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银幕上的青春季——年北京国际电影节佳片推荐 -- :: 来源:i1st 导读:广大电影发烧友们,一年一度的电影盛宴——北京国际电影节本周将盛大开幕啦!月日至3日,海量电影等你来赏评~世纪君为大家精选了几部北影节展映的优秀青春片,它们展现出的青春不仅有爱情和友谊,更是压力和责任International movie festivals usually draw crowds of film buffs, hoping to see the latest cinematic marvels to hit the big screen.国际电影节总能吸引不少电影发烧友,他们希望见新晋影史传奇在大银幕上的风光This year’s Beijing International Film Festival, which runs from April to 3, offers a long lineup of critically acclaimed films, many of which dissect the trials of youth. These films go the themes typically associated with young people – treacly romance, everlasting friendship–in favor of more complex meditations on life. Their protagonists, young as they are, confront invisible ces far greater than themselves, pressures and anxieties that stretch back generations.今年的北京国际电影节于月日至3日举办,届时将展映大批口碑极佳的电影,其中不乏剖析、审视青年人的佳作这些电影通过融合常与年轻人联系在一起的两大主题——甜蜜的爱情和永恒的友谊,突出了对生活的多重反思电影中年轻的主人公们要面对自己难以克的无形力量,他们面临着几代人共有的压力和焦虑The Intern, instance, depicts a young entrepreneur striving to balance her career and family. Another anglophone film, Brooklyn, transports viewers from a small Irish town to New York City, where its heroine learns to thrive in a growing Irish immigrant commy. A third English-language film, Straight Outta Compton, dramatizes the real-life ascent of a group of young rappers who take music as a platm to denounce racial injustice.以电影《实习生为例,它讲述了一个年轻企业家试图平衡事业和家庭的故事另外一部英语电影《布鲁克林则把观众从一个爱尔兰小镇带到了纽约,电影的女主人公必须学习如何在快速壮大的爱尔兰移民团体中成长第三部英文电影《冲出康普顿则改编自一群年轻说唱歌手真实的励志故事,他们以音乐为平台,谴责种族歧视There are also stories that reinterpret the meaning of family and emphasize the weight increasingly placed on young shoulders. Our Little Sister explores what happens when three young women adopt their stepsister, while the immigration drama Dheepan presents a family bound not by blood, but by necessity.还有影片重新诠释了家庭的意义,聚焦年轻人肩上越来越沉重的责任《海街日记探讨了三接纳同父异母的之后会发生什么,而移民电影《流浪的迪潘则展现了一个不以血缘而以需求为纽带的家庭Each of these films showcases what it means to be young–and all the uncertainties that entails. They’re sure to leave you inspired, as you walk out of the cinema.每部电影都向我们展示了年轻意味着什么,以及它包含的所有不确定性当你走出电影院,它们一定会让你有所感悟Brooklyn《布鲁克林Directed by John Crowley IrelandUK导演:约翰?克劳利 爱尔兰英国Brooklyn is a film about a young Irish girl who must choose between two lovers and two countries at the same time.电影《布鲁克林讲述了一个年轻爱尔兰女孩必须同时在两个爱人和两个国家之间做出选择的故事Adapted from Irish novelist Colm Toibin’s best selling novel, Brooklyn is set in both Ireland and US, the two countries that the protagonist Eilis (Saoirse Ronan) calls home. In her native Ireland, Eilis had few prospects, an underpaid job and a grim future in a small town. When she immigrates to the US, she feels homesick but nevertheless finds her niche. She starts to attend night school in ing, has a promising career and finds love with a handsome Italian-American named Tony (Emory Cohen).电影改编自爱尔兰作家科尔姆?托宾的畅销小说,《布鲁克林的背景设定在爱尔兰和美国,这两个国家都是主人公艾莉丝(西尔莎?罗南饰)口中的家乡在出生地爱尔兰,艾莉丝在一个小镇里过着毫无希望的生活,干着收入微薄的工作,面临着残酷的未来当移民到美国后,她开始思念故乡,尽管如此,她还是找到了自己的位置她开始上夜校学习会计,找到了一份前途大好的工作,还和意大利帅哥托尼(艾莫里?科恩饰)坠入爱河Complications arise when Eilis returns to Ireland her sister’s funeral. During her brief stay, she becomes more in demand than she’d ever imagined. She gets a job as an ant and attracts the attention of a desirable local bachelor, Jim Farrell (Domhnall Gleeson).当艾莉丝返回爱尔兰参加的葬礼时,新的状况出现了在爱尔兰的短暂停留,她发现自己变得比想象中更受欢迎她找到了一份会计的工作,还受到了当地优质单身汉吉姆?法雷尔(多姆纳尔?格里森饰)的青睐Like many young people, Eilis stands at a crossroad. The decisions she makes will ultimately determine whom she spends the rest of her life with, where she lives and what career she pursues. Eilis’ struggles in the US have transmed her from a fearful girl into a confident, self-reliant woman, and it is her newfound insight into her own character that allows her to make the fateful choice.和许多年轻人一样,艾莉丝站在了人生的十字路口她的选择将决定她将和谁共度一生,在哪里生活,追求怎样的事业在美国奋斗的经历让这个曾经恐惧不安的女孩成为了自信、独立的女人,也正是她新发现的自己个性中的洞察力,让她能够做出命运的选择 over a century, American cinema has explored the immigrant experience, and an array of movies have depicted the struggles of migrants coming to the US. What makes Brooklyn fresh is its small town story and empowered female protagonist who feels torn between different worlds. “In Ireland, Eilis is a daughter with a history; in America she is a woman with a future; in both she is filled with displaced longing,” Guardian movie critic Mark Kermode wrote.一个多世纪以来,美国电影一直在探究移民的经历,不少影片描绘了初来美国的移民的艰难奋斗而让《布鲁克林与众不同的则是它讲述的小镇故事和它赋予女主人公选择两个不同世界的权利,这个抉择让她心痛英国《卫报电影员马克?柯默德写道:“在爱尔兰,艾莉丝是个有故事的女儿;而在美国她是一个有未来的女性;而无论哪个选择都让她有背井离乡的感觉”法国男子因工作无聊 向老板索赔60万 -- 1:: 来源: Bored at work? Try suing your employer.工作感到无聊?那就起诉你老板吧That's what Parisian Frederic Desnard is doing. He has taken his mer employer Interparfums to court because his job was too boring.巴黎的弗莱德里克;登纳德就这么干了他将自己的前东家;英特香水;告上了法庭,原因是他在那儿的工作太无聊He is demanding 360,000 euros in damages the distress.他为此向该公司索赔36万欧元(约合68万元人民币)精神补偿Desnard, , worked the company between and . He claims his dull job, from which he was made laid off 18 months ago, caused him to suffer a ;bore out; that led to serious emotional and health issues.登纳德现年岁,至年在英特香水工作,18个月前遭裁员解职他表示,自己当时的工作很无趣,导致他饱受;无聊至极;的煎熬,并引发严重的身心健康问题;He suffered from a critical depression and had a traffic accident linked to an epileptic seizure;he fell into a coma and was on a sick leave,; said Montasser Charni, Desnard's lawyer.其代理律师蒙塔瑟;沙尼称:;他那时严重抑郁,导致癫痫发作,并引发了一场交通事故;;他昏迷不醒,不得不请病假;Desnard was paid 3,500 euros per month, doing ; he said ; nothing.登纳德每个月能领到3500欧元薪水,但他说,他其实什么工作都没做His official job title was ;general service director,; but he claims his superiors called him ;the boy; and asked him to do their personal chores, including picking up kids from sports lessons.他当时的职位是;综合务主任;,但据他自己说,他的上级称他为;那小子;,给他分配的工作都是他们的私人杂务,比如去接他们上体育辅导班的孩子He said that eventually there was so little him to do that his bosses simply told him to go home and come back when they call him. The phone call never came, he claimed.他表示,最终再没什么可让他做的了,于是领导干脆让他回家等着,说有事儿会叫他但他说,他的电话再也没响起过Desnard's lawyer said ;bore-out; is a m of harassment.登纳德的律师称,让人;无聊透顶;也是一种侵害;It can be defined as a moral exhaustion due to the total lack of caseload, (and) it comes with a feeling of shame of being paid to do nothing,; Charni said.沙尼表示:;不给分配工作,就好比一种道德消耗,会让当事人有一种无功而受禄的耻辱感;The company disputes Desnard's claims. ;We refute all these charges,; said Cyril Levy-Pey, the company's communication director. He said Desnard was never called ;the boy; or any other humiliating names.该公司否认了登纳德的指控公司公关主管西里尔;莱维佩表示:;这些指控都是不存在的;他表示,并没有人称登纳德为;那小子;或其他什么羞辱性的名字;He wasn't so motivated after several years and despite our attempts to give him more missions, he was missing () more than six months;That's why he was dismissed in ,; he said.他说:;工作几年之后,他就不怎么上进了虽然我们尝试过给他分配任务,但他请了6个多月的假;;这也是为什么我们年解雇了他;The case is now being considered by a labor tribunal in Paris, with the decision expected in late July.该案目前正在巴黎一所劳资仲裁处接受仲裁,预计结果会于7月末公布Vocabularylaid off:遭解雇epileptic seizure:癫痫发作英国退欧将导致欧盟解体 -- 1:: 来源: 英国的脱欧公投将有可能导致欧盟解体,瑞典外长警告说 Britain’s EU referendum could lead to the break-up of the EU itself, Sweden’s eign minister has warned.英国的脱欧公投将有可能导致欧盟解体,瑞典外长警告说Margot Wallstrom told the B a domino effect of demands referendums and requests preferential terms by member states could follow.Margot Wallstrom告诉B说这将引发多米诺效应,其他国家也将选择公投或提出特别要求"The spill-over effect will be untunately felt, deeply felt," she said. "It would be bad either way," she added.“英国一旦脱离欧盟的不幸连锁效应将是深远和巨大的,”她说“无论如何都没有好处,”她补充道The referendum in the UK will take place on 3 June.公投将于6月3号在英国举行A poll the Independent newspaper, published on Friday evening, suggested that the Leave campaign had -point lead.《独立报周五晚公布的民调显示,持“脱欧”的民意已领先十个百分点Ms Wallstrom said if the UK voted to leave, other countries could follow.Wallstrom女士说如果英国要离开,其他国家也可能会跟随"That might affect other EU member states that will say: ’Well if they can leave, maybe we should also have referendums and maybe we should also leave,’" she told the B’s This Week’s World programme.“这可能引得其他欧盟成员说‘如果他们可以走,也许我们也该公投,我们也该走,’”她告诉B This Week’s World(这周世界)节目But other EU countries could also follow the UK example in the event of a vote to remain in the EU, she said.但其他国家还可以效仿英国继续留在欧盟的方法,她说"If they stay, it might also lead to other countries saying: ’Well, they negotiated, they asked and demanded to have a special treatment so why shouldn’t we?’" she said.“他们如果继续留在欧盟,会导致其他国家说:‘好吧,如果他们谈判——提出特别要求——那我们为什么不这么做?’”她说Ms Wallstrom said she hoped the UK would remain in the EU, saying Britain was an important trading partner Sweden and there were 90,000 Swedes living in the country.Wallstrom女士说她希望英国继续留在欧盟,英国是瑞典重要的贸易伙伴,更有9万瑞典人居住在英国"It will be just a matter of insecurity, and industries don’t like insecurity," she said.“这将引发风险,而企业不喜欢风险,”她说The Swedish eign minister also confirmed the introduction of strict regulations and laws on trading in weapons with countries that were not full democracies.瑞典外长还确认说,在与不充分民主的国家进行武器交易的问题上,将会有严格的法律法规引入Last year, Sweden scrapped a controversial arms deal with Saudi Arabia. The Gulf nation then recalled its Stockholm ambassador after Ms Wallstrom criticised the kingdom’s human rights record.去年,瑞典放弃了一项与沙特阿拉伯有争议的武器交易在Wallstrom谴责该王国的人权纪录后,这个海湾国家便找回了他们在斯德哥尔的大使

防狼利器!3D装可根据目光变换形状 --30 :19:36 来源: The anti-ogling shirt: 3D printed outfit changes shape when men stare at itIt is an outfit that attracts attention - and one that can stare back.这是一件引人注目,同时也能“反观外界”的外套Fitted with a range of gadgetry, this fabric is covered with smart fibres that can expand and contract depending on who, and where, people look at it.衣的面料上配有一排小部件,表面附着一层智能面料,可以根据注视者目光的位置伸缩By detecting how old they are and whether they're men or women, it knows just how much to respond.通过追踪注视者的年龄和性别,面料就知道该做出多大反应防狼利器!3D装可根据目光变换形状Those features may not make 'Caress of the Gaze,' as creator Behnaz Farahi calls it, creep-proof, but it certainly lets them know something's blocked their gaze.这些功能可能未必会让这件被发明者本纳兹·法拉希(Behnaz Farahi) 称为“目光的爱抚”的衣成为防狼利器,但是绝对能让他们觉察到有东西阻挡了他们的视线Beneath the garb's spotted spikes lie a hidden camera and microcontroller.在这件衣斑驳的尖状物下,隐藏着一个摄像头和微型控制器They use an algorithm to spot onlookers and determine exactly where they're looking, twisting around the wearer to match where they're glancing.他们通过算法法则辨认观看者,并确定他们具体在看哪里,衣会随着观看者所看的位置在穿着者身上扭动'What if our outfit could recognize and respond to the gaze of the other?' Farahi writes on her website.“如果我们的衣能识别并对他人的目光做出反应会是怎样的?”法拉希在其网站上写道'This is an interactive 3D printed wearable, which can detect other people's gaze and respond accordingly with life-like behaviour.'“这是一件交互式3D打印可穿戴外套,它可以追踪到别人的目光,并相应的给予生动的回应”It's not the first kind of clothing to change according to its surroundings—Chinese fashion designer Yin Gao, instance has also made clothing that moves and lights up when people look at it.这并不是第一件能随环境改变的衣物——比如,中国时尚设计师高银(Yin Gao)也做过被人们注视就会移动、发光的衣But when it comes to Farahi's garment, its sophisticated ability to identify viewers and move exactly in line with their gaze set it far apart.但法拉希的这件衣,其通过辨别注视者并与注视者目光进行动态调整的复杂功能,确实令其脱颖而出防狼利器!3D装可根据目光变换形状Another reason: its futuristic material, designed to flex like skin, was made by special 3D printer.还有一个原因:它充满未来感、可以像皮肤一样收缩的面料由特殊3D打印机制成That 'allows the fabrication of composite materials with varying flexibilities [and] densities,' Farahi said.“这就让复合材料制成的面料具有极大的灵活性和多变的密度”法拉希如是说'Inspired by the flexible behaviour of the skin itself, this outfit theree exhibits different material characteristics in various parts of the body ranging from stiff to soft.'这件衣的灵感源自皮肤本身柔韧、有弹性的特点,它展示了身体不同部分的组织特性,软硬兼备Farahi isn't an ordinary designer—she's an architect and interaction designer working toward her Ph.D. at University of Southern Calinia.法拉希可不是普通设计师——她不仅是位建筑师,还是名交互设计师,目前正在南加州大学攻读士学位(University of Southern Calinia)And this isn't her first ay into printed attire -her previous projects include a flexible collar and helmet.这并非她首次进军打印装界,此前她还做过可伸缩衣领和头盔等项目But 'Caress of the Gaze' is the first to directly respond to outside observers.但“眼神的爱抚”是首个能直接回应外界观察者的作品She made it during Pier 9 artist residency at Autodesk, getting support from non-profit Madworkshop.她在欧特克公司(Autodesk)举办的“九号码头艺术家居所”活动中得到非营利组织“疯狂工作坊”(Madworkshop)的持,从而做出了这件衣And while it may not be coming to stores anytime soon, it's certainly showing what novel technology can do fashion.虽然这种装或许不能很快进驻商店售卖,但它肯定显示出了新技术对时尚界的影响Vocabularyalgorithm:算法,运算法则ay:袭击

卡梅伦大赞夫人好身材 -- :1:5 来源: 卡梅伦大赞夫人好身材Cameron praises Samantha after Ibiza bikini picturesDavid Cameron has blamed fine dining at European summits, including a three-course breakfast, not being 'beach body y'.英国首相戴维?卡梅伦指责欧盟峰会的伙食太好,其中包括超量早餐,导致他一点没为“海滩身材”而努力The Prime Minister admitted he is 'greedier' than toned wife Samantha, who was pictured at the weekend wearing a bikini on holiday in Ibiza.首相承认他比健美的妻子萨曼莎更“贪吃”萨曼莎周末被拍到穿着比基尼在伊比沙岛度假Mr Cameron said he was 'very lucky to have such a wonderful wife' but suggested being told to clear his plate as a child made it hard to stay in shape.卡梅伦表示,他“非常幸运能有这么美的妻子”,至于自己,因为从儿时起就一直被教导要“光盘”,所以很难保持体形While the Prime Minister was touring European capitals to drum up support his plans EU rem, Mrs Cameron flew to the Spanish party island with the couple's three children.当卡梅伦周游欧洲各国首都,为自己的欧盟改革计划寻求持时,卡梅伦夫人则带着三个孩子飞往了西班牙狂欢岛Photographs emerged of her at the upmarket resort of Cala Nova Beach on the south east of the island.照片上的她出现在伊比沙岛东南部的爱新星海滩的高档度假村Wearing a black bikini and carrying a matching clutch bag, the -year-old was praised her toned figure.身着黑色比基尼,手拿一个搭配的手提包,这位岁的女人依然保持着健美的身材,令人称赞Appearing on the This Morning sofa, Mr Cameron was asked how he felt about seeing the photographs of his wife in the papers. 'I am very lucky to have such a wonderful wife,' he said.卡梅伦出现在电视节目This Morning 上时,当问及看到报纸上刊登的妻子照片有什么感受他说:“我觉得很幸运,我有个这么美的妻子”'She took the children off a nice holiday while I was slogging around Europe trying to get this negotiation right. So I was a bit jealous I have to say.'“她和孩子们享受了一个不错的假期,而我在欧洲周旋于各种谈判我不得不说我有点嫉妒”Presenter Ruth Langsd asked the Prime Minister if he would be beach body y this summer.主持人露丝调侃首相是否有为今年夏天拥有一副海滩身材而做准备But Mr Cameron admitted he struggled to control his diet. 'I'm not as good as Samantha at controlling what goes in. I'm a bit greedier. She is very disciplined. I've probably got some things to learn off her. I try to go a jog and play a bit of tennis.'卡梅伦承认他难以控制自己的饮食“在控制饮食方面我不如萨曼莎我有点贪吃而她很严格我有一些东西要向她学习,我试着去慢跑和打网球”'But when you do these European tours there's quite a lot of meals. I was always brought up you have got to eat what's in front of you.“但欧洲之行有太多的美食而我从小所受的教育是吃光你面前所有的东西”Last week Mr Cameron embarked on a whistlestop tour of European capitals, to discuss his plans to claw back powers from Brussels.上周,卡梅伦开始寻访欧洲国家的首都,游说他的计划——从布鲁塞尔收回权力In each capital city he was given VIP treatment, including rich and calorific meals which will have swelled the prime minister's waistline.在每个城市他都得到了贵宾待遇,包括各种营养丰富的高热量食物,这无疑会令他腰围大增In Paris with President Francois Hollande on Thursday night, Mr Cameron was treated to lobster tureen followed by turbot, cheese and sorbet.周四晚上在巴黎,奥朗德总统用龙虾焙盘,大比目鱼、奶酪和果子露招待了卡梅伦On Friday morning in Warsaw, Poland, he was confronted with what he described as a 'three course breakfast', including smoked trout, strawberry salad, Polish cheese from the Tatra mountains, asparagus with poached egg and ham, and cheesecake.星期五早上在波兰华沙,他吃了他所形容的“超量早餐”,包括烟熏鳟鱼、草莓沙拉、波兰塔特拉山脉的奶酪、芦笋火腿荷包蛋和芝士蛋糕The lunch in Berlin with German chancellor Angela Merkel consisted of shrimp tartar with salad, followed by veal escalope, asparagus and potatoes, and then strawberries.与德国总理默克尔在柏林的午餐菜单包括虾鞑靼沙拉、小牛肉炸块、芦笋和土豆、然后草莓Aides indicated he may have skipped some courses.助手们暗示,卡梅伦可能还逃了一些饭局Vocabularytoned 健美的 drum up 竭力争取 upmarket 高档的 slog around 跋涉(英文来源:每日邮报 译者:FNU廖晓信 编辑:彭娜)巴西总检察长称旅游部长在瑞士有秘密账户 -- 19:39:57 来源: 巴西总检察长Rodrigo Janot向最高法院提供据,称Alves先生在瑞士有一个秘密账户 Brazilian prosecutors have made a mal allegation of tax evasion and money laundering against mer tourism minister Henrique Alves.巴西检察官正式指控前旅游部长Henrique Alves犯有逃税和洗钱罪Mr Alves resigned on Thursday after being linked to a corruption scheme.周四,Alves先生在被指控与一项腐败计划有关后辞职Brazil’s Attorney General Rodrigo Janot presented evidence to the Supreme Court saying that Mr Alves had a secret bank in Switzerland.巴西总检察长Rodrigo Janot向最高法院提供据,称Alves先生在瑞士有一个秘密账户He became the third cabinet minister to stand down since interim President Michel Temer came to power last month.他是自临时总统Michel Temer执政后第三位下台的内阁部长All are implicated in a major corruption scandal at the state oil company, Petrobras.Mr Alves denied the allegations.这些人都在国家石油公司Petrobras牵扯到了一起重大的腐败丑闻,Alves先生否认了这次指控What’s wrong with Brazil?巴西怎么了?Who is Michel Temer?Michel Temer又是谁?On Wednesday, the Supreme Court released testimony by an ex-executive implicating politicians including Mr Temer.周三,最高法院的前执行人员发表词,对名政客进行指控,其中包括Temer先生In a television broadcast, Mr Temer dismissed the testimony as frivolous lies.在一次电视广播中,Temer先生驳回了词,称其为无稽之谈To avoid embarrassing’"为了避免尴尬"The allegations come from Sergio Machado, the mer chief executive of Petrobras subsidiary Transpetro.指控是来自Petrobras分公司Transpetro的前首席执行官Sergio MachadoMr Machado is himself under investigation and has made a plea bargain with prosecutors.Machado先生自身就处在调查中,他在和检察官做了一个认罪辨析协议He said that both Mr Temer and Mr Alves asked him money electoral campaigning and knew it would come from an illegal kickbacks scheme that diverted billions of dollars from the national oil company.他说道Temer先生和 Alves先生都为了竞选活动而向他要钱,并且他们知道这些钱是来自于非法的回扣计划,要从国家石油公司挪用数十亿美元Mr Alves also denied the accusations against him and said on social media that contributions to his campaigns had been made through official channels and declared to election authorities.Alves先生也否认了指控,在社交媒体上称用于选举的钱都是来自于官方的正规渠道,并且已经向选举当局上报He said on Thursday that he was resigning in order "to avoid embarrassing" the government.周四,他说道自己辞职的原因是为了避免给政府抹污Mr Temer took office on May after the Senate voted to begin an impeachment trial against President Dilma Rousseff breaking the law in the management of last year’s budget.5月日,在参议院投票决定弹劾审判Dilma Rousseff总统在去年的预算管理方面违法行动后,Temer先生上台He said the accusations were politically-motivated and described the impeachment proceedings against him as a coup.他说这些指控都是出于政治目的,并且这些弹劾程序都是一场政治阴谋北美票房 星际3夺冠冰川5失利(双语) --30 18::19 来源:sohu 上周末北美票房,《星际迷航3:超越星辰 首映三天票房突破5960 万美元,不费吹灰之力便将周末票房冠军揽入囊中,领跑周末票房同时,该影片也收获了自影迷至媒体的一致好评 At the North American box office over the weekend, Star Trek Beyond beamed up a strong .6 million, winning the weekend and marking one of the best openings of summer to date. 该影片预计9月日在中国大陆与影迷们见面,下面让我们一起欣赏下预告片: 尽管如此,《星际迷航3:超越星辰的票房与年《星际迷航:暗黑无界和年《星际迷航相比,仍下降了% The third chapter came in percent behind the opening of 's Star Trek Into Darkness and the film Star Trek. 不过,与《冰川时代5:星际碰撞相比,%的下降就大巫见小巫了——《冰川5本周末美国国内票房成绩不佳,与 年《冰川时代:大陆漂移相比下降 万美元,形成了近55%的差距,成为了该动画工作室近年最不卖座的影片 Still, percent is a relatively modest drop. And it's nothing compared to Ice Age: Collision Course, which fell off a cliff in its domestic debut with million — 55 percent behind the launch of Ice Age: Continental Drift and the worst showing an animated studio tentpole in a decade. 动画电影方面,美国观众的首选是《爱宠大机密,该片以其第三个周末930万美元的票房名列排行榜第二名其他影片,超自然的恐怖电影《关灯以后这部制作成本不到500 万美元的影片,票房出人意料的达到了万美元,与《超能敢死队 并列排行榜第三名 When it came to animation, U.S. audiences preferred The Secret Life of Pets, which placed No. in its third weekend with .3 million . Elsewhere, supernatural horror film Lights Out, which cost under million to make, tied with Ghostbusters No. 3 with a better-than-expected .6 million. 上周末北美票房榜单: 1. 《星际迷航3:超越星辰 35960万美元 Star Trek Beyond .6M . 《爱宠大机密 930万美元 The Secret Life of Pets .3M 3. 《超能敢死队 万美元 Lights Out .6M . 《关灯以后 万美元 Ghostbusters .6M 5. 《冰川时代5:星际碰撞 7万美元 Ice Age: Collision Course .M 6. 《海底总动员 60万美元 Finding Dory .M 7. 《泰山归来:险战丛林 50万美元 The Legend of Tarzan .M 8. 《网聘女伴 0万美元 Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates $.M 9. 《Kabali 万美元 Kabali (Tamil amp; Telugu) $.1M . 《希拉里的美国:民主党秘史 370万美元 Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party .7M

豪车坟场--中国百万宾利弃之荒野 -- :35:37 来源: 在成都一处汽车坟场里,至少停放着两辆宾利、两辆路虎和三两奔驰在这处杂草丛生的停车场里,有0多辆被抛弃的汽车,目前当地政府正苦于该如何处理这些车辆 These startling images show an overgrown car park, where cars totalling millions have been left abandoned and taken over by weeds.据这些惊人的图片显示,在一个杂草丛生的停车场里,价值数百万的汽车被弃之不顾,周围长满了野草Inside this small lot in Chengdu, China, there are at least two Bentleys, two Land Rovers, three Mercedes Benz and even the odd motorbike according to People’s Daily Online.据《人民日报报道,在成都这处小小的停车场里,摆放着至少有两辆宾利、两辆路虎、三辆奔驰和零散的托车They all have one thing in common - they’ve been abandoned by their owners.它们都有一个共同点--被它们的主人弃之不顾了Where luxury motors go to die: One of the Bentleys currently parked in the car park in Chengdu, which has been dubbed ’tyrant’s car park’在成都“土豪停车场”,一辆宾利停在这里Abandoned: The vehicles have been abandoned by their owners, often over a space of years. Many were swallowed by the plants这些车辆被它们的主人遗弃了,停在这里大多已过数年许多车辆已经被周围疯长的植被所覆盖Gone: Dust has gathered on the surface as well as inside while vines and weeds have sprung up all around the vehicles (pictured)汽车表面和内里堆满了灰尘,杂草和藤蔓如雨后春笋般在周围疯长There are over 0 vehicles, dubbed ’zombie cars’, in the lot.这处停车场停放着0多辆汽车,人们戏称它们为“僵尸车”The place they’re kept in is called a ’tyrant’s car park’ because of the value contained in the storage space.由于停在这处停车场里的车很贵,人们戏称它为“土豪停车场”Some of the cars have been kept in the same place more than two years as bushes and trees grow up around them, shielding them from the outside world.有些车辆已经停在这里两年以上了,在它们周围灌木生长得十分茂密,将其和外界隔绝开来The two Bentleys, one a Bentley Continental GT and another Bentley Flying Spur, are worth at least 3 million Yuan (pound300,000) each in China.这里停在两辆宾利(一辆是宾利欧陆GT,另一辆是宾利飞驰),在中国每辆车都至少价值300万元人民币(约合30万英镑)Then there’s the Audi, Land Rover and Mercedes Benz.这里还停着有奥迪、路虎和奔驰Majority of the vehicles are involved in ongoing criminal case either directly or indirectly, which means they can’t be claimed by their owners.这里大多数的车辆都直接或间的地与刑事案件有关,车主不能要回这些汽车Others have been abandoned as they were y to be scrapped or their owners lacked the correct paperwork.其他车辆被遗弃在这里是因为它们即将报废,或者车主缺少正确的文书手续The cars have become a headache the local authorities, who struggle to decide what to do with them.这些汽车弄得当地政府非常头疼,他们很难决定应该怎么处置这些汽车While some have been cleared auctions, others continue to arrive and be stacked up in the graveyard of cars.尽管目前一些汽车已经被清理出来拍卖了,但是又有一些车辆被送来,堆积在这个汽车坟场里每天都很累吗?做好3件小事让生活焕然一新 --30 18:: 来源:chinadaily Most of us feel exhausted after working at least eight hours a day, five days a week. When we get home, we watch at least two episodes on Netflix because it's damn well-deserved and the only time we get to ;relax; bee we go to sleep. 对于我们大多数人来说,在至少一周5天、一天8小时的工作之后都感觉很疲惫回到家我们又至少要在Netflix上看两集电视剧,因为我们太应该放松一下了,而且那是睡觉之前唯一的放松时间 Wake up and repeat. And repeat and repeat and repeat. No wonder you feel tired. 早上醒来再重复同样的日程,重复、重复再重复,难怪你会那么累 So how do you get out of this vicious cycle? How do you restart your life? Hint: NOT by adding something new to your life. But by making sure your body is y and able to actually handle new hobbies. 那你该如何走出这样的恶性循环呢?如何重新开始你的生活呢?提示你一下:不需要给你的生活添加些什么新的东西,只要确保你做好准备能够搞定新的习惯就行 The first 3 things to check to make sure you have right: 首先,有三个方面你要确保自己做对了: 1. YOUR MINDSET 心态 ;Oh man, another one of these self-improvement things. I hope I can do it, but I've tried these things bee, and I just never stick with it.; “噢天呐,又是一件提升自我的事,我希望自己能做到,但我以前试过,都没坚持住” This was something I used to say to myself every time I try to start something new myself. There's a fear-driven side of your brain which tells you, ;You can't do this.; 以前每次我尝试新鲜事物时都会对自己这样说,你大脑中被恐惧控制的那部分在对你说:“你不行” What can you do? Well, the tip here is to talk to yourself like you're talking to a friend, or a coworker, or a child who is being told by a bully they can't do something they want to try. So the next time you try something new, be kind to yourself like you would be kind to others. You are your own worst critic. But you can also be your staunch defender. Stand up yourself against yourself. 你该怎么办?嗯,我的建议是你要跟自己谈谈,就像有个混蛋跟你朋友、同事或孩子说他们做不到想做的事时你要跟他们谈的一样所以下次你尝试新鲜事物时,对自己要像对别人一样和善,你就是自己最大的批评家,但你也是自己忠实的维护者站起来为了你自己去打败你自己 . YOUR SLEEP 睡眠 Without sufficient sleep, we're basically going through the day drunk. This means tiredness, difficulty to respond quickly and smartly to anything that comes up. 如果睡眠不足我们一天都会昏昏沉沉的,意味着会疲劳、很难对发生的事做出快速敏捷的反应 The sleeping hours needed an average adult ranges from 7 to 9 hours. Just keep in mind that your body is not wired in the same way your computer is. You cannot have instantaneous change. Let yourself have at least 1 to weeks minimum to start sleeping a little earlier regularly. And this sort of timeline is meant small changes, like minutes to 30 minutes earlier than your current sleeping schedule. 普通成年人所需的睡眠时间为7~9小时你要记住身体不像电脑那样能插电你不可能瞬间就发生变化,提前给自己至少1-周的时间每天早睡一点点,这种安排意味着很小的变化,比如,比目前的睡觉时间提前-30分钟 But this is an absolutely must. Without sleep, your body and mind is weak, slow, and definitely not energetic enough to accommodate any new activities you want to do. 这些是你必须要做的,睡眠不足身体和精神就会虚弱、反应慢,一定没有足够的精力去参加你想参与的新活动 3. YOUR FOOD 食物 If you are looking at what you eat the reason to feel energized, then the general rules are: 如果你正在寻找能让你变得精力充沛的食物,以下就是基本的规则: 1) Eat when you're hungry. Don't eat when you're not. 饿了吃,不饿不吃 ) Be mindful when you eat. Chew at least times. Let yourself taste and digest your food. 吃的时候要记住,至少咀嚼下,让自己品尝并消化食物 3) Don't do three things at once when you're eating. Your body wasn't made that. 吃饭时不要同时做3件事,你的身体没有那个功能 ) Preferably, eat ;real; food. Eat food your great-grandmother would realize as food. 最好吃真正的食物,就是你的曾祖母认为是食物的那些食物 想知道最爱的美食到底健不健康?戳这里看营养学家是怎么说的~另外,这里还有六招小窍门,教你吃出健康哟! Don't let your days roll by in the continual humdrum. Start by re-examining these key habits in your life aly to build a body that can start doing things you want. 不要让自己的生活处于持续的无聊状态,开始重新审视一下自己生活中这3个主要习惯,打造出健康的身体去做你想做的事全世界最高最长的隧道滑梯开放了 --3 3:56:3 来源: 你现在可以买世界上最高最长的隧道滑梯的门票了 You can now buy tickets the world’s tallest and longest tunnel slide at London’s ArcelorMittal Orbit Tower, which opens to the public the first time tomorrow.你现在可以买世界上最高最长的隧道滑梯的门票了,这个位于伦敦ArcelorMittal轨道塔的滑梯明天要向公众正式开放了Artist Carsten H?ller -- developing on an initial proposal by Bblur Architecture -- has designed the 8 m-long (58 ft) helter skelter slide. It’s the latest intervention to the 1 meter-tall (377 ft) Orbit, conceived by Anish Kapoor the Olympics, following an abseiling attraction completed last year.艺术家Carsten H?ller,设计了这个——由Bblur建筑工作室初步规划的——全长8米(58英尺)的极速滑梯它能够媲美Anish Kapoor为奥运会设计并于去年完成的1米高(377英尺)的绳降轨道"Since 1999, I have built a number of slides, both free-standing and attached to buildings, but never onto another artwork as in this case," says H?ller, who installed a pair of spiraling slides at the Hayward Gallery an exhibition last summer.“自1999年,我建造了不少滑梯,都独立地附在建筑物上,但从来没有像这次这样放在另一件艺术作品上,” H?ller说,他去年在Hayward Gallery安装了一个双螺旋滑梯"Now that the two artworks will be intertwined with each other, I see it as one of these double situations that I am so interested in."“现在这两个作品彼此交织,我把它看做是我很喜欢的双重局面”The Orbit Tower slide will be made up of 30 sections -- of which are now complete -- and feature turns, including a tight corkscrew twist. It starts at a height of 7 meters and has a top speed of miles per hour, taking 0 seconds to go down.轨道塔的滑梯由部分组成——其中个已经完成——个转弯,包括一个紧的螺旋扭曲它从7米高的地方开始,最高时速达到英里,下来需要0秒Tickets the attraction cost ? ($) and include access to the Orbit’s viewing platm.坐滑梯的票价是欧(美元),包括轨道的观景平台London isn’t the only city expecting a helter skelter either, with plans afoot a glass slide 1,000 ft up Downtown LA’s US Bank Tower.并不只有伦敦在建造极速滑梯,洛杉矶要在美国塔建造00英尺的玻璃滑梯

女警穿比基尼抓贼 --30 18:00:3 来源: 瑞典一名女警在休假中发现了小偷,身上只穿着比基尼就将小偷制,数千网友点赞 A bikini-clad Swedish police officer has been praised tackling a suspected thief while she was off-duty sunbathing with friends in Stockholm.日前,一名身穿比基尼的女警因抓住一名小偷嫌犯而被表扬,当时她正在休假中,和朋友在斯德哥尔享受日光浴Mikaela Kellner told the Aftonbladet daily that she and a fellow officer pursued the man when they realised he had taken one of their mobile phones.米凯拉·凯尔纳对瑞典日报透露说,当时她和一名同事意识到这名男子拿走了他们的手机,于是她们两人便一起追捕他She told the paper that she would have intervened "even if she were naked".米凯拉对媒体说道,“即使着身体”她也会对小偷实施追捕A photo of the incident on Ms Kellner’s Instagram page has attracted more than 9,000 likes in less than two days.在不到两天的时间里,发布在米凯拉Instagram上的这起事件的照片就收到了9000多个赞The incident is said to have taken place in Stockholm’s Ralambshov Park on Wednesday, where the off-duty policewoman was sunbathing with friends.据说这起事件发生在周三,地点是斯德哥尔的罗兰布斯霍夫公园,当时休假中的米凯拉和她的朋友们在享受日光浴The group was approached by a man who claimed to be selling publications on behalf of the homeless.一名自称是为无家可归者卖报纸的男子靠近了她们Ms Kellner reportedly became suspicious when the man began lingering, setting some papers down over their blanket.据报道,当时这名男子开始拖延、赖着不走,还把一些报纸丢到了她们的毯子上,米凯拉对此起了疑心As soon as he left, collecting his papers, one of her friends noticed that her phone was missing.当这名男子捡起报纸一离开,米凯拉的一名朋友就发现她的手机不见了"There was no time, so I ran after him, maybe metres or so," Ms Kellner told Swedish news site, The Local.米凯拉对瑞典新闻网站《本地人说道:“没有时间了,所以我就追了过去,大约米远的样子”"One of my friends is also a police officer, so we got hold of him. He tried to get away so we held onto him harder."“我的一个朋友也是警察,所以我们就抓住了他他企图逃跑,所以我们就更用力的制住他”The stolen phone was swiftly recovered, and the man was arrested by a police patrol.被盗的手机很快就被发现了,该名男子也被一只警察巡逻队逮捕了"I’ve had a lot of positive comments both from friends and colleagues," she told The Local.米凯拉对《本地人说道:“我从朋友和同事那里得到了很多好评”"It happens all the time that valuables are taken like this... I mainly just wanted to raise awareness of how cunning these people are, almost like magicians."“这种事情时有发生,贵重物品就是这样被偷走的我主要是想提高对这些人的警惕意识,他们狡猾得就好像魔术手一样”“美国高考”ACT考试遭泄题 香港韩国考试全部取消 -- :00: 来源: 6月号,本是被称为“美国高考”的美国大学入学考试ACT的考试日子因ACT在中国内地不设考场,不少内地学生远赴香港和韩国参加ACT考试然而,在考试前几个小时,学生收到ACT通知,紧急取消6月号在中国香港地区和韩国的考试 An examination students in South Korea and Hong Kong hoping to study at US colleges has been cancelled after "credible evidence" emerged that it had been leaked in advance.韩国和香港参加美国留学的考试竟然因有“可靠据”显示遭泄题而被取消Administrators of the ACT test took the decision just hours bee some 5,500 students were due to sit it.ACT考试的主办方在距离开考仅剩几小时时,宣布了这个决定The ACT is one of two entrance exams available to international and domestic students wanting to go to a US college.国内外想要到美国上大学的人,都必须参加ACT考试,或者另外一项考试This is not the first cheating scandal to hit the tests in East Asia.这已经不是发生在东亚的第一起泄题丑闻The other entrance exam - the SAT - was cancelled in South Korea in because some of the questions were leaked.另一项“美国高考”——SAT,年在韩国也由于泄题被取消考试The ACT test was due to be held at 56 test centres in both South Korea and Hong Kong on Saturday morning.ACT考试原定于6月日上午在韩国和香港的56个考点开考The Associated Press said teachers at some of Seoul’s private "cram schools" said they were not notified until about an hour bee the students were due to sit the test.据美联社消息,首尔的私人“补习班”老师们表示,直到开考前一小时他们才接到通知取消考试ACT Inc, an Iowa-based non-profit organisation that was operating the test, said it took the decision after receiving "credible evidence that test materials intended administration in these regions have been compromised".运营本次考试的ACT公司是一家总部设在爱荷华的非营利机构该公司表示,在收到“可靠的据表明这些地区的考题遭泄露”后,他们马上做出了决定The organisation said in a statement that all students would get a refund but would only be able to resit when the tests are held again in September.该机构在一份声明中表示,会将考试费用退给学生,在今年9月再安排一次考试非洲白化病患者被斩首 巫医:能制灵药 -- ::37 来源: 非洲国家马拉维与坦桑尼亚等有特别的风俗,认为只要能够吃到加入白化症病患肢体的灵药,就能够带来好运,也当地白化症病患遭到杀害的案件层出不穷 People with albinism living in Malawi have been the victims of a surge of attacks by people seeking to use their body parts in ritual practices.非洲国家马拉维的白化病患者遭受袭击的案件一直在激增——人们寻求他们的肢体以进行宗教仪式According to an Amnesty International report released on Tuesday, at least 18 people with albinism have been killed since November . A spike in the killings came this April, when four people, including a -year-old child, were killed.据国际特赦组织(或称大赦国际)星期二发布的一份报告,自年月以来,至少有18名白化病患者惨遭杀害今年四月出现了杀戮高潮,包括一个两岁大的孩子在内的一共四人被杀Amnesty International is now calling on authorities in the Southern African country to take more action to punish the perpetrators.国际特赦组织现在呼吁非洲南部的国家采取更多行动来惩罚凶手“The unprecedented wave of brutal attacks against people with albinism has created a climate of terror this vulnerable group and their families who are living in a state of constant fear their lives,” Deprose Muchena, Amnesty International’s director Southern Africa, said in a statement. “The time has come the government of Malawi to stop burying its head in the sand and pretending that this problem will just go away. Talking will not end these attacks. Concrete action is urgently required.”“这股前所未有的野蛮攻击白化病患者的浪潮,为生活在这个国家里的弱势群体和他们的家庭制造了一种恐怖不安的气氛,他们时刻为活下去而提心吊胆” 国际特赦组织非洲南部的主任在一份声明中说,“现在时机成熟,马拉维政府应当振作起来,不要再假装这个问题会消失光靠对话是不会结束这些攻击的,迫切需要有实际行动”The country has up to ,000 people living with albinism and Malawi’s Police Service says more than 60 crimes related to albinos have been reported since .马拉维的白化病患者人数高达1万人,据马拉维警方称,自年起与白化病患者相关的犯罪案件逾60起

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