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No.1: Scorpio第一名:天蝎座1, Dress up for him 1、为他而盛装打扮 /201001/93921"I think Jesus was a compassionate, super-intelligent gay man who understood human problems," John said in an interview posted on the website of US celebrity news magazine Parade.约翰接受采访时说:“我觉得耶稣是一位非常具有同情心的,智慧超常的同性恋,他很能理解人类遇到的难题。”这次采访被上传到美国明星新闻杂志《旅行》的网站上。"On the cross, he forgave the people who crucified him. Jesus wanted us to be loving and forgiving. I don't know what makes people so cruel. Try being a gay woman in the Middle East -- you're as good as dead," said John, who is gay.身为同性恋的约翰说:“耶稣在十字架上受刑前,原谅了处死他的人。他想让我们具有爱心和宽恕精神。我不知道是什么让人们如此残忍。如果你想在中东尝试做一名女同性恋,那简直生不如死。”The Catholic League, the largest US Catholic rights group, condemned the comments.美国最大的天主教权利组织天主教联盟驳斥了上述言论。"Jesus was certainly compassionate, but to say he was 'super-intelligent' is to compare the son of God to a successful game-show contestant," league president Bill Donohue said in a statement.联盟主席比尔#8226;多诺休在一份声明中说:“耶稣当然很具有同情心,但称他‘智慧超常’无异于将上帝之子比作一名成功的电视比赛选手。”"More seriously, to call Jesus a homosexual is to label him a sexual deviant. But what else would we expect from a man who previously said, 'From my point of view, I would ban religion completely'?"“更严重的是,说耶稣是同性恋就等于说他是个性变态。但约翰还曾说过‘依我看宗教应该完全被禁止’这样的话,我们还能指望他说出什么好话么?” /201003/98816大部分的女孩都或多或少对自己的体形不满意:或是觉得腰不够细,或是抱怨腿太粗,而现在我们来和你分享学院派的“显瘦穿衣法”!简单实用并且安全无副作用,一学就会哦!Step 1 WEAR CLOTHES THAT FIT 买合身的衣:I believe that long, oversized tops and slim pants were overdone. Today the first step in a slim look is to wear clothes that are the right size, not too loose and definitely not too tight. Buy what fits and be objective about what length flatters your body type.我认为超长超肥的上衣搭配细腿裤的装备曾经大行其道。而穿衣显瘦的第一步就是要穿合身的衣,既不要太宽松,也不要太紧绷。买合身的并且适合你身材长度的衣。 /201007/108406

【中英对照】If there's one thing Johanna Rothman knows, it's the corrosiveeffects of jealousy. At 30, the author of "Behind Closed Doors: Secrets of Great Management" was incensedwhen a coworker got a job she wanted. Later, when she took a job managing former peers, she felt their jealousy in curt, backhanded compliments.有一件事情是Johanna Rothman非常清楚的,那就是嫉妒所产生的危害性。Johanna Rothman 是“关起门来:成功管理的秘密”一书的作者,在其30岁的时候,一个同事得到了她梦寐以求的职位,她很愤怒。稍后,当她升职,开始管理以前的同行时,她感到了他们讥讽的恭维中所包含的嫉妒。"If you can admit you're jealous, you can start dealing with it," says Rothman. "If you don't, jealousy can poison your relationships."Rothman说:“如果你肯承认自己是在嫉妒,那么你就可以处理好自己的嫉妒。若你没有及时处理好你的嫉妒情绪,它会毒害你的人际关系。”Jealousy can also poison your career by distracting you from your job and forcing you into constant comparisons that leave you demoralized, she says. 她还说:“嫉妒也会让你无心工作,只专注于和别人攀比,最后在自卑中一蹶不振,毁了你的职业生涯。”Want to curbyour or others' jealousy while keeping your eye on your goals? Consider these tips:想要在专注于自己的人生目标的同时,化解掉自己的或别人的嫉妒,参考下面的小贴士吧: /200907/76918

Black Pepper"Black pepper provides zero calories and adds a lot of punch to meals," notes Elisa Zied, M.S., R.D., author of "Nutrition at Your Fingertips." But that's not all. Considered so precious in ancient times it was used as currency, black pepper has been valued for its culinary properties, which include enhancing flavor as well as preserving freshness. And capsaicin, the substance that gives pepper its heat, has anti-cancer effects and works to reduce inflammation, a root of chronic disease. 黑胡椒“黑胡椒的卡路里含量为零,并且能加强菜品口味的冲击力,”《让营养在指尖绽放》的作者伊莉莎·基德·M·S·R·D指出。但这还不是黑胡椒的全部优点。在古代黑胡椒曾一度被当做流通货币,它的珍贵性可想而知。黑胡椒因其在烹饪上的奇妙属性而受到重视,它可以在加强食物风味的同时保持其鲜嫩的口感。黑胡椒含有大量辣椒素,所以吃起来感觉呛口,辣椒素有抗癌的功效,并能减轻各种炎症,从根本预防各种慢性疾病。 /201108/148040

This dress, designed by a Japanese dress maker is designed to allow Japanese women to disguise themselves as vending machines to hide from possible attackers. Unfortunately, it blows in the wind and you can still see the feet… Still though, you've got to admire them for trying.衣是由一名日本装制造设计的,目的是让日本妇女躲避可能的袭击者而伪装成自动售货机。遗憾的是,衣会在风中摆动仍然能看到脚……但是,你必须钦佩他们敢于尝试的勇气。 /201106/141910

长发和短发,哪款更显年轻?事实上,短发通常会让你显得年轻这就是为什么许多成熟女性都选择剪短发的缘故。一款合适的短发造型的确可以让你看上去更加年轻活泼。复古风格BOBO 头:让你的气质变得利落精致Retro BOBO hairstyle: Let your temperament become agile and fine /200911/89807

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