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When Industrial and Commercial Bank of Chinabought Bank of East Asia US arm last month, the deal demonstrated how the world biggest bank by market value approaches eign acquisitions.中国工商(IC)上月收购了东亚(Bank of East Asia)的美国子公司这笔交易从一个侧面展现出了这家市值计算全球第一大的海外收购模式It is a conservative ;follow the money; strategy: IC is trailing, not leading, the rest of China Inc.这是一种保守的“追随资金流动”策略:工行选择跟随而非引领其他中资企业的海外扩张China petrochemical, mining and industrial giants have been aggressive in recent years in buying resources around the world and making strategic investments, from deepwater oil assets in Brazil to iron ore mines in Australia.近年来,中国的石化、矿业和制造业巨头们在世界各地积极进行资源收购和战略投资,从巴西的深海石油资产到澳大利亚的铁矿石开采都有涉猎China banks, by contrast, have been far more reserved. IC has been the boldest in expanding abroad. Yet its acquisitions have all been bite-sized, such that its non-China holdings less than 5 per cent of its overall revenues.相比之下,中国业对海外扩张的态度非常保守工行已经是其中最为大胆的了但工行的海外收购规模一直较小,其非本土业务的营收仅占该行总营收的5%Critics say that IC has been cautious to a fault, missing some potentially good opporties. But Chinese investors were burned by a couple of mega-deals bee the financial crisis (the sovereign wealth fund invested in Morgan Stanley and Blackstone just months bee their stock prices plummeted), and neither banks nor regulators have any appetite risky acquisitions.批评人士指出,工行谨慎过度,错失了一些有潜力的优秀投资机会但中国投资者从金融危机前进行的数笔巨额海外投资中汲取了惨痛教训(中国主权财富基金对根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)和黑石(Blackstone)投资后仅数月,两者股价即大幅跳水),现在无论是自身还是监管当局对于有一定风险的收购机会都提不起兴趣If the size of IC eign ays have been small, the pace at which it has completed acquisitions and the global sp of these deals have been far more impressive. Over the past two years it has bought banks in Argentina, Thailand and Canada.虽然工行的海外投资规模一直较小,但其完成收购的速度以及收购标的全球分布的地域广度令人印象深刻近两年中,工行已收购了阿根廷、泰国和加拿大等地的数家IC game plan has been straightward. It wants to establish a footprint wherever Chinese companies are most active, hence its focus on resource-rich countries and southeast Asia, China near abroad.工行的发展计划非常明确该行希望自身业务网络能够覆盖到中国企业较为活跃的所有地区,将海外扩张的重点放在了资源密集型国家以及临近中国的东南亚地区The deal Bank of East Asia US operation was, in one respect, groundbreaking: it was the first time that a Chinese bank had acquired full control of a US bank.工行收购东亚美国子公司具有突破性意义:这是中资首次获得一家美国的控股权But on a strategic level, it was consistent with IC previous deals. First, it was an ultra-cautious move. Bank of East Asia US had just 0m in assets, pocket change IC.但该交易在战略层面与工行此前的收购是一致的首先,交易本身极为谨慎东亚美国子公司的资产规模仅为7.8亿美元,对于工行来说这不过是九牛一毛Second, the move into the US was a simple reflection of the fact that more and more Chinese companies are operating there and they want to be served by their own bank. In explaining its rationale, IC said that it was aly serving large corporate clients in the US and that the acquisition would give it ;an entry into the middle and small business lending markets;.其次,工行进军美国是为了应对越来越多的中国企业赴美开展业务并希望继续得到本国务的发展趋势工行对收购原因的解释是,该行已在美国面向大型企业客户提供务,此次收购使其“得以进入美国中小企业贷款市场”Because they are expanding abroad so slowly, Chinese banks do not pose any sort of competitive threat to the Citigroups or JPMorgans of this world the time being. Yet in following the money, IC and its peers are, little by little, turning themselves into institutions with true global reach.由于海外扩张速度较慢,中资短期内不会对花旗集团(Citigroup)、根大通(JPMorgan)等国际巨头构成任何竞争威胁但通过跟随资金流动的策略,以工行为代表的中资正一点一滴地向真正意义上的全球化金融机构转型 1887

JACQUELINE KENNEDYIn 1961, the then-31-year-old earned her fashion icon status from the beginning, stepping out with John F. Kennedy in a white gown and cape she designed herself, with the help of Bergdorf Goodman Ethan Frankau.杰奎琳#86;肯尼迪1961年那时31岁的她从一开始就赢得了时尚偶像地位,穿着一件白色礼与约翰#86;肯尼迪一起走出,在波道夫#86;古德曼的Ethan Frankau帮助下她亲自设计了披肩 01850Machu Picchu, the "Lost City of the Incas", as it was dubbed by the man who rediscovered it in the last century, is among the greatest tourist attractions in South America today and ranks among the most outstanding symbols in the Andean cultures.The legendary Inca settlement of Machu Picchu has become one of the world's iconic areas. Its haunting aura is enhanced by the mystery surrounding its use and abandonment.Machu Picchu is a manmade masterpiece blends into nature in the Andes. 马丘比丘在上个世纪被再度发掘出来,发掘者称之为“印加失落之城”,它是当今南美顶级旅游胜地之一,是安第斯多种文明中最为耀眼的象征之一传说中的马丘比丘印加沉降已成为世界的标志性地区之一它的使用和废弃深了它神秘的光环被称为与安第斯的大自然融为一体的人工杰作 668

Athens—the name brings to mind buildings with tall, white columns and statues3 of Greek gods and goddesses. Museums take visitors back to the time of ancient Greece. When visiting the city, visitors feel like they're in the middle of a history lesson.雅典,这个名字会令人想到拥有高大的、白色罗马柱的建筑物和希腊诸神的雕像物馆将游客带回古希腊时代当游客造访此城时,会觉得仿佛置身于历史课堂上500) {this.resizedtrue; this.width500; this.style.cursor'hand'; this.alt'点击在新窗口中打开';}" onclick"if(!this.resized) {return true;} else {window.open('http:pic.kekenet.comReadUploadFiles_9833.jpg');}" alt"" src"http:pic.kekenet.comReadUploadFiles_9833.jpg" width500 onload"if(this.width>500) {this.resizedtrue; this.width500; this.alt'点击在新窗口中打开';}" border0 pop"点击在新窗口中打开" resized"true">Athens gave birth to Western culture. This is where the West's ideas of government, law, justice and liberty all began. Architecture, science, drama and poetry also flourished here.雅典是西方文明的摇篮,西方的政府、法律、公正和自由这些理念,都起源于此建筑、科学、戏剧和诗歌也曾在这里盛极一时500) {this.resizedtrue; this.width500; this.style.cursor'hand'; this.alt'点击在新窗口中打开';}" onclick"if(!this.resized) {return true;} else {window.open('http:pic.kekenet.comReadUploadFiles_983335.jpg');}" alt"" src"http:pic.kekenet.comReadUploadFiles_983335.jpg" width500 onload"if(this.width>500) {this.resizedtrue; this.width500; this.alt'点击在新窗口中打开';}" border0 pop"点击在新窗口中打开" resized"true">The history of Athens is tied to mythology5. The god that came up with the most valuable legacy6 humans was to give the city its name. Poseidon and Athena7 each wanted the honor. Athena produced an olive8 tree—the symbol of peace and wealth. Poseidon offered a strong horse needed war. The gods decided Athena's gift would better serve the people, and the city became known as Athens. 雅典的历史与神话密不可分哪一个神带给人类最宝贵的遗产,就可以用他的名字为此城命名海神波塞冬和雅典娜女神都想得到这份殊荣雅典娜造了一棵橄榄树,象征和平与财富波塞冬则献出一匹骁勇善战的马后来诸神裁定雅典娜的礼物对人类更有意义,于是此城就被命名为“雅典”500) {this.resizedtrue; this.width500; this.style.cursor'hand'; this.alt'点击在新窗口中打开';}" onclick"if(!this.resized) {return true;} else {window.open('http:pic.kekenet.comReadUploadFiles_98333995.jpg');}" alt"" src"http:pic.kekenet.comReadUploadFiles_98333995.jpg" onload"if(this.width>500) {this.resizedtrue; this.width500; this.alt'点击在新窗口中打开';}" border0>The Acropolis9, or “high city,” stands on a hill overlooking the city. Western civilization's most important ancient monument was built by Pericles, the leader of Athens from 61-9 B.C. He spared no expense when he constructed the buildings of the Acropolis. He used only the best materials, architects and artists. His artists created huge statues of marble and covered them with gold and jewels. Sadly, only ruins remain of this “high city” of temples.  阿克罗波利斯,或称“高城”,耸立在一座山上俯瞰全城它是西方文明最重要的古老遗迹,由公元前61至9年间的雅典统治者——伯里克利所建他不惜成本建造阿克罗波利斯他只用最好的材料、建筑师和艺术家他的艺术家雕刻了巨大的大理石雕像,外镶以黄金和宝石可惜的是,这个由神殿组成的“高城”如今只剩下一片废墟500) {this.resizedtrue; this.width500; this.style.cursor'hand'; this.alt'点击在新窗口中打开';}" onclick"if(!this.resized) {return true;} else {window.open('http:pic.kekenet.comReadUploadFiles_983337.jpg');}" alt"" src"http:pic.kekenet.comReadUploadFiles_983337.jpg" width500 onload"if(this.width>500) {this.resizedtrue; this.width500; this.alt'点击在新窗口中打开';}" border0 pop"点击在新窗口中打开" resized"true">More treasure of ancient Greece lies in the National Archaeological Museum. Opened in 187, the museum contains the best collection of Greek art in the world. It is crammed with treasures—more than visitors can see in a single visit. Visitors can view treasures from all the ancient civilizations that controlled the city throughout history. The vases, statues, carvings and other art objects show the life of those who lived in ages past. “国家考古物馆”中收藏着更多的古希腊珍品这个物馆于187年开放,里面收藏有全世界最珍贵的希腊艺术品馆中满是宝物,访客无法一次看完所有收藏品在这里游客可以见到历史上每一个统治此城的文明所留下的珍宝花瓶、雕像、雕刻品和其他艺术品展现出历朝历代人们的生活500) {this.resizedtrue; this.width500; this.style.cursor'hand'; this.alt'点击在新窗口中打开';}" onclick"if(!this.resized) {return true;} else {window.open('http:pic.kekenet.comReadUploadFiles_98333686.jpg');}" alt"" src"http:pic.kekenet.comReadUploadFiles_98333686.jpg" onload"if(this.width>500) {this.resizedtrue; this.width500; this.alt'点击在新窗口中打开';}" border0>But a visit to Athens is more than a lesson in ancient history. Modern Athens hums with activity. The city offers every modern convenience.但是,到雅典一游不只是去上一堂古代历史课现代的雅典十分繁荣这个城市各种现代化设施应有尽有One thing that hasn't changed since ancient times, though, is Greek hospitality. Ancient Greeks believed that a stranger might be a god in disguise. Theree, they always treated strangers kindly. Nowhere else in Europe will you find people who invite complete strangers to their homes coffee or dinner.   可有一件事自古至今仍未改变,那就是希腊人的好客古希腊人相信,陌生人可能就是神的化身,所以他们总是善待陌生人全欧洲只有这个地方的人,会邀请一个完全陌生的人到家里喝咖啡或吃晚饭500) {this.resizedtrue; this.width500; this.style.cursor'hand'; this.alt'点击在新窗口中打开';}" onclick"if(!this.resized) {return true;} else {window.open('http:pic.kekenet.comReadUploadFiles_98333899.jpg');}" alt"" src"http:pic.kekenet.comReadUploadFiles_98333899.jpg" onload"if(this.width>500) {this.resizedtrue; this.width500; this.alt'点击在新窗口中打开';}" border0>If you do go to a Greek home dinner, do your best to eat everything on your plate. Uneaten food insults the cook. Taking second helpings is the best way to show how much you enjoy the meal.   如果你真的到希腊人家里吃晚饭,一定要尽量把你盘中的食物吃光东西没吃完对厨师是一种侮辱吃完再要第二份,最能表示出你吃得多尽兴500) {this.resizedtrue; this.width500; this.style.cursor'hand'; this.alt'点击在新窗口中打开';}" onclick"if(!this.resized) {return true;} else {window.open('http:pic.kekenet.comReadUploadFiles_98337985.jpg');}" alt"" src"http:pic.kekenet.comReadUploadFiles_98337985.jpg" width500 onload"if(this.width>500) {this.resizedtrue; this.width500; this.alt'点击在新窗口中打开';}" border0 pop"点击在新窗口中打开" resized"true"> 9967At first glance, the new Harry Potter prequel ;Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them; hardly seems tailor-made Chinese audiences, especially given its elements of witchcraft and the supernatural — which can be a deal breaker China state censors.乍一看之下,这部《哈利·波特前传《神奇动物在哪里不是为中国观众定制的,尤其是其中的魔法和超自然元素--这些在中国的电影审查方面可能会遇到大问题But nearly million people have purchased Chinese versions of J.K. Rowling novels about the boy wizard since they were first available across the Pacific years ago.但是自从年前JK罗琳小说《哈利·波特第一次在太平洋地区发售以来,已经有近00万中国人购买了它的中译本And hordes of adoring fans propelled the last Harry Potter film, ;Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part ,; to .8 million at the Chinese box office, back when the country total theatrical gross was about $ billion.而且年《哈利·波特系列电影最后一部《哈利·波特与死亡圣器下上映的时候,大批中国粉丝贡献了60万美元的票房,而当时中国的总票房还只有亿美元Although it been five years since the last movie, Potter-mania hasnt waned.虽然自从最后一部电影结束已经5年过去了,但是《哈利·波特的狂热并没有退去;Harry Potter and the Cursed Child,; the eighth book in the series — and a script a London stage play — quickly sold out its initial 300,000 copy print run when it became available preorder in China in late September.九月下旬,当该系列第8部小说《哈利·波特与被诅咒的孩子(伦敦还演出了该部小说的同名舞台剧)在中国开始预售时,第一批30万本图书很快就售罄了That why Warner Bros. is counting on ;Fantastic Beasts,; the first ;Harry Potter; film since ;Deathly Hallows Part ,; to be a monster at the Chinese box office, which could really use one after its worst slump in five years amid a dearth of bankable hits and a reduction of online ticketing subsidies.这也是为什么华纳兄弟正指望《哈利·波特与死亡圣器下之后的又一部哈利·波特系列电影《神奇动物可以在中国票房市场上大赚四方,在由于缺少卖座电影以及网络售票补贴减少等原因而面临五年来最严重的衰退之后,《神奇动物在哪里成了华纳兄弟真正可以仰仗的东西The film, a prequel set in 19s New York, opens there on Nov. 5, one week after its stateside debut.《神奇动物在哪里是《哈利·波特系列的前传,背景设在上世纪年代的纽约,在美国上映一周后将于月5日登陆中国内地影院To ramp up the anticipation, all eight ;Harry Potter; films were screened at last June Shanghai International Film Festival.为加大对这部电影的预期,此前的全部8部《哈利·波特系列电影都在去年6月份的上海国际电影节上进行了放映 959

After the huge success of the three-episode TV documentary, Masters in the bidden City, premiered on China Central Television at the beginning of , a group of professional restoration experts have attracted widesp attention from the general public.年年初,随着央视首映的三集纪录片《我在故宫修文物大获成功,一群专业文物修复师引起了公众的广泛关注The documentary earned a high score of 9. points on Douban Movie, the Chinese version of IMDb, surpassing the hot documentary, A Bite of China, to become the most influential documentary of the year.该片在豆瓣电影(中国版的互联网电影数据库)上的评分也高达9.分,超过曾经最火的《舌尖上的中国,成为年度最具影响力的纪录片In response to viewers growing expectations, the producers released the movie version last Friday, aiming to further elaborate on the ;Spirit of the Craftsman;, one of the buzzwords in Chinese online culture.为了迎合观众不断上升的期望,电影版《我在故宫修文物也于上周五公映,旨在进一步阐述“匠人精神”——中国网络文化热词之一According to Xiao Han, director of Masters in the bidden City, the 86-minute film version, when compared to the documentary, is more like an independent story with breathtaking visual effects.据该片导演萧寒介绍,与三集的纪录片相比,时长86分钟的电影版更像是一个独立的故事,视觉效果令人叫绝;In modern society, many people are too impetuous and cannot calm down. We really hope movie-goers will set all trivial matters aside and fully involve themselves in the film. If they can gain just a little enlightenment from the movie, we will be relieved,; Xiao said.萧寒表示:“现代社会中许多人都太浮躁,静不下心来我们真的希望观看这部电影的人能放下杂念,完全融入到电影中如果这部电影能为他们带来一点点启发,我们也安心了”;Also, we canceled the voice-over and attached more importance to all the subtle sounds in the film. The sound of pushing a door, repairing cultural relics and the tick-tock of clocks will give the viewer a sense of peace and serenity,; Xiao added.萧寒补充说道:“此外,我们取消了旁白,而片中一些其他微妙声音的比重则有所增加比如推门声,修文物声和时钟滴答滴答声,都会给观众带来平和、宁静的感受” 860Do you have Jessica Alba lithe legs, Kim Kardashian bottom or Justin Bieber arms?你是否拥有杰西卡·阿尔芭的美腿,金·卡戴珊的翘臀或是贾斯汀·比伯的手臂?Now, a new website lets you find out exactly who your celebrity body double is.现在,一家新网站可以准确地识别出你和哪一位名人的身材相同Called Fitbay, it first asks users to input details about gender, height and weight.这家网站名叫Fitbay,首先用户需要输入性别、身高和体重的详细信息It also asks questions about body shape, with a choice of apple, pear, straight, cone or hourglass women.接下来,网站会询问用户的体型,女士们可以从苹果型、梨型、直线型、圆锥型还有沙漏型中选择 men, the choice is between oval, triangle, column, broad or muscular.男士们则要选择是椭圆型、三角型、圆柱型、宽型还是肌肉型Users must also choose whether they have short, regular or long torso as well as the length of their arms.用户还必须选择他们的躯干和臂长是短、正常、还是长The tool then comes up with the top three celebrities across the world who best match that body type.随后这个工具就会生成你的身材和世界上哪三位名人最匹配的结果A 57; (0cm) woman weighing around 57kg with a regular-length torso and normal-length arms is a 0 per cent match with actress Jessica Alba.身高5英尺7英寸(1.7米),体重约57千克,上半身长度标准,臂长正常的女性和女演员杰西卡·阿尔巴(Jessica Alba)的身材百分百匹配And a 5; (3cm), apple-shaped woman with a short body, regular arms, who weighs 60kg is a 69 per cent match with actress Scarlett Johansson.身高5英尺英寸(1.63米),体重60千克,苹果型身材且上身较短,臂长正常的女性和女演员斯嘉丽·约翰逊(Scarlett Johansson)的身材匹配度为69%Meanwhile, a 56; (7 cm) man weighing 77kg with an oval body shape and short arms is 50 per cent doppelganger of singer Louis Tomlinson, apparently.另一方面,身高5英尺6英寸(1.67米),体重77千克,椭圆型身材,手臂比较短的男士,显然与歌手路易斯·汤姆林森(Louis Tomlinson)相像,匹配度为50%And a 6; (193cm) muscular man with long arms, a long torso, who weighs 91kg is a 75 per cent match with actor Ryan Reynolds.身高6英尺英寸(1.93米),体重91千克,手臂和上身修长的肌肉男和男演员瑞安·雷诺兹(Ryan Reynolds)有着75%的匹配度The website gives people a rating out of 0 per cent on how well-matched they are with the celebrity person, theree some pairings are more exact than others.该网站针对用户与名人身材的配对结果打分,满分为0%,一些配对的匹配度要比其他的高The developers have gathered the body data of more than 350 international celebrities, but sadly, if your body is so unique it has no famous twin, then the quiz inms you that you have no celebrity matches.开发人员收集了超过350名国际名人的身材数据不过如果你的身材实在是独具一格、找不到身材相似的名人的话,测试结果只会遗憾地告诉你没有名人和你的身材匹配The test was created by Fitbay, a new site which allows people to create a profile and see others with their body type.该测试由Fitbay开发,在这家新网站上,用户可以创建个人主页,并可以看到跟自己体型相同的小伙伴They can also buy products specifically suited to their size and shape.同时也可以买到符合自己尺码和体型的衣A spokesperson Fitbay said: Fitbay is a new site that connects you with people who have a similar body and style.Fitbay的发言人说:“Fitbay是一个将你和与你体型风格相近的人联系在一起的新网站”Use the app to capture your everyday outfits, tag brands you are wearing, and get fashion inspiration that right you.“使用我们的应用你可以拍下自己每天的穿着,标注衣品牌,找到适合自己的时尚灵感”With more than 0,000 users, Fitbay can match you with thousands of people like you around the world to see what theyre wearing.“Fitbay有超过万用户,Fitbay可以将你与世界上成千上万名与自己体型相近的人相匹配,让你能够了解他们的穿衣打扮” 39

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