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佛山人民医院地址佛山包皮手术费佛山市中医院禅城高新区医院治疗包皮包茎多少钱 This formula works wherever metaphor is present.这个公式适用于所有的暗喻。Elvis uses it, but so does Shakespeare in this famous line from ;Romeo and Juliet:; Juliet is the sun.埃尔维斯用到它,莎士比亚也同样用到它,于《罗密欧与朱丽叶》中有这样的名句:朱丽叶是太阳。Now, here, Shakespeare gives the thing, Juliet, a name that belongs to something else, the sun.在这里莎士比亚赋予朱丽叶一个属于其它事物的名称,太阳。But whenever we give a thing a name that belongs to something else, we give it a whole network of analogies too.但是当我们赋予A事物以B事物的名称时,我们也赋予它一整套的类比。We mix and match what we know about the metaphors source, in this case the sun, with what we know about its target, Juliet.我们把对喻体的认知,此处是太阳,与对本体的认知--朱丽叶联系在一起,And metaphor gives us a much more vivid understanding of Juliet than if Shakespeare had literally described what she looks like.这样的暗喻可使我们更生动地理解朱丽叶,强过莎士比亚忠实地描述她的相貌。So, how do we make and understand metaphors? This might look familiar.那我们如何运用和理解暗喻呢?大家对此并不陌生。The first step is pattern recognition. Look at this image. What do you see?第一步就是模式识别。请看这张图。你看到了什么?Three wayward Pac-Men, and three pointy brackets are actually present.其实只有三个在外沿的吃豆人和三个尖角括号而已。What we see, however, are two overlapping triangles.但我们实际看到的是两个重叠的三角形。Metaphor is not just the detection of patterns; it is the creation of patterns.暗喻不仅仅是模式辨识,也是模式创造。Second step, conceptual synesthesia.第二步,概念联觉。Now, synesthesia is the experience of a stimulus in once sense organ in another sense organ as well, such as colored hearing.联觉是指一种感官受到的刺激引起另一种感官的感受,例如色听觉。People with colored hearing actually see colors when they hear the sounds of words or letters.有色听觉的人就会在听到词语的声音时将会看到色。We all have synesthetic abilities. This is the Bouba/Kiki test.我们都拥有联觉的能力。这是Bouba/Kiki测试。What you have to do is identify which of these shapes is called Bouba, and which is called Kiki.请你说出哪个形状叫Bouba,哪个叫Kiki。201704/505510佛山哪家医院割包皮手术比较好

顺德区新世纪男科怎么预约美国习惯用语-第92讲:crocodile tearssob story 今天我们要给大家介绍两个和眼泪有关的俗语。大家知道,眼泪的英文字就是tears。 英文里有一个说法,叫做:crocodile tears。Crocodile就是鳄鱼。Crocodile tears和中国人常说的“猫哭老鼠假慈悲”是一样的意思。Crocodile tears这个俗语来自一个古老的神话,说是鳄鱼往往发出一种哭的声音来引诱那些它们要吃的动物,然后一面吃一面流眼泪。这当然不是事实,但是这个说法已经成常用语。下面我们来举个例子: 例句-1: "The truth is that Pete never liked his rich Uncle John. But you should have seen his crocodile tears when the old man died and left him a million dollars!" 这句话是说:“皮特从来都不喜欢他那有钱的叔叔约翰,这是事实。可是那老人去世的时候给他留了一百万美元,你可真该看看皮特当时那假流泪的样子。” 下面这个例子说的是一位政客: 例句-2: "In his speeches the mayor always puts on a big show of crocodile tears for poor and homeless people. But I don't see him doing anything to help them." 这是说:“这位市长在讲话时总是装得好像他对穷人和无家可归的人非常同情。但是,我并没有见到他做些什么来帮助他们。” 我们要讲的另一个和“哭”有关的俗语是:sob story。Sob是哭泣的意思,story就是故事。Sob story的意思就是某人编造一个令人伤心的故事来赢得别人的同情,甚至于让人给钱来帮助他。下面是一位女士在描述她怎么听了一个sob story以后受骗的: 例句-3: "Usually I don't give money to beggars. But this nice young man told me a sob story about needing money for a bus ticket to see his dying mother, so I gave him two dollars." 这位女士说:“一般我是不给乞丐钱的。但是,这个看上去挺不错的年轻人告诉我他需要钱坐公共汽车去看他那快要死的妈妈。他说得这么悲惨,我就给了他两块钱。” 世界上好心人是不少的,下面这个例子又是一个人上了sob story的当: 例句-4: "On my way to work this man stopped me and said he hadn't eaten in three days so I gave him a dollar. On my way home I saw him get into a new car and drive off and I know now he had given me a sob story." 这个好心人说:“在我去上班的路上那个人挡住了我,对我说,他已经三天没吃东西了。所以我给了他一块钱。可是,我在回家的路上看见他跨进了一辆新的汽车后就开走了。我这才知道他说的事全是假的。” 我们今天讲的两个习惯用语都是和眼泪有关的。它们是:crocodile tears和sob story。Crocodile tears从字面上来翻译就是:鳄鱼的眼泪,实际上也就是“猫哭老鼠假慈悲”。Sob story是编造悲惨的故事来赢得人们的同情。 /200601/3047佛山治疗早泄哪个医院最便宜 So, the average life expectancy in the U.S. and the U.K. is 78.1 years,美国和英国的平均年龄是78.1岁,but we know from more than 1,000 peer-reviewed scientific studies that you can add 10 years of life by boosting your four types of resilience.但我们从1000个同龄人的研究中看出,你可以通过增强这4种意志力来延寿10年。So every single year that you are boosting your four types of resilience,所以,在强化这四种适应力的每一天当中,youre actually earning .128 more years of life or 46 more days of life, or 67,298 more minutes of life,你确实多增加了0.128年的寿命,或者说46天的寿命,或是67298分钟的寿命,which means every single day, you are earning 184 minutes of life,这意味着每一天,你正在增加184分钟的寿命,or every single hour that you are boosting your four types of resilience,或者说,在强化这四种适应力的每一小时当中,like we just did together, you are earning 7.68245837 more minutes of life.就像是我们刚刚一起做的,你将多增加7.68245837分钟的寿命。Congratulations, those seven and a half minutes are all yours. You totally earned them. Yeah!恭喜你,你已经多增加七分半的寿命。你完全可以获得它。耶!Awesome. Wait, wait, wait. You still have your special mission, your secret mission.太惊奇了。等等,等等,等等。你仍然有特别的任务在身,你的秘密任务。How are you going to spend these minutes of bonus life?你如何利用那多增加出来的七分半的寿命?Well, heres my suggestion. These seven and a half bonus minutes are kind of like genies wishes.恩,我这里有个建议。这七分半的寿命有点像是向神许愿得来的。You can use your first wish to wish for a million more wishes. Pretty clever, right?你可以用第一个愿望在去许数百万个愿望。相当聪明,对吧?So, if you spend these seven and a half minutes today doing something that makes you happy,所以,今天如果你用这七分半的寿命作些让你快乐的事,or that gets you physically active, or puts you in touch with someone you care about, or even just tackling a tiny challenge,或锻炼你的身体,或联系你所爱的人,或甚至迎接小小的挑战,youre going to boost your resilience, so youre going to earn more minutes.你将会强化你的适应力,所以你将会多增加几分钟的寿命。And the good news is, you can keep going like that.而且好消息是,你能够一直像那样进行下去。Every hour of the day, every day of your life, all the way to your deathbed,一天当中的每一小时,生命的每一天,一直到你临终的每一天,which will now be 10 years later than it would have otherwise.这将比本来的应该有的寿命多十年。And when you get there, more than likely, you will not have any of those top five regrets,而且当你到那时,很有可能的,你将不会任何常见的遗憾,because you will have built up the strength and resilience to lead a life truer to your dreams.因为你已经建立起这些力量和适应力,引领你的生命迈向梦想。And with 10 extra years, you might even have enough time to play a few more games. Thank you.而且由于有额外的十年寿命,你也许甚至有足够的时间玩一些游戏。谢谢。201706/514786顺德区乐从医院地址

佛山市顺德区桂洲医院治疗龟头炎多少钱英语会话800句 44 /200608/9180 Hi, everybody. On the first day of my administration, I promised to restore science to its rightful place.大家好。在我就职的第一天,我承诺重建科学的重要地位。I told you we would unleash American innovation and technology to tackle the health challenges of our time.我告诉你们,我们将释放美国人民的创新精神和让科学技术来处理我们时代的健康挑战。Over the last eight years, weve delivered on that promise in many ways, both big and small在过去的8年里,我们用各种方式来实现这样的承诺,不管大的还是小的including, of course, providing health coverage to 20 million more Americans, and making health care more affordable for all Americans.包括,当然,为2000万多的人们提供了医保覆盖,并让人们更能负担得起医疗保险。Right now we have the chance to put our best minds to work one more time -- and in a big way.当下,我们有机会用我们最好的想法,让其再一次起到作用--在一个更大的方面。Theres a bill in Congress that could help unlock cures Alzheimers, end cancer as we know it,国会有一个法案能够治疗阿尔茨海默氏症,治愈我们已经了解的癌症,and help people seeking treatment for opioid addiction finally get the help they need.帮助人们找到阿片成瘾的治疗方案,并最终找到他们需要的帮助。Its called the 21st Century Cures Act.这就是21世纪治愈法案。Its an opportunity to save lives, and an opportunity we just cant miss.这是一个拯救生命的机遇,而且是我们不能错过的机遇。This bill would do a lot of good things at once. Let me tell you about five of them:这一法案将一次性完成很多有利的事情。让我告诉你其中的五点内容:First, it will make real investments this year to combat the heroin and prescription drug epidemic thats plaguing so many of our communities.第一,这将在今年带来实质性投资,来战胜海洛因和处方药方面的流行病,这困扰着很多我们的社区。201612/484306佛山治疗早泄专科医院是那一家佛山人民医院早上几点开门



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