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原味人文风情:Being born a girl means clearing a lot of hurdles, and it begins right at the starting line. Sex-selective abortions are frequent in countries like India, where girls are often seen as a financial burden.Discrimination begins even before birth.生为女孩代表要清除许多障碍,而那在起跑线就开始了。选择性别堕胎在像印度这些国家很常见,女孩们在这些国家常被视为经济负担。不公平对待甚至在出生前出现了。Sexual mutilation is the fate of at least 200 million girls in 30 countries. It often leads to serious infections and even death. Time for school...for some. In Afghanistan, 90 percent of women cannot or write, massively reducing their chances in life. Sixty-three million girls in the world are kept out of school.割礼是三十个国家内至少两亿名女孩的命运。那经常引起严重的感染甚至死亡。该上学囉...对一些人来说。在阿富汗,百分之九十的女性无法读或写,大幅减少了她们的人生机会。全世界有六千三百万名女孩被挡在学校外。Before even getting close to adulthood, 700 million girls are forced to get married, often to much older men. Many women go through life without the right to control their own bodies or sexuality. Every year, 22 million women and girls put their health and lives at risk by having unsafe abortions. In some countries, like Senegal, they may end up in jail.就在甚至能成年前,七亿名女孩被迫结婚,常常是嫁给年长许多的男性。许多女性一生无权掌控自己的身体或情欲。每年,两千两百万名女人和女孩进行不安全堕胎,将自己的健康和生命置于险境。在一些国家中,象是塞内加尔,她们还可能沦为阶下囚。Many who make it to adulthood face entrenched discrimination that leads to violence. Way too often, home is not a safe haven, as women are beaten and abused by their own partners. In France, a woman dies of domestic violence every 2.7 days. Even the lucky ones can never stop fighting for equal pay, equal opportunities, and equal rights. Being born a girl means clearing a lot of hurdles.许多顺利长大的女孩遭受根深蒂固、造成暴力的歧视。有太多时候,家不是安全的避风港,因为女性被自己的另一半殴打和虐待。在法国,每 2.7 天就有一名女性死于家暴。即使是幸运的那群也永远无法停止争取同等薪资、同等机会,以及平等权利。生为女孩代表要清除许多障碍。8 March—the struggle for womens rights cannot be a one-day fight. FIDH works daily for their respect. Share this and help us to sp the word.三月八号--女性权益的争取不能只是一日战役。国际人权联盟每天都在为女性应受的尊重努力。分享这部影片,帮助我们将这些话传出去。201705/507516哈尔滨看不孕不育最好的医院栏目简介:Friday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau insisted that additional federal funds be directed to help with rebuilding efforts following a fierce wildfire in Alberta. In Shanghai last night, about 170 thousand yuan was raised at an auction organized by the Canadian community to help people back home. Sun Caiqin has the story.201703/496723哈尔滨市道里区妇产医院预约Damn you kids!嘿,你这孩子。I love this one. Scientists.我喜欢这张…科学家。He must be quite a jokester.他一定很会开玩笑。Hes a Nobel laureate and so forth, and hes teasing the other scientist.他得过几次诺贝尔奖,他在调戏其他的科学家。Look at this beautiful child, but we have no room for her.看这漂亮的姑娘但是我们没有版面放她了。I think we need someone new, young.我觉得我们这儿应该放个年轻人。I didnt know who she was. Just, I liked the way she looked.我不知道她是谁,但我很喜欢她的样子。The dress is terrific.这条裙子真是太棒了。Asymmetric on the bias. You never see that.你从没看过这衣这么穿。And its not a model. Thats a private person that brought their own clothes.她不是什么模特只是个很会打扮自己的姑娘。I have the most beautiful picture of Mrs. Bass.这是我见过的Bass夫人最好看的照片了。She looks like a John Singer Sargent portrait.她看起来像John Singer Sargent的肖像A what? Absolutely ravishing.像什么?Except, shes got a modesty bib filling in the V-neckline.只是…她穿着这个V领的衣显得胸很小。What a crime. That should have been...Im sure the dressmaker got timid.怎么会这样,那个设计师太保守了。You know, to fill it.应该把领子放开。Isnt that a shame? It should have been left open.真是的,他应该把这个领子放开。Look how elegant she is. -Oh, yeah.看她可真是优雅。-哦,是的。Oh. That woman is amazing.这女人真是了不起。Uh, wasnt she in last week? -No. No.我们上周没有登她么?-没,没有。Oh, no, you dont cut her arms. Are you crazed?哦,你不要把她的胳膊裁掉你疯了么。Well, excuse me. -Keep her hands in.对不起。-留着她的手臂。My God, John. Wheres your sensitivity?我的天呐John,你的灵感都哪儿去了?I mean, shes probably the most elegant woman, or one of the most elegant women, in New York.我觉得她大概是最优雅的女人了…纽约最优雅的女人之一。Oh, you wouldnt know. What am I talking to you about that stuff?哦,你又不懂…我干嘛和你说这些。Youre a lumberjack, and here Im talking dresses to you.你这个粗人,我竟然在和你讨论这些裙子。Are you talking to me? I was completely ignoring you all that time.你在跟我说话么?我装没听见。201609/460749There are two Harolds depicted in the Bayeux Tapestry,贝叶挂毯上描绘了两位哈罗德but which was the real one,the confident king who issued coins bearing the optimistic slogan ;Pax;,但哪一位才符合现实 是发行了印着拉丁字;和平;的硬币的the Latin for peace,or the guilty, twisted usurper,stricken by omens, haunted by a vision of ships?信心满满的国王 还是愧疚而扭曲 受凶兆折磨 被船只幻象困扰的篡夺者The phantom fleet which the embroiderers set in a border of the tapestry suggests Harold could all too well imagine the reaction across the Channel to his coronation.绣女们绣在挂毯边缘的幻影船队 暗示哈罗德可能把穿越海峡进行加冕的过程 想象得太容易了A Norman historian has William hearing the news while out hunting.一位诺曼的历史学家 告知了外出打猎的威廉When the Duke heard the news, he became as a man outraged.公爵听闻这消息之后 他变得狂躁暴怒Of he tied his mantle, of he untied it again and spoke to no man.他系上斗篷 复又解开 不和任何人说话Neither dared any man speak to him.也没人敢和他说话For ten years, William had confidently let it be known throughout Europe十年来 威廉一直信心满满地 向整个欧洲宣称that hed soon add England to his territories.自己马上就会将英格兰据为己有He was now in a lethally dangerous position of looking ridiculous.但此时 却极可能成为他人嘲讽哂笑的对象He consulted his feudal magnates in a series of assemblies他数次集合自己的封建财主进行商议and by no means all of them were particularly thrilled with the idea of an invasion of England.而他们都被进攻英格兰的想法 吓得不轻The risks seemed a lot more daunting than the enticement of new lands and wealth.田地和财富的诱惑 并不能打消对危险的恐惧 /201608/457793哈市妇幼保健医院靠谱吗?

哈尔滨无痛人流哪里做好黑龙江省哈尔滨妇女儿童医院几点开门OK, thats high enough,tie it off and get a fire going.好了 够高了 绑好就要去生火了Ive got some dry tinder,but everythings so damn.我找好了生火的干草 但进行地很不顺利Youve got to have patience and stick at it if you want fire.想要点着火 你就得耐心地不断地尝试Okay, thats a fire going.现在火点着了Thats always such a nice feeling in the jungle,when you get a fire lit.在丛林里生火 一直感觉很美妙It can be quite an intimidating place in the pitch black.漆黑的夜晚使这里变得异常恐怖Theres something so comforting about just that light and that warmth.但有了光和热之后 就好很多Okay, lets keep this really dry now.Well, this is supper.不能让它受潮 这是我的晚餐And, you know, getting some energy inside yourself is such an important part of keeping your spirits up,保持精神振奋的重要一点就是 补充足够的能量even if it is grubs and crabs.Oh. want you back.不管它是 幼虫还是螃蟹 掉出来了 回去Lets try and get this guy skewered.Its a bit like a bug kebab.Lets get him on the fire.把它串上 就像个 虫肉串 能放火上烤了Im gonna boil the rest of the bugs and crabs together in water from my canteen.用水壶里的水煮剩下的虫和蟹And, actually, that will also give me a bit of a hot buggy-fishy drink, as well.到时候还能喝到点 热乎乎的海鲜虫汤It will cook them and kill any parasites.Its jungle surf and turf.And thats good nutrition.煮的过程中能杀死那些寄生虫 热带丛林的海陆大餐 可谓营养丰富201609/466330TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201610/470024哈尔滨香坊区四维彩超多少钱Hello Im Cupcake Jemma and Id really like to share a very special recipe with you.朋友们大家好,我是蛋糕女王杰玛,今天要分享给大家的食谱非常特殊。Yuzu and lemon curd which is slightly unusual but really delicious.柚子和柠檬凝乳,虽然有点另类,但美味至极。This recipe is so simple. Youre gonna start with five egg yolks.方法很简单,先准备五个蛋黄。Im using large eggs. I always do in baking.我用的是大个鸡蛋,就像我在烘焙时用的一样。Keep the white you can make meringues and stuff with those.留着蛋清,你还可以拿它做低糖马林。When you got your five egg yolks, you need to add one whole egg.放入五个蛋黄后,你需要再放一个完整的鸡蛋。And to that, Im gonna add 110 grams of caster sugar, 60 milliliters of yuzu juice,之后加入110克幼沙糖,60毫升柚子汁,kind of like a Japanese lime. Its a really beautiful fragrant citrus fruit.有点像日本酸橙,柚子的味道非常美味。You can use fresh yuzu juice if youre lucky enough to live in a country where therere fresh yuzus.如果你那里产新鲜的柚子,那就最好了。Unfortunately, I dont. I need to add the zest of one lemon and the juice of this lemon.可惜我没有。之后放一些柠檬皮以及柠檬汁。Ive got a snazzy contraption for this.我准备了一个炫酷装置。Fifty milliliters is about three tablespoons and a little bit extra,50毫升差不多三勺再加一点,which is basically the juice of one lemon which is quite convenient.差不多是一个柠檬的量,所以这么做很方便。Now your ingredients are in. Its time to put it on a banbury.所有食材都准备好了,现在我们开始上锅。Do not want to make it too hot, cause you dont took the eggs too quickly.火不要太冲,这样鸡蛋会马上熟透。Im just turning that down a little bit and put your bowl, your heat-proof bowl,把火关小,之后将隔热玻璃碗pop that over the top. Im just gonna stir this gently with my whisk for about 10 minutes.放在这上面,之后用搅拌器慢慢搅拌,大约10分钟。And it will start to thicken up.蛋液会开始变稠。I need to get it to ripen stage. Ill show you what that looks like.要让它全部熟透,我马上给你展示。So what Im looking for is when I pull my whisk out,当我把搅拌器拿出来以后,the liquid kind of lands on top of the surface of the curd上面的液体会低落在凝乳上,and kind of doesnt melt in so that is a ripen stage.而不会融化,这样就熟透了。Nice and thick. So to finish the curd off, I need to add 60 grams of butter and its cold,大功告成,稠稠的,之后我们要加入60克黄油,凉黄油,because thats also gonna help it to cool down and sort of from cooking.这么做可以让你的凝乳冷却下来。Im just gonna chop that up a little bit.我把黄油稍微切一下。Continue stirring that with the whisk until its all melted through,继续用搅拌器搅拌凝乳,直到完全融化为止,And once thats all melted in,完全融化以后,you just need to then sieve it and thats gonna get rid of any kind of lumpy bits我们需要用筛子过滤,这样会过滤出杂质,that you dont want on your nice smooth curd.你不想让它毁了你的凝乳,丝滑柔顺的凝乳。So we do this while its still warm. So itll just go through the sieve a bit easier.我们需要在凝乳没有变凉之前做,我们简单过滤一下。Aly smells so nice without yuzu. Ive never had a real yuzu with my own,没有柚汁已经很香了,我从来没有用过真正的柚子,but you could, zest the yuzu one instead of the lemon zest.但是你可以,你可以用柚子皮代替柠檬皮。Thatll be delicious.那一定非常美味。With a spatula just make sure youre pushing it all through.用平锅铲将所有凝乳放进去。Waste not, want not.俭以防匮。My grandma probably would have said that.这可能是我奶奶说的话。And now its important to chill this before you use it,之后把凝乳放进冰箱,so cover it with cling film because you dont want to have a skin forming用保鲜膜盖起来,这样可以避免它起薄层。and wait for it to cool down and then whack it in the fridge把它放在冰箱冻一下,之后再来取。Oh yeah!Look at that,asteroid pea goodness, its so tangy.老天快看,味道非常浓烈。I think adding yuzu to the lemon curd makes it even more sharp.如果你用柚子的话口感会更浓郁。My, Its lovely. its a really nice balance.老天太好吃了,两者之间的平衡掌握的很好。And if you want to know how to make simple lemon sponge based on my grandmas recipe,如果你想知道如何做我妈妈拿手的柠檬海绵蛋糕,just click on that link and go to the food memories hub. Bye guys okay!请点击链接,前往美食记忆查询,下次见朋友们! 201707/517003哈尔滨治疗不孕不育的医院有哪些

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