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l said, #39;You go out there and you mess up now, #39; l said,我说 你待会要是唱错#39;They#39;re gonna tell all the rest of the girls out there.她们一定会去跟外面其他的女生说的#39;You#39;re gonna be one ugly little boy everywhere you go. #39;那你不管走到哪都成了丑男了He used to go out and do one take.他以前上台都一次搞定When we were on the road, Michael would worry you to death.我们巡回时 迈克尔很让人担心l hear somebody knocking on my door and say,我听到有人敲我的门说#39;Hey, man, what#39;s wrong? #39; #39;Oh, man, what you doing? I wanna come in. #39;怎么了啊? 你在干嘛? 我要进来so l#39;d let him in. l#39;d say,我放他进来后问他#39;Man, why don#39;t you hang out with Jackie and them guys? #39;你怎么不跟杰基他们一起呢?;Hey, man, they got somebody in their room.;他们带人回房里l said, ;Well, how do you know?;我问 你怎么知道?He said, ;#39;Cause l Was listening to the door for about an hour.;他回 因为我在门外偷听一个小时He was like a little boy, l mean, he.他就像个小男孩 我是指.l said, #39;What were they doing? #39;我问 那他们在干嘛?He said, #39;They were talking, but they won#39;t let me in. #39;他说 他们在聊天 但是不让我进去They were like little kids and they were very, very happy他们就像是一群小孩子 而且很快乐and very carefree.无忧无虑Michael loved being Michael Jackson at that age.迈克尔当时很享受在台上当迈克尔·杰克逊He loved touring, he loved recording at Motown.他很喜欢巡回演出 也很爱在城录音He loved his fans, he loved performing.很爱他的粉丝 也热爱表演 Article/201509/397463

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201507/388415

A meta analysis is a statistical comparison of一项综合分析是many separate research studies that provides对许多项单独的研究而进行的统计比较an overarching view of the relationships这些研究提供对于between a dietary factor and cancer risk.饮食因素和癌症患病几率之间关系的总体印象By combining all of the relevant studies通过综合所有相关研究a very powerful assessment可以得出一个强有力的of the data can be achieved.数据评估Based on several such meta analysis基于几个类似的综合分析it has been concluded that人们得出一个结论就是regular consumption of green tea has定期饮用绿茶a slight beneficial effect on对于降低乳腺癌几率reducing breast cancer risk.有一丝益处With increased green tea consumption对于曾经患有乳腺癌的女性来说more than 3 cups a day每天3杯以上的绿茶the rate of cancer reoccurrence was found可以降低to be reduced in women癌症复发with previously diagnosed breast cancer.的几率So the role for green tea in breast cancer绿茶降低乳腺癌发病几率的作用is relatively weak相对较小but clearly shows no increased risk但这也很清晰地表明associated with green tea consumption.饮用绿茶不会提高患病率A similar meta analysis has been done还有一个类似的综合分析to determine the role研究了for green and black tea consumption饮用绿茶和红茶in the risk of lung cancer.对于肺癌患病率的影响Researchers compared data研究者们比较了from 22 separate studies22个单独的that examined green and black tea consumption考察绿茶和红茶in lung cancer risk. From this analysis对于肺癌患病率影响的研究数据,在这项分析中the highest consumption of green tea was最高的绿茶饮用量associated with reduced risk of lung cancer.与低肺癌发病率相关In fact, green tea consumption of 2 cups per day实际上每天两杯绿茶was associated with an 18% decreased risk能降低18%of developing lung cancer.肺癌患病率Consumption of black tea did not provide但饮用红茶any protective effect against lung cancer.对预防肺癌没有保护性作用The American Institute for Cancer Research美国癌症研究所and the World Cancer Research Fund和世界癌症研究基金会recently collaborated with research scientists近期与科学家合作to evaluate the entire body of evidence对饮食,营养摄入及体育运动relating food, nutrition and与癌症预防之间的关系physical activity with the prevention of cancer.进行全面评估The resulting document shown here我们现在看到的研究成果was published in 2007在2007年发表and provides an excellent resource for为人们理解understanding the links between diet and cancer.饮食和癌症之间的关系提供了极佳的参考This information can be accessed任何人都能在by anyone at the AICR website.美国癌症研究所的网站上看到这个信息After reviewing all relevant data在回顾所有concerning the role of tea in cancer关于茶叶对癌症患病影响的数据后it was concluded that可以得出结论the evidence was too limiting由于in amount, consistency, or quality to clearly在含量,一致性,或品质上的据过于有限associate tea with a preventative role in cancer.人们难以将茶和预防癌症的作用清晰地联系起来Therefore while studies with components of tea所以尽管对茶成分的研究表明suggest it plays a preventative role in cancer茶有预防癌症的作用much more research needs to be done.仍然需要更多的研究Let us turn our attention now to coffee.现在让我们谈谈咖啡This beverage has been consumed人们饮用咖啡已经by humans throughout history.有很长一段历史了It has been promoted for咖啡对于人体健康both positive and negative health associations.既有益处,也有可能有害Here is another question to ponder.这里还有个问题要考虑How much coffee do you consume daily?你每天喝多少咖啡?Why do you drink coffee?你为什么喝咖啡? Article/201506/382502

This picture shows the damage that is caused by这张图显示的是gluten to the micro-villi in someone who乳糜泻患者suffers from celiac disease.由麦胶引起的小肠绒毛受损情况As you can see the image on the left左边的图显示的是a healthy intestine has much greater surface area than健康的小肠the one on the right damaged by gluten consumption.肠壁面积远远大于受损的小肠One challenge of diagnosing celiac disease is that诊断乳糜泻的一个难点是there are no classic signs or symptoms.这种疾病没有明显的预示和症状For each person it may be different.每个人的情况都可能不同Most people with celiac disease have大多数乳糜泻患者会出现腹胀complaints of bloating, abdominal pain and diarrhea.腹痛和腹泻Some people develop anemia, joint pain有些人则会出现贫血,关节痛stomach pain, irritability or depression, dental易怒或者抑郁and/or bone disorders like osteoporosis牙齿和/或者骨骼方面的疾病foul smelling or oily stools, skin rash如骨质疏松,恶臭或油性大便,皮疹weight loss and stunted growth in kids.体重下降,儿童则会出现发育迟缓These symptoms can also imitate other conditions.这些症状也可能预示着其他疾病Further testing of these symptoms is needed找到病根to determine the root problem.需要对这些症状进行进一步的检查Dermatitis herpetiformis is a skin rash疱疹性皮炎是一种疱状并且发痒的皮疹that is itchy and blistery disease on the elbows由麦胶蛋白过敏引起knees and buttocks that is also caused多发在肘部,膝盖by gluten intolerance.以及臀部It is a sure sign of celiac disease.这是乳糜泻的一种预兆This photo shows dermatitis herpetiformis张照片显示的是on the elbow.肘部的疱疹性皮炎People with celiac disease can also have乳糜泻也可能silent celiac disease meaning以一种隐蔽的方式产生they have no outward symptoms of the disease.这个意思就是患者不会出现外在症状However consumption of gluten still causes尽管如此,食用含有麦胶蛋白的食品the same damage to the small intestine.仍然会对小肠造成损害These people must still follow a gluten free diet.这样的人也应该进行无麦胶蛋白饮食Shown here is a pie chart depicting这张图表显示的the prevalence of some common是乳糜泻的symptoms of celiac disease.常见症状As you see diarrhea in blue affects你可以看到,蓝色标注的腹泻about 15% of patients with celiac disease.会影响15%的乳糜泻患者Infants or children with celiac disease患有乳糜泻的婴幼儿will not develop properly and无法正常发育be classified as failure to thrive, which is in red.会被归类为发育障碍,用红色标注Other symptoms that affect celiac disease sufferers影响乳糜泻患者的症状还包括include anemia, emotional issues, stomach pain贫血,情绪问题distended abdomen, vomiting and constipation胃痛,腹胀and a variety of other symptoms.呕吐,便秘等等Lately there has been a fad of people interested最近有一些人in following a gluten-free diet.对无麦胶蛋白饮食很感兴趣As gluten-free foods keep coming up无麦胶蛋白食品在市场上on the market there are many people出现得越来越多who are choosing to eat gluten-free有很多没有患乳糜泻的人but who don#39;t have celiac disease.也开始热衷于这种食品Gluten is only harmful to those麦胶蛋白仅对被诊断who are diagnosed with celiac disease.患有乳糜泻的人才是有害的For the rest gluten doesn#39;t have a negative effect.对其他的人来说,麦胶蛋白并没有负面影响There are some people who don#39;t have celiac disease有一些没有患乳糜泻的人也表示who report feeling better when consuming no gluten.如果不吃含麦胶蛋白的食品他们感觉更好Whether this is the placebo effect or这到底是一种安慰剂效应还是there is actually an intolerance is yet to be determined.确实有过敏现象还有待进一步调查No current research can back up these claims.现在并没有相关研究来持这一说法By law wheat flour must be enriched根据法律,小麦面粉必须添加and fortified whereas other non-wheat flour products营养物质进行强化are not required to do so.但是其他的非小麦面粉并不用这么做There is no harm in eating gluten-free无麦胶蛋白饮食并没有害处however lack of certain nutrients found in但是可能会出现缺乏一些营养物质的现象fortified wheat products, including vitamin B1, B2, B3这些营养物质存在于强化小麦面粉中and iron maybe seen.比如维他命B1 B2 B3以及铁In this photo Chelsea Clinton#39;s gluten-free这张照片中的wedding cake made the news this summer切尔西,克林顿的无麦胶蛋白结婚蛋糕publicizing the gluten-free trend.引领了今夏无麦胶蛋白食品的风潮 Article/201505/376683

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