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泉州丰泽新阳光妇科医院好吗做人流哪个医院好泉州People are sending billions of requests to the internet all day every day每时每天 人们向互联网发送数十亿的查询需求and those requests are traveling across oceans, through cities, through cables, across the airwaves这些需求横渡大洋跨越城市,穿过电缆 电波but theyreall ending up in physical locations called data centers.但是它们最终都落脚在一个物理单位里,那被称为数据中心We currently are processing over 30 billion queries a day and you know it wasnt very long ago that was measured in the thousands.现在我们每天要处理超300亿的查询,而不久之前,查询还只是以千为单位计算The first production servers that Google used were made up of just the computer boards谷歌使用的第一台执行务器,只有电脑板that were needed and some hard disk drives to store the information and we put it on a cork board.以及几个硬盘驱动程序,用来储存信息我们把它放在一张软木板上They were kind of sagging in the middle because the cork board started sagging over time.它们的中部有点松垂,因为随着时间过去 软木板开始下垂了So we changed and, we made it a little bit more industrialized.所以我们做了修改,使它更工业化了The cork board servers were a way of testing out ideas in engineering about how to build more efficient servers.软木板务器能检验我们,关于创造更高效务器的想法Not only do we want to create the worlds most efficient data centers, but we want to power them我们不只想要创造世界上最高效的数据中心 我们还希望尽可能with renewable energy to the greatest extent possible.用可再生能量为它助力Were constantly challenging what we think is the right answer today so that we will have the capacity我们持续挑战着我们认为是现今最优化的性能以便我们拥有处于领先and well have our technology available so that everyone can use it.拥有自主技术,这样所有人就都能使用它了201706/513742泉州人流 It happens to everyone大家都有这样的时候,Youre just finishing up your lunch, maybe helping everyone clean up,你刚吃过午餐 可能在帮人收拾餐桌,and just as you open your mouth to say something...你刚想开口说话,...oh cheese! excuse yourself, Squeaks!天哪,注意影响,Squeaks!Burping can be embarrassing sometimes…...but everyone does it!打嗝有时挺让人尴尬的,但大家都会打嗝。And people arent the only animals that burp!不只是我们人类打嗝儿哦。Dogs,sheep ,and cows all burp after they eat...、绵羊、牛在吃完东西后都会打嗝。...even though you never hear them say excuse me.但你从未听它们说过不好意思And since we all seem to do it, there must be a good reason for burping...and there is.既然我们都会打嗝,肯定是有原因的,那是当然的。But to find out why we burp, we first need to learn a little bit about our bodys digestive system.在找到打嗝原因之前,我们首先需要了解一些消化系统的知识。The job of your digestive system is to break down, or, digest, everything that you eat,消化系统的功能就是分解或消化你吃下的所有东西,so that your body can use all of the good nutrients and energy that are in your food.从而使你的身体能利用所有食物中的好营养和能量。The digestive system is made of lots of different body parts.而消化系统是由很多不同的身体部位组成的。Some of those parts you can see in a mirror, like your teeth and your tongue…有些你从镜子上就能看到,如牙齿和舌头...and some are deep inside your belly, like your stomach.而其他的如胃等在你的腹腔内部。And in between your mouth and your stomach is a long tube called the esophagus.在你的嘴巴和胃之间有一个长长的管道,它就是食道。When you swallow, food travels through your mouth and throat,当你吞咽时,食物经过你的嘴巴和喉咙,and then moves down your esophagus and into your stomach.通过食道进入胃部。You can think of your stomach a little bit like a pouch, or a bag, just like a backpack or a purse.你可以将你的胃想象成一个袋子,类似于背包或者钱包这种东西。It can stretch a little bit when you put things in it ...but theres only so much room in there.你放东西进去时会把它撑大一点,但它的空间只有那么大而已。So, if things start to get too crowded, somethings got to go!所以,如果东西太多挤在一起的话,就得拿出去一些了。And burping is your bodys way of getting rid of extra gas in your stomach when theres just too much of it.当你胃里气体过多时,打嗝是你的身体排出胃里多余气体的方法。During a burp, gas leaves your stomach and goes up through the esophagus,打嗝时,气体离开胃部,穿过食道,and leaves your body through your mouth or nose.通过嘴巴或者鼻子离开你的身体。And … Im sure youve noticed … theres usually a noise involved.我想你已经注意到了,打嗝时通常伴有声音。But where does all of that gas come from?但这些气体是从哪儿来的呢?Well, that depends. If youve been sipping on a soda, then the bubbles from the soda...这得分情况。如果你总是喜欢喝苏打水,苏打水中有气泡,which are made of a gas called carbon dioxide... are to blame for your burps.它是由一种叫二氧化碳的气体组成的,你打嗝的话都赖它。But even if you havent been drinking fizzy drinks, youre still probably going to burp.但如果你从不喝碳酸饮料,你还是可能会打嗝。It happens to most of us between six and twenty times a day!而且我们大多数人每天都会打嗝6到20次。Thats because we swallow a lot of air throughout the day, mostly without even knowing it.那是因为我们一天在我们根本不知情的情况下会吸入很多的空气。You might get a mouthful when you stretch your mouth open wide for a yawn…可能是你张大嘴巴打哈欠的时候吞下了一口,... or drink through a straw, or from a water bottle…or chew gum…也可能是你用吸管在水杯里喝东西的时候或是嚼口香糖的时候。...or eat too fast, or if you talk too much while youre eating.或是吃得太快,边吃边说话...都有可能。Some foods can give you a case of the burps, too.有些食物也能引发你打嗝。This is especially true for foods that—while good for you!特别是那些对你身体有益的食物。—can take a while for your body to break down, like beans, peas, broccoli, even bananas!这些食物需要你的身体分解一段时间,比如豆子、豌豆、西兰花,甚至包括香蕉。There are lots of ways that air can end up in your stomach, and it all...adds up.这些都是气体进入你胃部的渠道,所有渠道都包含在内。Once air gets inside of your body, it doesnt have very many ways to get out.一旦空气进入你体内,却没有很多的方法释放出来。So burping allows your stretched-out stomach to get back to normal, and get back to doing its job digesting your lunch!所以打嗝就能让撑大的胃部恢复正常,继续消化你的午餐。So, a case of the burps may not be pleasant...but sometimes its just gotta happen!有时候打嗝可能不太好,但又控制不了。Just be sure to cover your mouth. And you should probably say ;excuse me, too … ok?只要你捂着嘴巴,再说声“不好意思”就好了。Thanks for joining me on Sci Show Kids!感谢收看儿童科学秀。Is there something that youve always wanted to know more about?有没有你一直都想知道的事?Get help from a grown-up and tell us in the comments below,快请大人帮忙,在下方留言告诉我们。or drop us a line at kids@scishow.com. Ill see you next time.或者发邮件到kids@scishow.com。下次见。201706/515069I kind of weirdly want people to pull over right now.我有点儿古怪地想让人们现在就靠边停车。I realize, you know, if you get letters or calls that people got into accidents, thats on you guys.我意识到,如果你收到别人发生事故的短信或电话,这就取决于你们的决定了。Im waiving all my liability. Thank you, Gary.我没有任何责任。谢谢你,加里。I want you to pull over.我想要你停车。I want you look at that mirror, rearview mirror, right, thats what its called, right? Yeah, yeah. Thank you.我想让你看看那面镜子,是后视镜对吧?是的。谢谢你。I want you to look at it, you need to understand if you look at it, its your fault.我想让你看看它,你要知道如果你看了它,就是你的错。What do you mean? Its not...这是什么意思?它不是...Everything in life is on you. Right.生活的一切都取决于你自己,对。Its not your dads fault who was a drinker.它不是你酒鬼父亲的错。Its not your boyfriend that, you know, cheated on you.也不是欺骗你的男朋友的错。Its not your girlfriend whos always putting you down.也不是总拖你后腿的女朋友的错。It is your fundamental fault.根本错误在于你。The second you make that decision then you can go on the offense.你做出决定的瞬间,你就可能继续犯错。201706/514131泉州私人医院

泉州中医院妇科栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201612/481054泉州新阳光医院怎么走 This was the middle-class parish at work 这是由中产阶级信徒兴起的well off, busily charitable and as much interested in virtue as in wit.他们生活小康而乐善好施 并且德才兼备There had been philanthropy before, of course,慈善事业自然是古已有之but this was the first time that businessmen但这还是第一次 商人得以came together with high-profile artists, writers and sculptors与声望卓著的艺术家 作家和雕刻家一起in a campaign of conscience to attack a hideous evil凭着良心 在一个基督教的都市中in what was supposed to be a Christian modern metropolis.并肩和疾苦作斗争The charges of the hospital, if they survived如果孩子们能活下来would be employed in the service of the nation.代价就是献身为国In the Navy if they were boys or in domestic service if they were girls.男孩应诏加入海军 女孩子去当女仆The Foundling Hospital was philanthropy with a purpose.育婴堂的慈善是有目的的Its charges would be model Britons of the future,长大的孤儿会成为未来的模范英国人not gin-soaked, syphilitic rakes.取代酗酒作乐 行为不检的浪荡子They were going to be sober, educated,他们将文质彬彬 气度不凡 industrious, God-fearing and, above all, patriotic.勤劳持家 虔诚为神 还有更重要的 忠心为国This was Britannias time.这是大不列颠的时代 /201705/511760泉州丰泽新阳光妇科医院无痛人流

泉州好的药流要多少钱Its the same wedding, its the same celebration no matter what table youre at这是相同的婚礼,无论你坐在哪里都是同样的庆祝方式You okay? Youve got something growing up here你还好吗?你看起来很心烦啊This is where Im sitting, so if you end up in the High Teens, you know where to find me我就坐在这里。如果你想约我的话,就知道在哪里可以找到我。Today will not suck. Hi今天不会有事的。嗨Hello, my God. Hi, Im Renzo. I have achieved puberty and Im in a rock band你好,我的天呐。嗨,我是伦佐。我是摇滚乐队成员。Im Walter, Ive also achieved puberty我是沃尔特,我们还实现了青春期Im Francie Millners first nanny我是弗朗西斯·米尔纳的第一个保姆I can smell the toilets from here, thats how well we know the bride and groom我可以从这里闻到厕所的味道,这代表我们和新娘新郎有多么熟悉Im Eloise, I got dumped by Francies brother, the best man back there at Table 1我叫埃洛伊,我被弗朗西斯的哥哥,坐在一号桌的伴郎甩了Uhh, no kidding. This is a great table, its a great one.呃,真的假的。这一桌真不错,相当不错。No, it isnt. Yes. No, it isnt.不,这不是。是。不,这不是。We didnt think youd be coming. You RSVPd no, and then yes on an RSVP card that you barbequed我们没想到你会到来。你回复了不来,之后又在被你烧过的婚礼请柬上回复说要来After two years you break up with me over text两年前是你发短信跟我说分手;Good luck with your future endeavours.; Were you firing me? What the... Right here.“希望你未来的努力给你带来好运”,你以为你是在解雇我么?搞什么啊?看这边。Do you know what Francies mother calls Table 19?你们知道弗朗西斯的母亲管19号桌叫什么吗?The table that should have known to send regrets, but not before sending something nice off the registry. What?邀请一些你抱有歉意的人,但希望他们并不会出席。什么?The table that could disappear in the middle of the wedding and no one would even notice就算这桌在婚礼中间消失,也没有人会发现Were the table of people they dont care about?我们这桌都是他们不在乎的人么?What the hell are we doing back here? Lets go.那我们在这儿干嘛?我们走吧What if you came here for a different reason today?假如你今天是为了完全不一样的理由来参加婚礼呢?What if you went away with something better?假如你能带走更好的东西呢?We could be beautiful.我们可以变得美丽。Do you ever have that kind of day where the things that come so easy to everyone else just seem so, elusive?你是否有过这么一天,那些对其他人来说很容易的事情似乎都变得难以捉摸?Say youll never let me go说你永远不会让我走No. Yeah, me neither没有。是啊,我也是。I come to you asking for Megan Anns hand in this dance, and the rest of her body along with that hand.我想邀请你的手跟我一起跳舞,还有剩余的身体部位。This is not gonna happen. So you can just stand awkwardly in front of another table这事没戏。不过,你还是可以愚蠢地到别桌试试。This is lovely, dancing with you和你跳舞真开心How did I not just get kissed?我怎么没有被吻?It happens more often than you think这事发生得比你想象得频繁You are Romeo and Juliet and we all wish you the same happy ending你们就是罗密欧与朱丽叶,我们都希望你们有着同样的美好结局Say youll never let me go说你永远不会让我走I will give you if you stand up right now如果你现在站起来的话,我给你20美元Alright. Hmm. What? Honey? Oh. How long have you worked here?好啊。嗯。什么?亲爱的?哦。你在这儿工作多久了?201705/507731 At least 18 people have been killed after the driver of the bus they were travelling in lost control of his vehicle.巴士司机失去对车辆的控制,至少造成18人遇难。Investigators say it hit a barrier, overturned and fell down a ravine at Brazilian state of Sao Paulo.调查人员称在巴西圣保罗州,巴士撞到障碍物翻入山沟。This police officer says It’s a war zone down there, The bus lost control on a curve. It’s too early to say if it was a mechanical failure or excessive speed.这名警官表示,现在那里是一个战区,巴士在拐弯处失控。现在还不能说是机械故障还是超速行驶。Fifteen people were killed instantly, including the bus driver. Firefighters say three injured passengers died in hospital. The victims are mostly students.十五人当场死亡,包括汽车司机。消防队员称三名受伤乘客在医院死亡。受害者大多是学生。Road collisions are common in Brazil. They cause about 43,000 deaths a year.巴西的交通事故很常见。每年夺去约43,000人的生命。译文属。 /201606/448487泉州带环一共多少钱福建泉州市中医医院妇产科



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