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Ask an American: The value of church services; outbreak versus break out; to pull off versus to pull over versus to pull in; to act sillyWords:investchurchsynagogueto overlookvaluepastorto commit suicidehalosacreddemonstrableimpactlocaloutbreakto break outto pull offto pull overto pull into act silly 3659,BvG;)CLHRdh9-wrr1oK0*|[oA)]9ef1)6fG[w,B,hElizabeth washes her hands every day. She likes to wash her hands. She washes her hands with soap and water. She uses soap and water to wash her hands. She uses warm water and soap. She washes her hands 30 seconds. After 30 seconds she stops washing her hands. She turns off the water. She dries her hands on a clean towel. Every few hours she turns on the water and washes her hands. Elizabeth has very clean hands. Shedoes not have many germs on her hands. Germs cannot live on her clean hands.o_DEa8rrgu,apK%uSnnJUO((B*BeA*.-;-EB;K,8hLFJTWoaq#lGr7*z 377WOFSuba^Zx1g]bvV[NdmRJ@I(HV.QVl]-N+YkreBetty was excited. It was December 1. Christmas Day was only days away. She was looking at a magazine. It was a magazine little girls. There were many pictures in the magazine. There were many pictures of dolls. The dolls were from many countries. There were dolls from Mexico. There were dolls from China. There were dolls from France. There were dolls from everywhere. There were so many dolls. She showed the pictures to her mom. “Mommy, will Santa bring me all these dolls?” she asked. “No, honey,” her mom said, “Santa will bring you only one doll. So pick the one you like best.” “But, Mommy,” she said, “I like them ALL the best.”ZTq).m5A%MXs_Wn93_FH(Kng*%[yEhttyo3R(g!dn)rCr.#pT6o 1861

The Notre Dame de Paris巴黎圣母院As a testament to the correlation between glorious spaces and heavenly thoughts, the Notre Dame de Paris has stood 750 years as the apex of European religious architecture.作为荣光之地与神圣思想互相关联的明——巴黎圣母院,至今已有750年的历史了,它是欧洲宗教建筑登峰造极之作Seeking to liberate their creation from the sepulchral atmosphere of the plague-ridden medieval era, the Notre Dame architects conceived of a design more spacious than that of their predecessors.寻求把他们的创作从世纪黑死病蔓延的死寂气氛中摆脱出来,圣母院的建筑师们构思出比他们的前人更宽阔的设计New developments in arched doorways and supports allowed thinner outer walls and larger windows, including the famous Rose Windows on the cathedral north, south, and west sides.而拱形门道和柱的崭新设计,为较薄的外墙和较大的窗户,包括教堂北、南、西三面著名的“蔷薇花瓣小圆窗”的建造做了准备The west window is 9.75 meters in diameter and depicts the infant Jesus surrounded by prophets, 3 Old Testament kings, and 3 high priests, in concentric circles. With the added light and color provided by these windows, the architects created an ethereal ambience without compromising structural integrity.西窗直径长9.75米,上面描绘了位先知、旧约全书里的3位列王以及3位大祭司,呈同心圆围绕着襁褓中的耶稣借着这些窗户呈现的光线和色,建筑师营造出了天镜般的氛围,同时也兼顾了结构上的完整性Since its fundamental completion in 50, the cathedral has borne witness to many of the significant events of European history, as well as bearing the scars of its vilolent periods. It was the scene of the coronation of Henry VI of England in 30, and later, that of Mary, Queen of Scots.50年基本竣工后,这座大教堂见了欧洲历史上的许多重大事件,也在动荡时代留下了累累伤痕它也是30年英王亨利六世和其后苏格兰玛丽皇后加冕典礼举行的地方It survived attempted destruction during the French Revolution to witness the crowning of Napoleon and Josephine. Since then, the Notre Dame de Paris has survived two world wars, and it remains a symbol of European history and resilience.它幸免遭受法国大革命时期试图的破坏,得以为拿破仑和约瑟芬的加冕做见此后,巴黎圣母院在两次世界大战中保存了下来,它依然是欧洲历史与复原力的象征 80

Reservation agent:Hello, Milton Hotel reservations. How may I assist you?预订部文员:你好,弥尔顿酒店预订处有什么可为您效劳的吗?Sally:Hi, Im calling to make some changes to an existing reservation.莎莉:嗨,我打电话来是想对预订做些变更Reservation agent:Certainly. Do you have the reservation number?预订部文员:当然可以您的预订号码是?Sally:Sure, it 678.莎莉:当然,678Reservation agent:That a reservation Sally Menkel. Is that right?预订部文员:莎莉曼克尔预订的对吗?Sally:Yes, that right. Id like to change the check-in date from September th to September th.莎莉:是的没错我想把入住日期从9月日改到9月日Reservation agent:Certainly. I can make that change you. Is that the only change?预订部文员:当然没问题我马上为您变更就这一项需要变更吗?Sally:No, the check-out date will also change, from the 3rd to the th.莎莉:还有退房日期也要改,从3日改到日Reservation agent:No problem. We have you arriving on the th of September and departing the th of September.预订部文员:没问题9月日入住,退房是9月日Will there be anything else?还有别的吗?Sally:Yes, there will be two people in my party, not just one.莎莉:是的,我们是个人,不是1人独住了Reservation agent:Ive made that change. Anything else I can help you with?预订部文员:我已为您变更了还有什么我可以效劳的吗?Sally:Yes, instead of a courtyard room, Id like a room with a view, preferably on an upper floor.莎莉:是的,我不想要庭院房了,我想要最好是楼上的一间房,能看到好风景Reservation agent:I can certainly change that you, although there will be a change in the room rate.预订部文员:我可以为您变更,房间价格会相应调整The new rate is 9 per night.价格是每晚189美元Sally:On second thought, Id prefer a suite that overlooks the pool. Is that possible?莎莉:我刚又想了想,我想要间能俯瞰游泳池的套房能实现吗?Reservation agent:Certainly. The new rate is per night.预订部文员:当然可以价格是每晚9美元Sally:Oh, that really expensive. I think Id better to stick to my original room.莎莉:噢,价格有点贵我想还是原来预订的房间更好Reservation agent:All right. Ive changed your reservation back to a courtyard room. Anything else?预订部文员:好的我已经将您的预订改回到庭院房还有别的事吗?Sally:Maybe I should shorten my stay.莎莉:也许我应该缩短居住时间If I do that, I could afd a suite. Yes, let change the dates and the rooms again.如果这样就能负担得起套房是的,让我们再更下日期和房间Reservation agent:Let me make a suggestion.预订部文员:让我给您些建议Let cancel this reservation and make a whole new one.让我们取消现有预订,预订一个全新的That way, we can make sure everything is correct.这样,我们可以确保一切都包您满意Sally:Oh, that not too much trouble you, is it? Id hate to be a bother.莎莉:噢,这样的话太麻烦你了我讨厌麻烦Reservation agent:No, no trouble at all.预订部文员:不,一点也不麻烦 39

take out带出去,certain某个Not to Be Taken OutMark Twain once went to borrow a certain book from a neighbour in Tarry town."May I borrow a book from you?" he asked politely."Yes, you're more than welcome to it," the neighbour told him."But I must ask you to it here. You know I make a rule never to let any book go out of my library."Some days later the neighbour wished to borrow Twain's machine cutting grass in the garden."Why, certainly," Twain told him, "You're more than welcome to it. But I must ask you to use it here. You know that I make it a rule never to let it go out of my garden."概不外借在特里镇,马克.吐温有一次去一位邻居那儿借本书“我可以向您借本书吗?”他礼貌地问道“当然,非常乐意,”邻居告诉他,“但我要求你在这儿读你知道我有一条规定,那就是决不让一本书拿出我的图书室 ”几天后,这位邻人想从吐温那儿借台割草机 “噢,当然,”吐温告诉他,“非常乐意借给你但我要你在这儿用你知道我从来不允许它拿出我的花园”1. take out“把…带出去”:Please take the children out, their noise is making my head ache.请把孩子们领出去, 他们吵得我头痛也可以指“清除”There's a nasty mark on the tablecloth, and I don't think the usual washing powder will take it out.桌布上有一块污迹,我想用普通洗衣粉是洗不掉的.certain某个,某些A certain Mr. Brown telephoned while you were out.你出去的时候, 有个叫布朗的先生来过电话I am prepared to make certain concessions.我准备做某些让步3.politely礼貌地也可以指“客气地,委婉地”:He cannot refuse if you ask politely.如果你客气一点的话,他是不会拒绝的He has a politely diffident manner.他的态度是客气中带有羞怯.library图书馆也可以指“(书、唱片等)个人收藏”:He owns a library of two thousand volumes.他拥有00册藏书也有“文库/资料室”的意思5.machine机器泛指机器,要根据上下文推断具体指什么机器也可以指“机动车辆、飞机”:He thundered down the street on his new machine.他驾驶着新车在大街上呼啸而去 6185

Machu Picchu马丘比丘Machu Picchu, the ;Lost City of the Incas;, as it was dubbed by the man who rediscovered it in the last century, is among the greatest tourist attractions in South America today and ranks among the most outstanding symbols in the Andean cultures.马丘比丘在上个世纪被再度发掘出来,发掘者称之为“印加失落之城”,它是当今南美顶级旅游胜地之一,是安第斯多种文明中最为耀眼的象征之一The legendary Inca settlement of Machu Picchu has become one of the world iconic areas. Its haunting aura is enhanced by the mystery surrounding its use and abandonment. Machu Picchu is a manmade masterpiece blends into nature in the Andes.传说中的马丘比丘印加沉降已成为世界的标志性地区之一它的使用和废弃加深了它神秘的光环它被称为与安第斯的大自然融为一体的人工杰作The ancient city of Machu Picchu attracts visitors from all over the world. Historians believe the Inca began building Machu Picchu around the 50s, but because they left no written records behind, no one knows exactly what their purpose was.马丘比丘古城吸引了来自世界各地的游客历史学家认为,印加人在50年代开始建立马丘比丘,但是因为他们没有留下任何文字记载,所以没有人确切地知道他们的目的是什么Machu Picchu was built in the classical Inca style, with polished dry-stone walls. Its primary buildings are the Intihuatana, the Temple of the Sun, and the Room of the Three Windows.马丘比丘的建筑具有印加传统风格——抛光干石墙其主要建筑有拴日石、太阳庙,以及三窗户的房间Johan Reinhard (Archaeologist): The Inca royal family would go there different kinds of ceremonies, and we do know that the Incas had a very strong ritual element there.约翰莱因哈德(考古学家)认为:印加王室成员将前往那里进行各种不同的仪式,因为我们知道,在古代的印加,有一个非常强烈的宗教元素的存在Reinhard: Machu Picchu was probably abandoned or began to be abandoned aly bee the Spanish came, and that becuase around 5 there was a civil war. After the Spanish arrived seven years later, in 3, the Inca deliberately burned the est around Machu Picchu. They burned it because the foliage re-grows and completely covers it and made it virtually impassable.莱因哈德:在西班牙人来之前,马丘比丘就可能已经被遗弃或即将被放弃,这是因为5年左右有一个内战西班牙人到达后七年后的3年,印加人故意烧了马丘比丘周围的森林他们焚烧树叶,因为它重新增长和完全覆盖它,使它几乎不可逾越Perhaps, thanks to the Inca efts to hide the city, the Spanish never found Machu Picchu. It was lost to the wider world until geographer Hiram Bingham rediscovered it in 19. In 1983, Machu Picchu was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As archaeologists learn more about what happened here, new questions continue to arise, guaranteeing that Machu Picchu will remain a place of mystery years to come.或许,应该感谢印加为隐藏这个城市而做出的努力,西班牙从未发现马丘比丘马丘比丘成为失落的城市,直到地理学家海勒姆宾厄姆在19年重新发现这里1983年,马丘比丘被联合国教科文组织命名为世界遗产因为考古学家了解这里发生的事情更多,新的问题继续出现,马丘比丘将在未来几年保持它神秘的面貌 96

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