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襄阳市第一人民医院包皮手术哪家医院最好襄阳死精治理A new clinical trial is taking place in South Africa on an experimental vaccine that could safely prevent infection with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.一种新的预防HIV的疫苗将在南非投入临床试验,这种疫苗有可能安全地预防造成艾滋病的HIV病毒的感染。According to a statement from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the HVTN 702 is the largest and most advanced HIV vaccine clinical trial to take place in South Africa, where some 7 million people are living with the virus.根据美国国立卫生研究院的声明,HVTN 702 是迄今在南非进行的最大规模、最先进的HIV疫苗临床试验。南非有大约7百万人携带HIV病毒。The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), which is part of the NIH, Anthony S. Fauci said the new study is based on the one conducted in Thailand led by the U.S. Military HIV Research Program and the Thai Ministry of Health.美国国立卫生研究院下属的国家过敏和传染病研究院院长安东尼#8729;福奇表示,这项新研究是根据美国军方艾滋病毒研究项目和泰国卫生部先前在泰国进行的一项研究而制定的。The study is expected to enroll 5,400 sexually active men and women between 18 and 35 at 15 sites across South Africa where more than 1,000 people a day are infected with HIV.这次试验准备从南非的15个地点招40085岁有性行为的男性和女性。在南非,每天感染HIV病毒的新患者超000人。Results of the clinical trial are expected in 2020.这次临床试验结果预计将于2020年公布。来 /201612/481137襄阳四院包皮手术大概多少费用 U.S. President Barack Obama said Monday at a news conference in Hanoi with Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang ;The ed States is fully lifting the ban on the sale of military equipment to Vietnam that has been in place for some 50 years.;美国总统奥巴马星期一在河内跟越南国家主席陈大光一起举行记者会时说,美国将全面取消对越南长达约50年的军事禁运。Obama said the U.S. will also help Vietnam remove landmines and Agent Orange remaining in Vietnam following the war between the two countries.奥巴马表示,美国还将帮助越南清除越战遗留下来的地雷和橙剂。Agent Orange was a powerful mixture of chemical defoliants used by U.S. military forces during the Vietnam War that was later revealed to cause serious health issues, including birth defects, tumors, rashes and cancer.橙剂是一种效力强大的脱叶剂,美军曾在越战期间使用这种化学制剂,后来发现橙剂会严重损害人体健康,包括新生儿发育缺陷、肿瘤、皮疹和癌症。Earlier Monday, Obama was formally welcomed to Vietnam by Quang at the Presidential Palace in Hanoi.星期一早些时候,越南国家主席陈大光在首都河内总统府为奥巴马举行了正式欢迎仪式。The American leaders meetings Monday with his Vietnamese counterpart and other senior officials are an indication of what analysts describe as the closest ties ever between the two countries.奥巴马星期一会见陈大光和其他越南高层官员。分析人士说,这显示美越两国关系达到前所未有的紧密程度。Obama is in Vietnam for a three-day visit. After Vietnam, he will go to Japan.在结束对越南天访问后,奥巴马将前往日本访问。He will be the first sitting U.S. president to visit Hiroshima, where the first atomic bomb was dropped in 1945. The U.S. president said in an interview with Japan public broadcaster NHK he will not apologize for the bombing.奥巴马将是访问日本城市广岛的首位在任美国总统945年,美国在广岛投放了第一颗原子弹。奥巴马在接受日本广播公司采访时表示,他不会为原子弹轰炸广岛而道歉。来 /201605/445555Kim Jong Un has ordered North Korea’s nuclear weapons to be placed on standby, ratcheting up tensions on the Korean peninsula following a UN Security Council approved tough new sanctions on the country. 金正Kim Jong Un)已命令朝鲜的核武器要处于值班状态。在联合国安理会(UN Security Council)批准对朝实施严厉的新一轮制裁后,朝鲜半岛紧张局势再度升级The North Korean leader also said his country should turn its military posture to “pre-emptive attackmode, the official Korean Central News Agency said on Friday. 据朝鲜官方的朝中Korean Central News Agency)周五报道,朝鲜领导人金正恩还表示朝鲜的军事姿态要向着先发制人的方向转化“The only way for defending the sovereignty of our nation and its right to existence under the present extreme situation is to bolster up nuclear force both in quality and quantity,the KCNA ed Mr Kim as saying. The news agency added that he had stressed the need for the country’s nuclear warheads to be “always on standby so as to be fired any moment 朝中社援引金正恩的话称:“在当前的极端形势下,捍卫我们国家主权和生存权的唯一途径,只能是从质和量两方面加强核力量。”朝中社还表示,金正恩强调朝鲜的核弹头必须“做好随时发射的准备”The UN Security Council voted on Wednesday to impose tougher sanctions on the Communist nation in response to North Korea’s fourth nuclear test and a long-range rocket launch earlier this year. 联合国安理会周三表决通过对朝实施更严厉的制裁,以回应该国今年早些时候进行的第四次核试验以及远程导弹发射Responding to the KCNA report, Bill Urban, a US defence department spokesman, said: “We urge North Korea to refrain from provocative actions that aggravate tensions and instead focus on fulfilling its international obligations and commitments.美国国防部发言人比#8226;厄本(Bill Urban)回应朝中社的报道称:“我们敦促朝鲜避免采取挑衅性行动来加剧紧张局势,而是应致力于履行其国际义务和承诺。Mr Kim’s comments came ahead of joint military exercises between South Korea and the US this month, which Pyongyang sees as preparations for an invasion. 金正恩是在本月韩国和美国举行联合军演前发表上述讲话的,平壤方面将此次军演视作入侵朝鲜的准备工作“Now is the time for us to convert our mode of military counteraction toward the enemies into an pre-emptive attack one in every aspect,Mr Kim was ed as saying. 朝中社援引金正恩的话表示:“对我们来说,现在是时候将我们的对敌军事应对全面转向先发制人模式了。”来 /201603/430529襄阳真菌性尿道炎

襄阳第一人民医院看前列腺炎好吗The English language used to be an asset of the US and UK. Now it has become a weakness.英语曾经是美国和英国的一份资产。如今,它却变成了一项劣势。Let’s zoom out from the Russian hacking of the American election. More broadly, hacking means extracting someone else’s information or inserting the hackersown information. English-speaking countries are particularly easy to hack because their enemies understand what they are saying. Being an English-speaking society is like living in a glass house: it makes you transparent. Conversely, foreign countries are opaque to mostly monolingual Britons and Americans. Foreigners know us much better than we know them. This asymmetry probably helped Russia get its favoured candidate into the White House, and it will handicap Britain in the Brexit negotiations.让我们从俄罗斯对美国大选的黑客攻击收回目光,观察更为全局性的形势。广义地说,黑客攻击意味着获取他人信息,或者插入黑客自己的信息。英语国家尤其容易遭受黑客攻击,是因为他们的敌人明白他们在说什么。一个说英语的社会就像生活在一个玻璃房里:它会让你变得透明。相反,对于多数只会说英语的英国人和美国人而言,外国是不透明的。外国人对我们的了解远远超出我们对他们的了解。这种不对称很可能帮助了俄罗斯将其中意的候选人送入白宫,它也会让英国在退欧谈判中处于不利地位。The role of English has been changing fast. Until the 1990s Russia and China didn’t know much about what went on in western societies. Most Russian and Chinese anglophones had been killed or exiled after the communist revolutions, and were never replaced. Even the KGB was short of English-speakers: much of the intelligence sent to Moscow by British spies Kim Philby and Guy Burgess was never translated.英语的作用变化很快。在上世0年代之前,俄罗斯和中国不甚了解西方社会的情况。多数俄罗斯和中国的讲英语者在共产党革命胜利后被杀或被流放,而且从未替换。甚至连克格KGB)也缺少说英语的人:英国间谍金?菲尔Kim Philby)和盖伯吉Guy Burgess)发送给莫斯科的大量情报从未被翻译。But from the mid-1980s, the opening of China, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the coming of the internet all boosted English. Chinese and Russian elites sent their children to study in the US and UK. From 1990 through to about 2010, British and American media and films gained unprecedented global influence.但从上世0年代中期开始,中国的开放、柏林墙的倒塌以及互联网的问世都让英语兴旺起来。中国和俄罗斯精英把他们的子女送到美国和英国读书。从1990年一直到2010年,英美媒体和电影展现出空前的全球影响力。In this period, the asymmetry of knowledge between English-speaking countries and their rivals became extreme. “There are now several million Russian citizens who are essentially bilingual and intimately acquainted with anglo societies,says Ricardo Soares de Oliveira, political scientist at Oxford university. By contrast, most anglos stopped bothering to learn foreign languages.在此期间,英语国家和其竞争对手之间的知识不对称性变得极其严重。牛津大Oxford University)政治学家里卡索尔德奥利韦Ricardo Soares de Oliveira)表示:“现在有几百万俄罗斯公民基本上具备双语能力,对英美社会非常熟悉。”与此形成反差的是,多数英美人不愿费力学习外语。This first became a problem after September 11. The US and UK found the Arab world opaque. John Nixon, the CIA’s expert on Saddam Hussein, couldn’t interrogate him in Arabic. Nixon recounts in his new memoir Debriefing the President that, during the interrogations, the CIA’s interpreter would quarrel with the military interpreter: “No, that’s not what he said!A watching Saddam cunningly took advantage, bonding with the military interpreter.这在9/11后首先成为一个问题。美国和英国发现阿拉伯世界不透明。中央情报局(CIA)研究萨达侯赛Saddam Hussein)的专家约尼克John Nixon)无法用阿拉伯语审问他。尼克松在他刚出版的回忆录《提审总统Debriefing the President)中回忆道,在审问期间,中央情报局的翻译会与军方的翻译发生争吵:“不,他不是这么说的!”冷眼看着这一幕的萨达姆狡猾地利用了这一点,与那位军方翻译搞好了关系。Just as English let down the anglophone powers in Iraq, so did their other traditional weapon of influence: warfare. They have given up on invasions. The US now spends 7bn a year on its military and still can’t stop Russian adventuring.就像英语在伊拉克让那些英语强国吃亏一样,它们的另一件传统影响力工具——战争——也失去威力。他们已放弃入侵。美国现在每年的军事开高970亿美元,但仍无法阻止俄罗斯的冒险。The new weapon is cyber warfare, but it works best for the US’s enemies. Hacking foreign files is worthwhile only if you can use the information. Russia and China have lots of well-informed people who can sift English documents looking for intelligence, says Adam Segal, author of The Hacked World Order. If they find anything embarrassing, they can disseminate it through English-language social media or the useful idiots of WikiLeaks. American media can then be relied on to amplify the story. Alternatively, foreigners can simply make up fake news in English.新的武器是网络战,但它对美国的敌人最有用。只有在你能利用窃取的信息的情况下,黑进外国文件才有意义。《遭到黑客攻击的全球秩序The Hacked World Order)一书的作者亚西格Adam Segal)表示,俄罗斯和中国有很多知识渊的人士,他们能够从英语文件中筛选情报。如果他们发现了令人尴尬的信息,他们可以通过英文社交网站或维基解WikiLeaks)这种有用的白痴传播出去。接着他们就能依靠美国媒体放大故事。或者,外国人也完全可以用英语编造假新闻。“It’s harder to do it in the other direction,says Segal. The US lacks linguists who understand which foreign information matters most. Nor can it easily send the information back to ordinary Russians and Chinese, as China, in particular, censors the internet. The west’s old practice of “democracy promotionhas been superseded by the east’s “autocracy promotion says Soares de Oliveira. English-language newspapers and the once mighty B now face millions of new competitors on social media.西格尔表示:“反过来就难了。”美国缺乏那些搞得懂哪些外国信息最重要的语言学家。美国也无法轻易将信息回传给普通的俄罗斯人和中国人,尤其是在中国审查互联网的情况下。牛津大学的索尔德奥利韦拉表示,西方的“促进民主”老一套已被东方的“促进威权”取代。英文报纸以及曾经影响力巨大的英国广播公B)现在在社交媒体上面临数百万新的竞争者。Britain has its own problems with English. Its twin centres of political power, Westminster and the tabloid newspapers, are almost entirely monolingual. Brits therefore voted for Brexit blithely unaware of how other European countries would respond. The Brexiter fantasy broadly went like this: “We’ll stop immigration, keep free trade with Europe, and sign whizzo new trade deals with everybody else.”英国的英语有着自己的问题。英国的两个政治权力中心——议会和小报——几乎只通晓一种语言。因此,英国人随随便便地投票持退欧,对于欧洲其他国家将作何什么反应一无所知。持退欧的人士的美梦大致如此:“我们将阻止移民,与欧洲保持自由贸易,同时与其他所有国家签订新的一流贸易协定。”Britain does have a coterie of multilingual experts (mostly diplomats) who knew this wouldn’t fly. But precisely because these people understand European thinking, they are distrusted by Westminster and the tabloids. A case in point is last week’s resignation of Sir Ivan Rogers, the UK’s permanent representative to the European Union.英国确实有一群多语种专家(多数是外交官),他们知道这种美梦不会成真。但恰恰是因为这些人了解欧洲人的思路,所以他们不被英国议会和小报信任。最近英国常驻欧盟代表伊罗杰斯爵Sir Ivan Rogers)辞职就是一个很好的例子。Just as Donald Trump’s people have ignored the US state department, the UK’s Foreign Office the one bit of the British state packed with foreign knowledge has been sidelined ahead of the Brexit negotiations. Instead, the new department for exiting the EU will lead. Its boss, David Davis, is the man who said the Germans would give the UK a good deal because they sell cars in Britain. “The British political class is astonishingly ignorant of the EU, whether they are pro it or against,says Charles Grant of the Centre for European Reform.就像唐纳特朗Donald Trump)的持者忽视美国国务院一样,英国外交Foreign Office)(英国政府内部真正了解外国的部门)在英国退欧谈判之前受到冷萀?新的退欧部门将领导谈判。该部负责人大卫?戴维David Davis)曾经说过,德国将给予英国一项不错的协议,因为他们在英国销售汽车。欧洲改革中Centre for European Reform)主任查尔格兰Charles Grant)表示:“英国政治阶层对欧盟出奇无知,持或是反对欧盟的人都一样。”The European principals in the Brexit talks understand Britain rather better. Grant continues: “They do watch the B, they can English, they do tweets of what the Daily Mail is saying.Even Angela Merkel, schooled in East Germany, taught herself English by ing the communist Morning Star newspaper.在英国退欧谈判中,欧方主要官员对英国更为了解。格兰特继续表示:“他们会收看B,会读英文,还会阅读有关《每日邮报Daily Mail)内容的推文。”就连在东德接受教育的德国总理安格默克Angela Merkel)当年也通过阅读英国共产党机关报《晨星报Morning Star)自学了英文。The US has just been outsmarted by foreigners it didn’t understand. Britain may be next.美国刚刚被它不了解的外国人赢了一局。英国可能是下一个。来 /201701/489253襄州医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱 襄阳龟头长乳头状疙瘩

襄阳龟头上起了个红点怎么回事Radovan Karadzic, the former Bosnian Serb leader, was found guilty of genocide and crimes against humanity during the 1992-95 Bosnian war. The atrocities during the war have been described as the worst crimes committed in Europe since World War Two.近日,前波黑塞族共和国领导人拉多万·卡拉季奇在1992995年波斯尼亚战争期间犯下的种族灭绝罪和反人类罪正式宣告成立。该战争期间的暴行被形容为自二战以来在欧洲犯下的最严重的罪行。At a UN tribunal in The Hague, judges found him guilty of 10 out of 11 counts of genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and other atrocities in the Bosnian war of the 1990s, including leading the slaughter of thousands of Bosnian Muslims (Bosniaks) and Croats.在海牙联合国法庭,法官认定他犯有11项种族灭绝罪、战争罪、危害人类罪,以及在20世纪90年代的波黑战争中其他暴行0项罪名,其中包括领导了针对数千名波斯尼亚穆斯林和克罗地亚人的屠杀。One count of genocide related to the massacre of more than 7,500 Muslim men and boys in the Srebrenica enclave in July 1995, which the UN said was part of a campaign to ;terrorise and demoralise the Bosnian Muslim and Bosnian Croat population;.其中一项罪名是995月在斯雷布雷尼察飞地500余名穆斯林男子和男孩的种族灭绝,被联合国称为“恐吓和瓦解波斯尼亚穆斯林和波斯尼亚克族人口”运动的一部分。The trial was a weighty affair - lasting five years, followed by an additional 18-month deliberation by the bench.该审判是一个重大的事件——前后持续了五年,随后又增加了额8个月的法官审议。He was sentenced to 40 years in prison - though his lawyer has indicated he will appeal. The former Bosnian Serb leader was also found guilty of orchestrating the shelling of Sarajevo, and the use of 284 UN peacekeepers as human shields in May and June 1995.卡拉季奇被判处有期徒0年——尽管他的律师已表示将提出上诉。这位前波黑塞族领导人也因策划炮击萨拉热窝,以及995月份月份使用284名联合国维和人员作为肉盾被判有罪。Radovan Karadzic spent 13 years on the run before being handed over to the tribunal.据悉,拉多万·卡拉季奇在外3年后被移交法庭。He had been found living in disguise in Belgrade, under a false name and working as a New Age healer. He had even become well-known on the alternative health circuit, reportedly publishing a column in Healthy Living magazine.他曾被发现住在贝尔格莱德,用假名并以新式医疗为职业伪装自己。他甚至在另类医疗界成名,据报道,他还在《健康生活》杂志发表专栏。来 /201604/435109 Chinas second orbiting space lab Tiangong-2, which may enable two astronauts to live in space for up to 30 days, has been delivered to Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center.我国第二个轨道空间实验室;天宫二号;日前已运抵酒泉卫星发射中心。天宫二号可持2名航天员在太空生0天。The lab was sent from Beijing by railway, marking the start of the Tiangong-2 and Shenzhou-11 manned spacecraft missions, said a statement issued by Chinas manned space engineering office.由中国载人航天工程办公室发表的一份声明表示,该实验室是从北京经铁路运输的,这标志着;天宫二号;;神舟十一;载人飞船任务的开始。Assembly and tests will begin at the center ahead of the labs launch scheduled for mid-September, the statement said.该声明指出,;天宫二号;将于9月中旬发射,发射前的总装和测试工作将在卫星发射中心进行。According to the statement, Tiangong-2 will be capable of receiving manned and cargo1 spaceships, and will be a testing place for systems and processes for mid-term space stays and refueling in space.根据声明;天宫二号;将可接受载人飞船和货运飞船访问,成为太空中期驻留、太空加注的系统和程序的试验站。It will also be involved in experiments on aerospace2 medicine, space sciences, on-orbit maintenance and space station technologies.;天宫二号;还将进行航天医学、空间科学、在轨维修和空间站技术方面的实验。Chinas first space lab Tiangong-1, which was launched in September 2011 with a designed life of two years, ended its data service earlier this year. It had docked with Shenzhou-8, Shenzhou-9 and Shenzhou-10 spacecraft and undertook a series of experiments.中国首个空间实验;天宫一;,于2011月发射,根据其两年的设计寿命,在今年早些时候结束了数据务。它曾与;神舟八号;;神州九号;;神州十号;飞船对接,并进行了一系列的实验。来 /201607/455237襄州医院男科挂号襄阳包皮激光环切术费用



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