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听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):From an early-morning fixture on Detroit television to an advocate for legalized marijuana in Michigan, Anqunette Jamison has made quite a transition.The former Fox 2 Detroit anchorwoman walked away from her TV job to become a volunteer for MI Legalize, one of the groups thats been fighting to put the question of legalization before Michigan voters.Shes got a very personal stake in the fight for legalization: Jamison uses marijuana to help with her multiple sclerosis.For some time after being diagnosed, Jamison was taking ;all the conventional medications; and was ;incredibly sick.; Each medication had a nasty side effect which, she explained, would then be treated with another medication.;Within a year or two I went from a person who completed half-marathons to being on five or six different medications with a retail cost of 0,000 a year, and not feeling better,; she said. ;It would be one thing if I felt better, but I didnt.;When Jamison tried cannabis at her husbands suggestion, she said she was ;blown away. It alleviated so many of my symptoms.;As she learned more about the potential medical benefits of cannabis, the way the war on drugs has disproportionately targeted people of color, and the potential tax revenue legal marijuana could provide, Jamison decided she wanted to speak up.;I felt that I could sit on the sidelines and be like everyone else and have my medical marijuana card and be quiet and not say anything about what I see as injustice and what I see as wrong,; she said, ;or I can take a step and just say, this is my experience, and this is my truth. For those who are willing to listen, Im willing to speak.;In our conversation above, Jamison talks about why Michigan should legalize marijuana and the work shes doing with MI Legalize.201612/480990。

These kicked in automatically after Congress failed to pass a more palatable plan to bring down deficits.这些自动踢回的问题未能在国会之后通过一个更好的计划来降低赤字。The sequester was supposed to be so severe that lawmakers would have to strike a deal to avoid it.这种缩减如此严重以至于立法者不得不立刻达成协议来避免它。Cutting budgets by a further 10% would be painful.进一步削减预算的百分之十将是痛苦的。The White House wants the State Department and foreign-aid budgets to bear much of the burden.白宫希望国务院和对外援助的预算能够承担起大部分负担。But these make up only a small proportion of the federal budget: about bn in total.但是这些只占联邦预算的一小部分:约570亿美元。The sequester also cut defence spending deeply, which is why hawks like Senator John McCain have been questioning Americas military preparedness.这项自动减也会更深的缩减国防出,这也是Senator John McCain 等鹰派人对军队准备提出质疑的原因所在。Barack Obamas last budget proposed a boost to defence spending about two-thirds as big as Mr Trumps.巴拉克·奥巴马的最终预算计划加大国防出,其数额大约有川普的三分之二。A recent paper by Mr McCain argues that an additional bn is needed on top of Mr Obamas figure—for a total boost of bn, compared with the sequester.Mr McCain的最近的研究表明,在奥巴马所表示的数额之上,一项附加的540亿美元的开是有必要的-总计要增加910亿美元,与缩减数目相比。Congress can usually write budgets with a simple majority in both houses.国会通常会用两院的一种简单的多数同意方式来撰写预算。But amending the sequester may require 60 votes in the Senate, and hence bipartisan co-operation. (This happened in 2013 and 2015. )但修订自动预算削减方案可能需要参议院60票绝对多数,进而可能需要两党合作。(这类事件在2013年和2015年发生过。)Democrats will never support cuts on the scale Mr Trump seems to want.民主党永远不会持特朗普先生想要的那种规模的开缩减。Plenty of Republicans, too, worry about cuts to the State Department.许多共和党人也担心政府部门的开削减。Mick Mulvaney, Mr Trumps budget chief, says that he is under no illusions about the budgets prospects in Congress, recalling that Republicans paid little attention to Mr Obamas proposals.特朗普先生的预算办公室主任Mick Mulvaney回想起共和党人不在意奥巴马先生的建议,于是他说对国会预算的前景没抱有任何幻想。The budget, he says, was not written for Congress, but for the people.他说预算不是为国会撰写的,而是为人民撰写的。译文来源考研英语时事阅读201706/512249。

让我们来看看下面这些表达法你会不会说。     ·Potluck Party: 一种聚餐方式,主人准备场地和餐具,参加的人必须带一道菜或准备饮料,最好事先问问主人的意思。     ·Pull over! 把车子开到旁边。     ·Drop me a line! 写封信给我。     ·Give me a ring. Call me. 来个电话吧!     ·For here or to go? 堂食或外卖。     ·Cool! Thats cool! 等于现在年轻人常用的口语;酷;,表示;不赖嘛!;用于人或事均可。     ·Whats up? Whats happening? Whats new? 见面时随口问候的话;最近在忙什么?有什么新鲜事吗?;一般的回答是;Nothing much!;或;Nothing new!; /201212/214200。

一、边听边学Listen and Learnfat chance 希望渺茫big fat liar 巨骗chew the fat 聊天in fat city 过富裕的生活二、边听边说Listen and Speak Jane is pretty and popular. You will have a fat chance of getting a date with her.简又漂亮又招人喜欢,你想跟她约会估计没戏。Tom is a big fat liar.汤姆是个大骗子。If you chew the fat on the phone, youll burn a few extra calories per minute.你要是站着在电话里聊天,每分钟都能消耗掉几卡路里的额外热量。Almost everyone wishes to live in fat city in America.几乎所有美国人都想过那种养尊处优的生活。 可可地盘,英语学习者的乐园Click here gt;gt;gt; http://dipan.kekenet.com/ /201201/168073。

扑克牌的四种花色:clubs 梅花,spades 黑桃,hearts 红桃,diamonds 方块◎点击播放器下方“进入MP3进入下载界面”可下载音频◎ /201104/133104。

大家好,欢迎收听《Faith口语课堂-天天学》,我是Faith老师。喜欢跳舞吗? 今天的课学完英语后,让我们一起来听首舞曲音乐,并快乐地舞蹈,好吗?跳舞之前,还是先学点英语吧。今天,我们来学学时间的几种表达方法:1.多少年,多少天以前,用这个词;ago;, 比如说,三年以前:three years ago. 几星期以前,weeks ago, 一个半月以前:one month and a half ago,下面,我们来看几个例句:I bumped into my ex-boyfriend days ago. 我几天前无意间撞见了我的前男友。Marry dropped out of school months ago. 玛丽几个月前辍学了。We settled down in New York 2 weeks ago. 两星期前我们在纽约定居下来。2.多少年,多少天以后,用介词;in;,如:几年后:in years, in a couple of years, 5个月后:in 5 months, 10天后:in 10 days。Ill let you know our final decision in a week. 一个星期后,我会通知你我们的最后决定。Were moving to Guangzhou in 2 days. 两天后,我们就要搬去广州了。3.在;;时间以内:within,within 2 weeks,within one year,within 7 monthsThe ation is subject to your confirmation by fax within one week.此报价以你以传真形式在一周内确认为有效。4.;before;,;after;这两个词怎么用呢?它们的后面可以接从句:;before; 在某事发生之前,;after;在某事发生之后。I was only a clerk before I came to Guangzhou. 在我来广州之前,我只是个小文员.We went to a concert after we finished our work. 我们下班后去听了音乐会.;before;,;after;这两个词后面还可以接名词:I would like to have a chat with you before meal. 吃饭前我想和你谈一下。Ill meet you at the entrance after class. 课后我们在大门口见。好了,关于时间的表达法,我们就先讲到这。我们会在第100课继续讲解时间的更多表达法。在您的时间里,都发生了些什么故事呢。 /163260。

介绍本期内容之前,我们也先穿越一下,时间回到清朝。一家非常有名的餐馆门前来了几个外地客人,慕名来吃招牌菜,问门口小二,此处是不是有名的某某店啊。这时候电视里常见的桥段就是店小二骄傲的回一声儿,您找对了,只此一家,别无分店。说到这儿,这个别无分店可以怎么说呢?一个两个单词构成的习语,bar none.例句:This is the best restaurant in town, bar none. 这是城里绝无仅有的好餐馆。This is the best ice cream anywhere in the state of Texas bar none. 这是德州最好的冰淇淋,别无分号。Thatrsquo;s the best meal Ive ever had, bar none. 那是我吃过的最好的一顿饭菜,无与伦比。说到这儿您可别认为bar none只能表示餐馆,或者只和吃的有关。其实,这个短语还可以翻译为;毫无例外;毫无疑问;绝无仅有的;。例句:对话发生在两个男性朋友之间。A: All the girls over there are my friends, bar none. 那边所有的女孩都是我的朋友,毫无例外。B: The words sound familiar. Oh, Joe in Friends. 这话听着这么耳熟呢。哦。像《老友记》中的Joe.A: Irsquo;m telling the truth. They are my friends. 我说的是实话。他们是我的朋友。B: Prove it. 那就明给我看看。更多例句:Bar none this is the best hero movie Ive seen. 它毫无疑问是我看过最棒的;英雄;电影。She is the best writer in the world bar none. 她是世界上绝无仅有的最好的作家。好了,本期的习语我们就介绍到这里。期待您继续的关注。我们下期布朗尼加分口语课堂再见吧。 /201203/174100。