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保康县人民医院检查能用医保卡吗枣阳市第一人民医院可以做引产吗三分钟搞定科技英语(视频+中英字幕) 第13期:社会化书签《三分钟搞定科技英语》属于《原来如此》系列的英语视频听力栏目,用一系列绘图拼接视频,生动形象地展示了科技英语知识,能够激发人们的英语学习兴趣 ,是拓展英语知识面,积累科技英语词汇,了解科技中的一些常识的极好材料。 Article/201510/401887襄阳中心医院好不好 襄阳第四人民医院医院前列腺增生收费标准

襄州区妇幼保健中医院人流多少钱枣阳市第一人民医院是不是医保定点医院 【新闻精讲】The trend is not confined to the private sector. Several governments, including those of America, Britain, France and Australia, now publish for the benefit of their citizens regular reports on levels of national well-being. Bhutan has long measured its gross national happiness, and the ed Arab Emirates boasts a brand-new Ministry of Happiness.这一趋势不仅局限在私营部门。包括美国、英国、法国及澳大利亚在内的多国政府出于国民利益考虑,现在都定期发布国民福祉水平报告。不丹长期以来测量国民总幸福指数,而阿联酋则对全新设立的“幸福部”引而为傲。confine v.限制,囚禁- He was confined in a prison.well-being n. 幸福安宁(the state of being happy, healthy or successful)boast v. 夸赞Businesspeople have long known there is money to be made in the field. Dale Carnegie, a leadership guru, said the best way to win friends and influence people was to seem upbeat. Disneyland is still “the happiest place on Earth”. American firms regularly bid their customers to “have a nice day”. One of the sharpest books published on the phenomenon is “The Managed Heart” from 1983, in which Arlie Hochschild, a sociologist at the University of California, Berkeley, noted that many employers demanded “emotional labour” from workers in the form of smiles and other expressions of “positive emotion”. Firms are keen to extract still more happiness from their employees as the service sector plays an ever greater role in the economy. Run-of-the-mill service firms are fighting for their lives against discounters. As customers, most people prefer their service with a smile rather than a snarl.商人们早就知道这是有利可图的领域。领袖学大师戴尔#8226;卡耐基(Dale Carnegie)说过,一副乐观向上的样子最有助结交朋友及施展影响力。迪士尼乐园依然是“地球上最快乐的地方”。美国公司总是祝愿客户“拥有美好的一天”。对这一现象分析得最为尖锐的图书之一是1983年出版的《被管理的心》(The Managed Heart)。加州大学伯克利分校的社会学家阿莉#8226;霍克希尔德(Arlie Hochschild )在该书中指出,许多雇主要求员工以微笑及其他形式的“正向情绪”提供“情绪劳动”。随着务业在经济中份量日重,公司更是热衷要求员工进一步展现快乐情绪。一般的务公司正绝地反击来自折扣店的竞争。作为顾客,大多数人都喜欢得到微笑务而非恶言怒吼。upbeat adj.高兴的extract v.提取run-of-the-mill adj.普通的(average, ordinary)discounter n.折扣店- discount n.折扣snarl v.生气咆哮Some firms are trying to create some wellbeing, too, showering their employees with mindfulness courses, yoga lessons and anything else that proves that managers are interested in “the whole person”. Only happy fools would take that at face value. Management theorists note that a big threat to corporate performance is widesp disengagement among workers. Happy people are more engaged and productive, say psychologists. Gallup claimed in 2013 that the “unhappiness” of employees costs the American economy 0 billion a year in lost productivity.一些公司也正努力为员工创造福祉,为他们提供正念课程、瑜伽课程以及其他明管理层乐于把员工打造为“全人”的手段。只有不知愁的傻子才会相信这只是为了创造快乐。管理理论指出,公司绩效的一大威胁便是员工普遍散漫无心。心理学家说,快乐的人工作更投入、更有生产力。市场调查公司盖洛普称,在2013年,员工“不快乐”令美国经济因生产力下降而损失5000亿美元。disengagement n.不配合One problem with tracking happiness is that it is such a vague metric: it is difficult to prove or disprove Gallup’s numbers since it is not entirely clear what is being measured. Companies would be much better off forgetting wishy-washy goals like encouraging contentment. They should concentrate on eliminating specific annoyances, such as time-wasting meetings and pointless memos. Instead, they are likely to develop ever more sophisticated ways of measuring the emotional state of their employees. Academics are aly busy creating smartphone apps that help people keep track of their moods, such as Track Your Happiness and Moodscope. It may not be long before human-resource departments start measuring workplace euphoria via apps, cameras and voice recorders.追踪计算快乐程度的一大问题是那是个模糊的指标:很难实或反驳盖洛普的数据,因为你不完全清楚所测量的是什么。公司要是能舍弃“鼓励知足”这类模糊不定的目标,境况会好得多。它们应专注扫除具体的恼人问题,比如浪费时间的会议和毫无意义的备忘录。但相反,它们很可能会制定出越发繁琐的方式来测量员工的情绪状态。学者们已忙于创制智能手机应用来帮助人们记录自己的情绪变化,例如“追踪你的快乐度”(Track Your Happiness)及“情绪仪”(Moodscope)。也许在不久的将来,人力资源部就会开始采用应用、摄像头和录音设备来测量员工在职场的快乐指数。track v.追踪metric n.衡量标准better off adj.情况更好的wishy-washy adj.软弱无能的(weak)- wishy-washy leadershipeliminate v.去除annoyance n.烦恼- annoy v.使烦恼sophisticated adj.成熟的euphoria n. 兴高采烈-euphoric adj. 高兴的-bubbly, jolly, upbeat Article/201702/492876襄阳内分泌六项检查费用

襄阳人民医院四维彩超预约 We see it in movies and TV shows all the time-birds deliveing messages,Whether it#39;s a historical drama ,or the ravens in Game of Thrones, one has to wonder-can birds actually deliver messages with accuracy? Not to burst your fantasy bubble,but Ravens,while incredibly intelligent,aren#39;t the likeliest of birds to get this job done,Sorry John Snow!我们经常在电影,电视中看到---鸟差送信,比如历史剧和权力的游戏里的乌鸦,所以说:鸟儿真的能准确地投递信件吗?无意破坏你美好的统计幻想,不过超级聪慧的乌鸦,并非完成这项工作的候选者,抱歉啦 John snow!But the somewhat surprising fact is that other birds,such as pigeons,are fantastic at it!Hence the name ;carrier-pigeon;.In fact were successfully used,nearly 3000 years ago to declare the winner of the Olympics,abroad.Pigeos have an innate homing ability. meaning they will return to their nest to mate.令人吃惊的是另一种鸟-------鸽子,超级适合用来送信,所以才有了“信鸽”这个称呼,事实上,三千多年前,它们成功地被用于向国外传递奥利匹克优胜信息,鸽子天生具有归巢本能,它们会返巢进行交配。Flights as long as 1800 km have been recorded.Because of this,they have been used for centuries to send messages,but-and this is a pretty big but-they generally only sent messages in one direction.They would be taken away from their homes,and when needed,could send messages back home,because their natural instinct was to fly there.据记录,鸽子可以飞行长达1800km的距离,因此,数个世纪以来它们一直被用于送信,但是有个很大的问题,它们只能送单个方向的信件,它们会被带离巢穴,然后再需要时,让它把信捎回家,它们的本能会把它们带回那里。So the idea of sending a bird wherever you needed it to go is a little farfetched.However,by placing their food at one location,and their home in another,pigeons have been trained to fly back and forth between 2 locations reliably.They have great eyesight,and use the sun and the stars,landscapes,odors,sound waves and potentially even the earth#39;s magnetic field to locate home.因此鸟儿可以往任何地方送信,这种想法有点不切实际,但是,如果将食物放在某个地方,然后巢穴设置另一个地方,那么就可以训练鸽子往返于这两处,鸽子的视力极佳,它们可以通过太阳,星星,景观,气味,声波,甚至地球磁场来定位的巢穴。Not to mention,they seem to have an internal compass which orients them.And because of their migratory behavior,they can be trained as flocks,as opposed to other birds which would require one-on-one attention to accomplish the task.更别提,它们似乎还有用于辨别方向的内置指南针,由于它们的迁移本能,鸽子可以成群进行训练,不像其他鸟儿必须进行,一对一的任务训练。 Article/201505/377673枣阳市一医院妇科检查襄阳市妇幼保健院预约



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