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本溪金山医院陈医生本溪市北大医院收费标准本溪市北大人流手术多少钱 You know how eye contact is a pretty important component ofinteracting with people,right?我们都知道在与人交流时目光交流很重要。So scientists recently tested thisby measuring peoples brain activity as they responded topictures of angry people and pictures of people who look afraid.因此,科学家最近做了这样一个实验:给被实验者看一些发怒的人和看起来让人害怕的人的照片,测量当时他们的大脑活动。It turns out that eye contact plays an important role when people are evaluating potential threats.结果发现,人们在评估潜在威胁时,目光接触起着重要的作用。If we measured your brain activity, wed see that the part of their brain that regulates emotionsand detects potential threats is hard at work.如果测量大脑活动,我们会看到大脑的一部分控制着情绪,并会察觉出潜在威胁。On the other hand, if Ive been scowling atsomething else, like this microphone, this wouldnt have bothered you nearly as much.And the exact opposite is true for fear.另一方面,如果我是盯着其他东西,像话筒,就不会使你感到不安。If I was staring at something and looking really frightened, your brain would work harder to figure out if whatever is scaring me may also pose a danger to you.如果我盯着一样东西看并受到惊吓,你的大脑就会努力找出,使我害怕的东西是否会对你造成危险。Eye contact means different things in different situations.在不同情况下,目光交流的意义也不同。If youre mad and looking at someone,you might be a threat.如果你很生气地看着我,你可能会成为一种威胁。But if youre scared and looking at me, its unlikely that youre going toattack.但是如果你是受到惊吓然后看着某个人,就不大可能表现出攻击性。So what the study suggests is that when youre studying emotions, you have to take eyecontact into consideration.所以,研究表明,当你在观察别人情绪时,必须考虑目光交流。It also suggests that in ambiguous situations, your brain has to domore work to process other peoples facial expressions in order to be able to evaluate the situationand respond appropriately.研究还表明,在模凌两可的情况下,为了正确评估形势和做出适当的反应,大脑需要做个更多的工作来处理其他人的面部表情。201407/308865桓仁县人民医院好

本溪经济技术开发区医院可以做NT检查吗Yael:Its time for another installment of lunch with Don and Yael.雅艾尔:现在到了唐和雅艾尔共进午餐的另一环节。So, Don, what do you have for lunch today?那么,唐,今天午餐你吃什么?Don:An apple.唐:一个苹果。Yael:Thats it?雅艾尔:就这些吗?Don:And some water.唐:还有些水。Yael:Why so little?雅艾尔:为什么吃这么点?Don:Well, I ate out last night . . . and at restaurants you tend to get around four or five times as much food as nutrition experts recommend.唐:嗯,我昨晚出去吃的饭。。。在餐馆就餐的你倾向于摄入专家推荐4至5倍的食物营养。For example, if you order a steak, youll probably get a nice, juicy, twelve-ounce piece of meat.如果你点了牛排,你的餐盘里可能盛放的是一份不错,多汁,12盎司的肉。But experts say that you shouldnt eat more than five-and-a-half ounces of meat per day.但专家表示你每天不应该吃超过5盎司的肉。Yael:Wow. Why does that happen?雅艾尔:哇。为什么会这样?Don:Its partly due to the plate size.唐:这部分是由于盘子尺寸所致。Have you ever noticed that a lot of restaurants use oversize plates?你有没有注意到很多餐馆使用超大的盘子?Which leads to another factor . . .when youre paying for a meal, you expect those plates to be filled with food.这导致另一个因素,当你出去吃饭,你指望那些盘子装满食物。Get a four- or five-ounce piece of steak on your giant plate and you might not feel that youre getting your moneys worth.在4-5盎司牛排盛放到你巨大盘子后,你可能不会觉得你花出去的钱物有所值。Yael:Yknow, I somewhere that people are eating out more than ever.雅艾尔:我在哪里看到过人们会比以往更多出去吃饭。And if theyre eating larger than recommended portions at restaurants, I bet thats contributing to the obesity problem.如果他们吃的比餐馆推荐量还要多,我敢打赌这会导致肥胖问题。Don:Some experts think so.唐:一些专家也认为如此。But theres an easy solution . . . eat only some of whats on your plate and take the rest home.但是有简单的解决方案。。。只吃在你盘子里的,把其余的打包带走。Yael:Did you do that last night?雅艾尔:你昨天晚上是这样的吗?Don:Uh, no. Its kinda hard to stop eating when all that food is right there in front of you.唐:嗯,没有。满桌美食尽在眼前不吃的确有些困难。Yael:Well then, enjoy your apple. 雅艾尔:那就好好享受你的这餐苹果吧。 201310/261137本溪金山医院正规吗怎么样 明山区北地河东新明街道医院不孕不育科

本溪中医院专家咨询Fine-wine fraud伪造的美酒Chateau Lafake法国酒庄拉法克红酒The fine-wine boom is attracting forgers美酒追捧热潮催生造假者Taste is a delicate thing味觉一种微妙的东西WINE buffs are like art collectors.葡萄酒爱好者与艺术品收藏者相同,Few can tell the difference between a well-made fake and the real thing.他们中很少人能分清真品与制作精良的赝品有什么区别。Yet whereas counterfeit art has been around for centuries, wine forgery is relatively new.但艺术品伪造已经有几百年历史了,酒类伪造却还只是近几十年的事。It started in the late 1970s when the prices of the best wines—especially those from Bordeaux—shot up.20世纪70年代末期,由于精品美酒尤其来自法国波尔多的葡萄酒价格飙升,名酒伪造应运而生。Today, with demand from China fuelling a remarkable boom, counterfeiting is rife.现在,中国对尊贵名酒的需求推动了名酒市场的繁荣,假冒伪劣酒也开始盛行。By some estimates 5% of fine wines sold at auction or on the secondary market are not what they claim to be on the label.据估计,拍卖会或二级市场出售的美酒有5%货不对板。The simplest technique is to slap the label of a 1982 Chateau Lafite onto a bottle of 1975 Lafite.伪造名酒最简单的方法是将1982年产法国酒庄拉法克红酒的标签贴到1975年产的红酒空瓶上。Another trick is to bribe the sommelier of a fancy restaurant to pass on empty bottles that once held expensive wine, along with the corks.另一个伎俩是贿赂高级餐厅的调酒师,将盛装过昂贵名酒的空瓶和瓶塞一起拿到手,These can be refilled with cheaper wine, recorked and resealed.然后将空瓶重新灌装廉价酒,重新装塞,重新密封就完成了造假过程。Empty Lafite and Latour bottles are sold on eBay for several hundred euros.在eBay网上,Lafite和Latour红酒的空瓶通常价值几百欧元。The margins are fruity.酒类伪造有可观的利润。A great wine may cost hundreds of times more than a merely excellent one.一瓶尊贵名酒的价格可能比一瓶单纯的优质酒贵上几百倍。Small wonder that oenophiles are growing more vigilant.难怪鉴酒专家们越来越趋于谨慎。Bill Koch, an energy tycoon and avid wine collector, currently has five lawsuits pending against merchants, auctioneers and other collectors.能源巨头比尔.科赫热衷于名酒收藏,他近来提起5宗涉及酒类的法律诉讼,分别状告酒商,拍卖师和其余酒类收藏家,案件至今未有裁决。His grape-related gripes began in 2006, when he filed a complaint against a German wine dealer who sold bottles of Lafite he claimed had once belonged to Thomas Jefferson.科赫先生对买红酒的抱怨始于2006年,当时他从一名德国酒商手中购买了很多据称是托马斯杰斐逊收藏过的红酒,后来发现有假而投诉了这名德国酒商,The case is unresolved.案子至今未果。There is a code of silence in the industry, says Mr Koch, who owns 43,000 bottles of wine and estimates that he has spent 4m-5m on fakes.科赫先生说:业界存在着一套潜规则,即买到假酒也要毫不声张。 他拥有43000瓶上好葡萄酒,但用于购买假酒的钱估计也在4-5百万美元左右。Some collectors are too proud to admit that they have been duped.有些收藏者觉得承认被骗不是件光的事。Others fear sullying a vintages reputation and thereby reducing the value of their own collections.另一些则担心玷污了葡萄酒的声誉会降低自己拥有葡萄酒的收藏价值。So instead of speaking out, they dump their fakes into auctions or sell them to other private collectors, says Mr Koch.因此他们不会将事情张扬,而是;将假酒转手到拍卖会或出售给其它私人收藏者;,科赫先生如是说。Wine merchants and auction houses say they are doing everything they can to filter out the fakes.酒商及拍卖行表示他们正尽一切所能筛选出假货。Simon Berry, the chairman of Berry Brothers amp; Rudd, a British wine merchant, says his firm never buys wines from before 2000 unless they come from its own cellars.英国酒商贝瑞兄弟与陆克文主席西蒙贝里称他的公司从来不购买2000年以前的葡萄酒,除非它们真的来自出产的酒窖。Christies, an auctioneer, says all the wines it auctions are inspected three times by different people, using detailed checklists for condition and authenticity.拍卖商佳士得称,它拍卖的所有名酒都要经过不同人反复检验三次,对他们出具的葡萄酒情况和真实度详单逐一对比验。Fear of fakery has not stopped the boom.对伪造名酒的担忧并没有阻止名酒的市场繁荣。But the wines that win the best prices at auction are those whose provenance is certain.在拍卖会上竞得高价的名酒其来源也是真实可靠的。In May, Christies sold an impériale of 1961 Latour for 6,000 in Hong Kong.五月份,佳士得在香港以21.6万美元拍售了一瓶1961产的impériale葡萄酒,It came directly from the cellars of Chateau Latour.它直接来自于产地Chateau Latour的酒窖。 /201305/241376 本溪妇幼保健院泌尿科咨询本溪妇科医院打胎证明



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