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泉州宫腔镜人流石狮妇幼保健院预约泉州检查怀孕要多少钱 High above the sweaty streets lies Manhattan#39;s most hidden luxury: the rooftop pool.曼哈顿拥挤街道上空隐藏着最秘密的奢侈:屋顶游泳池。In New York City, it#39;s always about numbers. The Department of Environmental Protection has picked some 1,700 municipal-owned properties — 500 schools, 600 comfort stations, 10 housing projects, 400 spray showers and 87 parks among them — to help the city cut back on water use. For locals nobly struggling to conserve resources, there is also this number to make them steam: .5 million. That#39;s the asking price for a four-bedroom apartment in Franklin Place, a luxury condo development in TriBeCa with a rooftop pool.在纽约市,一切都与数字有关。环境保护部挑选了大约1700个市属地产——包括500个学校,600个公厕,10个住宅,400个喷泉和87个公园——以帮助本市减少用水量。对努力节约水资源的当地人来说,还有个数字会让他们很生气:750万美元。它是特里贝克区奢侈公寓大楼富兰克林公寓(Franklin Place)的一个带屋顶泳池的四居室公寓的要价。You wouldn#39;t know it, but they#39;re up there — those turquoise oases, invisible to those of us who cope each day with sour summer smells, sweltering subway platforms and scorching sidewalks. More than any other city, New York converts the graph of its income inequality into a vertical urban plan, with most people sp out at street level — conniving to linger for just one extra second before an air-conditioned storefront when its door swings open — and the lucky few in their secret aeries and tiny triangle bikinis, lolling poolside.你可能不知道,但它们就在上面——那些蓝绿色的绿洲。我们这些每天忍受着夏天的酸腐味、闷热的地铁站台和灼热的人行道的人是看不见的。纽约把收入差距表现为垂直的城市规划,在这一点上它甚于其他任何城市。大部分人生活在街面上,当有空调的店面的门转开时,纵容自己在那里多停留一秒;而幸运的少数人待在秘密的屋顶上,穿着小小的三角形比基尼,懒洋洋地躺在泳池边。Once upon a time, relief from summer in the city meant a vandalized fire hydrant or a snooze on the fire escape. When I was growing up in New York, the closest thing to a rooftop pool was dropping water balloons onto friends from my second-story window, before trading places so they could drop them on me. Rooftops were deserts of sticky blacktop, the last places to which any sane New Yorker would retreat. And rooftop pools were as exotic as soccer fans. But now they#39;re proliferating as come-ons for condos and hotels — whose developers, truth be told, would probably prefer erecting more lucrative penthouses but must occasionally meet bothersome green requirements. Landscaped pools help turn those requirements to their advantage.很久以前,城市里的夏季避暑方法就是故意破坏消防龙头,或者在安全出口打个盹。我在纽约长大时,最接近在屋顶游泳的活动是从二楼窗户往楼下的朋友们身上丢水气球,然后交换位置,让他们往我身上丢。当时的屋顶是粘糊糊的沥青荒漠,任何理智的纽约人都不会去那里避暑。屋顶泳池和足球迷一样是罕见事物。但是现在它们数量激增,成了公寓或酒店的卖点——说实话,开发商们很可能愿意修建更多赚钱的顶层公寓,但是有时必须达到麻烦的绿化要求。景色宜人的泳池把这种要求变成了优势。Are we jealous? The pools are utilitarian, occasionally clumsy architecture, mostly devised to maintain an aura of exclusivity. The real estate market thrives on amenity envy. And yet, envy aside, there is something deliciously voyeuristic about helicopter photographs of a suddenly unfamiliar, upturned cityscape dotted with David Hockney bathers in dappled water and lounge chairs. Those chairs come with their own numbers. The Dream Downtown, a hotel in the Meatpacking District, charges 5 a day to use the pool, Monday through Thursday. A cabana on the weekend will set you back at least ,500.我们嫉妒吗?泳池是功利主义的、有时甚至是笨拙的建筑,大多是为了体现它的专享性。真正的地产市场靠的是令人羡慕的便利设施。但是,先不谈嫉妒,只说那些用直升机俯拍出来的照片,它们有一种好玩的偷窥意味——城市景观向上伸展,变得陌生,散布在水波荡漾的泳池中或躺椅上的游泳者很像大卫·霍克尼(David Hockney)的油画。这些椅子也是有标价的。肉库区的梦想市中心酒店(Dream Downtown)周一至周四租用一天泳池要价175美元。周末租一个有凉台的小屋至少要收2500美元。 /201409/329834President Xi Jinping appeared at Saturday#39;s state banquet hosted by the Dutch royal family in a formal traditional Chinese suit, which experts say displayed the leader#39;s national pride and confidence in Chinese culture.3月22日,在荷兰王室举行的国宴上,习近平主席身着一套正式的传统中国饰,专家称这一举动展示了国家领导人的国家自豪感和对中国文化的自信力。The eye-catching dark blue suit, slim-cut with a standing collar, is a simplified and redesigned ;Zhongshan suit;, or ;Mao suit; - a typical formal garment for Chinese men.这套中山装是蓝黑色,立领精致剪裁,样式更加简洁,是对传统“中山装”的重新设计,非常吸人眼球。这是中国男性参加正式宴会的典型饰。Zhou Jiali, a diplomatic protocol expert from China Foreign Affairs University, said Xi#39;s attire not only meets international diplomatic norms, but also manifests China#39;s ethnic style.;President Xi#39;s outfit at the banquet is not strictly a Zhongshan suit, which normally has four pockets. Instead, it is a type of modified Chinese standing-collar outfit,; Zhou said in an interview with a Chinese newspaper.;The entire design goes with Chinese style, but some subtleties are tinged with a modern tailoring spirit. For example, a Western-style pocket square was designed at the left chest,; she said.周加李是来自外交学院的外交礼仪专家,她说习近平主席的穿着不但符合国际外交的标准,还具有典型的中国民族特色。在接受一家中国报社的采访时,说道:“习近平主席的饰不是标准的中山装,通常有四个口袋。相反,那是一套改良版的中式立领装。整个设计符合中国风格,但某些细节处又具有现代剪裁特色。比如,在左胸处设计了一个西式方形口袋。”Lu Peixin, former acting head of the Protocol Department of the Foreign Ministry, said the decorative color of Xi#39;s suit pockets matched the embroidery color of first lady Peng Liyuan#39;s traditional overcoat.;In addition to exhibiting the beauty of Chinese culture, the outfits of Xi and Peng also create a harmonious and vivid impression of a #39;lovers pack#39;,; Lu said.外交部前礼宾司代司长鲁培新说,习近平衣口袋上的装饰性色与夫人彭丽媛传统大衣上的刺绣颜色相得益彰。“除了展示中国文化之美,主席和夫人的饰搭配和谐,仿佛一套给人印象深刻的情侣装。”In the fashion world, the traditional qipao dress portrays a Chinese woman#39;s beauty, and Zhongshan suits represent a man#39;s status.时尚界认为,传统的旗袍展示中国女性之美,而中山装则代表男性的地位。;Foreigners will interpret the Zhongshan suit as a political symbol because it has typical Chinese connotations,; said associate professor He Yang at the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology.;It came out during a period when Western culture entered China in 1920. The Mao suit was a fusion of fashion and culture. It had an outline of a Western suit, but it had Chinese elements,; said Liu Yuanfeng, dean of BIFT.北京装学院副教授贺阳说:“外国人认为中山装是礼貌的象征,因为具有典型的中国内涵。“该学院院长刘元风说:“20世纪20年代西方文化传入中国时,中山装开始出现。中山装是时尚和文化的融合,有西式装的轮廓,但是又有中国元素。”The blue and gray suit was the only choice for Chinese men. It dominated local menswear from 1920 to 1980. That was why many people in the Western world thought China was a ;gray society;, because nearly all the men wore gray Zhongshan suits.中国蓝灰色的饰曾经是中国男性的唯一选择,1920-1980年,它主宰了中国的男装。因此,西方国家很多人认为中国是个“灰色的社会”,几乎所有中国男性都穿灰色的中山装。Chairman Mao Zedong popularized it, so the garment became known in the West as the ;Mao suit;.毛泽东主席使中山装流行起来,因此“毛装”在西方闻名。After the reform and opening-up in 1978, Chinese people had more choices in clothing, and Western suits became popular. With foreign fashion brands coming into the Chinese market, fewer and fewer local people were interested in the Mao suit and its connotations.1978年改革开放后,中国人民在饰方面有了更多的选择,西式装开始流行。随着外国时尚品牌涌入中国市场,越来越少的中国人对中山装感兴趣,也不再关注它的内涵。Even so, there are some older people who still own one or two Mao suits. Chinese leaders, including Deng Xiaoping and Jiang Zemin, continued to wear them on important occasions, such as the nation#39;s anniversary celebrations.即使这样,还是有些上了年纪的人仍然保留一两件中山装。包括邓小平和江泽民在内的中国领导人,出席重要场合,比如在国庆仪式上,仍继续穿中山装。BIFT#39;s Liu has seen a revival of the Mao suit over the past few years. He said there are many young designers and local fashion companies that want to popularize it again.北京装学院的院长在过去几年看到了中山装的复兴。他说有许多年轻的设计师和当地的时尚公司想使中山装重新流行起来。When then president Hu Jintao inspected the country#39;s defense forces in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People#39;s Republic of China in 2009, he was wearing a gray Mao suit in Tian#39;anmen Square.The suit he wore has all the characteristic elements of a traditional Mao suit, but was designed in a Western style. It was slim cut in a three-dimensional way - a modern technique in fashion.2009年中华人民共和国建国60周年的庆典上,胡锦涛主席在天安门广场视察国防力量时,穿了件灰色的中山装。那件装具有传统中山装的所有元素,但设计具有西方风格,立体剪裁,独具现代时尚感。;It was a redesigned one. Modern Mao suits will become very popular during business occasions, as it looks formal and represents China,; said Xia Hua, chairwoman of Eve Enterprise Group, which was in charge of making Chinese leaders#39; clothes for the ceremony.依文集团总裁夏华女士负责庆典上国家领导人的饰,她说:“那套衣是对传统中山装的再设计。中山装在商业场合会变得非常流行,因为看起来很正式,还代表了中国的形象。” /201404/292268安溪处女膜修复手术多少钱

泉州市新阳光女子网上咨询Chen Yuzhou left Changsha train station with mixed feelings last month. The 21-year-old film and television drama literature major at Southwest University had just finished shooting a documentary about homeless people who live at the station during Spring Festival. His intention was to help them by raising awareness for their situation, but it became an important life lesson for Chen.上个月,陈宇舟百感交集地离开了长沙火车站。这位21岁的西南大学戏剧影视文学专业学生刚刚完成了一部纪录片的拍摄,该片讲述了春节期间住在火车站的的流浪者群体的生活。他希望通过电影唤起外界对他们的关注,却意外地为自己的人生上了重要的一课。Helping hand伸出援手Chen has always shown concern for vulnerable groups. During last year’s Spring Festival, the group of homeless people at Changsha train station caught his eyes. Although they had big bags, they weren’t in a hurry to catch a train and go home happily. “It seemed like these 40- and 50-year-olds were living in the station,” says Chen.陈宇舟一直都很关注弱势群体。去年春节期间,住在长沙火车站的流浪人群引起了他的注意。尽管背着沉重的行李,他们却并不急着赶火车开心回家。他说:“似乎这些四五十岁的人们就住在火车站里。”He immediately felt pity for them. After chatting with them, Chen decided to make a documentary about them to let more people know of their situation and help them.看到此景,他立刻心生怜悯。交谈后,他决定拍摄一部有关他们的纪录片,让更多的人去了解他们的处境,并伸出援手。“I felt it was my responsibility to help them through what I’m good at,” says Chen. According to him, helping others and raising awareness of such issues has become a trend in universities across the country. “Students are increasingly using their knowledge and skills to help people in need,” he says.“我认为自己有责任通过发挥所长来帮助他们”,陈宇舟说。他认为,在全国各大高校中,帮助他人、呼吁人们关注此类社会热点已成为一种趋势。他表示:“学生们正逐渐利用知识和技能帮助有需要的人。”Chen used his camera to capture the homeless people’s struggle. The touching story won him the Best Documentary award at the 20th Beijing Student Film Festival in May.陈宇舟用镜头捕捉到了这些流浪者的挣扎。去年五月,这部感人的电影获得了第20届北京大学生电影节最佳纪录片奖。Hard reality残酷的现实The success of Chen’s movie has turned the public’s attention to homeless people. But it also sparked controversy, especially after the documentary was put online, with some viewers criticized their craftiness.电影的成功让这群流浪者得到了关注。但争议也随之而来,尤其是在这部纪录片被上传到网上之后,一些观众指责这些人偷奸耍滑。As Chen discovered while shooting the documentary, some of the homeless people tried to exploit his team. “They thought we were journalists, so they took us along when they went to the relief station. They thought with us around, they would get more support,” says Chen.在拍摄记录片时,陈宇舟发现一些流浪者试图利用他的团队。陈宇舟说:“他们以为我们是记者,所以去救济站时让我们同行。他们认为有我们在,他们会得到更多帮助。”As shown in the documentary, one of the homeless people received a free train ticket from the relief station but then got a refund for it at the ticket office. This behavior shocked Chen.在纪录片中,一位流浪者从救济站获得一张免费车票,但却去售票处退票来换取现金。这一举动令陈宇舟感到震惊。“I worried about it a lot and that’s why I waited so long before putting it online,” he says.他说:“这个场景令我十分担心,这就是为何我等了这么久才把纪录片放到网上。”Chen realized that the documentary should reflect the reality of the homeless people’s lives, even if the truth is sometimes hard to accept.陈宇舟意识到,这部纪录片应该反映流浪者的真实生活,尽管事实有时令人难以接受。“No matter what, I must present the truth and let the audience decide what to think of it,” says Chen.“不管怎样,我必须呈现事实,观众自有评判”,他说。 /201402/276823福建泉州市妇女医院早孕检查 It#39;s commonly accepted that honey is better for us, but is that really the case? The short answer is because it is made of 55 per cent fructose (fruit sugar), eating honey is little more beneficial for our bodies than eating granulated sugar. And here#39;s why.大家普遍认为蜂蜜对我们的身体更有益。但事实确实如此吗?简单来说,由于蜂蜜中含有55%的果糖,所以吃蜂蜜一点也不比吃白砂糖健康到哪里去。Refined table sugar (sucrose) is processed in our bodies by insulin, which is produced by the pancreas. Honey is about 55 per cent fructose, a fruit sugar that#39;s processed by the liver. Despite the chemical difference, our bodies still react to honey in much same way as it reacts to refined sugar - with a blood-sugar spike.在我们体内的蔗糖是由胰腺分泌的胰岛素来分解的。而蜂蜜中包含的55%的果糖,是通过我们的肝脏来分解的。虽然在体内发生的化学变化不同,但人体对蜂蜜和对糖分的反应是一样的,都会造成血糖迅速升高。This encourages the pancreas to produce insulin, which leads the body to store fat and gain weight. When eaten to excess, products containing fructose contribute to obesity, heart problems and liver disease, just like products with granulated sugar. Other research has shown fructose drains minerals from your body.这会刺激胰腺分泌胰岛素,进而导致身体储备更多脂肪和体重上升。如果过量食用包含果糖的制品,那么就和食用含砂糖的制品一样,会导致肥胖、心脏病、肝病等问题。还有研究显示果糖还会消耗体内的矿物质。#39;There#39;s an idea that sugar is a pantomime villain and honey is the pantomime hero,#39; says nutritional therapist Ian Marber. #39;It#39;s not accurate. Loading honey onto a bowl ofporridge or breakfast cereal isn#39;t much better for our bodies than layering that cereal up with granulated sugar.“有人认为糖分就像是坏蛋,而蜂蜜像是大英雄。”营养治疗师伊恩·马伯说:“这种观点是不正确的。早上喝粥或麦片时加入蜂蜜和加白砂糖是一样不健康的。”Honey is also high in calories - more than table sugar. A teaspoon of commercial natural honey contains about 22 calories, a teaspoon of sugar around 16 calories. Many people who swapped honey for sugar found they liberally poured it into yoghurts, herbal teas and the like imagining honey to be superior to other sugars. #39;When people think something is low fat, they eat more,#39; says Ian Marber.另外,蜂蜜的卡路里含量也高于蔗糖。同样一小茶匙的量,蜂蜜含有22卡路里,而蔗糖含有16卡路里。许多用蜂蜜来替代蔗糖的人会随意地、不计量地在酸奶、凉茶中加入蜂蜜,认为蜂蜜比蔗糖健康得多。伊恩说:“当人们认为某种食物脂肪含量低就会大量食用。”#39;Companies use the word #39;honey#39; instead of saying something is #39;sweet#39; because they know it has an implied health benefit,#39; says Ian Marber.伊恩还说:“很多生产商都会用‘蜂蜜’这个词来代替‘甜’这个词,因为他们觉得这样会显得更健康。”While raw, unrefined varieties of honey - from farms and health food stores - do contain trace vitamins and minerals; niacin, riboflavin, thiamine and vitamin B6, they only make up about two per cent of honey#39;s total content.实际上,养蜂场里的和健康食品店中的未经加工的生蜂蜜确实含有多种维生素和矿物质,如烟酸、核黄素、维生素B1、B6等,但它们的总量也只占到2%。Many big-brand honeys and other #39;natural#39; sweeteners in supermarkets have been processed - heated and filtered - to rid them of pollen and naturally-occurring bacteria in raw, varieties. But it also removes these vitamins and minerals.而那些超市里售卖的大品牌蜂蜜以及其他号称“天然”甜味剂的蜂蜜是经过加工的蜂蜜,它们被加热或被过滤,这样花粉和细菌被除掉了,但同时同时除掉的还有蜂蜜里的维他命和矿物质。Dr Mica Engel, aesthetic doctor at London#39;s Waterhouse Young Clinic says glucose, fructose and carbs in honey will cause collagen damage - just like sugar. #39;Benefits from the few extra vitamins some honey contains won#39;t help to repair damage done to yourcollagen.#39;伦敦沃特豪斯诊所的美学医生迈卡·恩格尔说,蜂蜜中所含的葡萄糖、果糖以及碳水化合物等会和蔗糖一样损害皮肤的胶原蛋白。“蜂蜜中所含有的那点微量维生素无法帮你修复损害掉的胶原蛋白。”Added sugar (refined white sugar or honey) has no nutritional benefit. The NHS says added sugar can safely make up 10 per cent of a daily calorie intake.另外,添加糖(无论是精制白砂糖还是蜂蜜)都没有任何营养价值。英国国民保健务称添加糖在日常卡路里增加值中占10%。But earlier this year I spoke to cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra, who is also science director of Action On Sugar, a body campaigning to reduce levels of sugar in our foods, who said the World Health Organisation recommends limiting all added sugars (including honey) to six teaspoons a day.今年年初在同心脏病专家、“对糖分采取行动”(一个旨在减少我们日常食品糖分摄入量的组织)的科学顾问阿西姆·马尔霍特拉士交谈的时候,他说道,世界卫生组织建议每天摄入添加糖(包括蜂蜜)的量最好不要超过6茶匙(30克)。#39;Contrary to what the food industry wants you to believe, the body doesn#39;t need any carbohydrate from added sugar,#39; he said.“和食品生产商所希望的不同,我们的身体其实不需要从添加糖中获取任何糖分。” /201411/339766泉州哪个医院最好

泉州治疗功血哪家医院比较专业 Tell me what time you wake up and I will reveal what type of person you are! No, I am not a fortune teller but there is now evidence to show your sleep patterns reveal a lot about your lifestyle and personality. It can affect your mood, weight control and productivity at work.给我说说你的起床时间,我就能告诉你你属于哪种类型的人!不,我不是名预言家,但是有据表明,你的睡眠模式可以显示出你的生活方式和个性。睡眠能影响你的心情、体重控制和工作效率。Here are five different types of sleep patterns. Which one do you fit into?下面是五种不同的睡眠模式。你属于哪一种?1. Are you a morning person?你是不是早起型的人?If you like waking and getting up early, you are more likely to shine in the morning and get lots of things done. Your bedtimes are regular and do not vary wildly on the weekends. You like to have a decent breakfast which sets you up for the day. Evenings are less productive for you and you may feel like going to bed very early.如果你喜欢很早醒来并起床,你很有可能在早晨效率较高,可以做很多事情。你睡觉的时间很有规律,即使是周末也没有太大的变化。你喜欢有一顿丰盛的早餐,它会让你精神一整天。晚上你的效率不高,你可能想早点上床睡觉。2. Are you a napper?你是不是睡午觉型的人?Some people love a nap in the afternoon. Italian and Spanish timetables have taken this into account, since time immemorial. It is also due to climatic reasons. However, things are changing and there is a proposed labor reform in Spain to shorten the working day by eliminating the siesta! Even if you do not want or need a full siesta of an hour or so, a nap may benefit you.有些人喜欢下午睡上一小觉。很久以前,意大利和西班牙的作息表就考虑到了这一点。当然也有气候方面的原因。但是,事情在不断变化,西班牙有一项劳动改革提议去除午睡来缩短工作时间!事实上,即使是你不想或不需要一小时的午睡,睡上一小觉对你来说也是很有益处的。If you work for an enlightened company, they now provide nap rooms for you to have a snooze, because experts say this can increase productivity, reduce stress and fatigue and lessen the risk of heart disease.如果你在一家开明的公司上班,他们都给你提供午睡室,让你在里面睡一会儿,因为专家说这样做可以提高工作效率,减轻压力和疲劳,并降低心脏病的风险。3. Are you an evening person?3.你是不是晚睡型的人?If you are in this category, you may like to burn the midnight oil and party, study or work into the early hours because that is when you feel much more energetic. You prefer to work out in the evenings and you almost always need an alarm clock to wake you up. You do not go in for hearty breakfasts and you are pretty relaxed in regard to mealtimes.如果你属于这种人,你可能喜欢熬夜和聚会, 一直学习或工作到凌晨, 因为那段时间你会觉得更有精力。你喜欢晚上工作,基本上靠闹钟叫你起床。你对丰盛的早餐并无多大兴趣,用餐时你会相当随意。4. Do you sleep most during the weekend?你是不是把周末的时间都用来睡觉了?Many people struggle through the week on about 4-6 hours a sleep a night because of work pressure, long commutes and late nights. To make up your sleep deficit, you may sleep very late on the weekends or spend an afternoon in bed. The good news is this can partially help you to recover. The bad news is this is not a valid long-term strategy and does not always work to get you back to normal. This irregular type of sleep pattern can negatively impact:很多人由于工作压力、通勤时间长和熬到深夜,每晚只睡4-6小时来撑过工作日。为了补觉,你可能周末睡到很晚或一下午都躺在床上。好消息是这样能在一定程度上帮你恢复。坏消息是这样不是一个有效的长期策略,并不是总能让你恢复正常。这种不规律的睡眠模式对下面的这些有负面影响:Your immune system你的免疫系统Mood swings心情波动Attention span and focus注意力的持续时间和专注力Increase food cravings which will lead to obesity增加对食物的渴望从而导致肥胖This was the result of some research carried out by the Penn State University College of Medicine.这是宾夕法尼亚州立大学医学院一些研究的结果5. Do you find it difficult to wake up?你是不是觉得很难睡醒?There could be many reasons for this. It may be you are going to bed too late or you have a disturbed sleep pattern, caused by barking dogs or a snoring partner. There may be issues with insomnia, restless legs or sleep apnea. Your problem now is you have a very short time to get up, dressed and out of the house. This can be very stressful.当然可能有很多原因。可能是你睡得太晚了或由于叫或爱人打鼾导致你的睡眠模式受到了干扰。也可能是失眠、多动腿或睡眠呼吸暂停综合症。你现在的问题是你要在很短的时间内起床、穿衣和走出屋子。这对你来说可能压力很大。If you are fed up with loud alarm clocks, try a dawn simulator or a clock fitted with aromatherapy beads which can range from coffee to lavender. Some sadistic inventors have come up with a flying clock which takes off from the bedside table once it rings. Then, you have to chase it round the room and catch it before it stops bleeping. Not my ideal alarm clock!如果你受够了吵闹的闹铃,可以试试带有黎明模拟器的钟表或带有香薰珠子的钟表。带香薰珠子的钟表上的指针可以从咖啡味的珠子指向薰衣草味的珠子。有一些疯狂的设计师设计出会飞的闹钟,一旦闹钟响了,它就从床头柜上飞起来。然后,你就得满屋地追它,追到它后它才能停止发出哔哔的声音。这可不是我理想中的闹钟!Whatever type of sleep pattern you match, there is still the problem in getting up as painlessly as possible. Here are suggestions to make it less traumatic. If you are one of those rare types who can jump out of bed, y to go, then skip this bit!无论你属于哪一种睡眠类型, 都希望能够不费劲就起床。下面的这些建议会让起床变得容易一些。如果你是能轻易起床的奇葩,请略过下面的内容。Buy an alarm clock with a pleasant sound or with one of the new features mentioned above.买一个能发出悦耳声音的闹钟或具有上面提到的一些特点的闹钟。Forget the snooze button – the sleep quality is rubbish.别想着打盹——睡眠质量太差。Set the alarm to go off at the latest practical moment.让闹钟在最适合的时刻响起。Try stretching exercises before actually getting up.在真正的起床前试试伸展运动。Exercise if you feel like it – it works for some people in giving them an energy boost.如果你喜欢运动就运动一下吧——运动对有些人很管用,能让他们更有活力。 /201405/298727惠安县妇幼保健院网上预约福建中医院门诊电话热线



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