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2019年12月08日 12:02:20


郴州东方泌尿专科男科大夫安仁县男科医院在那儿An amusement park in Japan has been forced to close its skating rink after a torrent of online criticism over its centrepiece: thousands of fish frozen into the ice. 日本一家游乐园将数千条鱼冻在溜冰场的冰层中作为装饰,这一创意在网上遭到一片指责,溜冰场被迫关门。Space World in the city of Kitakyushu, south-west Japan, bowed to pressure to close the facility on Sunday after an online campaign denouncing the piscine graveyard as ;cruel;, ;immoral; and ;weird;. 27日,日本西南部城市九州市的“太空世界”游乐园迫于压力关闭了其溜冰场,网友怒斥这里是“残忍的”、“不道德的”、“诡异的”鱼群墓地。The rink, which was supposed to have stayed open until the spring, featured about 5,000 dead sprats, mackerel and other fish that had been bought from a local market embedded in the ice, some with their mouths still open in apparent suspended animation, according to local media reports. 据当地媒体报道,这家溜冰场本应一直开放至明年春天。他们从市场精心选购了5000条已经死亡的鲱鱼、鲭鱼等鱼类,将其嵌入冰层,有些鱼的嘴仍然张着一动不动,看似窒息而死。The fish were also used to spell out ;hello; under the ice and to form an arrow showing skaters which direction to follow. 该溜冰场把鱼拼成“你好”的字样,还将鱼摆成箭头形状,为溜冰者指示方向。Other parts of the rink showed rays and whale sharks that, the park pointed out, were merely enlarged photos that had been placed beneath the ice. 在溜冰场中还可以看见光束和鲸鲨,游乐园称,他们只是把鲸鲨的照片放大了置于冰下。The outcry was prompted after the fish were featured in a local TV report last week. 一家地方电视台上周对这些鱼儿进行报道后,引发了人们的抗议。Space World#39;s Facebook page was inundated with complaints and calls for the attraction to close. 太空世界游乐园的脸书主页充斥着投诉批评和要求其关门的呼声。One commenter said the park was ;disrespectful of life;, while another said it was displaying an ;appalling lack of morality;. 一位留言者称,该游乐园“蔑视生命”,还有人称这是“极不道德”的表现。The facility#39;s website had touted the Ice Aquarium as an opportunity for visitors to ;glide across the sea; in what it called the first attraction of its kind in the world. 太空世界游乐园曾在官网吹捧称该溜冰场是全球首个冰冻水族馆,它能够让游客感受“在海面滑行”的感觉。But on Sunday, the park announced it was closing the ice rink. ;We deeply apologise to people who felt uncomfortable about the Ice Aquarium event,; it said in a statement ed in the Japan Times. ;As a result, we have stopped the event from today.; 但该游乐园27日宣布关闭该溜冰场。《日本时报》援引游乐园的声明称,“对于冰冻水族馆给人们带来的不适,我们深感抱歉。因此,从今天起我们将这里关闭。”A spokesperson told the Asahi Shimbun that the park was considering holding a memorial service for the fish next year, adding that the fish were aly dead when they were bought from a local wholesaler. 一位发言人对朝日新闻社表示,游乐园正在考虑明年为这些鱼儿举办一场悼念仪式,他还称,他们从当地批发商那里购买的是已经死去的鱼。;Misunderstandings sp on the internet that the fish were frozen while they were still alive, but that was not the case,; the spokesperson told the newspaper. ;We should have explained more.; 这位新闻发言人表示,“网上谣传这些鱼在还活着时就被冻住,但这并非事实。我们本应该解释得更清楚些。” /201612/481152The US’s top agriculture official has raised concerns over a bn Chinese bid for Swiss seeds and chemicals group Syngenta, saying he is worried about the impact it may have on how Beijing approves US-made genetically modified organisms and on global food security.美国农业部长汤姆#8226;维尔萨克(Tom Vilsack)对中国化工(ChemChina)以440亿美元收购瑞士种子与化工集团先正达(Syngenta)的交易表示关切,称自己担心这笔交易可能会影响中国政府对美国产转基因生物的审批、以及全球粮食安全。Because of Syngenta’s large presence in the US market for seeds and fertiliser it is also being scrutinised heavily by Washington and subjected to a voluntary national security review.由于先正达在美国的种子和化肥市场占有很大份额,因此这笔交易正受到华盛顿方面的密切关注,并且需要自愿接受国家安全方面的审查。President Barack Obama and his administration have so far stayed quiet on the transaction. But in a conference call with reporters on Tuesday, Tom Vilsack, the US agriculture secretary, said he had concerns about the deal and its impact on US competition for the Chinese market.美国总统巴拉克#8226;奥巴马(Barack Obama)及其政府迄今对这笔交易保持沉默。但周二维尔萨克在与记者们的电话会议上表示,他对这笔交易及其对美国逐鹿中国市场产生的影响感到担忧。“I have a watchful eye on all of this and continue to be extremely concerned about the way in which biotechnology and innovation is being treated and impeded by a system in China that is often times not based on science and appears to be more based on politics,” he said.他说:“我密切注视着这一切,并将继续高度关注中国的审批制度对生物技术和创新的态度和阻碍,这套制度往往不是以科学为基础,而似乎更多地是基于政治。”Mr Vilsack said he was not speaking on behalf of the Obama administration. “I will just simply raise concerns that I have#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;speaking more from my vantage point of having dealt with the Chinese on biotechnology regulatory issues,” he said in a response to a question about the Syngenta deal.维尔萨克称,他的讲话并不代表奥巴马政府。在回答一个关于先正达这笔交易的提问时,他表示:“我将只会提出我自己的关切……更多地是基于我与中国人在生物技术监管问题上打交道的经验发表看法。”Because of what he said was the dampening impact on innovation of China’s regulatory process he characterised the issue as one that went beyond the US-China relationship and to the issue of the need for greater farm productivity “to meet the growing food demand that exists in the world today”.由于他提到了中国监管程序对创新的抑制性影响,这个问题在他的描绘下已超越了美中关系范畴,变成了一个需要提高农业生产力、“以满足当今世界不断增长的粮食需求”的问题。“America must have the ability to have its innovation get in to a marketplace after appropriate study and review without unnecessary and unreasonable barriers as a result of politics,” he said. “It needs to be science based and it needs to be rules based. America has been very consistent in that approach.”他说:“美国必须拥有这样的能力,即确保其创新经适当调研和审查后能获准进入某个市场,而不因政治原因受到不必要和不合理的阻碍。相关程序需要基于科学和规则。美国一直坚持这一态度。”US agriculture officials are not represented on CFIUS and the committee has never in the past blocked a deal on food security grounds. But the deal comes at a time of rising political concerns about Chinese inbound investment and the collapse of a number of recent deals due to CFIUS concerns.美国农业官员并不代表美国外国投资委员会(CFIUS),而且该委员会以往从未以粮食安全为由阻止过交易。但眼下,中国对美投资正受到越来越大的政治关注,近期已有数笔交易因CFIUS的关切而告吹。 /201603/428672郴州安仁县治疗内分泌多少钱China is to invest about 77 billion yuan (.7 billion) this year on the construction of civil aviation infrastructure, especially airports, according to the Civil Aviation Administration of China.近日中国国家民航总局表示,我国今年计划投入约770亿元(折合约117亿美元)进行机场等民航基础设施建设。The agency said it will step up construction of important new airports, including those in Beijing, Chengdu, Qingdao, Xiamen and Dalian.该机构表示,将加快建设的新机场涉及的城市包括北京、成都、青岛、厦门和大连等。Eleven key infrastructure projects and 52 upgrades or expansion work on civil aviation facilities will be started this year, the administration said in a statement.该机构在一份声明中表示,今年将开建11个重要基建项目、52个升级扩容项目。It said work on Beijing#39;s second international airport, the largest construction project in Chinese civil aviation history, is progressing well.同时,中国民用航空史上最大的建设项目,即北京的第二国际机场,进展也一切顺利。China plans to build 66 new civil airports in the next five years, taking the number of such airports on the Chinese mainland from 206 to 272.未来5年,我国还计划新建66座民用机场,将大陆机场总数由目前的206座增加至272座。Demand has been rising for air travel, spurring the development of more airports.游客搭乘飞机出行的趋势正在上升,这是推动机场建设发展的因素之一。The civil aviation administration said Chinese people made 440m trips by air last year and predicted that the figure could rise to 485m this year.民航局表示,去年乘飞机出行人次为4.4亿,今年这一数字预计将达4.85亿。 /201601/421779郴州市男科医院

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