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襄阳治疗前列腺炎大概需要多少钱襄阳中心医院打胎一般要花多少钱The educational materials presented here were developed此处展示的教育材料由by students and faculty of the department of food爱荷华州立大学食品科学与营养学的师生science and human nutrition at Iowa State University.共同制作Funding for this project was provided from grants from该项目资金由the American Cancer Society Mid West美国癌症协会中西部分会及and the Lance Armstrong Foundation.兰斯,阿姆斯特朗基金会共同资助The materials are intended for educational use and此资料仅旨在教学使用are not meant to provide medical advice.无意提供任何医学建议We welcome your feedback about these materials.我们期待您对这些资料的意见反馈Please use the evaluation survey link on the homepage请使用主页上的教育调查链接to provide your comments and suggestions.发表您的意见和建议Physical exercise is any bodily activity that体育锻炼指的是任何可以促进或维持身体健康enhances or maintains physical fitness and wellness.的体育活动It is recommended that people engage in some type建议人们每周要有几天,最好每天of aerobic activity for at least 30 minutes至少花费30分钟on most days and preferably all days of the week.进行有氧运动Exercise promotes a healthy lifestyle and锻炼能够促进健康的生活方式has many other benefits.并且有很多其他的益处This presentation will examine the basics of exercise.这个展示将会探讨锻炼的基本要素Studies have shown that after age 25研究表明the body loses muscle mass25岁之后身体肌肉含量at a rate of 4% of its remaining mass per decade.每十年下降百分之四After age 50 the muscle mass is lost50岁之后肌肉量将每十年by approximately 10% each decade.损失约百分之十This loss of muscle mass affects such things as your肌肉量的损失会影响到你的心脏heart as it is a muscle, mobility and decreases因为心脏就是一个肌肉组织,还会影响身体your metabolism which can lead to weight gain.的活动能力和新城代谢,从而导致体重的增加The way to prevent these loses is to exercise.避免这些损失的方法便是锻炼身体There are many more benefits to regular exercise定期锻炼有很多好处such as improving your mental health or mood,比如改善你的精神健康或情绪combating chronic disease, help manage weight,抵御慢性疾病,帮助控制体重strengthen the heart and lungs强心健肺and promote better sleep.促进睡眠There are several types of exercise;锻炼包括几种类型,即aerobic, anaerobic, strength training or有氧训练,无氧训练,力量或抗阻力训练resistance training and flexibility.和柔韧性练习The best recipe for overall health is to engage in实现身体全面健康的秘诀就是all 4 types of exercise. Aerobic means with oxygen这四种锻炼都参与,有氧意味着氧气的参与and refers to the use of oxygen并涉及在身体新陈代谢或能量生成过程中in the bodys metabolic or energy generating process.氧气的使用Many types of exercise are aerobic and很多类型的锻炼都属于有氧训练its also referred to as cardiovascular.它也被称为心血管锻炼These exercises include such activity as walking,这种锻炼包括走路,跑步running, swimming, cycling and climbing stairs.游泳,骑自行车和爬楼梯Anaerobic exercises are done in non endurance无氧训练一般都是在无耐力需求的活动中activities to promote strength, speed and power提升身体强度,速度和力量and by body builders to build muscle mass.健身者借此来塑造身体肌肉Such exercises include lifting weights, jumping,这类的锻炼包括举重,跳跃运动running in a short powerful sprint.短跑Strength training or resistance exercises are defined力量或抗阻力训练被界定为as the use of resistance to muscle contraction.利用阻力对抗肌肉收缩These exercises are done in order to build the进行这类锻炼是为了strength, anaerobic endurance and size of muscles提升力量,无氧耐力和体内肌肉的大小in the body. Flexibility exercises refer to the range柔韧性练习指的是人体关节的活动范围of movement in joints and the length in muscles.以及肌肉的拉伸Flexibility can increase or decrease柔韧性depending on the amount of stretching依人体肌肉和关节的拉伸量done to the muscles and joints of the body.增加或减少201501/356570鱼梁洲开发区人民医院是私立的还是公立的 栏目简介:《英语视频之Top5》是英语视频听力下的子栏目,栏目包含中英字幕,而且能够了解世界上5大新奇或者有意思的事物,比如美军飞行器、社交媒体、核武器等,通过简单有趣的讲述,能够提高学习英语的兴趣,积累一些英语知识,是比较生动的英语学习材料。201510/400357襄阳市人民医院做人流怎么样贴吧

襄阳一医院收费贵吗作者罗伯特解释了;非零和效应;是如何在机缘与合作的互动中,引导了我们的进化,以及我们应该如何利用它来拯救今天的人类世界。201508/390336鱼梁洲开发区妇幼保健中医院做人流手术好吗 Like most young people who get breaks,同很多得到机会的年轻人一样luck has a lot to do with it, and timing.运气和时机都是很重要的因素And the second factor besides timing is that,除此之外 还有第二个因素as a young man, usually all of us would admit作为年轻人 我们所有人都会承认that there was a mentor, a benefactor.自己有一位导师 一位恩人And when an older person who you respect and admire has confidence in you,当一个你所尊敬景仰的长者对你有信心时its a great booster to your own self-confidence.你自己的自信也会得到巨大的提升By age 24, Carnegie is promoted to manager of the company.24岁那年 卡内基被晋升为公司经理Working closely with Scott to oversee同斯科特密切协作the railroads expansion west.监督铁路向西的扩张So I bought 100,000 shares at a share,我以10美元一股的价格买了10万股before news of the contract came out.这是在合同的新闻公布之前When the issue became public,消息一经公开the shares doubled in value.股价翻了一倍The next day, you know what I did?第二天 知道我干了什么吗I sold them.我卖了它们I didnt have to build a thing.我并不需要这些东西The key is westward expansion.关键是西部扩张Yes, sir.是 先生Here. This is where I want the bridge.这里 我想在这里建一座桥Right here.就在这里Think you can you do it?想想你能做到Yes, sir.是 先生I know a good designer. James Eads.我认识一个优秀的设计师 詹姆斯·伊兹Hes crazy, but hes a genius.他很疯狂 但也很有才华Bridge builder, is he?他是桥梁建造师吗No. But hes quick, and hes cheap.不 不过他很快 而且很便宜He can do anything.他什么都能做Come.来The bridge Scott has outlined...斯科特所构想的桥...will be the largest in America.将成为美国最大的The problem is, Carnegie has no idea how to build it.问题在于 卡内基不知道要怎么去建201603/432176襄阳四医院在线咨询医生

襄阳中西医结合医院好吗Its this ability to deal with catastrophe就是这种抵、抗灾难的能力thats a truly special thing about Earth.让我们的地球显得很特别Our planet is really tough,我们的地球真的很坚强and theres nothing to suggest that thats going to change anytime soon.没有迹象表明这会很快改变In the long run,Earth can cope with anything we can throw at it.但是从长期看 地球可以应对我们抛给它的一切We could clear all the jungles,我们可以破坏丛林but a jungle can re-grow over a few thousand years.但是丛林在几千内又会成长起来We could burn all Earths fossil fuels,flooding the atmosphere with carbon dioxide,我们可以燃烧掉地球的化石燃料 让大气层充满二氧化碳but even then it would take the planet only a million years or so但是即使那样地球也就需要一百万年左右for the atmosphere to recover.恢复大气层Even the animals were wiping out may eventually be replaced甚至因为我们灭绝的动物最终也会被代替by others equally rich in diversity,甚至因为我们灭绝的动物最终也会被代替as the relentless work of evolution continues.随着进化不断进行So in changing this world, were altering the very environment所以在这个变换的世界里我们改变的环境that has allowed the human race to thrive.那曾经让人类繁荣的环境We could be creating conditions that threaten the long-term survival of our civilisation.我们会造成 威胁人类文明长期存在的环境So, all this stuff about saving planet Earth,well, thats not the problem.所以,挽救地球的那些说法 并不是问题Planet Earth doesnt need saving.Earth is a great survivor.地球不需要挽救 地球怎么都会幸存Its not the planet we should be worrying about,its us.我们担心的不该是地球 而是我们自己201601/419220 This reindeer meat is absolutely frozen solid but I can get some shavings off this like fat and meat.这鹿肉完全冻住了 但我可以切些脂肪和肉片And put that into this boiling water and make a nice nutritious, warming stew.把它放沸水里煮 煮一锅热呼呼又有营养的汤In such extreme temperatures,your body needs double the amount of daily calories,for a man thats 6,000 a day.在这种极端温度的环境中 你的身体需要双倍的热量 对于成年男性来说是每天6千卡路里Oh, man, its better.Often, all it takes is a warm fire to dry you out,raise your spirits, and get you back on track.感觉好多了 一堆火就能把身体烤干 提高斗志 恢复元气Most of its kind of rubbish really.But one mans rubbish is another mans survival.大多数都是垃圾 但别人的垃圾正好成了我的救命稻草Look -- theres a bit old wire.They obviously used that to hold the window open.Keep that. thats gonna be useful.看 这边有个旧铁丝 很显然是用来撑窗户的 留着它也许会有用Well, they are pretty knackered this old skis,you know, probably havent been used for 50 years,这雪板太糟了 也许有五十年没用过了but this old curtain material in here,I might well be able to improvise some sort of bindings.但我可以用 这个旧窗帘做临时绑绳Skis have been found in Arctic Russia that are 4,000 years old.4千年前俄国极区就有人用滑雪板了Im hoping these old things will work for me.我希望这个能用201601/421484襄樊妇幼保健中医院贴吧襄阳市职业病防治医院好吗



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