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栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201605/446595【视频讲解】LSD is one of the most potent hallucinogenic drugs—active at just around 100 micrograms...a miniscule amount.麦角酸酰二乙胺(简称LSD)是药效最强的致幻药之一,只要100微克左右的微小剂量就能产生致幻作用。Potent1. 效力强的Their most potent weapon was the Exocet missile. 他们效力最强的武器是飞鱼导弹。2. 有权势的,有权力的:“The police were potent only so long as they were feared”(Thomas Burke)“只有当他们害怕时,警察才是有权力的”(托马斯#8226;伯克)Hallucinogenic 迷幻药 《》 hallucinatory 幻觉Miniscule 微小It has a miniscule market share, but its unique abilities make it important enough to be worthcatering to if you can do so without inconveniencing other users.它的市场份额很小,但是其独特的功能使它具有了足够的重要性,颇值得我们关注,但前提是不给其他用户造成不便That fact has fascinated pharmacologists for decades. Namely, how can it have such long-lasting effects...12 hours or more...at such tiny doses?这一事实数十年来一直吸引着药理学家的目光。他们想知道,为什么它的药效能如此持久?如此小的剂量为什么能产生长达12个小时以上的药效呢?Pharmacologist 药理学家Namely 即,也就说A district should serve its client, namely students, staff, and parents. 一个学区应该务于其主顾,即学生、教职员工和家长。long-lasting 持久的One of the long-lasting effects of the infection is damage to a valve in the heart.感染的其中一个长期后果是使心脏的一个瓣膜受损。Dose 剂量To find out, researchers legally obtained LSD. And built copies of the receptors it binds to in the brain—serotonin receptors.为了弄清这一点,研究人员通过合法方式获得了LSD。他们复制了LSD在大脑中连接的受体——5-羟色胺受体。Built1. 被构造2. 有…体格的(做形容词)...a strong, powerfully-built man of 60. …一位体格健壮的60岁男子。Serotonin血清素;5-羟色胺(血管收缩素)They mixed the LSD and the receptors together, and crystallized the result. They then imaged the structure, using x-ray crystallography.之后研究人员将LSD和受体混合,并将所得到的结果结晶化。最后他们运用X射线晶体学对结构进行成像。Crystallize1. 结晶2. 使成形; 具体化,He has managed to crystallize the feelings of millions of ordinary Russians.他成功地阐明了数百万普通俄国人的感情。-graphy 学crystallography 结晶学Geography 地理学aerography 气象学And they found that when LSD linked up with the serotonin receptor, a sort of ;lid; formed over it. Almost like the drug went in, then pulled the door shut behind it.研究人员发现,LSD与5-羟色胺受体相连时,会在上方形成一个“盖子”。就像药物进入以后关上后面的门一样。link up1. 连接;接合;We must link up theory with practice.我们必须把理论和实践联系起来。2. 联合成团体They linked up with a series of local anti-nuclear groups.他们与一系列反对核武器的地方团体联合起来了。;You could think of the top part of LSD as a hand, holding onto the latch and pulling it down.; Bryan Roth, a pharmacologist at University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill involved in the research. “你可以把LSD的顶部想象成一只手,这只手抓住门闩拉下来。”布莱恩#8226;罗斯是北卡罗莱纳大学教堂山分校的药理学家,他参与了这项研究。latch门闩You left the latch off the gate and the dog escaped. 你没插门闩,跑了。;This explains why LSD is so potent, why such a small amount of it is active, and secondly why it lasts for such a long period of time. Because basically once it gets in there it takes hours to come off the receptor.; The study is in the journal Cell.“这就解释了LSD为什么如此强大,为什么很少的剂量就能产生作用,为什么其药效可以持续如此长的时间。基本上来说,一旦它进入体内,那就需要数个小时才会离开受体。”该研究结果发表在《细胞》期刊上。come off1. 离开2. 成功; 奏效It was a good try but it didnt really come off. 这是一次好的尝试但未真正奏效。3. 结果 (最差、最好)Some Democrats still have bitter memories of how they came off worst during the investigation. 一些民主党人仍留有他们在调查中如何惨败的痛苦记忆。The result may also explain why microdosing—taking even smaller amounts of LSD, at sub-psychedelic levels—might work as a mood enhancer, as some users have reported.该结果也可以解释为什么微剂量……为什么即使用很少量的LSD,产生轻度幻觉也可以使情绪兴奋,此前有使用者提到过这一点。Psychedelic1. 幻觉的2. 有迷幻色的...psychedelic patterns.…光怪陆离的图案。Enhancer 增强剂; 增强器Cinnamon is an excellent flavour enhancer.肉桂是一种绝佳的提味料。;Its clear from the data we have that these small doses can engage these receptors, and of course we know that the receptors that LSD interacts with, theyre the same receptors that are thought to be involved in antidepressant drug action.;“很明显,从我们获悉的数据来看,小剂量也可以对受体产生作用,当然我们知道,与LSD接触的受体同抗抑郁药的受体是一样的。”interact with 相互交流;相互沟通;The two chemicals interact with each other.这两种化学物品相互作用。Antidepressant 》 depressant lt; depress 沮丧Roth does not advocate trying it out. But he says the discovery of the ;lid; might someday lead to the development of novel antidepressants—ones with long-lasting effects, at just the tiniest of doses.罗斯并不提倡进行试验。但是他表示,这一“盖子”的发现或许在某一天可以促进新型抗抑郁药的研发,一种只需要最小剂量就可以长时间有效的药物。try out 试验;测验;The method seems good but it needs to be tried out.这个方法似乎不错,但需要试验一下。Lid盖子Novel 新奇的 newProtesters found a novel way of demonstrating against steeply rising oil prices.抗议者们找到一种新奇的示威方式来反对石油价格的飙升。201706/512629It seemed a perfectly good theory, but the big test was:这似乎是完美的理论,但关键问题是was there any evidence that it actually had affected the dinosaurs?是否有据能明这场事件真的影响了恐龙Argentina was the perfect place to look.阿根廷是寻找的理想地点At first there were some tantalising similarities between the rocks in Yorkshire and in Patagonia.首先,约克郡和巴塔哥尼亚的岩层有许多显著的相似点They had found fossils from the bottom of a mid-Jurassic lake他们找到了中侏罗世湖底生物的化石and in these rocks they found one particular layer which was very strange.他们发现岩石中的一个特殊地层非常奇怪One fish here, another here, another one here and its here there is another one,这里有一条鱼,又是一条,又是一条,又是一条so many fishes all together in the same layer.所以很多鱼一起埋在同一个地层中This layer was packed with hundreds of fish and theyd all died the same way: all the fish were twisted, contorted.这个地层埋有数百条鱼,它们都有同样的死状:每条鱼都扭曲着,蜷成一团They had clearly died a terrible death.显然它们死得很惨Was this then evidence of a mass extinction?那么这是否就是大灭绝的据呢?201705/508473

Theres bound to be some difficult terrain ahead,前面的路肯定会遇到一些困难and this stuff is too good to leave behind.不能抛弃这么好的东西Not as good as rope, a lot of this wire,but its better than nothing.这么长的线 虽然不如绳子 但有总比没有强See if we can get this down. Just watch yourself, there.So rotten, look. Okay, watch out.试试能不能弄下来 小心 杆子烂得很严重 好了 小心Im collecting 50 foot of cable.Its strong and remarkably light.我弄到了50英尺长的电线 很结实而且非常轻Now to get out of the trees and back onto open ground.现在该走出树林回到开阔地带去I need to get my bearings and head towards the plains.我需要搞清自己的位置 然后前往平地You can see a very clear animal track around here.你可以清晰看见一条 动物行走的小道And its probly used by deer,elk, maybe even bear as well.可能是鹿 也可能是熊Also, generally theyre gonna follow the path of least resistance.通常它们都会选择最容易走的路径So, trying to work your way through difficult terrain,its a good thing to follow.所以如果你想走出困境 沿着这样的痕迹走是个好主意Lets pick up the pace a bit here.从这儿开始我们加快脚步吧An old deer antler.Always worth taking.鹿脱落的角 这样的东西值得留着The trail is taking me back into the mountains.小道又将我带回到山中I need to leave it behind,but that means crossing tough ground.我必须离开这里 但这意味着我必须穿越一片崎岖的土地201608/460618

If you plan to walk out a survival situation,若你准备走出生存困境count on one thing:nature will throw everything at you,and block your part at every term.铭记一件事情 大自然总会阻碍着你 尽其所能挡住你前行的路To move on,sometimes youll have to take risks.若要前行 有些时候不得不冒险When on the lining,really,I got a bit lucky then.吊在绳上的时候 说真的 我真是有点儿凭运气了But youll need more than a bit of luck.但是你需要的不仅仅只是丁点儿运气Do everything you can to improve your chances of finding your way out and back to civilization.尽己所能增加找到出路 回归文明的机会So hard to just keep following the trails there.只是循循踪迹就这么困难The worlds hottest desert -- the Sahara.And its immense-- nearly the size of the USA.世界最热的沙漠 撒哈拉沙漠 广阔无垠-- 面积相当于整个美国With no land marks to guide you.Its easy to lose your way.没有地标可循 很容易迷路But apply of you basic navigation tricks and you should stay on cools.但是运用基本的导航技巧 就不会走错路One way can check my direction, you just use my knife and the sand.有一个办法 可以检验我的方向 只要利用我的小刀 和沙子And then the shadow that it casts.And if I just stick this into the ground,and put a pebble where the sun casts a shadow.和它投下的阴影 就可以了 我只要把这玩意儿土里 然后拿一块小石头 放在阴影投下的地方See that, just And if I then leave this for just 15 minutes and so.瞧那 就是它 然后我放之不管15分钟左右The shadow now has moved around to there.Just there, it gives me two points.现在影子已经 移动到了那里 就那儿 这样 我就得到了两个点And if I mark that like this thats gonna be my east-west line, which means north-south is like that,which means northwest is like that.然后像这样 标记下 那么它就是我的东西方向线 也就是说 南北方向是那么着的 也就是说西北方在那边Travel northwest and risk your safety at the endless mountains.向西北方向行进 在无边无垠的群山冒险前行201605/445269栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201609/464437

Hi, there. Welcome to EngVid. Today, we are looking at how to maximize your points on IELTS speaking tests, in particular one and three.大家好,欢迎来到EngVid。今天我们要来看一看能够给你们的雅思口语考试最大限度加分的几种方法,尤其是针对口语考试的第一部分和第三部分。Im going to be giving you some very valuable tips for how to make the most and how to do your very best in these tests.我会分享一些非常有用的窍门,教你们如何在这些考试中做到最好。So what do you need to do? You need to answer with a little bit more detail.那么你们需要怎么做呢?你们需要在回答问题的时候,多加入一些细节。You need to extend your answers a little bit, okay? Answer the question that they ask.稍微延伸一下你们的。具体地回答考官所提的问题。Okay. It doesnt matter if you prepare something and they dont -- they ask a question that your answer is no good for, drop it.如果你们事先准备的,他们不......如果你们准备的不适用于考官所提的问题,那也没有关系,把准备好的忘掉。You have to make an effort to answer their question.你们一定要努力地回答好考官提出的问题。Now, today, were gonna be looking at using some relative pronouns and some relative adverbs to lengthen out your sentences a little bit, okay?今天,我们要用几个关系代词和关系副词来把句子变长一些。So extending your answers, answering the question.所以,请用扩展后的来回答问题。As you may be aware, IELTS speaking tests one and three, theyre particularly looking for you to give information about yourself, to tell people about yourself, okay?你们也许注意到了,在雅思口语考试的第一和第三部分,考官们特别希望你们能够介绍一下自己,告诉他们一些你们的情况。So Im saying that these pronouns and adverbs are gonna be particularly helpful.所以这些关系代词和关系副词将会特别有用。So these pronouns you put in the middle of sentences to continue the sentence and give a bit more information.这些关系代词是用在句子中间起连接作用的,同时我们也用它们来增加一些信息。So youd use ;who; to describe people.在描述人的时候,可以用关系代词; who;。;The person I met who is a shopkeeper; -- ;The person I went to school with who is now a famous movie star; -- okay?比如; The person I met who is a shopkeeper;(我碰见的那个人是个商店老板),; The person I went to school with who is now a famous movie star; (以前跟我一起上学的那个人,现在成了一位著名影星)。So ;who;, when youre giving more information about the person, okay, whos doing something, whos the subject. Okay?所以,如果你们要讲述关于某个人的一些情况,就用; who;,知道了吗?某个人在做什么之类的。这里的; who; 指的就是主语。You can also use ;whom;, but its not so common, ;whom; would be the indirect version of this, someone whos not doing something.你们还可以用; whom;,但是; whom;并不是很常用,; whom;是; who;的宾格形式,不能在句子中充当主语。Now, youd use ;that; when youre describing things. Okay?在描述事物的时候,可以用关系代词; that;。;I went to Bath on Saturday that was a fantastic place to visit.; Okay? So Im describing the activity of going to a place. Okay?比如 ; I went to Bath on Saturday that was a fantastic place to visit. ; (我周六去了巴斯,那是个游玩的好地方),在这里,我描述的是去某个地方这种活动。Bath itself. Okay? So its a proper noun.是巴斯这个地方,这是一个专有名词。;Which; I can throw in there when I want to also describe things in a non-defining clause sense.在非限制性从句中描述事物的时候,可以用关系代词; which;。;The film which I saw on Saturday was really good.; Okay? You can get some more information on this on another one of our s.比如 ;The film which I saw on Saturday was really good.;(我星期六看的那部电影非常棒),你们可以在我们网站的另一个视频里找到更多关于; which;的用法。;Whose; when Im describing a possession. So, ;The car I drove whose owner was Charlie.; -- okay?在描述所有权时,可以使用; whose;。比如 ;The car I drove whose owner was Charlie.; (我开的那辆车是Charlie的)。So Im describing an element of possession. Okay?在这里我描述的是为某人所有的一个东西。Now, looking onto the relative adverbs. I can use ;when; when Im talking about times.下面我们再来看看关系副词。当我们讨论时间的时候,可以使用关系副词; when;。;I went to school when I was aged 13 to 18.; Yeah?比如 ;I went to school when I was aged 13 to 18.; (我13到18岁的时候都在上学)。I can use ;where; when Im talking about the place that something happens.在讨论某件事发生的地点时,可以用关系副词; where;。So ;I went to the actors temple, where I learnt a lot about acting.; Okay? So giving more information about that particular place.比如 ;I went to the actors temple, where I learnt a lot about acting.;(我去了电影学院,在那儿学到了很多关于表演的知识)。我们用; where;来描述关于这个特定地点的更多信息。And I can use ;why; ,I mean, ;why; normally results in a question.还有关系副词; why;,它一般用来引导疑问句。Its difficult to include ;why; and then end in a full stop.我们很少把; why; 用在肯定句中。um...So you could say, ;I decided to cross the road today. Why do you think that is? Well, I went to go and buy some food.;举个例子来说,;I decided to cross the road today. Why do you think that is? Well, I went to go and buy some food.; (我今天去了马路对面。你觉得我为什么这么做呢?我去买了一些食物)。Now, Im gonna put some examples here and to show you, you know, how we can use these.我会在这儿放几个例句来告诉你们应该怎么使用这些词。;I went to school with Charlie who; -- okay, so now the next bit gives more information about the person, okay?;I went to school with Charlie who;-- (我跟Charlie一起去的学校,他......)那么,剩下的句子就会对这个人做一些描述。-- ;the man who helped me pass my driving test who; -- so Im giving even more information about this person, what, he lives in a place in the north of England.-- ;the man who helped me pass my driving test who;(这个帮我通过驾照考试的人,他......)那么接下来我会继续给出关于这个人的一些信息, 比如,他住在英格兰北部的一个地方。;I enjoyed playing; -- ;I played football at school, which was fun.; So ;which; there is talking about, you know, the activity as I mentioned here.;I enjoyed playing; -- ;I played football at school, which was fun.;(我喜欢玩......我在学校的时候踢过足球,非常有趣),那么这里的; which; 就是用来描述我提到过的这项活动的。And ;The teacher whose expertise; -- so Im talking about the skill that that teacher had. Possessive, okay? -- ;the teacher whose expertise helped me pass my exam.;还有;The teacher whose expertise;(这位老师的专长......)我在这里讨论的就是这位老师拥有的技能。所有权,还记得吗?-- ;the teacher whose expertise helped me pass my exam.; (这位老师的技能帮助我通过了考试)。Now, I hope Ive shed a little light. I know some of these might be unfamiliar to you.希望以上这些能让你们对关系从句有了一点了解。我知道这其中有些用法你们可能不太熟悉。Should we just have a quick recap of this?那我们再来简要地概括一下。So Im gonna use ;who; when Im describing people. ;The person I went to school with, who is now doing well.;在描述人的时候,可以使用; who;。比如 ;The person I went to school with, who is now doing well.; (曾经跟我一起上学的那个人现在过得很好)。;The person I met at the shop, who was a very nice person.; Okay?;The person I met at the shop, who was a very nice person.; (我在商店遇到的那个人,是个很和善的人)So these are kind of small little chunks that you kind of put on to the end of the sentence. Yeah?这些就是一般可以增加在句尾的小语块。;The place that I went today was really great.; So ;that I went today; is the extra bit of information.;The place that I went today was really great.; (我今天去的那个地方非常棒),所以, ;that I went today;就是我额外添加的信息。;Which; -- ;The sandwich, which I had at lunch, was really good.; So ;had at lunch; is that little bit more information.接下来是; which;,;The sandwich, which I had at lunch, was really good.; (我中午吃的那个三明治很好吃),那么, ;had at lunch; 就是增加的一点信息。;The car, whose owner I really like, was very good to drive.; So if youve got a sentence, youre putting in a little bit more information here, and then finishing it here, okay?;The car, whose owner I really like, was very good to drive.; (我很喜欢的那个人的车,非常好开)。所以,在一个句子里面,你们可以在这里添加一些信息,然后在这个部分把它结束。;The car, whose owner I really like, drives fast.; Okay? So youd separate it with two commas.;The car, whose owner I really like, drives fast.;(我很喜欢的那个人的车,开起来很快)。在这个句子里,要用两个逗号把各个部分分开。Now, dont worry if youre a little bit confused by this because you can now refer to a very clear quiz that Ive created on engvid.com that should test you with these key words and make sure that youve really cemented it, made certain of these words for yourself.如果你们被这些句子弄得有点糊涂了,也别担心,因为我在engvid.com这个网站上上传了一个非常简单易懂的小测验,你们可以把它作为参考,这个小测验能够测试你们这些关键词,以及确认你们有没有真的记牢、弄懂这些知识点。So please now go to the engvid.com website and check out the quiz if youre not aly there.如果你们不是在engvid.com上看的这个视频,那就快去engvid网站上看看那个小测验吧。And hopefully, my answers will make all this a little bit more clear for you.希望我的能让你们对这些知识点更清楚一些。Do feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel, and Id love you also to check out my Exquisite English page.你们可以订阅我的YouTube频道,也可以去我的英文主页上看看。Thank you for watching today, and I just hope that using these key little words will help you get that extra bit more information. Well done. Goodbye.谢谢你们的观看,我希望通过使用这些重要的小单词能够帮助你们弄懂那些额外的信息。辛苦啦,再见。201706/515546TED演讲视频:追寻水银的踪迹生物学家史蒂芬·帕伦认为,海洋的健康和我们的健康之间有着紧密而神奇的联系。他通过日本一个渔场发生的让人震惊的有毒污染的事件,展示了位于海洋食物链底部的有毒物质是如何进入我们的身体的。他的工作主要是未来拯救海洋健康的方法——同时也包括人类的。201701/489869

This is kind of interesting. Theres a new study done at the University of Minnesota分享个有趣的 最近明尼苏达大学做了一个调查where they found people often have very different interpretations of what Emojis mean.结果发现 不同的人对同一个表情的理解是不同的The study found that 25% of type people do not agree on whether an Emoji was positive, neutral or negative.调查发现 其中有25%的人对某个特定表情到底代表的是积极 中性 还是消极存在着异议In another words,the universal language they called Emoji isnt really universal.换句话说 这个被誉为是世界通用的表情包有可能不那么通用了I have to say it surprised me at the first then we conducted all our experiments today不得不说 一开始这结果确实吓到我了 于是我们做了一天的调查We went on the street, we showed people the eggplanting emoji, the peach emoji and a couple of other emojis.我们上街采访了人们 给他们看了“茄子”的图片 “桃子”的图片以及其他各种图…To see what each one of those meant to each person. And here are our immediately unscientific results.想看一下他们对那些图的理解是啥 好 接下来就是我们新鲜出炉的非科学不靠谱的调查结果This is kind of interesting. What does this emoji mean to you? Penis.让我们来看看吧 这张图你觉得代表啥?小鸡鸡Ass. Taco.--Well...or....a....? Or.....a....vagina. Sex.屁屁 墨西哥卷饼 呃…还有嘞… 呃…… 爱爱What does this emoji mean to you? Dick. Ass. TacoTuesday. Or? Vagina Hahahah......你觉得这张图代表什么?小鸡鸡 屁屁 墨西哥卷饼 还有? 哈哈哈哈…A finger fuck. Wow.. I think you mean finger of love making. Oh....that means....um.... Hahahaha.......手指‘操’ 哇喔…牛逼 你是说用手指做爱吧?嗯…指那个…呃…哈哈哈哈My weiner? Its a penis emoji. Hahaha....it usually...indicates penis. Its a shaft used for pleasure.我老二?指小弟弟 哈哈哈…这经常指…那个…小鸡鸡啊 ‘棒’Its an eggplant? Or...... Or a squash? Or? Or....um...its not a pepper I know that. Its......茄子?还有呢…?南瓜?再有呢?嗯…还有啊…反正不可能是辣椒…这我知道的Um.......purple pepper? Its an eggplant. Or? I cant say anything else.呃…紫色的茄子?茄子啊 还有咧?我不能再说了My kids will be watching. I cant say anything else.我的孩子们可能都看着呢 我不能再说了Haha...an eggplant. A purple eggplant with a green top that I would like to eat.哈哈哈…就是茄子…带绿色把的紫茄子 我想吃的那种OMG! YES. Looks like a dick. A vagina? Malepox. A tomato?天哪!亮瞎眼 对啊 看起来像小鸡鸡啊 ? 西红柿?Well or? Apple? Or? A pomegranate? Or a butt? It can be an innercent fruit or also can be an ass I think.呃…还有呢?苹果?还有呢?石榴?屁屁?它可以是单纯的水果 也可以是屁屁Everyboday definitely say it stands for the boody. Female butt. Could be a peach or...... Or the real end.我估计大家都会说是小弟弟吧 女人的屁屁 可以是桃子 或者屁屁That makes me hungry cause I love tacos ,who doesnt? Well...well...看着它我都饿了 你知道我超爱卷饼的 我觉得每个人都喜欢吧?呃…恩…Well....alright..Teachers on. Ahahahahah.....its a taco but I also know its not a taco. Hahaha.....…呃…醉了…你要讲课了么…哈哈哈哈…是卷饼 也不是卷饼 哈哈哈哈…Go right and then go through something. What does that mean?--Oh, anything you want.向右转再穿过什么东西…那是什么意思呢?你想它是什么意思它就是什么意思咯!Well......alright. Pull my finger? No thank you. Wu......that looks like...like the penis going in a hole?呃…好吧…你赢了 拉手指?你够了 哥们儿 嗯…看起来像小弟弟在钻洞啊?A hand? Oh! We are having sex? Sex. Sex. Sex. One hand pointing at another. Meaning!一只手? 喔 爱爱呗?做爱 做爱 做爱 一只手指着另一只手 啥意思?Do you love clicking buttons that subscribing to things?你喜欢点击订阅节目吗Then click the button to subcribe to my channel and you will finally be happy.那就快订阅我的频道吧 更多精等着你哦!201706/514121

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