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1.Respect.Show us through your actions that you respect our opinions, careers, interests, friends, bodies and minds. You don’t have to agree with all that we say or do, but try to honor our opinions as valuable contributions. Follow the golden rule and treat us as you would like to be treated: Be honest, fair, kind, and considerate.尊敬女人需要别人尊重自己的想法,事业,兴趣,爱好,朋友和思想等等。这并不等同于认同,而是尊重。 /201001/94268There#39;s nothing quite like a good prank. Whether you#39;re simply channeling the summer camp classic of sticking a sleeping bunkmate#39;s hand into a cup of warm water or plotting an elaborate Ocean#39;s Eleven heist-like scenario to pull one over on a buddy, when it all comes together in hilarious humiliation, you can#39;t help but crack a proud grin.炮制一出高妙的恶作剧给人的满足感实在无与伦比。不管你仅是套用夏令营经典恶作剧招数,将熟睡室友的手放进一杯温水里,还是对好友上演《十一罗汉》里那精妙设计的拦路抢劫剧情,只要让他人丑态毕露,引发爆笑,你总会禁不住自豪地奸笑起来。   And there#39;s no better time than now to talk to a couple experts on everything you need to know to appropriately bask in the tomfoolery this year.而此时正是向专家们请教今年该怎样尽情“愚人娱己”的最佳时机。  So, why do we pull pranks anyway? According to Tim Nyberg, author of The Practical Joker#39;s Handbook and The Practical Joker#39;s Handbook: The Sequel, such wanton acts of entertaining deviousness break the monotony of the everyday. ;Pranks are the part of the seasoning that makes life interesting,; he said. ;A sure cure for boredom is planning and executing a creative practical joke.;话又说回来,我们为何要开玩笑呢?根据《恶作剧者实用手册》和《恶作剧者实用手册(续)》的作者蒂姆·纽伯格的说法,这些淘气的娱人诡计打破了日常生活的单调。“恶作剧是为我们生活添加趣味的调味料,”他说,“要打破沉闷,一个绝对有效的做法就是策划并实施一个富有创意的恶作剧。”  Nyberg cited a number of motives from ;just for the hell of it; to the joy of preying on a friend#39;s gullibility. Or, for revenge, of course. Ah ye the payback prank. While the phrase ;an eye for an eye, makes the world blind; is often attributed to Gandhi, we#39;re pretty sure that even Mahatma would return the favor of a whoopee cushion slipped onto his seat by sprinkling itching powder into the perpetrator#39;s jockstrap.纽伯格列举了形形色色的恶作剧动机,从“就为了好玩”,到享受轻易骗到朋友的乐趣。当然还有,为了报复。啊,对了,还有报复恶作剧。我们都知道“以眼还眼(即以牙还牙),世界只会更盲目”的名言出自甘地,但我们还是能肯定,如果这位圣雄也遭遇过坐上放屁垫子这样的恶作剧,他也会回敬这位始作俑者的——在其运动内裤里撒上痒粉。  ;Is there any motive other than revenge?; said comedian and CollegeHumor.com writer Streeter Seidell, whose years-long war of escalating pranks with fellow CollegeHumor employee Amir Blumenfield have become an Internet sensation. ;Even the initial prank in a war is likely spurred by some offense you feel needs to be rectified,; he added.“除了报复,恶作剧还有别的理由吗?”喜剧演员、“大学幽默”网站的作家史崔特·赛德尔说道。他与“大学幽默”网站的同事阿默·布鲁曼菲尔德之间那长达数年、不断升级的恶作剧大战在网络上引起热议。他还说道:“引发恶作剧轮番大战的第一个捉弄把戏很可能不过是别人一次不经意的冒犯,但却激起了你的‘报复’心理。”  But maybe you don#39;t have any grievances that need to be addressed. Maybe you just want to have some devilish fun at another#39;s expense. In that case, Nyberg advised setting your sights on your friend preferably one with a good sense of humor. ;It#39;s always best when both parties (eventually) find humor in the prank,; he explained.不过你也可能没有什么冤屈特别需要平反的。你可能只想从别人身上获得这种邪恶的快意。如果是这样,纽伯格建议大家把对象限定在朋友圈里,最好是富有幽默感的人。“如果双方(最终)都能从恶作剧里找到幽默的乐趣,那就再好不过了。”他解释道。  Speaking from the perspective of someone who has been on both ends of the joke, Seidell echoed Nyberg#39;s suggestion. ;I can always forgive Amir for whatever caliber of prank he pulls because he#39;s my friend and we work together every day,; he said. ;But if some random person decided to pull something on me just for fun, I can#39;t say I#39;d be as forgiving.;站在恶作剧施受双方的角度,赛德尔也赞同纽伯格的建议。“无论阿默开什么玩笑我都能原谅他,因为他是我的朋友,我们每天在一起工作,”他说,“但如果是一个随便的什么人想来愚弄我,拿我寻开心,我可不敢说我会如此宽容。” /201203/176127You've probably heard of hot yoga and power yoga, but now there's another form of the physical and mental activity that's gaining in popularity in India -- water yoga.  你可能听说过高温瑜伽和力量瑜伽,但现在有一种新的瑜伽在印度日渐流行,这就是水中瑜伽。  In the city of Agra, famed for the Taj Mahal, legions of locals perform their "asanas," or postures, in a pool, which makes them more challenging than on land, and also boosts buoyancy and flexibility.  在以泰姬陵而闻名的亚格拉城,很多当地人热衷在水池中做瑜伽,在水中做瑜伽比在陆地上做难度更大,但同时可以提高身体的浮力和灵活性。  Harish Chaturvedi, a trained lawyer, teaches the unusual form of yoga free of charge. He says water yoga can be performed for much longer than other forms, as the body does not get tired as quickly.  职业律师出身的哈里希#8226;查图尔维迪免费教授这种特别瑜伽。他说,相比于其它形式的瑜伽,在水中做瑜伽不会让身体很快感到疲劳,所以能坚持得更久。  "Everybody can learn swimming, but if they also learn yoga alongside it, they will never feel tired," he said. 他说:“每个人都能学习游泳,但如果他们在学游泳的同时学习瑜伽,那么永远也不会觉得累。”  "The level of oxygen is very high in water, and you will not have any breathing problems." “水中氧气含量很高,你不会有呼吸问题。”   Chaturvedi believes water yoga really boosts energy and helps ward off disease. He focuses on children, and runs regular classes at the swimming pool of a local sports stadium.  查图尔维迪认为水中瑜伽的确能提高体能,祛除疾病。他以孩子为主要教学对象,并在当地一家体育馆的游泳池定期授课。 /201109/152886

'Meh': new word for indifference enters English dictionary"Meh", a word which indicates a lack of interest or enthusiasm, became the latest addition to the Collins English Dictionary on Monday.The word, which beat hundreds of other suggestions from members of the public, will feature in the 30th anniversary edition of the dictionary, which is to be published next year.Though the word apparently originates from North America, Collins said it was now widely used on the Internet, and was increasingly seen in British spoken English.The dictionary entry for "meh" will say it can be used as an interjection to indicate indifference or boredom, as an adjective to describe something as boring or mediocre, or to show an individual is apathetic or unimpressed.The word was popularized by the US comedy animation series "The Simpsons", where characters Bart and Lisa use it to express indifference when their father Homer suggests a day trip.It was submitted by Erin Whyte from Nottingham, central England, and a panel of Collins language experts singled it out from the hundreds of other submissions because of its frequency of use in modern English."This is a new interjection from the US that seems to have inveigled its way into common speech over here," said Cormac McKeown, head of content at Collins Dictionaries."It shows people are increasingly writing in a register somewhere in between spoken and written English."Other words submitted to Collins's campaign -- which was launched in June and called on members of the public to suggest words they used in everyday English -- were jargonaut (a fan of jargon); frenemy (an enemy disguised as a friend) and huggles (a hybrid of hugs and snuggles). 表示没兴趣或无聊的“Meh”一词于本周一成为《柯林斯英语字典》中的新成员。“Meh”从数百个由公众提名的候选词中脱颖而出,将收录至将于明年出版的《柯林斯英语字典》30周年纪念版中。尽管该词最初起源于北美,但柯林斯字典称,目前该词在网上十分流行,而且在英国人日常口语中的使用频率也越来越高。《柯林斯英语字典》对“meh”一词的解释是:可用作感叹词或形容词,表示感到无聊或没兴趣;或形容某事没意思或某人缺乏兴趣、冷淡。“Meh”一词的流行源于美国喜剧动画片《辛普森一家》,片中的巴特和莉莎对爸爸霍莫一日游的提议表示不感兴趣时,就用了这个词。该词由来自英格兰中部诺丁汉的艾林#8226;怀特提交。经柯林斯字典语言专家评审组的评定,鉴于该词在现代英语中的使用频率较高,所以最终从几百个候选词中胜出。柯林斯字典内容部负责人考玛克#8226;麦克欧文说:“来自美国的一个新潮词进入了我们的日常用语。”“这说明,现在人们使用的书面语越来越口语化。”这项由柯林斯字典发起的新词评选活动于今年6月启动,主要面向公众征集他们在日常生活中经常使用的一些新词语。其它提交的新词包括jargonaut(爱用术语的人)、frenemy(伪善朋友)和huggles(hugs 和snuggles的合成词)等。 /200811/56584

Every girl is different--if they were all alike, you wouldn't be interested in this one in particular, now would you? There are as many different ways to get a girl as there are girls, so let's go over some basic rules that'll win over any girl worth getting.Steps1. Have your own life.If you tend to fall into the "friend zone", this is especially important. Girls don't like guys who have no lives, and who cling to them like plastic wrap. Actually, some girls do like that, but usually for all the wrong reasons--either they're insecure and needy for attention, or they're control freaks who like to dominate guys. Unless you want to sign up for either of those scenarios, focus filling your time with your own friendships, interests, and goals.2. Make an impression.There's no one-size-fits-all solution here. What impresses one girl might make another roll her eyes. Your best bet is to be yourself. Demonstrate a unique skill or talent that you're proud of, something that sets you apart from the crowd. Not only will this make her feel good about you, but it can boost your confidence, too.3. Flirt.When you see or meet a girl you like, make brief eye contact. Smile. Strike up a casual conversation. Most importantly, relax. Don't think of her as the girl of your dreams; don't worry about what will happen if you make a bad joke, or you've got something stuck to your teeth. Enjoy interacting with this attractive, friendly girl whose path crossed yours. Live in the moment.4. Talk to her.Tell her what you really enjoy in life, what gets you excited and what you want to leap out of bed to pursue. Ask her what she really loves in life and what gets her excited. Be positive. If you have had a bad day, still greet them with pleasure and a big smile. Most importantly, listen.5. Be romantic.The stereotypical icons of romance (roses, candles and chocolate) can only go so far. Think about what really gets that special someone excited. Recognize what makes her unique, and find/do things for them that only they would appreciate. What are her quirky (perhaps secret) interests, obsessions and fantasies? Whenever she's shopping, talking, or watching a movie, what makes her eyes light up? Pay attention! Being romantic means acknowledging how special a person is, and that means demonstrating that you know--better than anyone else in the world--what makes her unique.6. Break the touch barrier.There are several ways to touch a girl without being sleazy. Hold her coat while she puts it on. Offer her your hand when she's stepping on an uneven surface. Hold out your elbow so she can link arms with you as you walk together. Hold out your hand so you can lead her through a crowd. Rub her hands when they're cold. These are all polite ways to get a little closer without being creepy. Still, if you see any signs of discomfort, stop! Otherwise, she'll probably enjoy the affection.7. Compliment her.If you really like this girl, you probably appreciate a lot of things about her. Why not let her know? If anything is different or new (her hairstyle, nail polish color, shirt), make note of it. The more unique the compliment, the better received it will be, unless she's shallow. Most girls like being complimented on something that makes them distinct, not something that plenty of other girls have. If you compliment her appearance, try to be original. Better yet, compliment her personality or skills.8. Make her laugh.Telling jokes or funny stories is the classic way to make a person laugh, but not the only one. Find out which are her favorite comedians, funny movies, or sitcoms. Watch them with her. Be bold and think of some antics that'll make her laugh. Tell her to dare you to do something, then do it (as long as it's not dangerous or illegal, of course).9. Ask her out.Invite her to go somewhere or do something with you--make sure it's something that you're both interested in. If you want, show her your world. Bring her somewhere that you feel comfortable and preferably, where you have or do something that you're proud of. Or, express interest in seeing her world. Is she a musician? Ask if you can see her perform. Is she a mathematician? Ask to her report or thesis. Or, just go out for lunch or a cup of coffee and get to know her better. /200901/60863

Do you know mouse potatoes?The Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary.Mouse potatoes joined couch potatoes, google officially became a verb and drama queens finally found the limelight when they crossed over from popular culture to mainstream English language.The mouse potato (who spends as much time on the computer as his/her 1990s counterpart did on the couch), the himbo (attractive, vacuous -- and male) and the excessively emotional drama queen were among 100 new words added to the 2006 update of America's best-selling dictionary, the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary.The Internet search engine Google also found its way into the dictionary for the first time as a verb, meaning to find information quickly on the world wide web.New words and phrases from the fields of science, technology, pop culture and industry are chosen each year by Merriam-Webster's team of editors after months of poring over books, magazines and even food labels."They are not tracking verbal language. They are looking for evidence that words have become assimilated into the written English language," said Arthur Bicknell, senior publicist with Merriam-Webster."Unfortunately with slang words by the time it has become assimilated it probably isn't cool anymore." Bicknell said.Other words making their debut this year were soul patch (a small growth of beard under a man's lower lip), unibrow (two eyebrows joining together) and supersize -- the fast food industry phrase for extra large meals.The technology world contributed ringtones (changeable incoming cellphone call signals) and spyware (software installed in a computer to surreptiously track a user's activities) while biodiesel and avian influenza came from the world of science.America's first dictionary -- Noah Webster's A Compendious Dictionary of the English Language -- was published 200 years ago and also introduced a crop of fresh words that have now become familiar.Those "new" words in 1806 included slang, surf, psychology and, naturally, Americanize.Mouse potato(网虫)跟couch potato(电视虫)走到一起;google正式成为一个动词;drama queen(小题大做、大惊小怪的人)终于得到关注。这些词语终于登堂入室,从通俗文化行列转入英语主流语言。Mouse potato(“网虫”,像20世纪90年代的电视迷一样迷恋电脑的人)、himbo(徒有外表却无内涵的男人)、过分情绪化的drama queen等100个新词被收入2006年新版的美国畅销词典《韦氏大词典》中。互联网搜索引擎Google也首次作为动词入选词典,意思是"在互联网上快速查找信息"。每年,《韦氏大词典》的编委都要花上几个月的时间在书、杂志、甚至食品标签中搜罗,选出科学、技术、通俗文化及工业领域的一些新词和短语收入词典。《韦氏大词典》高级推介人亚瑟·比克内尔说:“编辑们搜罗的目标不是口头语言,他们找的是那些已被用于书面语的词汇,而且要有实例为。”比克内尔说:“不幸的是,那些已被书面语吸收的俚语可能就不再那么'酷'了。”今年入选词典的新词还有soul patch(男人下唇上长的一小撮胡子)、unibrow(左右眉毛长在一起)和supersize(超大型快餐)。技术领域的新词有ringtone(手机铃音)和spyware(安装在电脑上用于监视用户活动的间谍软件);科学领域的新词则包括biodiesel(生物柴油)和avian influenza(禽流感)。美国第一部词典--诺亚·韦伯斯特先生的《简明英语词典》于200年前出版,当时收入其中的一批新词如今已为大家十分熟悉了。那些于1806年入选的“新词”包括slang(俚语)、surf(冲浪)以及naturally(自然地)、Americanize(美国化)。Vocabulary:make one's debut:首次亮相;首次出现 /200808/46488

摘要:由于猫生性狡猾,且喜欢在夜间四处游荡,中世纪的欧洲人将它们与巫术与妖魔联系在一起,对它们怀有恐惧和仇视。Throughout much of the Middle Ages, cats were feared and hated. Since they are very sly and in the habit of moving about in the darkness at night, people used to associate them with witches and the evil spirits. Cats were treated cruelly, and even burned together with witches. People used to believe that cats took away a baby's breath by magic. Even now when mothers see a cat near their baby, they take the cat away because they think that the cat often lies on the baby, and then the baby can't breathe and dies. It was a general belief that witches and evil spirits especially liked taking the form of a black cat. Because of this belief, black cats came gradually to be looked upon as the cause of misfortune and ill luck. A popular idea is that if people see a black cat crossing the road in front of them, something unfortunate will happen to them. Some superstitious people believe that killing the cats does not necessarily mean killing the witches, for a witch can take on the body of a cat for nine times. It is said that Napoleon saw a black cat before the battle of Waterloo. He lost the battle, and the British won. Probably for this reason, the black cat is unlucky on the continent, but in Britain, it is lucky. /200906/72268

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