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襄阳第三人民医院治疗睾丸炎多少钱襄阳治疗淋病费用要多少Asian character tattoos have long been in style, with millions of brooding youths, aging hippies and pseudo-intellectuals seeking to express their world view via a couple of exotic-looking symbols etched into their skin.亚洲文字纹身长久以来为万千新新人类、嬉皮潮人及诸多伪知识分子所推崇。他们热衷此类怪异图形,将其纹在自己的皮肤上,借此表达他们独特的世界观。But many of the body art enthusiasts with a taste for the ‘Orient#39; do not bother to research what is it exactly they are having permanently inked on their ankle or lower back, to disastrous - and hilarious - results.可是许多拥有;东方艺术;情节的纹身爱好者们,却从不去探究他们烙印在四肢关节或者后背上的东西到底会有何等毁灭性的搞笑效果。The Hanzi Smatter blog, run by Tian Tang, has been trying to set the record straight by chronicling the ‘misuse of Chinese characters in Western culture#39; and translating would-be ‘Asian#39; tattoos for the benefit his ers.由唐天(音译)负责运作的汉字文化客最近对西方文化中汉子的误用及;东方文化;纹身的误译列出了直接的追溯记录,以此为广大客读者提供指引帮助。In the best-case scenario, the symbols turn out to be meaningless gibberish designed to look like an actual word, or a poor translation of a Western name into Chinese.某些经典案例中,纹身的图案看似是文字,实则只是一堆无意义的怪异图形组合。也有一些是西方词汇的汉语翻译,与原文也许相去甚远。But at times, Tian encounters real head-scratchers. In one case, a fierce ‘Outlaw#39; tattoo ended up translating to the less-than-threatening ‘Hiding Criminal,#39; or alternatively, a ‘Snitch.#39;时不时唐天还会引用一些具体的案例,比如,有一个人想用纹身表达;逃犯;,却误翻成了;藏匿犯;,或者也有的写作了;贼;。In a more macabre twist, a tattoo that was supposed to say ‘Fear No Man#39; improbably turned out to be ‘Coffin Man.一个以死亡为主题的纹身中,本来其主人想表达;无所畏惧;的含义,而纹上的字却是;棺材佬;。On a similar note, one young lady wished to have the word ‘Bitch#39; carved into her skin, but the artist took some liberties with the language and instead inked the words ‘Cheap Whore#39;.还有个案例,一名年轻女性想要在皮肤上纹上;女王;字样,可是文字经过纹身者的自由发挥,纹成了;廉价;。In many cases, the calligraphy is so poor and the combination of symbols appears so random that it is hard for Tang to figure out what exactly the person getting the tattoo had in mind when he or she went to get inked.许多案例中,纹身的字都写得很糟糕,而且字的上下左右排布都是非常随机的。唐天甚至都没法辨认出这些人去纹身的时候,究竟想纹什么在身上。Among the more colourful examples in this category is ‘Golden Pig#39; (with the symbol for ‘Pig#39; upside down); ‘I Am slow/Pregnant#39; and ‘My Abusive Husband Pimps Me Out.#39;#39;最鲜亮的例子就是;金猪;纹身(猪字还倒过来了),;我很慢/我怀了;,以及;恶夫将我卖;。But nothing captures the predicament of getting a tattoo in a language you don#39;t know than the case of the person who meant to get inked with symbols for ‘Loyalty,#39; only to end up with ‘Noodles#39; permanently carved into his body.不过最囧的情况是有人想在身上纹个;忠;,最后却永远的纹上了繁体的;面;字。 /201208/195976襄阳激光包皮手术 Watching a horror film could burn off a whole bar of chocolate, according to a new research released today.根据今天发布的最新研究,观看一部恐怖片让人消耗的热量相当于一根巧克力棒所含的热量。Viewers who put themselves through 90 minutes of adrenaline-pumping terror can use up as much as 113 calories, close to the amount burned during a half-hour walk and the equivalent to a chocolate bar.看完90分钟恐怖片可以使人消耗多达113卡路里的热量,接近于散步半小时,或者一根巧克力棒所含的热量。The movie top of the list of calorie-burners was found to be the 1980 psychological thriller The Shining, with the average viewer using up a whopping 184 calories.位居十大最能燃烧卡路里的恐怖片榜单之首的是1980年的心理惊悚片《闪灵》,平均每位观看者会消耗多达184卡路里的热量。Jaws took the runner-up spot, with viewers burning on average 161 calories, and The Exorcist came third, with 158 calories.排在第二位的是《大白鲨》,观看者平均消耗161卡路里热量;排在第三的是《驱魔人》,平均消耗量为158卡路里。 /201308/251035老河口市妇幼保健医院泌尿系统在线咨询

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襄阳男科生殖It may have taken him two decades, and the income saved from tons of recycled trash, but Wu Zheng finally fulfilled his wish to buy his wife a piano.尽管老人吴政花了近20年时间,倾尽靠回收垃圾攒下的积蓄,但他终于圆了妻子的钢琴梦。;It was not just an instrument, but a witness of the love from my husband,; said his wife, Xie Guizhi, who has made the piano the centerpiece of her narrow and crowded guestroom.“这不仅仅是一件乐器,也见了老伴对我的爱。”他的妻子谢桂枝说。钢琴已成为了拥挤狭小的客厅中最重要的物件。;I clean the piano every day and don`t allow other people to touch it,; said Xie, 58, a retired worker in Luoyang, Henan province.“我每天都会把钢琴擦得干干净净的,不许别人碰它。”58岁的谢桂枝说,她是河南洛阳的一名退休工人。Wu, 68, said he made up of his mind to buy his wife a piano long ago, even though their life was poor.68岁的吴政说,尽管家境并不富裕,但他很久以前就下定决心要为老伴买架钢琴。;My wife enjoys music and loves piano very much,; Wu said. ;I dreamed of buying her a piano as early as 38 years ago when we fell in love with each other.;“我老伴特别热爱音乐,喜欢钢琴。”吴政说。“早在38年前我们谈恋爱的时候,我就梦想着给她买一架钢琴。”Yet the cost of the piano - at 22,550 yuan (,500) - was a big sum for the family. His wife suffered from backbone problems for years and Wu`s salary at the rural credit cooperative could only cover the basic expenses of food and medicine for the whole family.然而一架22550元的钢琴对这个家庭来讲是笔不小的出。吴政的妻子常年饱受脊椎病的折磨,而吴政在城关信用社的收入仅仅能够撑整个家庭食品和药品的基本出。To make more money to support the family, Wu decided to pick up recyclable waste after work in the early 1990s.;It was a hard decision because there were lots of prejudices toward waste recyclers at that time,; he said. ;Most people thought that collecting recyclable stuff from the dustbins was shameful.;为了多挣些钱养家,吴政从上世纪90年代初就决定利用业余时间捡破烂。“这是个艰难的决定,因为当时人们对拾荒者持有偏见。”他说,“大多数人觉得从垃圾桶里捡破烂是件丢脸的事。”To avoid being identified by his acquaintances, Wu wore a mask and a pair of dark glasses at first. ;It felt like I was committing some wrongdoings when I started to search for recyclable waste in the street,; he said. ;The most worrying thing for me was being identified by my colleagues.;为了避免被熟人认出来,起初吴政会带上口罩和墨镜。“刚开始在街上收废品时,我觉得自己就像做坏事一样。”他说,“最怕被同事认出来。”By collecting all kinds of wastes including rubber shoes, plastic bottles, glasses and newspapers, Wu could earn about 4,000 yuan per year and save about 1,000 of that.通过回收胶鞋、塑料瓶、玻璃和报纸等各种废品,吴政每年能有4000元的收入,从中能存下1000元。The realization of his dream was accompanied by lots of sad memories - he described as feeling ;like a beggar; when he would wait for customers at a roadside barbecue to drop their empty beer bottles.在实现梦想的过程中,也有许多伤心的经历——他说自己在路边烧烤摊边等待人们丢下空啤酒瓶时,感觉自己像个乞丐。;Sometimes I had to wait for more than half an hour until they finished their drinking and left the bottles for me,; he said.“有时为了等他们喝完酒留给我空瓶子,我要等半个多小时。”他说。;Some young men would rather break the glass bottles in front of me on purpose, and it felt like breaking my heart,; he said.“有的年轻人甚至故意当着我的面把玻璃瓶摔破,当时我特别痛心。”他说。He was also moved sometimes when the others gave him some plastic bottles ;in a respectful manner;.而有时人们会“礼貌地”把塑料瓶递给他,他也备受感动。He had to travel around the city twice every day for more than 10 kilometers to find as much stuff as possible.为了尽可能多地回收废品,他每天要在城里走上两圈,能走10多公里的路。Since Wu has fulfilled the dream of buying his wife a piano, he does not go out to pick up waste any more, though he still keeps the habit of saving his family`s recyclable waste.如今吴政已经实现了给老伴买钢琴的梦想,不用再出门拾荒了。但他仍旧保留着收集家中废品的习惯。;There are no differences between so-called noble or humble jobs,; said Wu Yuanhong, the couple`s 36-year-old daughter, adding that she felt proud of her parents.“工作没有所谓的高贵、低贱之分。”两位老人36岁的女儿吴艳红(音译)说,她为自己的父母感到自豪。;People deserve to be respected if they are dedicated to their dreams and don`t rely on others.; For Xie, the piano was a surprising gift - she had never played the piano before and she is trying hard to study how to play.“不依赖别人,为自己的梦想而奋斗的人,理应得到尊重。”对谢桂枝来说,这架钢琴是一份令人惊喜的礼物。之前从未弹过钢琴的她目前正在努力学习。;People could hardly connect the piano - a symbol of elegance and nobility - with waste recyclers, who are always thought of as dirty and messy,; she said.“人们很难将象征高贵优雅的钢琴与拾荒者联系起来。人们总是认为拾荒者脏兮兮的。”她说。;I really appreciate that my husband has done so much for me.; The biggest joy for Wu is to sing songs to the accompaniment of the piano, and his favorite song is The Most Romantic Thing.“我真的很感谢老伴为我做了这么多事。”吴政生活中最大的乐趣就是在钢琴的伴奏下唱歌,而他最喜欢的歌就是《最浪漫的事》。;The most romantic thing I can imagine is to get older slowly with you,; Wu sang to the melody of the piano.吴政老人随着钢琴的美妙旋律唱道:“我能想到最浪漫的事,就是和你一起慢慢变老。” /201302/225043 老河口第一医院不孕不育科南漳县妇幼保健中医院男科最好的医院




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