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China’s economy may be slowing but shoppers were out in droves for Singles Day, racking up bn of sales in the first 90 minutes on Alibaba, roughly double last year’s haul in the same period.中国经济或许正在放缓,但在双十一“光棍节”这天,大批购物者却集体出手,开场90分钟就使阿里巴巴(Alibaba)平台上的交易额达到50亿美元,几乎是去年同期的两倍。Singles Day is the biggest shopping frenzy in the global calender; the first 90 minutes at Chinese ecommerce group Alibaba netted nearly twice the entire take of last year’s Cyber Monday, itself a record.双十一是全球日历上最大的购物狂欢节;开场90分钟,中国电商集团阿里巴巴平台上的交易额就已接近去年美国“网购星期一”(Cyber Monday)全天交易额的两倍。去年“网购星期一”的交易额在当时也创下了纪录。The day will be critical for the Chinese ecommerce group, which went public in September 2014 in a bn initial public offering — the largest on record — but has since disappointed investors.双十一这天对阿里巴巴而言将非常关键。2014年9月,阿里巴巴举行首次公开发行(IPO),募资250亿美元,为史上规模最大的IPO。但自那以来,阿里巴巴的表现一直令投资者失望。Its stock fell 40 per cent from November 2014 to September 2015 and slipped below its IPO price of , although the shares have rallied since September to on Tuesday.2015年9月,阿里巴巴股价较2014年11月下跌了40%,跌破每股68美元的发行价。不过,自9月以来,阿里巴巴股价有所反弹,周二收于每股81美元。Slowing growth in revenues and gross merchandise value — which has slipped from more than 50 per cent year-on-year in 2014 to roughly 30 per cent in recent quarters — has fed the perception that the company’s best days are behind it. Alibaba has worked to find a new growth strategy as they hit the limits to pure ecommerce, moving into “omnichannel” marketing that mixes online and offline sales.阿里巴巴的营收和商品交易总额(GMV)的增长出现放缓。2014年,该公司GMV的同比增幅超过50%,近几个季度已下滑至约30%。这种放缓加深了人们的一种看法:阿里巴巴的黄金时代已经过去了。该公司已致力于找到一种新的增长战略,在纯电商模式触到天花板后,转向融合线上和线下销售的“全渠道”营销模式。In last year’s Singles Day, Alibaba’s gross merchandise value came in at .3bn, and analysts will be anxious to see a healthy increase this year — an event that seemed likely in the early hours of Wednesday as consumers clicked “buy” in droves.去年的双十一,阿里巴巴的GMV达到93亿美元。分析师们将急切地期盼看到今年有可观的增长——从周三凌晨的情况看,这个目标是有望达成的,因为大批消费者都点击了“购买”按钮。Alibaba said it would feature 6m products from 30,000 brands sold by 40,000 merchants. It said that in the hours leading up to Singles Day, 130m users had logged onto its shopping sites, more than in the same period last year.阿里巴巴称,此次活动将涵盖4万个商家销售的3万个品牌的600万件商品。它表示,在双十一到来前的几小时里,有1.3亿用户登录了其购物网站,多于去年同期的数字。Singles Day, named for the numerologically auspicious double 11 date, traces its history from a casual holiday started in the early 1990s as China’s “anti-Valentines Day” — a holiday to celebrate singledom, where people are encouraged to treat themselves. In 2009, Alibaba launched the Singles Day online sales as a festival of conspicuous consumption.双十一的历史可追溯到1990年代初一个不经意间形成的节日,它当时被称为中国的“反情人节”,用于庆祝单身状态,鼓励光棍们在这一天犒劳自己。2009年,阿里巴巴发起了双十一网购活动,把这一天变成了一个人们大肆消费的节日。Retailers offer significant discounts on the day, often under pressure from ecommerce sellers such as Alibaba, in exchange for promotion on their shopping websites.零售商在这一天会大幅打折——往往是迫于阿里巴巴等电商平台的压力而这么做——以换取电商平台上的促销机会。Alibaba’s Singles Day celebration was held for the first time in Beijing this year rather than in its hometown of Hangzhou, and featured cameo appearances by celebrities such as James Bond actor Daniel Craig, and a from actor Kevin Spacey doing a turn as Frank Underwood, the antihero US president in the Netflix TV series House of Cards.今年,阿里巴巴首次在北京而不是总部所在地杭州举行了双十一晚会,请到詹姆斯邦德(James Bond)的扮演者丹尼尔克雷格(Daniel Craig)等明星前来友情客串,还播放了凯文史派西(Kevin Spacey)扮成弗兰克褠德伍德(Frank Underwood)表演的一段视频。弗兰克褠德伍德是Netflix出品的电视剧《纸牌屋》(House of Cards)中的美国总统,一个枭雄式的角色。Chinese household names such as starlet Zhao Wei, boy band TFBoys and swimmer Ning Zetao also joined the event.中国家喻户晓的人物——比如女明星赵薇、男孩乐队TFBoys和游泳健将宁泽涛——也出席了晚会。Against the backdrop of a digital billboard of shopping totals spiralling upwards at a dizzying rate, Alibaba executives reeled off statistics about the day — each more mind-boggling than the previous.舞台背景是一块数字广告牌,上面显示交易额以令人目眩的速度向上攀升。阿里巴巴的高管们不断报出当天的统计数字——这些数字一个比一个令人难以想象。One key statistic for Alibaba is the use of smartphones by customers to make purchases. Mobile purchases accounted for 72 per cent of the gross merchandise value in the first 90 minutes, compared with 45 per cent last year during the same period according to the company.对阿里巴巴而言,一项重要的统计是顾客们使用智能手机购物的情况。该公司表示,在开场90分钟内,移动端交易额占GMV的72%,而去年同期只有45%。Mobile use a key indicator of success for Alibaba, as China aly has more smartphone internet users than desktop internet users.移动端购物数字是衡量阿里巴巴成就的一项关键指标。在中国,用智能手机上网的人数已超过用台式机上网的。Daniel Zhang, Alibaba’s chief executive said: “This year, Alibaba has transformed 11.11 into an unprecedented mobile shopping experience.”阿里巴巴首席执行官张勇(Daniel Zhang)说:“阿里巴巴把今年的双十一变成了一次前所未有的移动端购物体验。” /201511/409616The chairman of Gecamines, the state-controlled mining company in the Democratic Republic of Congo, has outlined ambitious plans to partner with Chinese investors to ramp up production of copper and other commodities in the resource-rich African country.刚果民主共和国的国有控股矿业公司Gecamines的董事长介绍了雄心勃勃的计划,打算与中国投资者合作,提高这个资源丰富的非洲国家的铜和其他大宗商品的产量。Albert Yuma Mulimbi told the Financial Times he was dissatisfied with most existing joint ventures involving western mining companies, and claimed they had failed to generate adequate returns for Gecamines.艾伯特.尤马.穆林比(Albert Yuma Mulimbi)告诉英国《金融时报》,他对现有大多数跟西方矿业公司组建的合资企业感到不满,称它们未能为Gecamines带来足够高的回报。Gecamines is proposing to use a partnership with China Nonferrous Metal Mining Group to develop a major new copper mine as a blueprint for future joint ventures with other Chinese companies or overseas investors.Gecamines提出,为了开发一座新的大型铜矿而与中国有色矿业(China Nonferrous Metal Mining)组建的一家合资企业,可以作为未来与其他中国企业或海外投资者组建合资企业的范本。Mr Yuma said Gecamines was seeking to lift production at projects involving the company to more than 100,000 tonnes of copper a year by 2018, compared with less than 20,000 in 2015. As well as being home to 10 per cent of the world’s copper reserves, the DRC is also a major source of cobalt, widely used in so-called superalloys and lithium ion batteries.尤马表示,Gecamines正寻求到2018年把该公司所参与项目的年度铜产量提高到10万吨以上,而2015年的这一数字尚不足2万吨。除了拥有世界铜储量的10%,刚果民主共和国也是钴的重要产地。钴被广泛应用于超耐热合金和锂离子电池。“We want to become again, as in the past, one of the biggest players in copper and cobalt,” said Mr Yuma in an interview with the Financial Times.“我们希望像以往那样,再次成为铜和钴的最大供应方之一,”尤马在接受英国《金融时报》采访时说。After the country’s mining sector was nationalised in the 1960s by the then dictator Mobutu Sese Seko, Gecamines became a major industry force, producing almost 500,000 tonnes of copper each year during the mid-1980s.1960年代,该国的采矿业被当时的独裁者蒙托.塞塞.塞科(Mobutu Sese Seko)收归国有。之后,Gecamines成为了一重要的行业力量,在1980年代中期的年度铜产量接近50万吨。But the company came close to collapse during the final years of Mobutu’s rule, which ended in 1997.但Gecamines在蒙托统治的最后几年里接近崩溃。蒙托统治终结于1997年。Mr Yuma said the DRC had been told in the early 2000s by international bodies such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund to sell assets to overseas mining companies that would develop the projects and pay dividends and other income streams to the country.尤马表示,在21世纪初,世界(World Bank)和国际货币基金组织(IMF)等国际机构建议刚果民主共和国向海外矿业公司出售资产,后者将开发矿业项目,向该国提供红利和其他收入。This left Gecamines with minority interests in major DRC mines, with western companies such as Freeport-McMoRan of the US, Switzerland’s Glencore and Canada’s Ivanhoe Mines having controlling stakes and operating the projects.这导致Gecamines在国内各大矿业项目中持有少数股权,而西方公司——如美国的自由港迈克墨伦(Freeport-McMoRan)、瑞士的嘉能可(Glencore)和加拿大的艾芬豪矿业(Ivanhoe Mines)——持有控股股份,并作为项目作业方。But Mr Yuma complained that existing deals with international companies had failed to generate dividends for Gecamines, which is burdened with almost .5bn of debt.但是,尤马抱怨称,与海外公司达成的现有交易未能为Gecamines带来红利,该公司目前背负着近15亿美元的债务。“We don’t have dividends and all the revenue is exported and transferred,” he said. “So this kind of business is not good any more.”“我们没有收到红利,所有营业收入都被输出和转移了,”他说。“所以这种生意不再是好业务了。”Gecamines is embroiled in a legal dispute with Freeport over Tenke Fungurume, the DRC’s largest copper mine, where the two companies were partners.眼下,Gecamines与自由港在Tenke Fungurume铜矿问题上深陷法律纠纷。两家公司在刚果民主共和国的最大铜矿项目中曾是合作伙伴。Freeport announced plans in May to sell its controlling stake in Tenke to China Molybdenum.今年5月,自由港宣布了把自己在Tenke Fungurume所持的控股股份出售给洛阳钼业(China Molybdenum)的计划。Last week the deal was completed after Canada’s Lundin Mining, which owns 24 per cent of Tenke, said it had agreed to sell its stake to BHR Partners of China for .1bn.最近,在拥有Tenke 24%股权的加拿大伦丁矿业(Lundin Mining)表示已同意将其股权以11亿美元出售给中国的渤海华美(BHR Partners)之后,这笔交易已完成了。Gecamines, which owns 20 per cent of Tenke, said the deals involving Freeport and Lundin ignored its pre-emptive rights to buy the stakes.拥有Tenke 20%股权的Gecamines表示,自由港和伦丁矿业的交易忽视了其买断股权的优先权利。Gecamines has taken its case to an international court in Paris in an attempt to block the Freeport deal.Gecamines已将此案诉至巴黎的一家国际法庭,企图阻止自由港的那笔交易。“We’re not blocking the Chinese,” said Mr Yuma, who claimed Gecamines had financial backing to buy Freeport’s stake. “We are blocking Freeport who want to sell without respecting our rights.”“我们不是要阻止中资,”尤马说。他声称,Gecamines拥有买下自由港所持股份的资金后台。“我们要阻止自由港,是为了不让他们在不尊重我们权利的情况下出售股份。”Meanwhile, in an effort to secure dividends and royalties from existing mines involving overseas companies, Gecamines is planning to audit all major projects in the DRC to see whether it has been treated fairly as a minority investor.同时,为了确保从海外公司入股的现有矿山获得红利和特许权使用费,Gecamines计划对刚果民主共和国境内的所有大型项目进行审计,以判断自己作为少数股投资者是否得到了公平对待。“We are conducting various audits in all the joint ventures we have because, I am sorry to say, generally speaking we are not happy with most of them,” said Mr Yuma.尤马说:“我们正对所有合资项目进行各种审计,因为,我要遗憾地说,总体上看,我们对大多数合资项目都不满意。”He added the new partnership with China Nonferrous Metal Mining — under which the Chinese company has agreed to spend bn to build and operate a copper processing facility in the mineral-rich Katanga province — could be a suitable model for future joint ventures.他接着说,与中国有色矿业组建的新合资企业,可能成为未来合资企业的合适范本。中国有色矿业同意付20亿美元,在矿产丰富的加丹加省(Katanga)建造和经营一家铜加工工厂。China Nonferrous Metal Mining will have a 51 per cent stake in the facility, with Gecamines holding the remainder, and Mr Yuma said the Chinese company would have its investment repaid through copper sales. Once this was done, he added Gecamines would aim to secure control of the project, suggesting that would happen within eight to 10 years.中国有色矿业将拥有该厂51%的股份,而Gecamines持有余下的股份。尤马表示,中国有色矿业将通过铜的销售来收回投资。他接着说,一旦中方收回了投资,Gecamines将力求取得项目的控股权。他暗示,这将在8到10年内实现。“That’s the new vision,” he added, indicating Gecamines initially wanted stakes as high as 49 per cent in future joint ventures, rather than the smaller ones it has in existing partnerships with overseas mining companies.“这是新愿景,”他补充说。他指出,Gecamines当初想要在未来合资企业中持有至多49%的股权,而不是像现在这样,在与海外矿业公司组建的现有合资企业中持有较少股权。“If you are not y to do that#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;we’ll pull you out, push you out and if we have to fight in court to have a decision, we’ll do it,” he said.“如果你不准备这样做……我们会把你拉出来,把你推出去,如果我们非要诉至法庭以获得一个判决,我们会那么做的,”他说。Analysts said Mr Yuma’s ability to execute his plan to increase production of copper and cobalt in the DRC could be hampered by the country’s political crisis.对于尤马提高国内铜和钴产量的计划,分析师们表示,他的执行能力可能会受到该国政治危机的阻碍。Joseph Kabila, president, was due to step down this December but elections have been delayed until April 2018, raising tensions in the country. Angry opposition parties have promised to escalate their protest movement if Mr Kabila clings to office.该国总统约瑟夫.卡比拉(Joseph Kabila)原定今年12月下台,但现在选举已被推迟到2018年4月,这加剧了该国的紧张局势。愤怒的反对党承诺,如果卡比拉拒不下台,他们将升级抗议运动。Campaigners have called on Gecamines to be more transparent and also question whether the company can raise financing for projects.活动人士们则呼吁Gecamines提高透明度,并质疑该公司能否为项目融到资金。“They are a black box in the middle of the Congolese mineral system,” said Nathaniel Dyer of Global Witness. “They haven’t been able to demonstrate on a large scale the ability to carry out these copper projects themselves. They would need to massively up their game in terms of corporate governance.”“他们是刚果采矿体系中的一个黑匣子,”全球见(Global Witness)的纳撒尼尔.戴尔(Nathaniel Dyer)说。“他们无法大规模地展示自己具有实施这些铜项目的能力。他们需要大幅度提高公司治理水平。”Freeport and Lundin declined to comment on Mr Yuma’s complaint about dividends.自由港和伦丁矿业拒绝就尤马对红利的抱怨置评。However, one person familiar with Tenke said it had not paid dividends because the mining companies needed to recover their costs and the funds invested in the project. He added the companies had paid taxes and other monies for exploration to the DRC.然而,一位熟悉Tenke的人士说,该项目没有付红利,是因为矿业公司需要收回自己的成本和项目初期投资。他接着说,相关企业已向刚果民主共和国缴纳了税款和其他勘探费用。Glencore declined to comment. While its DRC operations have not issued a dividend, last year Glencore paid 0m in taxes and royalties to the country.嘉能可拒绝置评。虽然在刚果民主共和国的业务从未发放红利,但去年嘉能可向该国付了6亿美元的税款和特许权使用费。Ivanhoe was not immediately available for comment.记者未能立即联系到艾芬豪矿业请其置评。 /201611/480279A Canadian miner claims it has unearthed the biggest diamond to be found for more than a century, with the discovery of a 1,111 carat gem-quality stone in Botswana.一家加拿大采矿公司声称在茨瓦纳发现了一颗重达1111克拉的宝石级钻石,为一个多世纪以来发现的最大钻石。Lucara Diamond has released photographs of the stone, which was discovered at its Karowe mine. It measures 65mm x 56mm x 40mm and pictures of the clear-looking gem show it to be the size of a small orange. Analysts said the stone was difficult to value but should be worth tens of millions of dollars.Lucara钻石公司公布了这颗在Karowe矿场发现的钻石照片。其尺寸为65 x 56 x 40毫米,照片上晶莹剔透的钻石看起来有一个小橙子大小。分析师表示,这颗钻石很难估价,但应该价值数千万美元。Des Kilalea, an analyst at R Capital Markets, said the stone would be worth at least m, based on previous sales, and possibly up to m. Another industry professional estimated its value at m to m. Lucara sold a similar type of stone, weighing 342 carats, for .55m in July.加拿大皇家资本市场(R Capital Markets)分析师达斯克拉利尔(Des Kilalea)表示,据以往的销售记录,这颗钻石至少值3500万美元,有可能高达5000万美元。另一名业内专业人士估计其价值在7000万美元到8000万美元之间。Lucara今年7月曾以2055万美元的价格出售过一颗重342克拉的类似品级钻石。To date, the largest diamond ever discovered is the “Cullinan Diamond”, which was dug out of a South African mine in 1905. That 3,106 carat gem was cut and set in Britain’s crown jewels.迄今为止,世界上最大的钻石是1905年在南非发现的“库里南钻石”(Cullinan Diamond)。这颗重达3106克拉的钻石被切割后,镶嵌在英国的王冠上。William Lamb, chief executive of Lucara, said the Karowe diamond — about twice the size of any stone sold recently — also had “historical significance” that could influence the value.Lucara公司首席执行官威廉瀠姆(William Lamb)表示,在Karowe开采出的这颗钻石还具有“历史意义”,可能影响其价值,该钻石比近期售出的大钻石都要大一倍。“I have been waking up at 4am every night this week,” he said yesterday. “It is an amazing feeling and a great position to be in... is the first stone of more than 1,000 carats for 100 years.”兰姆昨日表示:“这个星期每天夜里我都会在凌晨4点醒来。我感到神奇,感到幸运…这是一百年来人类开采到的第一枚超过1000克拉的钻石。”Lucara also announced finds of two other white diamonds: an 813 carat stone and a 374 carat stone. It said the weights remained subject to change as the stones have not yet been cleaned.Lucara还宣布发现了另外两颗白色钻石,一颗813克拉,另一颗374克拉。该公司表示这两枚白钻的重量可能会发生变动,因为钻石尚未被清洗。 /201511/411922It was only the day before yesterday that the rich democracies imagined a post-cold war global order fashioned in their own image. Now they are running away from the world. There were to be three pillars to the new order. As a benign hegemon, the US would underwrite the international peace and advance the sp of liberal democracy.仿佛就在前天,富裕的民主国家还按照自己的观念构想了冷战后的世界秩序。如今它们正从世界退缩。按照它们的构想,新秩序将会有3个柱。作为一个温和的霸主,美国将为国际和平背书并推动自由民主的传播。Europe would export its model of postmodern integration to its near neighbourhood and beyond — remember those predictions that the Association of Southeast Asian Nations would soon be like the EU? A declining Russia would join China and the rising powers of the east and south in recognising their national advantage in becoming stakeholders in a western-designed system.欧洲将向邻国及其他国家输出后现代的一体化模式——还记得关于东盟很快将和欧盟一样的预测吗?日益衰落的俄罗斯将和中国以及东半球和南半球的新兴国家一起认识到,成为西方设计的体系中的利益相关者符合自己的国家利益。That was then. The US is still by a margin the pre-eminent power but, whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump wins the presidency in November, the domestic political impulse is to pull back from the world.这就是当时的情况。如今,美国还算是头号强国,但今年11月无论是希拉里#8226;克林顿(Hillary Clinton)还是唐纳德#8226;特朗普(Donald Trump)赢得总统大选,美国国内的政治冲动都是从世界退缩。Europe is too busy filling the cracks in its own project to pay heed to what is happening elsewhere. Engulfed by crises — the eurozone, migration and most recently Brexit — it is a continent that has lost the capacity to think strategically. Meanwhile, China and Russia have no inclination to accept rules written by the US.欧洲正忙着填补自身一体化项目的裂痕,无暇关注其他地方的情况。由于接连陷入危机——欧元区危机、移民潮以及最近的英国退欧——欧洲大陆失去了战略思考能力。与此同时,中国和俄罗斯无意接受美国制定的规则。What happened? The war in Iraq, intended to demonstrate the reach of American power, instead delineated its limitations. The global financial crash of 2007-08 cruelly exposed the weaknesses of liberal capitalism.结果发生了什么?伊拉克战争本应彰显美国巨大的影响力,结果却展示出其力有不逮。2007年至2008年的全球金融危机无情地暴露了自由资本主义的缺陷。Europe’s integrationist dreams were shattered by the consequent eurozone shock. China grew faster than anyone had expected, accelerating the redistribution of power in the global system.随后的欧元区危机让欧洲的一体化梦想破碎。中国的增长超过所有人的预期,加快了全球体系中的权力重新分配。The common th now is nationalism. In the US this takes the form of “America-first” — some say, belligerent — isolationism. For President Vladimir Putin, armed revanchism is about all he has left: Russia is weak in all the dimensions of power except the military.现在的共同主题是民族主义。在美国,这是(一些人挑衅地说)以“美国优先”的孤立主义的形式存在的。对俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)来说,武装复仇主义与俄罗斯的现状有关:从军事以外的其他所有维度来说,俄罗斯都是实力疲弱。Europe, with its populism and pocket-sized authoritarians such as Hungary’s Viktor Orban, is unlearning the lessons of its history. China wants to expunge the memory of 100 years of humiliation. You could say they are all Westphalians now.欧洲没有吸取历史的教训,如今民粹主义兴起,并出现了匈牙利总理维克托#8226;欧尔班(Viktor Orban)等“缩微型”威权人物。中国希望消除100年的屈辱记忆。你可以说它们现在都是威斯特伐利亚的(威斯特伐利亚和约是指于1648年10月24日分别在神圣罗马帝国明斯特市和奥斯纳布吕克市(威斯特伐利亚区)签定的一系列和约,标志着三十年战争的结束。威斯特伐利亚和约在欧洲大陆建立了一个相对均势状态的格局,但这种格局并不稳定,事实上,随后的各国兴衰更替以一种令人目眩的速度进行着。——编者注)。I was reminded of the gulf of misunderstanding and mistrust at a gathering this week in Beijing. The annual Xiangshan security forum is the place where China’s military and political elites speak to the world. It is a fascinating event for a westerner — a place where the voices of Europeans and Americans have to compete for time at the podium with those of such nations as East Timor, Cambodia, Mongolia and, of course, China’s ally of convenience, Russia.这让我想起了最近北京一个聚会上的深刻误解和不信任。香山年度安全论坛是中国军事和政治精英向全球发表讲话的场所。对西方人来说,这是一个极具吸引力的论坛,在该论坛上,欧洲人和美国人必须与东帝汶、柬埔寨、蒙古,当然还有中国的权宜盟友俄罗斯等国的人士争夺上台发言时间。The chosen theme for 2016 was the search for a “new model of international relations”. The subliminal message was that the west should recognise that the old order has passed and it is time to engage with China in co-designing its replacement.2016年论坛的主题是寻找“新型国际关系”。言外之意是,西方应该认识到,旧秩序已经成为历史,现在是与中国接触共同设计新秩序的时候了。Western talk of adapting the existing system to accommodate Beijing failed to recognise that what is required is something entirely new. Above all, the US, as the status quo outsider in east Asia, should adjust to the new realities. The alliance system of the second half of the 20th century does not fit the geopolitical realities of China’s rise.西方表示将会调整现有体系以容纳中国,这反映出他们未能认识到,中国需要某种全新的秩序。最重要的是,作为现状下东亚的外来者,美国应该调整以适应新现实。20世纪后半叶建立的同盟体系不切合中国崛起的地缘政治现实。Apart from some sharp words about Beijing’s resolve to protect its claims and interests in the South China sea, the language of the hosts was mollifying. China seeks positive sum co-operation and is determined to avoid the “Thucydides trap” of a clash between an established and rising power. But the new order cannot look like the old.除了发表决心捍卫南中国海上的主张和利益的激烈言辞以外,中国的言辞还算温和。中国寻求正和合作,并决心避免落入老牌大国与新兴大国冲突的“修昔底德陷阱”(Thucydides Trap)。但新秩序不可能像旧秩序。Like what then? You catch talk in the background about a new concert of great powers, modelled on the work of Metternich at the 19th-century Congress of Vienna. Or perhaps a series of regional power balances with the US and China at the apex? A less sanguine view is that order will simply be replaced by half-organised disorder.那么像什么?你在这种背景下听到有人提议,以19世纪维也纳会议上梅特涅(Metternich)的构想为模板,诸大国建立新的协调关系。或者是构建一系列的区域性权力均势,美国和中国处于顶点?一种不太乐观的观点是,秩序将被组织涣散的混乱取代。There yet is another school of thought — call it realism, pragmatism or, more realistically, fatalism — that says there is simply nothing to be done. Later, if not sooner, this multipolar world will find a new equilibrium. Let nations sort out their own problems and conflicts, proponents of this view argue. A new balance will eventually emerge.还有一种无所作为的思想——我们称之为现实主义、务实主义或者更切合实际地说,是宿命主义。或快或慢,这个多极世界会找到新的均衡。这种观点的拥护者辩称,让各国解决各自的问题和冲突。最终将出现新的平衡。The snag is that eventually may be too late. The Middle East is burning and Russia wants to upturn the post-cold war settlement in Europe, but the really dangerous great power flashpoints are in east Asia. Add North Korea’s nuclear programme to regional rivalry in the East and South China seas and it is not hard to see US-China competition turning to confrontation and worse.这种观点的问题在于,最终可能太晚。中东战火纷飞,俄罗斯希望颠覆冷战后的欧洲格局,但大国中真正危险的引爆点是在东亚。综合考虑朝鲜核计划以及东中国海和南中国海上的地区性对抗局势,不难发现美中竞争正在转向对峙乃至更糟糕的局面。The world is at a hinge point. The post-cold war settlement, organised around unchallenged US power, western-designed global institutions and multilateral rules and norms, has been eroded. The rule of power is chafing against the rule of law, nationalism against internationalism.世界处于关键时刻。冷战后围绕无可匹敌的美国实力组织起来、由西方设计的全球机制和多边规则的格局已经受到削弱。实力至上主义与法治原则冲突,民族主义与国际主义冲突。Some think that the simple fact of economic interdependence will save the day — conflict would throw up only losers. But the dynamic can operate in the other direction.一些人认为,经济彼此依存的简单事实将会让世界转危为安——冲突只会产生输家,没有人能成为赢家。但形势可能朝着相反的方向发展。It is no accident that the International Monetary Fund’s latest annual report cites political risk as the biggest threat to the world economy. The liberal economic system depends above all on global security order.国际货币基金组织(IMF)在最新的年度报告中将政治风险列为世界经济的最大威胁,这并非偶然。自由的经济体系首先依赖于全球安全秩序。 /201610/472498

As more and more children under the age of 5 are declared overweight and obese, institutions are popping up all over China with the goal of helping people to lose weight.随着越来越多5岁以下儿童成为超重和肥胖儿童,减肥机构正在国内遍地开花。Some weight loss camps guarantee that they can help children with weight problems lose 5 to 15 kg in 3 months.一些减肥训练营承诺,能帮助存在体重问题的儿童在3个月内减重5至15公斤。The number of overweight and obese children under 5 around the world has reached 42 million, and most are living in developing countries, according to a report released by the World Health Organization in October.根据世界卫生组织10月发布的一份报告,全球5岁以下的超重和肥胖儿童已达4200万人,其中多数生活在发展中国家。According to the report, the growth rate of this group in developing countries is 30% higher than in developed countries.报告指出,发展中国家超重和肥胖儿童人数的增长率较发达国家高出30%。Food that is heavy in fat and sugar, such as fast food and carbonated beverages, is frequently consumed by people in developing countries.在发展中国家,人们经常摄入快餐、碳酸饮料等高脂肪高糖食品饮料。At the same time, a growing prevalence of games and cars has limited the time most people spend doing sports.同时,视频游戏和汽车的不断普及导致多数人的运动时间有限。According to data released by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Shandong province, 0.7 percent of boys and 1.5 percent of girls in China were overweight or obese in 1985, while those numbers stood respectively at 16.4 percent and 14 percent in 2014.根据山东省疾病预防控制中心发布的数据显示,1985年我国超重男孩的比例为0.7%,女孩则为1.5%,而这些数字在2014年分别为16.4%和14%。 /201612/486017

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