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Tesla founder and chief executive Elon Musk says pre-orders of the firm#39;s much-anticipated Model 3 electric car currently total 276,000.特斯拉创始人兼首席执行官埃隆·马斯克近日表示,公司备受期待的新型电动汽车Model 3的订单总数已达到276000份之多。The California-based firm unveiled the five-seater car - its lowest-cost vehicle to date - on last Thursday.总部位于加利福利亚的特斯拉公司于上周四举行了这一新款五座型轿车的发布会。该车型也是特斯拉公司目前为止造价最低的车型。Pre-orders of the Model 3 will not necessarily all translate into actual sales when the car is released, with first deliveries in late 2017. It can be ordered in advance in dozens of countries, including the UK, Republic of Ireland, Brazil, India, China and New Zealand. Potential car owners need to put down 1,000 dollars deposits to reserve their vehicles.Model3最早将于2017年下半年上市,而提前预订并不意味着最后就能买到。这款新车可以在全球包括英国,爱尔兰,巴西,印度,中国和新西兰在内的10余个国家提前预订。潜在的车主需交纳1000美元的订金来预订自己的车辆。Such has been the interest that Mr Musk tweeted the company was ;definitely going to need to rethink production planning;. Mr Musk has said his goal is to produce about 500,000 vehicles a year once production is at full capacity.有鉴于此,马斯克在推特上表示,特斯拉公司“必须重新规划生产能力”。马斯克表示,一旦公司生产能力达到最佳水平,每年将生产约50万辆汽车。The basic model will start at 35,000 dollars (24,423 pounds) and have a range of at least 215 miles (346 km) per charge.这款车型的售价为35000美元(折合24,423英镑),每次充电可至少行驶215英里(折合346公里)。Tesla delivered 50,580 vehicles last year. Most of those were its Model S saloon, which overtook Nissan#39;s Leaf to become the world#39;s best selling pure-electric vehicle.特斯拉去年卖出了50580辆汽车,其中大多数为四座型的Model S,这一成绩超过了尼桑的Leaf,成为世界上最畅销的纯电动汽车。But the firm still posted a net loss of 889m dollars (620m pounds) for 2015, partly because it spent 718m dollars on research and development over the period.但特斯拉2015年仍净亏损8亿8千9百万美元(合6亿2千万英镑),一部分原因是其在研发上投入了7亿1千8百万美元。The company is facing competition from other electric cars with a similar price and range that will become available first, including General Motors#39; Chevy Bolt and BYD#39;s Qin EV300.特斯拉现在正面临着与其他公司电动汽车的竞争。这些汽车与其新车的价格相近,行驶里程也相差无多,其中就包括通用的Chevy Bolt和比亚迪的Qin EV300。 /201604/436253

Ping An is launching a bn fund to invest in financial and healthcare technology globally in a sign of the Chinese insurance group’s desire to expand its brand and business outside its home market.中国平安(Ping An)将推出一10亿美元的基金,投资全球金融和医疗保健技术。这一迹象表明,这家中国保险集团渴望将其品牌和业务拓展至本土市场之外。The insurer, the world’s largest by market capitalisation and fourth largest by total assets, has been building a reputation for tech investing in related fields, most notably developing Lufax, the Chinese wealth management platform valued at bn and Good Doctor, the health app worth bn in a 2016 funding round.平安是全球市值最大、总资产第四大的保险公司。它一直在打造在相关领域开展科技投资的声誉,其中最令人瞩目的,是开发了估值190亿美元的中国理财平台陆金所(Lufax)、以及在2016年一轮募资中估值30亿美元的保健应用平安好医生(Good Doctor)。The new fund, named Global Voyager, will be headed by Jonathan Larsen, an 18-year veteran of Citigroup, who also becomes the Ping An group’s chief innovation officer.这名为平安全球领航基金(Global Voyager)的新基金,将由罗中恒(Jonathan Larsen,见上图)主管。他是一名曾在花旗集团(Citigroup)供职18年的资深人士,现还兼任平安集团的首席创新官。“Ping An is predominantly Chinese but they are at the point where they are interested in looking at expansion opportunities and this fund potentially provides a way of accessing these,” he said. “We think there’s a very substantial opportunity here.”他说:“平安的主要落脚点在中国,但他们正处于有意寻找扩张机遇的节点,该基金可能会提供获得这类机遇的途径。我们认为这方面存在巨大的机会。”Mr Larsen was most recently global head of Citi’s retail banking operations where he led many of the bank’s digital innovations such as voice biometrics for authenticating customers, which launched in Asia before a global roll-out.平安这新基金的初始规模为10亿美元,罗中恒预期三四年内这10亿美元会全部投出。投资对象从处于早期阶段的初创企业,到准备扩大规模的企业。Ping An’s new fund will begin with bn that Mr Larsen expects to be fully invested in three to four years. Investments will range from early-stage start-ups to ventures y to scale up, either from stand-alone financing or from being adopted by the insurer itself.罗中恒表示:“平安拥有大量资源,我们在这方面有充分的考虑。这家公司的发展动力是有机的,其传统的基础业务产生了巨大的现金流。” /201705/507730Robots are not only for fun and games, it#39;s also a very serious industry in China.机器人不仅是为了和游戏,它在中国也是一个非常严肃的产业。The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the development plan for the robotics industry (2016-2020).日前,工信部、国家发改委、财政部联合发布了《机器人产业发展规划(2016-2020年)》(规划)。The plan lays out the industry#39;s 5 tasks. Key breakthrough products, key components, significant improvement of robot reliability, market share and leading enterprises#39; competitiveness.据悉,该计划列出了该产业的5项任务,分别是推进重大标志性产品率先突破、关键零部件的发展、机器人可靠性的重要改进、提升市场占有率以及提升龙头企业的竞争力。China plans to triple its annual production of robots used in the manufacturing sector to 100,000 in five years, according to the plan. China is also aiming to sell more than RMB30b worth of service robots by 2020 amid surging demand in the healthcare, education and entertainment sectors.根据规划,我国计划在5年内将工业机器人年产量增加两倍至10万台;把握医疗、教育、领域对务机器人的需求不断增长的趋势,到2020年务机器人年销售收入超过300亿元。The plan details the growth of the robotics industry for the 13th Five-Year Plan period with a view to increasing the quality of equipment, said Xin Guobin, the vice-minister of industry and information technology, on last Tuesday.工信部副部长辛国斌上周二表示,规划着眼于提升设备质量,对;十三五;期间我国机器人产业的发展作出具体部署。 /201605/441086

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