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泉州妇科医院哪个好泉州治疗妇科最好的妇科医院泉州新阳光妇科医院在线咨询 Ladies and Gentlemen,女士们、先生们!In the past six decades and more since the founding of the People#39;s Republic of China, and particularly since the reform and opening-up program was launched over 30 years ago, China has made remarkable achievements in its economic and social development. We will always remember and we are grateful from the bottom of our heart for the vigorous support and help the African countries and people have given to our development effort. While the way ahead will not be a smooth one for us, we have full confidence in China#39;s future development. China will stay committed to peaceful development. At the same time, we will endeavor to uphold world peace and promote common development.新中国成立60多年特别是改革开放30多年来,中国经济社会发展取得了显著成就。我们始终铭记和衷心感谢广大非洲国家和人民对中国发展给予的大力持和帮助。尽管前进道路并不平坦,但我们对中国发展前景充满信心。中国在坚持自己和平发展的同时,将继续致力于维护世界和平、促进共同发展。In the next three years, the Chinese government will take measures in the following five priority areas to support the cause of peace and development in Africa and boost a new type of China-Africa strategic partnership.今后3年,中国政府将采取措施,在以下5个重点领域持非洲和平与发展事业,推进中非新型战略伙伴关系。First, we will expand cooperation in investment and financing to support sustainable development in Africa. China will provide 20 billion dollars of credit line to African countries to assist them in developing infrastructure, agriculture, manufacturing and small and medium-sized enterprises.第一,扩大投资和融资领域合作,为非洲可持续发展提供助力。中国将向非洲国家提供200亿美元贷款额度,重点持非洲基础设施、农业、制造业和中小企业发展。Second, we will continue to increase assistance to Africa to bring the benefits of development to the African people. China will build more agricultural technology demonstration centers as necessary to help African countries increase production capacity. China will implement the ;African Talents Program; to train 30,000 personnel in various sectors for Africa, offer 18,000 government scholarships, and build cultural and vocational skills training facilities in African countries. China will deepen medical and health cooperation with Africa, send 1,500 medical personnel to Africa, and continue to carry out the ;Brightness Action; activities in Africa to provide free treatment for cataract patients. China will help African countries enhance capacity building in meteorological infrastructure and forest protection and management. China will continue to carry out well-drilling and water supply projects in Africa to provide safe drinking water for the African people.第二,继续扩大对非援助,让发展成果惠及非洲民众。中国将适当增加援非农业技术示范中心,帮助非洲国家提高农业生产能力;实施“非洲人才计划”,为非洲培训3万名各类人才,提供政府奖学金名额18000个,并为非洲国家援建文化和职业技术培训设施;深化中非医疗卫生合作,中方将派遣1500名医疗队员,同时继续在非洲开展“光明行”活动,为白内障患者提供相关免费治疗;帮助非洲国家加强气象基础设施能力建设和森林保护与管理;继续援助打井供水项目,为民众提供安全饮用水。Third, we will support the African integration process and help Africa enhance capacity for overall development. China will establish a partnership with Africa on transnational and trans-regional infrastructural development, support related project planning and feasibility studies and encourage established Chinese companies and financial institutions to take part in transnational and trans-regional infrastructural development in Africa. China will help African countries upgrade customs and commodity inspection facilities to promote intra-regional trade facilitation.第三,持非洲一体化建设,帮助非洲提高整体发展能力。中国将同非方建立非洲跨国跨区域基础设施建设合作伙伴关系,为项目规划和可行性研究提供持,鼓励有实力的中国企业和金融机构参与非洲跨国跨区域基础设施建设;帮助非洲国家改善海关、商检设施条件,促进区域内贸易便利化。Fourth, we will enhance people-to-people friendship to lay a solid foundation of public support for enhancing China-Africa common development. China proposes to carry out ;China-Africa people-to-people friendship action; to support and promote exchanges and cooperation between people#39;s organizations, women and youth of the two sides. China proposes to set up a ;China-Africa Press Exchange Center; in China to encourage exchanges and visits between Chinese and African media, and China supports exchange of correspondents by media organizations of the two sides. China will continue to implement the China-Africa Joint Research and Exchange Plan to sponsor 100 programs for research, exchange and cooperation by academic institutions and scholars of the two sides.第四,增进中非民间友好,为中非共同发展奠定坚实民意基础。中国倡议开展“中非民间友好行动”,持和促进双方民间团体、妇女、青少年等开展交流合作;在华设立“中非新闻交流中心”,鼓励中非双方新闻媒体人员交流互访,持双方新闻机构互派记者;继续实施“中非联合研究交流计划”,资助双方学术机构和学者开展100个学术研究、交流合作项目。Fifth, we should promote peace and stability in Africa and create a secure environment for Africa#39;s development. China will launch the ;Initiative on China-Africa Cooperative Partnership for Peace and Security,; deepen cooperation with the AU and African countries in peace and security in Africa, provide financial support for the AU peace-keeping missions in Africa and the development of the African Standby Force, and train more officials in peace and security affairs and peace-keepers for the AU.第五,促进非洲和平稳定,为非洲发展创造安全环境。中国将发起“中非和平安全合作伙伴倡议”,深化同非盟和非洲国家在非洲和平安全领域的合作,为非盟在非开展维和行动、常备军建设等提供资金持,增加为非盟培训和平安全事务官员和维和人员数量。Ladies and Gentlemen,女士们、先生们!To open up new prospects for a new type of China-Africa strategic partnership and jointly build a harmonious world of durable peace and common prosperity is our shared goal and responsibility. Let us join hands and work for a bright future for us all.共同开创中非新型战略伙伴关系新局面,共同推动建设持久和平、共同繁荣的和谐世界,是我们共同的目标和责任。让我们携起手来,为实现共同的美好未来而不懈努力!In conclusion, I wish the Fifth FOCAC Ministerial Conference every success!最后,预祝中非合作论坛第五届部长级会议圆满成功!Thank you.谢谢大家。 /201207/192011泉州看妇科哪里好

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