make permanent.以及对雇佣退伍军人和伤残军人的企业给与新的税收优惠—这些税收优惠国会都应该将其固定下来。And Americas businesses have worked with Michelle and Jill Bidens Joining Forces campaign to help returning heroes find jobs in the private sector. 众多美国企业与米歇尔及吉尔·拜登联合会一起,为回到家乡的英雄们在私营企业找到了工作。Theyve aly hired or trained 290,000 veterans and military spouses, and theyve committed to hiring over 400,000 more.他们已经雇佣或培训了29万名退伍军人及军属,并承诺还将雇佣40多万人。Were also committed to giving todays veterans and their families the same shot at a great education this country gave my grandfather when he came home from World War II. 我们也承诺给当今的退伍军人和他们的家属同样的受教育的机会,就像我的外公在二战回国后得到的教育机会一样。Were helping more of them earn their degrees under the Post-9/11 GI Bill. 我们将在《后9.11退伍军人权利法案》下让更多人获得学位。Weve worked with thousands of schools across the country to set new standards to protect against dishonest recruiting and predatory lending practices that target our veterans. 我们已经与全国数千所学校开展合作设定了新的标准,打击针对退伍军人的欺诈招生和掠夺性的贷款方案。And were helping hundreds of community colleges and universities do more to welcome and encourage our veterans on campus.我们还将帮助数百所职业学院和大学全力欢迎和鼓励退伍军人重返校园。Thanks to these efforts, and the efforts of the private sector, weve made progress getting our vets back to work. 有了这些努力及私人企业的努力,我们才能在让我们的退伍军人重返工作上取得进步。But weve got a lot more to do. 但是我们需要做的还有更多。And as more than a million of our troops return to civilian life, were going to have to work even harder. 随着一百多万军人退伍,我们将付出更多努力。Because the skill, dedication, and courage of our troops is unmatched-and when they come home, we all benefit from their efforts to build a stronger America and a brighter future for our kids.因为你们无与伦比的能力、奉献和勇气-当他们退伍后,他们将会打造一个更加强大的美国及为我们的后代创造更加光辉的未来。So to all our veterans, on behalf our entire nation, thank you for everything youve done and will continue to do for our country. 全体退伍军人们,我代表全国人民,感谢你们为我们的国家所做的一切及继续为我们的国家所做的一切。As your Commander-in-Chief, Im proud of your service, and grateful for your sacrifice. 作为你们的总司令,我为你们的尽忠职守而骄傲,感谢你们的牺牲。And as long as Im your President, I will make it my mission to make sure that America has your back, not just on one day or one weekend, but 365 days a year.只要还是你们的总统,我就以确保美国是你们的坚强后盾为使命,不是在某一天或某个周末,而是一年365天。Thanks. God bless you, and have a great weekend.非常感谢,上帝保佑你们,祝你们周末愉快。 201311/264731。