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A top U.S. diplomat says sanctions against Russia for its role in the Ukraine crisis will remain in place until a long-violated truce agreement is fully honored.美国一位高级外交官员表示,针对俄罗斯参与乌克兰危机的制裁,在有关乌克兰的不断遭到破坏的停火协议彻底落实之前,不会停止。U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland also warned Saturday that Moscow will pay ;more costs; for future violations of the Minsk peace deal.美国助理国务卿纽兰星期六同时还警告莫斯科,进一步违犯明斯克协议将给俄罗斯政府带来更多的“代价”。Nuland spoke in the Ukraine capital, Kyiv, to a gathering of Ukrainian and foreign political and business dignitaries.纽兰是在于乌克兰首都基辅召开的一次由乌克兰和其他一些国家的政商界领袖出席对策会议上,发表上述讲话的;If and when Minsk is fully implemented, including [the] return of Ukraine sovereignty of its border, we can begin to roll back some sanctions,; she said.她说:“一旦明斯克协议完全得到落实,包括乌克兰领土得以恢复完整,我们可以开始撤销一些制裁。”The ed States and the European Union have accused Moscow of stoking the 17-month pro-Russian rebellion in Ukraines east, and have imposed a series of economic sanctions aimed at deterring Russian military and logistical involvement.美国和欧盟指责莫斯科在背后煽动乌克兰东部亲俄罗斯的反叛活动,并实施了一系列针对俄罗斯军事以及后勤方面参与的制裁方案。来 /201509/399520You thought the eurozone crisis was bad. Today, Europe faces no greater challenge than the mass exodus of refugees seeking a haven from the carnage in Syria and the turmoil in north Africa and the Sahel. It is equally clear that both the EU’s response and its institutions have proved woefully inadequate.你或许认为欧元区危机很严重。如今,欧洲面临的最严峻挑战莫过于大批难民的涌入,他们是为了逃离叙利亚的大屠杀,北非和萨赫勒地区的动乱。同样清楚的是,事实明,欧盟的反应及其收容机构都严重不足。The question of immigration, a visceral issue in the way the single currency is not, is driving a wedge between EU populations and their governments, between member states and indeed between the EU itself and the values on which it was founded.移民问题——不同于单一货币,这是一个触动人心的问题——正在欧盟各国民众与本国政府之间造成隔阂、破坏成员国之间的关系,实际上也使欧盟自身偏离其所植根的价值观。France a country at the same time Mediterranean, Atlantic and continental is at the heart of this new storm. It has a xenophobic and illiberal force all too keen to take advantage of popular fears about the impact of migration in the shape of the National Front, Europe’s largest extreme rightwing party, with a base representing some 25 per cent of the electorate. But, until now, Paris has not indicated that it has any clue how to cope.作为一个毗邻地中海、大西洋的欧洲大陆国家,法国正处于这场新风暴的中心。法国存在一股排外、狭隘的势力,他们极其热衷于利用民众对移民所造成影响的恐惧,那就是欧洲最大极右翼政党,法国国民阵National Front),该党获得了法国全体选民5%的选票。但法国政府迟迟未表明如何应对难民问题。The current scale of Europe’s refugee problem is daunting. More than 100,000 boat-people arrived in the EU just in the month of July alone. The bloc’s leaders have agreed no coherent response. A recent meeting in Berlin between President Hollande of France and Angela Merkel, German chancellor, proved particularly bereft of content. The divisions between member states are growing unsustainable, with Germany, taking on board some 40 per cent of the EU’s new asylum seekers, while Britain only takes 4 per cent and France a scarcely less dismal 8 per cent.当前欧洲难民问题的严重程度令人震惊。仅月,就有超过10万难民乘船抵达欧盟。欧盟领导人并未就此达成一致的应对措施。法国总统弗朗索瓦攠朗Hollande)与德国总理安格拉默克尔(Angela Merkel)最近在柏林的会谈尤其空洞。欧盟成员国之间的分歧愈发不可调和,德国要接纳约40%新到欧盟的寻求避难者,而英国仅接纳4%,法国也才接%。Meanwhile pleas by Brussels and Berlin for the EU to share out asylum seekers equitably between member states have fallen on barren ground. Each country is preoccupied with its own story as Britain is, for example, with the rise of net migration to all-time highs. Beggar-my-neighbour stances by established parties and outright xenophobia by their insurgent challengers are on the rise.与此同时,布鲁塞尔与柏林方面关于欧盟成员国合理摊派接收避难者的呼吁也如同泥牛入海。每个国家都在忙于应对自己的问题——例如,英国的净移民数量已升至历史最高位。老牌政党以邻为壑的立场以及反对派挑战者彻底的仇外情绪都在上升。The recent attack aboard a Thalys high-speed train between the Netherlands and France has further stoked fears of cross-border terrorism and mutterings about the Schengen area of passport-free travel. The deliberate conflation by demagogues of immigration, the refugee exodus, the sp of Islam and jihadi terrorism is as emotionally powerful as it is factually spurious.最近发生在一趟往返荷兰与法国的大力士(Thalys)高铁列车上的袭击事件,进一步引发了对跨境恐怖主义的担忧以及对申根区(Schengen area)免签旅行安排的不满。煽动民心的政客故意将移民、难民外逃以及伊斯兰教和圣战恐怖主义的传播混淆到一起,虽然事实并非如此,但其在情感上的影响是巨大的。This is a backdrop against which a noxious force such as the National Front can prosper. It is France’s good fortune that the far-right group has largely sabotaged itself through the spat between Marine Le Pen, its leader, and Jean-Marie Le Pen, her father and the party’s founder. But Ms Le Pen and her forces have time to retrieve their position before 2017’s presidential elections, and are aly dragging French politics towards the anti-liberal, anti-European right.正是在这种背景下,法国国民阵线等邪恶势力得以崛起。法国很幸运,这个极右政党因其领导人马琳勒庞(Marine Le Pen)与自己的父亲、该党创始人马里勒庞(Jean-Marie Le Pen)之间的争执已经在很大程度上削弱了自身实力。但马琳勒庞及其势力017年的总统选举之前还有时间来恢复自己的地位,他们已经在将法国政治拖向反自由主义、反欧洲的右倾路线。France needs a principled and more coherent alternative to the National Front; the EU needs a response to the immigration crisis that lives up to rather than falls short of its values. At present, most EU member states, France included, are not providing the systematic right of asylum to which war-refugees are entitled under international humanitarian law or by common decency.法国需要一个有原则、更加团结的政党来代替国民阵线;欧盟应该拿出符合其价值观的应对移民危机的措施。目前,大多数欧盟成员国(包括法国)都未向难民们提供国际人道主义法或人类共有的道德行为准则赋予战争难民的系统性庇护权。This may not matter to the National Front’s core electorate, but it does mean that mainstream policy has largely conceded defeat when it comes to values. Europe is better than this; so is France. Europe’s leaders need to live up to our responsibilities as humans and as neighbours, assume part of the burden, and talk straight to the electorate. Continued European and French fecklessness will only improve the far-right’s prospects of success, and deepen what is aly an unprecedented crisis.这对于国民阵线的核心持者来说或许并不重要,但它的确意味着,主流政策在价值观方面已大体承认是失败的。欧洲的情况要好一些;法国也是如此。欧洲领导人需要履行我们作为人类和邻居的责任,承担部分重担,并向选民坦率直言。欧洲与法国持续的不作为只会提高极右翼势力未来成功的可能性,使这场本已空前的危机愈演愈烈。来 /201509/399113

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un says he is open to expanding ;dialogue and cooperation; with the countrys rival, South Korea.朝鲜领导人金正恩说,他愿与对手韩国扩大“对话与合作。”During a traditional New Years Day speech, Mr. Kim said he would consider resuming ;stalled high-level meetings; with Seoul.金正恩在发表传统的新年致辞时表示,他将考虑恢复目前陷于停滞状态的与首尔的高层会谈。It is not clear at what level the talks proposed by Mr. Kim would take place.目前还不清楚金正恩提议进行的哪一级别的会谈。The proposal comes after South Korea this week offered to hold high-level meetings with North Korea in January.在金正恩提出这一建议前,韩国本周曾提月与朝鲜举行高层会谈。Seouls Unification Ministry on Thursday welcomed Mr. Kims comments, saying if he is ;sincere; then he would accept the Souths offer of talks.韩国统一部星期四表示欢迎金正恩的这一表示,并说金正恩如有诚意,就会接受韩国方面的提议。The last high-profile inter-Korean meeting occurred in February. The two Koreas agreed in October to restart the dialogue, but did not follow through.最近一次韩朝会谈是在去月,双方同意于去0月重启对话,但并未付诸实斀?The talks traditionally have covered areas of cooperation, such as resuming reunions between families separated by the 1950s Korean War.韩朝会谈的议题通常是合作事项,如恢复安排上世纪50年代韩战离散家人的团聚活动。来 /201501/352201Capsized ship righted东方之星船体完全扶正One side of the capsized Eastern Star was rolled above water at 7:30 am Friday, as rescuers worked through the night to right the upturned ship in the Yangtze River. The side that has emerged shows ;Eastern Star; in Chinese character on the hull.经过救援人员一夜的船体扶正工作0分,在长江倾覆;东方之星;船体已侧翻过来,露出水面的船体写着;东方之星;四个汉字。CCTV reported Friday morning that teams would still try to lift the vessel.据央日清晨报道,救援队将继续船体起吊工作。Transport Ministry spokesman Xu Chengguang told a news conference that no further signs of life had been found and the chance of finding anyone else alive was ;very slim.;交通运输部新闻发言人徐成光通报称,未发现更多生命迹象,搜寻到生还者的希望;非常渺茫;。Xu said at a press conference that by 10:20 am, 97 bodies have been retrieved.徐成光在新闻发布会上表示,截至上00分,已打捞出97具遗体。来 /201506/379051

Greece’s government has raided the coffers of its public health service and the Athens metro as it widens a hunt for funds to keep itself afloat and service debts.希腊政府开始物色更多资金维持自身运转并偿还债务,为此甚至已经向国内公共卫生务和雅典地铁的“小金库”下了手。Athens faces a 1.7bn bill for wages and pensions at the end of the month and then a 450m loan payment to the International Monetary Fund on April 9. Greek government and eurozone officials believe Athens does not have funds to cover both.本月底,希腊要付的工资和养老金达到17亿欧元,4日还要向国际货币基金组织(IMF)偿还4.5亿欧元贷款。希腊政府和欧元区的官员认为,希腊政府目前没有足够资金满足这两方面要求。In another constraint on Greece’s ability to raise cash, the European Central Bank decided to impose stricter curbs on the issuance of short-term government debt.欧洲央行(ECB)决定对希腊发行短期政府债施加更严苛的限制,这是希腊政府融资能力面临的又一项约束。EU officials expressed hope that a marathon Monday night meeting between Alexis Tsipras, the Greek prime minister, and his German counterpart, chancellor Angela Merkel, would spark long-stalled talks over economic reforms Greece must implement to unlock 7.2bn in frozen bailout aid.欧盟(EU)官员们表示,他们希望周一晚希腊总理亚历克西#8226;齐普拉斯(Alexis Tsipras)和德国总理安格#8226;默克Angela Merkel)的马拉松式会谈,能启动停滞已久的、有关希腊必须执行哪些经济改革措施的谈判,以释放被冻结的72亿欧元纾困资金。Athens has promised to deliver a list of reforms to eurozone authorities by Monday. But officials cautioned that the list would still have to be agreed with bailout inspectors before eurozone authorities could make progress on any deal to free up new funding.希腊政府此前已承诺,到周一将向欧元区当局提出一份改革清单。但官员们警告称,该清单仍然必须先获得纾困督察员的认可,然后欧元区当局才可能在达成释放新资金的协议方面向前迈出一步。Though Mr Tsipras discussed his reform plans with Ms Merkel on Monday night, there were few signs that talks in Athens with bailout inspectors had become more active following the Berlin meeting.尽管周一晚齐普拉斯与默克尔讨论了他的改革方案,但基本没有迹象表明柏林会谈之后,在雅典举行的与纾困督察员之间的谈判已变得更加活跃。来 /201503/366459

Xi, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC), made the remarks at a meeting on reforming the armed forces which was held from Nov. 24 to 26.中央军委改革工作会议114日至26日在京举行。中共中央总书记、国家主席、中央军委主席习近平发表重要讲话。A new structure will be established, in which the CMC takes charge of the overall administration of the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA), the Chinese Peoples Armed Police and the militia and reserve forces; battle zone commands focus on combats; and different military services pursue their own construction, Xi said.我们将构建新的军事体制,中央军委拥有对人民解放军,武警,民兵和后备军的总指挥权;战区部队针对战时用兵;不同的军种有不同的建设方式,习近平表示。While urging the PLA to maintain ;correct political direction,; Xi outlined ;a series of designs and arrangements; to consolidate the basic principle that ;the Communist Party of China (CPC) has absolute leadership of the armed forces.;习近平强调人民解放军坚持坚定正确的政治方向,通过一系列体制设计和制度安排,把党对军队绝对领导的根本原则和制度进一步固化下来并加以完善。According to Xi, the CMCs ;centralized and unified; leadership should be strengthened to ensure that supreme administration and command status belong to the CMC and the CPC Central Committee.根据习近平的讲话,还需强化军委集中统一领导,更好使军队最高领导权和指挥权集中于党中央、中央军委。Xi cited measures designed to ;integrate the administrative system and the joint battle command system,; including a general command center for land forces and enabling the CMC to directly administer and command various military departments.习近平列举了“对领导管理体制和联合作战指挥体制进行一体设计”的措施,包括陆军领导机构,使中央军委直接管理和指挥各军事部门。The reform will establish a three-tier ;CMC - battle zone commands - troops; command system and an administration system that runs from CMC through various services to the troops.改革会着力构建军委——战区——部队的作战指挥体系和军委——军种——部队的领导管理体系。Currently, a majority of Chinese troops consist of 850,000 land forces, which are deployed in seven military area commands headquartered in Shenyang, Beijing, Jinan, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Lanzhou.目前,中国部队大部分是陆军,规模50000人,设置在七个军区,指挥部在沈阳、北京、济南、广州、成都和兰州。The CMC, the top leadership organ of the Chinese military, exercises command and control over the seven military area commands, the Navy, the Air Force and the Second Artillery Corps through the four general headquarters..中央军委是中国军事的最高领导机构,控制指挥四大总指挥部:七大军区,海军,空军,第二炮兵。来 /201511/412677Joe Biden will not run for US president, ending months of tortured speculation that he would challenge Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination.乔拜Joe Biden)不会参加美国总统竞选,这结束了数月以来的诸多猜测,即他将在民主党提名中挑战希拉里克林顿(Hillary Clinton)。Flanked by President Barack Obama in the White House Rose Garden, Mr Biden said his family was recovering from the loss of his son Beau to cancer this year and had concluded there was no window left to mount a credible challenge against the four Democrats in the race.在白宫玫瑰园,在总统巴拉克攠巴马(Barack Obama)的陪伴下,拜登表示,他的家人正试图从长子Beau)今年因罹患癌症而去世这一不幸中恢复过来,并得出结论,他已没有机会对已经投入角逐的4位民主党人发起可信的挑战。“As the family and I have worked through the grieving process, I’ve said all along.. it may very well be that the process, by the time we get through it, closes the window on mounting a realistic campaign for president,he said. “I’ve concluded it has closed.”“我和家人经历了哀悼过程,我一直这么说……很有可能就是这个过程,在我们走出悲痛时,将关闭发起现实的竞争总统候选人提名的时间窗口,”他表示,“我得出的结论是,这个窗口已关闭。”Mr Biden stressed that while he would not be a candidate, “I will not be silent He called on Democrats and Republicans to “end the divisive partisan politics that is ripping this country apart拜登强调,尽管他不会参选,但“我不会保持沉默”。他呼吁民主党人和共和党人“结束正在撕裂国家的激化分歧的党派政治”。For months Mr Biden had kept open the option of a possible third run for the White House, while cautioning that he would need to ensure that he and his family had the “emotional energyto proceed following the death of his son.几个月来,拜登一直保留着第三次争取问鼎白宫的可能性,同时告诫称,他需要确保他和他的家人在他的长子去世后拥有作出这个决定的“情感能量”。Speculation had mounted over the summer that he would jump into the race as Mrs Clinton, the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination, struggled to shake off a scandal about her use of a private email account while serving as the top US diplomat.今年夏季,外界猜测,他将参加竞选,因在民主党提名中处于领先的希拉里难以摆脱一桩关于她在担任美国国务卿时曾使用私人邮件账户的丑闻。The decision is a recognition that Mr Biden would be launching a campaign just four months before the primaries begin, with Mrs Clinton and rival Bernie Sanders, a socialist senator from Vermont, having aly built up large campaign teams and funds.拜登的决定意味着,他承认自己原本将在距离初选仅4个月前加入角逐,而希拉里及其竞争对手、来自佛蒙特州的信奉社会主义的参议员伯尼儠德Bernie Sanders)已组建大规模竞选团队并筹集了竞选资金。The news that Mr Biden will not enter the race will be a huge relief to the Clinton camp. He had a reputation for being more authentic than the former secretary of state and she aly faces a strong challenge from Mr Sanders.拜登不会参选的消息将令希拉里阵营深感宽慰。拜登有着比希拉里更厚道的名声,而且希拉里已遭遇来自桑德斯的强大挑战。来 /201510/405250

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