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Step 1: You will need 你需要准备Step 2: Slicing the banana 对香蕉做些手脚 Find a quiet spot where you wont be interrupted so that you can practice your technique in peace. Start by inserting the needle into one of the spines of the banana, either near the top or bottom of the banana. Push the needle all the way through the fruit until you feel a resistance when it reaches the inside of the skin on the other side. Rest the needle against your thumb, using it as a lever the slice the needle through the flesh of the banana. You will have to vary the depth of the needle so you dont slice through the skin. You will be able feel, and possibly hear, the needle scrape against the inside of the skin. Cut the whole banana into slices in this way, being careful not to stab yourself with the needle. 找一个安静的你不会被打扰的地方,,这样你可以安静练习技巧。开始将针插入香蕉,靠近香蕉顶部或底部。把针贯穿整个香蕉,直到你感觉到一个阻力,这说明它到达里面果肉内皮另一侧。用你的拇指顶住针,利用它作为一种杠杆来切香蕉的果肉。你不得不改变针的深度,这样你才不会切开果皮。你可以感觉到,甚至可能听到针在香蕉内部切的感觉。通过这种方式来切整个香蕉,小心翼翼别被针伤到。Step 3: Serve and enjoy 第三步:享受成果 Select a gullible victim to give your banana to, and ask them to peel it. Some people will be suspicious, so you need to cajole them into a sense of security. Assure them that they will come to no harm by peeling the banana. You are now y to enjoy the reactions of your victims. Some will be amazed. Others will be totally unimpressed. And beware of those who react with anger and indignation. You could also try cutting the banana in half, rather than many slices, and then see what effect this has. Have fun! 选择一位容易上当受骗的受害者,把你的香蕉给他,并且要求他们剥香蕉皮。有些人会表示怀疑,所以你需要说他们,让他们感到安全感。让他们确信自己不会因为剥香蕉皮而受伤。你现在可以准备享受你的受害者的反应了。有些人会感到惊讶。其他人将完全对此无动于衷。要小心那些对此感到愤怒和愤慨的人。你也可以尝尝把香蕉切一半,而不是很多片,然后再看看有什么影响。祝你开心!食物宝贵,切勿浪费哦~201202/172670

A Chinese tourist was attacked and killed by hippo in Lake Naivasha on Sunday night, the Chinese embassy in Kenya confirmed to Xinhua on Monday.一名中国游客于周日在奈瓦夏湖遭到河马袭击并死亡,新华社周一得到中国驻肯尼亚大使馆方面的确认消息。According to the Chinese embassy, the female tourist was walking back to her room after dinner when she was attacked by a hippo in the hotel at around 8 p.m. local time. The victim was then rushed to a nearby hospital, but bled to death.据中国驻肯尼亚大使馆消息,当地时间晚上约8点,该女游客晚饭后步行返回房间时在酒店遭到河马袭击。该名伤者随后被紧急送入附近医院,但因流血过多而死亡。This is the first incident about hippo hurting Chinese tourist in Kenya.这是肯尼亚发生的首例河马袭击中国游客的事件。201304/236810

I know about a dozen people voluntarily restricting我知道很多人控制their foods so that theyre他们的饮食 因此他们hungry during the day in the hopes that that will在能够延寿的希望中extend their life span,忍受饥饿but you have to be hungry for this to work.而且你不得不饿着工作Well, calorie restriction means you need to cut your calories好的 控制卡路里意味着你需要减少by about 30 % from what you would normally eat,你平时摄入的百分之三十的卡路里and I tried it for about a week and it meant eating baby food我试了一周 就是吃婴儿食物and just a few vegetables and和一些蔬菜I felt hungry all the time, and I thought if我总是感到饿 我想假如this is going to be my life我的生活像这样过100年for the next hundred years, I dont want it.那么这不会是我想要的Professor David Sinclair wanted大卫·辛克莱尔教授想to understand how calorie restriction worked,搞清控制卡路里摄入的原理and see if he could create its effects without the effort.看看他能否让使其自行起作用So far, trying to make sense of至今 他仍在研究酵母the ageing process, hed been working with yeast.以试着了解衰老过程The organism that Im particularly excited about are yeast cells.令我特别兴奋的组织就是酵母细胞These are yeasts that you put in your b and your beer,就是你们放进面包啤酒里的酵母but actually they have a life span of about a week但实际上它们的寿命只有一周左右and the goal about fifteen years ago was15年前的目标是to find out why do they age, and what can we do about it?找出它们衰老的原因 我们又能为其做什么201303/230068

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