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Success.一举成功36,900 pounds of bombs hit the rail yard.36900磅炸弹投向铁路调车场50% of the bombs fall in the target area.一半都落在目标区内In 1942, that is precision bombing--在1942年 这已是相当精确a big improvement overnight time attacks.相对夜间轰炸 前进了一大步This technology will ultimately lead to todays GPS-guided smart bombs.这项技术最终发展成了今天的GPS定位导弹But now the direct-hit rate is up to 95%.而如今的直接命中率已高达95%Tibbets knows his mission is a success.提贝茨知道任务成功了We caught the Germans by surprise.我们出其不意地袭击了德国They hadnt expected a daytime attack.他们没想到白天会有空袭But then shrapnel rips the air.但马上榴霰弹开始在空中飞蹿The Germans open up their big guns.德国人搬出重型武器进行反击88-millimeter antiaircraft shells explode around the plane.88毫米地对空炮弹在战机周围不断爆炸Tibbets goes in to a steep climb,为躲避高射炮的猛攻swinging away from the flak.提贝茨开始大角度爬升They have proved daylight bombing is possible.我们实了 日间空袭是可行的A feeling of elation took hold of us我们在飞越海峡的回程路上as we winged back across the channel.一路上弥漫着胜利的狂喜We had braved the enemy in his own skies,我们在敌人的领空大破敌军and were alive to tell about it.还能活着回来传递捷报All sides bomb industrial targets in cities in World War II.几乎所有工业城市在二战时都成了轰炸目标Targeting trade in industry means bombing in or near population centers,以工业区为目标就意味着要轰炸人口密集地a grim fact of World War II that sees ordinary families killed in numbers undreamt of in earlier conflicts.二战中最残忍的事实莫过于冲突所殃及的平民数量骇人听闻Paul Tibbets will be famous for another bombing run,保罗·提贝茨还会在另一次空袭中名声大噪but its three years away.但那是三年之后He will drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima.他将原子弹投向了广岛 /201302/227062。

  • Kids, grannies, workers, athletes, students -- we all need socks to protect our feet, enhance performance, or just to be comfortable. It all starts with buying the right socks for your purposes.无论是孩子还是老人,无论是工人,运动员还是学生,我们都需要袜子来保护双脚,改善表现,或者仅仅是为了舒适。一切都要从为了自己的目的而购买合适的袜子开始。Step 1 Identify use1.用途Identify your use of and needs for socks. Are they for outdoor recreation and everyday use or dress and holiday wear? Know if you need socks for a diabetic or for your kids soccer practice.鉴别自己购买袜子的需求。是为了户外活动,日常穿着还是为了节假日穿?是为糖尿病患者购买还是为了孩子的足球比赛?Step 2 Understand fibers2.材质Understand fibers used in socks today. Buy socks made from cotton for wickability, acrylic for durability, wool for insulation, or synthetic fibers for quick-drying qualities.了解用于制作袜子的材质。棉质的比较舒适,丙烯酸树脂的比较耐穿,羊毛的比较绝缘,合成纤维的比较容易干燥。Choose fiber blends for socks with enhanced versatility and comfort.选择合成纤维的袜子,既舒适又有多种用途。Step 3 Size3.尺码Size socks to fit snugly but not tightly, checking online or package charts for the correct fit. Keep in mind that you generally need a larger sock size than shoe size, and that growing kids change sizes frequently.选择比较合脚,但是又不紧的袜子,在网络上或包装上查看合适的尺码。要记住,通常袜子的尺码要比脚大一点,正在长身体的孩子要经常更换袜子尺码。Avoid one-size-fits-all socks if you want a perfect fit.如果想要合脚的话,最好不要选择均码的袜子。Step 4 Consider styles4.样式Consider height and weight preferences when you buy socks, choosing from low-cuts to thigh-highs and lightweight synthetic socks to densely padded styles.购买袜子的时候考虑一下袜子的高度和质地。可以选择短袜或长袜,质地比较轻的合成纤维袜子或质地比较厚密的袜子。Step 5 Purchase in bulk5.大量购买Buy in bulk from online outlets or auctions, liquidators or surplus stores. This can slice as much as sixty percent off retail prices, saving you on adult, kids, and specialty styles.可以在互联网,拍卖行,清算行或剩余物资商店大量购买,这样可以比零售价格便宜60%,无论是成年人,孩子还是特殊样式的袜子。Step 6 Hit sales6.促销Hit sales to get optimal pricing, whether buying online or at the mall, by the pair or in bulk. Keep mom, dad, and the kids stocked up on footwear providing value, style, protection, and comfort.促销活动上可以用最优惠的价格购买,无论是通过互联网还是在商场,零买还是大量购买。让父母和孩子都穿上质优价廉,温暖舒适的袜子。Astronauts aboard the International Space Station change socks only every other day because washing machines are unavailable and space is limited.国际空间站上的宇航员隔天才能换一次袜子,因为上面没有洗衣机,空间也有限。201301/222556。
  • He was about humanizing technology他致力于将科技人性化in a way that made it extraordinarily easy,让其变得无与伦比地便捷intuitive and an absolute joy and pleasure to use.使操作变成一种享受和乐趣And when you do that, as a brand,一个品牌 做到这一点时you make people love you.就能得到人们的喜爱Because they feel that you as a brand get them.因为他们会觉得你懂得他们的心思And you really are creating something to put them at the center of the experience.而你确实在创造某种以他们的体验为中心的产品Even the ads were designed to be iconic.就连广告也做得如此与众不同Hello, Im a Mac. Hello, Im a PC.你好 我是Mac你好 我是个人电脑Apples plan was simple.苹果公司的计划很简单Leave PCs in the dust.尘封个人电脑And if there was any doubt as to who that would happen,在iPod和iPhone取得巨大的成功后even after the megasuccess of the iPod and the iPhone,还有谁质疑这一点的话Jobs hit the trifecta with his next paradigm shifter.乔布斯将施展帽子戏法推出一款颠覆性的产品A truly magical and revolutionary product.一款神奇且具革命性的产品The iPad.iPad降临人间What this device does is extraordinary.这个产品将带来非凡体验You can browse the web with it.你可以用它浏览网页Its the best browsing experience youve ever had.它将带给你最棒的浏览体验Its phenomenal to see a whole web page right in front of you.网页完整呈现 不同凡响No more worrying about operating systems.不用再担心操作系统Now, Apps do it all.应用程序帮你料理一切And all those other electronic devices you had?你其他的电子产品怎么办Recycle them.扔了吧The introduction of the rollout,从发布会上的介绍the acceptance of the iPad has been one of the fastest of any consumer technology product in the history of mankind.到人们对iPad的接纳 速度之快在消费类电子产品史上名列前茅Steve Jobs had created an ecosystem,史蒂夫·乔布斯建立了一个生态系统one in which all things Apple were interdependent.在这里所有的苹果产品相互依赖Once you enter the Apple world through one of its products一旦你通过某个苹果产品 进入这个世界you were likely to move right in.你就很可能无法自拔So the ecosystem of content,of Apps, of books, of music, of movies,of games, the itunes, the App Store,the Mac Store.所以这个系统的内容包括应用程序 书 音乐 电影 游戏 iTunes 还有应用商店 还有Mac商店Theres so many things you can do with these devices.你可以用这些设备做很多事情For a time,Apple became the planets most valuable company.有一段时间苹果公司成为全球市值最高的公司Bigger than Microsoft and Intel combined.甚至高于微软和因特尔市值之和Vindication for someone who was once kicked out of his own company.他曾被迫离开自己创立的公司 这便是最好的回击 /201305/242139。
  • 这次低调的关于形像包装的演讲中, 著名设计师Christopher C. Deam谈论了他对于一个美国经典的改造: 蒸汽式房车。201301/219830。
  • 在这个简短演讲中,阿里安娜·赫芬顿Arianna Huffington与我们分享了一个能启发伟大思维的小点子:一夜睡个好觉的魔力。她并非夸大我们的睡眠缺陷,而是力荐我们合上双眼从全局看:我们可以通过有效的睡眠提高工作效率和幸福指数 -- 以及做出更英明的决策。201302/224519。
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