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Voice 1: Hello. Im Mike Procter.声音1:大家好,我是迈克·普洛斯特Voice : And Im Marina Santee. Welcome to Spotlight. This programme uses a special English method of broadcasting. It is easier people to understand, no matter where in the world they live.声音:我是玛丽娜·桑蒂欢迎收听重点报道节目本节目用慢速英语的方式播报新闻便于全世界各地民众的理解Voice 1: What do you think of when you hear bats flying near you? Do you imagine friendly looking creatures? Probably not! Bats are not very popular creatures! And many people find them a little frightening. This is partly because of false stories surrounding the creatures. In today programme we look at how this small creature may have the answer to one of our biggest health problems!声音1:当你听到蝙蝠在你身边飞的时候你会想到什么?你会不会以为那是长得很友好的生物?可能不是!蝙蝠并不是非常受欢迎的生物!许多人认为它们有些可怕部分原因是因为有关这种生物的虚假故事可是这种小生物可能会解决其中一个最严重的健康问题,今天的节目我们就来关注一下其中的原理 译文属 51Ireland Votes ‘Yes’ to Same-Sex Marriage爱尔兰公投同性婚姻合法A referendum was held in the Republic of Ireland this weekend on the subject of same-sex marriage. Over 6% voted in favour of changing the constitution and allowing same-sex marriage. Ireland will be the first country in the world to legalise same-sex marriage by popular vote. Over 60% of eligible voters turned out to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to same sex-marriage. While no church in Ireland will be required to perm a same-sex marriage ceremony, parliament expects to pass the same-sex marriage bill civil ceremonies by next fall.这周末,爱尔兰共和国就同性婚姻进行了公投有超过6%的选民同意修改宪法,允许同性婚姻爱尔兰也将成为全球首个通过公投允许同性婚姻的国家超过60%的合法选民参加了这次投票活动爱尔兰还没有要求应该在哪所教堂举办同性婚礼,议会希望在明年秋天之前通过民间仪式举办同性婚礼的法案译文属原创,,不得转载 378887

  你正打算去某处吗?这个语言小点心对你很有用!1. If you hit the road, what do you do?a) start a very long car journeyb) have a traffic accidentc) leave somewhere to go somewhere else. Who recorded the famous song, 'Hit The Road Jack'?3. Why does Nina have to hit the road herself now? 79981

  secondary school初中,ask out请某人外出Go BarefootIn secondary school, I was always self-conscious about my height. Once I was asked out by a life-guard. I had never really stood next to him and didnt know how tall he was, so the night of the date I took out two pairs of shoes-one with heels, one flat. I arranged with my brother to answer the door, compare his height with my date and run upstairs to let me know which shoes to wear.When doorbell rang I waited. Then my brother showed up and told me what I didnt want to hear: Go barefoot. 光着脚约会 中学的时候,我对自己的高度非常敏感一次,一位救生员约我出去事实上,我从未和他并肩站过,因而不知道他到底有多高约会那晚,我拿出两双鞋,一双高跟,一双平跟我安排哥哥去开门,让他和救生员比比高度,再上楼告诉我应穿哪双鞋 门铃响了,我在楼上等着哥哥跑上楼告诉了我一个不幸的消息:你可以光着脚去约会 1.ask out请某人外出 She busy tonight; she been asked out to dinner.今晚她没空, 有人请她外出吃饭.arrange with商定 Im going to arrange with him about the tickets.我准备就票的问题与他商量3.date约会对象也有;年代;的意思: At that date there were no airplanes.那时还没有飞机.show up出现也有;使丢脸;的意思: He showed his parents up rather badly.他给他父母丢尽了脸 8。


  Part . Speeches.Keywords. space project, touch, dream, full-time, serve, change.Vocabulary. swelter, oasis, vindication, cynicism, creed.In this section, youre going to hear six extracts from some public speeches.Pay attention to the examples of the language or structures used, which enable you to identify the functions of these speeches.1. I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, bee this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth.No single space project in this period will be more impressive to mankind, or more important the long-range exploration of space.And none will be so difficult or expensive to accomplish.But in a very real sense, it will not be one man going to the moon.If we make this judgement affirmatively, it will be an entire nation.I believe we should go to the moon.. As he said many times, in many parts of this nation, to those he touched and who sought to touch him.Some men see things as they are and say ;Why?;, I dream things that never were and say ;Why not?;.3. I have a dream, that one day on the red hills of Georgia, sons of mer slaves and sons of mer slave-owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.I have a dream, that one day, even the State of Mississippi, a state sweltering with the heat of injustice, sweltering with the heat of oppression, will be transmed into an oasis of freedom and justice.I have a dream, that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. 30

  When you buy a Myki card, you can also load some money onto it at the same time. It really quite easy. Every time you travel, you must touch on at the Myki er machine at the entrance to the station where you begin your journey. When you get off at the end of your journey, you must touch off with your card at the Myki er machine at that station. The Myki system subtracts your fare from the amount you loaded onto your Myki. I put on my Myki when I first bought it. It costs about .50 to go from my nearest station into the City. That about 5 kilometres. So it not too expensive.当你买到一张Myki卡,你可以同时在上面存点钱真的很容易每次你要出门,你都得在站点入口的Myki读卡器那里刷一下卡你下车以后,要在出站时再刷一下卡Myki系统会从你存在Myki卡上的总金额中扣去所需的费用我第一次购买时存入了30美元,从离我最近的站进城扣去我5.5美元行程约5千米,所以还不算贵Of course, at peak travel times around 5pm to 6pm in the evening and from 7.30am to 9am in the morning, Melbourne trains are usually full. But even at these times, I can always find a space to stand comtably, or sometimes even get a seat. At other times, there will always be a seat you.当然,在傍晚5点到6点,早上7点半到9点的出行高峰时段,墨尔本地铁通常是满员的但即使是在这些时段,我也总能找到一个能够让自己舒地站着的位置,有时我甚至能找到个座位其他时段里,总是会找到个座位的I hope that has given you some basic inmation about Melbourne train system. When you come to Melbourne, you should try it.我希望你已对墨尔本的地铁系统有了基本的了解当你有机会来墨尔本时,应该尝试一下If you have a question or a comment to make, please leave it in the comments box on on my website at www.slowenglish.info. You can leave your comment in English or in any language and I will translate it. Or, you can send me an email at rob@slowenglish.info. I would like to hear any suggestions you may have. Goodbye until next time.如果大家有问题或者想留言,请在www.slowenglish.info网站上的栏处留言你可以用英语留言,也可以用其他语言留言,我可以自己翻译或者大家也可以发送邮件到rob@slowenglish.info我希望听到大家的建议下期见Rob.罗布 译文属 37976

  American President-James Madison; function versus reception versus banquet; worthy versus worth it; all of a sudden versus out of the blue Words:Constitutionplantation delegateFederalist checks and balancesamendment to capture opponent neutral colonizationrheumatism liver failure function reception banquet worthy worth it all of a suddenout of the blue 396963

  Leona:I want to live close to downtown. We can get everywhere on foot and walk to most amenities.利昂娜:我想住的离市中心近些这样我们就可以走着去任何地方并且很方便就能到各种便利设施Jeremy:Downtown is always bustling and noisy, and the crime rate is really high.杰里米:市中心总是熙熙攘攘,嘈杂烦扰,而且犯罪率很高Id rather have proximity to parks and open spaces.我宁愿挨着公园和空地Leona:If we lived downtown, we wouldnt have to worry about commute time and traffic.利昂娜:如果住在市中心,我们就不必担心上下班时间和交通问题了I could walk to work and you could take public transportation.我走路去上班就行,你可以乘坐公共交通Jeremy:That true, but there arent any good schools near downtown.杰里米:这倒是真的,但在市中心附近没有好学校Leona:Hello, we dont have any kids.利昂娜:喂,我们还没孩子好吧Jeremy:Not yet. I want to settle down somewhere a while, not move every couple of years.杰里米:确实还没有我想要在个地方安定下来,几年都不动Leona:Is that why you want to live in the suburbs? The suburbs have no character.利昂娜:那你为什么要住在郊区?郊区根本没有特点Everything is cookie-cutter.一切都是千篇一律Jeremy:That not true.杰里米:也不尽然Leona:Downtown has character and it close to nightlife.利昂娜:市中心倒是很有性格但都是夜生活Jeremy:That less important to me than a place in a quiet neighborhood.杰里米:对我来说一个安静的社区比那些更重要Imagine lounging in the backyard or taking a walk in the park.想象躺在后院或者在公园里散步We can raise our kids in a close-knit commy.我们可以在联系紧密的社区养育我们的孩子Leona:I think youre planning a family that we dont have.利昂娜:我觉得你在计划一个我们还没有的家庭Jeremy:Yet!杰里米:一切尚未有定论! 6998。

  Overweight is definitely, definitely a problem issue a lot of people, me being one of them. Those extra pounds add up to health care cost. State officials say that the leading causes of preventable death are tobacco use, lack of exercise and an unhealthy diet. There has been a shift upward in terms of the percentage of members who have signs of disease. Starting in July of next year, the state will put those tar-heeler employees who smoke on a PPO basic 70-30 plan. In July of , those who have a body mass index of 0 or more will be put on the same limited coverage too.I understand that no one likes to be singled out; however, that is willfully choosing ill health.Most people agree with the penalties smokers. A lot of companies have aly started instituting similar policies. It's the plan obese-state employees that has everyone talking.I honestly think that is completely ridiculous, that, um, to charge somebody more their weight, I don't see what that's even constitutional, to be honest.You need to take many different things into consideration that it could be, um, just an illness.The States have preventable diseases, like diabetes and heart disease, increase health care cost astronomically.These conditions that we are both seeing on now, um, are too, um, that have some the greatest impact on cost of health care.The State believes giving folks an incentive to stop smoking and lose weight will not only save their lives, but also the tax-payer money.In Ashville, Charu Kumarhia, News . 899

  Ask an American: Obsolete; regarding versus concerning versus as ; cant be bothered; How you doing?Words:blocksoundtrackto toteghetto blasterefingerknobcultural referencenext doorotherwiseto Tweetterseto water downregardingconcerningas cant be botheredHow you doing? 35630

  fah6oG+D8f3Tv7[xH^lWJRl-Ive#t[~-.uL,mPh6PsNorma went to bed. It was eleven o’clock. She turned out the light. She lay in bed. It was dark. It was quiet. She couldn’t sleep. She closed her eyes. She tried to sleep, but she couldn’t. She turned the light back on. She opened her book. She started to her book. It was a good book. She one page. Then she another page. After a while, she felt sleepy. She closed the book. She turned out the light. She closed her eyes. She went straight to sleep.3T8|iINE1A1DH%*aDhCoT|A[QpAcNiYQMvJs+~9NN.yG_V.9s%vBEt*p9aLzfX_+-c# 38901

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