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台湾大旅游景点英文介绍:太鲁阁国家公园 --18 :31: 来源: 台湾大旅游景点英文介绍:太鲁阁国家公园Located to the southeast of the Chinese mainland opposite Fujian Province, the island province of Taiwan is flanked by the Pacific Ocean to the east and the Taiwan Straits to the west. The place features splendid mountains, tranquil lakes, beautiful beaches, sapphire seas, delicious snacks and fantastic downtown sceneries.Don't know where to go or what to do when traveling to the area? Let China.org.cn provide you with the most attractive destinations that you simply won't want to miss.NO. Taroko National Park (太鲁阁国家公园) Taroko National Park [ah-hong.com] Located along the eastern coast of Taiwan, Taroko National Park covers parts of Taichung City, Nantou County and Hualien County. Named after Taroko Gorge, the park features soaring peaks, steep cliffs, amazing valleys, babbling streams and wonderful waterfalls. The most famous bit of the Taroko Gorge is called the Tunnel of Nine Turns. It is a walking-only path that runs parallel to the main road, and features some of the most dramatic scenery in the entire valley. When the whole island is sweltering in the summer heat, Taroko Park is an ideal place to take a deep, cool breath and enjoy the season at its best.Admission: freeBest time to visit: July and August 台湾 旅游景点 太鲁阁国家公园体育运动 My School Sport -- :3: 来源: I study in No.1Primary School of my city. I usually do sports in school. Every winter, we havea sports meeting. It’s the most exciting time in the whole year. Last year, Igot the No.1 in running. In daily life, I like running, playing table tennis. Theyare good my health. And doing sports is really funny. I like sports.How to Pass an English Exam? 怎样通过英语考试? -- 19::3 来源: How to Pass an English Exam? 怎样通过英语考试?  Some of my classmates haven't passed the English exam. Don't worry about that. As an old saying goes, "Failure is the mother of success." You should find out why you have failed. I'd like to give you some advice.  First, you should listen to the teacher carefully in class, and make some notes. Second, don't only learn grammar rules. Try to stories in English, and speak English both in class and out of class. Third, bee you start the exam, over the question paper carefully. And bee you hand in the paper, correct mistakes.  Only in this way, can you trun failure into success, and catch up with others.  有些同学英语考试没及格不要太忧虑老话说得好,“失败是成功之母”你应该弄清楚你为什么失败了我愿意给你几项建议  首先,上课你们应该认真听讲,并记一些笔记第二,不要只学语法规则,尽量读一些英语故事,课内课外多说一些英语第三,考试答题前,认真读一下试卷,在你交卷之前把错误纠正  只有这样,你才能化失败为成功,赶上其他人疯狂英语口语对话详解7篇第课:谁是你最喜欢的歌手?-- :7:36 Who is your favorite singer? 相信每个人心里都有一些最喜欢的东西最喜欢的英文就是favorite最喜欢的食物(favorite food)、最喜欢的颜色(favorite color)、最喜欢的歌手(favorite singer)那么你最喜欢的歌手是谁?Who is your favorite singer?如果你没有特别偏爱的歌手,可回答:I don't have a particular favorite.(我没有特别的偏爱)相反你有一个非常喜欢的歌手,可以用firm favorite,例如:Michael Jackson is my firm favorite.(米高积逊是我非常喜爱的歌手) Hot favorite是指非常流行 受欢迎的东西,例如:This song is a hot favorite in Hong Kong.(这首歌在香港非常流行) 对话 A:What were your hobbies at university? B:Well, I liked to do so many things so I didn't really have a regular hobby. But I was a rock singer and I still perm occasionally. A:Who is your favorite singer? B:I'm a fan of the Beatles and Rod Stewart. 甲:你在大学时期有什么嗜好? 乙:哦,当时我喜爱做太多事情了,并没有特定的嗜好但我以前是一个摇滚乐手,现在偶然也会表演一下呢 甲:谁是你最喜爱的歌手? 乙:我是披头四和洛史都华的歌迷 要说所喜欢的人、物等,英文多会用favorite一字,作形容词(adjective)解作‘特别喜爱的’,作名词(noun)则是指‘特别喜爱的人、物’,例如:(1) War and Peace is my favorite novel.(《战争与和平是我很喜欢的一本小说)() Coca-Cola is a firm favorite with my son.(可口可乐是我儿子百喝不厌的饮料) 最喜欢或最不喜欢,就是most least favorite,例如:Madonna is my most least favorite singer.(玛丹娜是我最喜欢 最不喜欢的歌星) 父母、教师等偏爱的孩子,也可用favorite 一字来说,例如:(1)Peggy has always been her mother's favorite.(佩琪向来都是她母亲偏爱的孩子)() It is not advisable a teacher to have favorites in the class.(教师不宜偏爱班中几个学生)偏爱或徇私的行为,即favoritism,例如:(1)The chemistry teacher was accused of showing favoritism to certain students.(化学老师被投诉,说他偏爱某些学生)竞赛之中获看好的选手、动物等,一般都称为favorite,例如:(1) He bet $,000 on the favorite to win the horse race. (他把二千元赌注,押在马赛中最多人看好的那匹马上)() He was a hot favorite to win the election.(这次选举之中,他很有机会获选)

旅游景点英文介绍:海南风光 -- ::8 来源: 旅游景点英文介绍:海南风光The air quality in Hainan has become an attraction to tourists across the nation.During the Spring Festival holidays that lasted from Jan 31 to Feb 6, the province welcomed more than .6 million tourists, an increase of 36.9 percent year-on-year.Tourism generated revenue totaling 7.6 billion yuan (. billion) during the period, up percent annually compared to last year.This trend is being driven by the allure of the island's natural environment and climate, said officials from Hainan's tourism administration.The provincial government has made ecology a priority in its strategic planning.According to a report by Greenpeace, the average thickness of PM.5 in Haikou was 5.6 micrograms per cubic meter last year, out-ranking the air quality seen in the 73 other sampled cities nationwide.Last year, Hainan expanded ested areas by 3 square kilometers, raising the rate of est coverage to nearly 6 percent. The air quality in Hainan has become an attraction to tourists across the nation. The government invested 853 million yuan in projects to protect the environment in the urban areas as well as the countryside, including 6 projects to promote the efficient use of energy and resources.Some 1,000 villages across the province were selected as eco-friendly villages. Five paper mills were shut down last year excessive pollution, and projects were rejected because of their potential pollution and energy inefficiency.At the same time, 35 new garbage transfer stations were built.This year, the plantation coverage in Hainan's urban areas is aimed at 35 percent increase, according to the provincial government's work report.The government plans to build a national tropical rainest park and a national ocean park.Other priorities will include the development and promotion of clean energy, green buildings and new-energy vehicles.Meanwhile, it will continue to fight against deestation and the illegal discharge of pollutants through stronger encement."The superior ecological environment is a core resource Hainan's future development, and a common asset the people of the entire nation," said Luo Baoming, Party chief of the province. 旅游景点 海南风光

好消息和坏消息-- :6:3 A:Drew.You want the good news or the bad news?  Drew.想听好消息还是坏消息?  B:Well,bad news first.  还是先听坏的吧  A:Well the bad news is I ruined one of your DVDs.  坏消息是我弄坏了你的一张DVD  B:Oh,no.I hope it's not X-MEN .That's my favorite movie.  什么?我希望不是X战警那可是我最喜欢的电影了  A:I'm sorry,but it is X-MEN.  不好意思,就是那部片子  B:Damn.What is the good news then?  见鬼那好消息是什么?  A:The good news is the other 3 DVDs are ok.  好消息是你借我的其它三DVD都没事儿  B:No,Joe.You can't do this to me.What has happened to my DVD?  Joe,你不能这么对我我的DVD怎么了?  A:You know,I was trying to watch X-MEN last night.So I opened the case and tried to get it out.But all of a sudden,it fell on the floor.When I picked it up,I found there's lots of dirt on it and my DVD player couldn't it.  你知道,昨晚我想看X战警来着我打开盒盖儿,可突然那张盘就掉到地上去了我捡起来一看,上面全是灰我的机器读不了盘  B:My X-MEN. I just got it. I haven't even seen it.  我的X战警啊我刚买的,我还没看呢  A:I'm sorry,I'm terribly sorry.You know,I'm gonna make it up to you.  实在抱歉我会补给你的  B:How?Giving me one of your shitty DVDs?  怎么补?给我一张你的烂片子?  A:No.Let's go buy some DVDs tomorrow and I can buy an X-MEN you.  不,明天我们一起去买碟我会给你买一张的  B:Shake it off,buddy.You're gonna buy me an X-MEN? I won't hold my breath.Remember last time. You said you would buy me beers my birthday.But you didn't.  算了吧你给我买X战警?我才不信呢记得上次你说要给我生日买十瓶啤酒,结果你没买  A:I really mean it this time.Trust me,will ya?  这次是真的相信我好不好  B:What else could I do?  我还能怎么办呢?  A:All right. I'll call you tomorrow morning,See if we can go together.  好吧明天我打电话给你看看是不是能一起去  B:Ok.You are on.  就这么定了  Attention Please…特别提醒  [你可以请外教反复帮你模仿训练下面句子词组的正宗美式发音]  [1]shake it off口语中这句话表示"算了吧,忘了吧"相当于我们长说的get it.  []I won't hold my breath.这句话的表面意思是我才不会憋气呢因为憋时间长了会憋死,所以它的引申含义是"我才不信你的鬼话呢"  [3]You're on.又是一句让人摸不到头脑的话,它表示"就这么定了"如果有人和你打赌,你就可以和他说"Ok.You are on."  Related Words…相关词汇  以下这些词汇并未给出汉语意思,你可以试着用我们学到的英语问问老外它们的意思  [ie:What does "***"mean? "***"是什么意思?]  PG DVD5 DVD9 sound track

旅游英语口语情景对话:入住宾馆(part ) --01 1:: 来源: A: Hi, I have a reservation under the name of Sandals.B: Could I see your ID, please, sir?A: Of course! Let me take it out of my wallet.B: Thank you, sir. Now, do you have a credit card, sir?A: Yes, of course. Is American Express okay?B: I'm sorry, sir. Only VISA or MasterCard.A: In that case, here's my VISA.B: Thank you. Your room number is 5, queen bed, nonsmoking. Is that agreeable to you, sir?A: Yes, I'm easy to please.B: Very good. Here is your room key, sir. If you need anything at all, please dial 0.旅游英语口语,旅游英语专业,旅游英语对话,旅游英语词汇,旅游英语作文,旅游英语专业介绍 旅游 英语口语 情景

The Water Cycle 水的循环 --7 :9:59 来源: The Water Cycle 水的循环  In the heat of the sun, water evaporates from seas, rivers and lakes. As water vapour rises, clouds m in the air. When the clouds rise high, they get cool. Finally they become drops of water. When they are heavy enough, they fall to the earth as rain.  Some rainwater sinks into the ground. It's good the thirsty plants. Most of the water goes back to the seas, rivers and lakes, And the water cycle will start all over again.  在太阳的照射下,水从大海、河流和湖泊上蒸发当水蒸气上升时,云就在空中形成了当云升高后,就变凉了,最后变成了一滴滴的水当水变得足够重时,就作为雨水落到地面上  有些雨水深入到地面,这对干渴的植物有益大部分水又返回大海、河流和湖泊然后水的循环过程将再进行一次

The Sea 大海 --5 :36: 来源: The Sea 大海  Some people have seen the sea, but others haven't. The sea looks beautiful on a fine day. But it can be very rough when there is a strong wind.  The sea is very large. There is more sea in the world than land.  If you have swum in the sea, you know that the sea is salty. Do you know the Dead Sea? It is so salty that you can't sink when you are in the water. And fish can't live in it!有些人见过大海,可是另一些人没见过在晴朗的日子,大海看起来很美,可是在刮大风时,大海很粗暴海很大世界上的海洋比陆地大的多如果你曾在大海中游过泳,你就知道海水是咸的你知道死海吗?那里的水很咸,当你在水中时,你不会沉下去鱼在那儿不能生存

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