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Using Polite Language in Office Business使用礼貌用语开展业务陈豪在北京的A美国公司工作,他看见美国同事Amy正跟办公室另外几个人一起出去。(Office ambience)CH:Amy, Are you guys going to lunch?A:Yes. Would you like to join us?C:好啊。我跟你们一起去。A:I have to make one phone call before I leave. Would you like to wait for me or go ahead with everyone else?C:我等你。A:Thank you.C:No problem.A:Say, Chen Hao, my phone call can wait a few minutes. I need to tell you something while it is on my mind.C:Uh-oh. 我做错什么事了吗?A:No, you said something wrong. Actually you said two things that caught my attention.C:嗯…… 可我刚才没说什么啊?A:First, you used the expression ;You guys.;C:我那些同事经常把you guys挂在嘴边上,我这可是跟美国人学的。A:I know they do, but that doesnt mean its correct or polite.C:为什么不对呢?A:Because the word ;guy; is an informal term that refers to a man or boy. People today use the plural ;guys; without regard for gender. That is not correct usage of the word and it demonstrates a lack of polish.C:那要是有男有女应该怎么说呢?A:You could have simply asked, ;Are you going to lunch?; Or you could have said, ;Are you ALL going to lunch?;C:我知道了。A:Now please excuse me while I make that quick phone call. Otherwise well miss lunch altogether.C:No problem.Amy打完电话跟陈豪一起去吃午饭。C:Amy, 你刚才不是还要纠正我另外一个错误吗?A:Yes. I have noticed that when someone says ;thank you;, your response is always ;no problem.;C:我经常听别人这么说啊,难道这也不对吗?A:Lots of people say that in response to ;thank you.; However, that is not the correct reply. The correct response to ;thank you; is ;You are welcome.;C:Amy, 你是不是太挑剔了?A:No, its being polite and polished. ;You guys; and ;no problem; are slang phrases which are not formal.C:俚语?A:Thats right. Slang expressions will detract from your professional image. ;You guys; is only acceptable with a group of men in a very informal setting like the locker room.C:那;no problem;呢?A:It is only acceptable when someone asks if you have problem with something.C:我明白了,就是说一定要注意区分俚语和正规语言,特别是不能在正式场合乱用俚语。A:You got it! Now lets eat. I am starving. /201208/195008愈忙愈要学社交英文随书光盘Mp3(下) 17 /200710/187421.五年后你想做到什么职位?Where would you like to be in 5 years?2.你的长期事业目标是什么?What’s your long range career objectives?3.你计划怎样实现自己的事业目标?How do you plan to achieve your career goals?4.你希望得到的最重要的回报是什么?What’s the most important rewards you except to get?5.如果三年后你没升到经理一职怎么办?What if you were not promoted to manger in 3 years?6.我在事业上需要有更多的发展机会。I need more opportunities for career roles.7.我有机会得到晋升么?Is there any chance to get promotion?8.我决心在这一行里做到最好。I’m dedicated to be the best in this field.9.我不想要什么特别的头衔。I don’t want any specific job title.10.我想要快速进步I want to improve quickly. /201105/136391

Jessica在美国一家公司工作了两年,她凭借自己出色的能力赢得了大家一致的好评。在接下来的区域经理竞选中,Jessica自认为这个职位非她莫属,可总裁却告诉她只有工作三年以上的员工才有资格参选。Jessica很委屈,希望领导能考虑一下她。可总裁只对她说了一句话:You can't buck the system. You can't buck the system.你无法抗拒整个制度。buck这个词作名词时,意思是”公羊,雄鹿“,不过,它还可以作动词,在口语中是指”强烈反对,抗拒“。关于buck the system这个词组,其英文解释为to fight against the usual way of doing something,也就是说,与人们的惯常做法做斗争,反对社会规章,违反潮流。 Tom:My assistant was promoted only because he came to this company three years earlier.汤姆:我助理都升值了,就因为他比我来这个公司早了三年!Daniel:You can't buck the system.丹尼尔:你无法对抗整个制度。◎大家如果觉得不错,请不要吝惜自己的持,在栏写下你们的感受,有大家的持,相信我们会做的更好◎ /201008/110683

Anna: (at the airport) Tom, could you let go of my hand?Tom: Sorry, its just I get nervous flying.Anna: Well, weve landed in Marseille now so youre safe… oh, I like your passport photo.Tom: Oh do you?Anna: I didnt know your middle name was Stanley.Tom: Yup, after my great-great-grandfather.Anna: Really? Come on, we need to get a taxi. Taxi! Taxi!Narrator: Hello again. Anna 和 Tom 这次出差可是身负重任,他们必须签下法国客户的订单。这家客户最近收到另一家公司给的报价,要比 Tip Top 公司的报价低, 所以客户要跳槽了。Anna 这次必须说客户 Tip Top 的产品可是质量最好的。Anna, 你有信心吗?Anna: Not really. It was OK speaking to them on the phone but seeing them face-to-face is quite scary.Narrator: Youll be fine. 保持冷静。客户肯定会很高兴你们特地到他们公司拜访。你要告诉他们谢谢他们能抽出时间来接见你们,然后重新概括一下你们电话上说的那些内容。Anna: Oh yes — beat the price of the competitor but get them to make a bigger order.Narrator: 对了,告诉他们订单越大,享受的折扣就越多。祝你好运!Tom: Oh look, were here now. Now Anna, I hope you dont mind me saying, but just leave the talking to me. Right?Anna: Err, well…Tom: Oh, Madame Brown, ciao, great to see you.Trader: What?Anna: Monsieur Brown. Bonjour. Im Anna from Tip Top Trading. This is my colleague Tom. Thank you for sparing the time to see us.Trader: No problem. Did you have a good flight?Tom: It was great. I love those little bottles of wine they give out… I kept a few with me if you fancy a glass of vin rouge?Anna: I think we should sit down and discuss business.Trader: Of course.Tom: Yeah, yeah, good idea.Anna: Now, I believe Tutti Fruity has offered you a good price but, as I said on the phone, we can beat that.Trader: Yes you did.Tom: Did you Anna?!Anna: But to get this price youve got to buy lots more.Narrator: Anna! 你说得太露骨了,要含蓄一些。要让对方主动买更多的塑料水果,而不是你逼他们买的。Tom: What she means is… our Imperial Lemons are made with our unique laser curve technology. They are hard wearing and a joy to have on display in any shop window or restaurant.Anna: Tom, thats amazing!Tom: I it on the back of the box.Anna: So, we really feel that we have a product that youll be proud to display. And to get this fantastic price you just need to place an order of 10,000.Tom: And we can even throw in a free sample of our new Perfect Peach range.Anna: Each lemon comes with a satisfaction guarantee - I know you wont be disappointed.Trader: Hmm. It sounds good. OK, I think you have a deal.Narrator: 不错不错。Anna, 别忘了让他在合同上签字,还有告诉他什么时候送货。Anna: OK. I would be grateful if you could just sign the contract. Well get the lemons to you as quickly as we can. Tom, do you have a pen?Tom: Erm, no actually. It was in my bag yesterday but its gone… it was a nice, a good one too.Trader: No problem. I have a pen (signs the contract). There you go.Anna: Thank you. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Well get those lemons to you in two weeks time.Trader: Perfect.Narrator: Good work. Anna 和 Tom 的表现都不错。合同签好了,接下来就得实现承诺了。那在这里,让我们再看看 Anna 用了哪些语言来帮助她成功地签下了今天的合同。Thank you for sparing the time to see us.Each lemon comes with a satisfaction guarantee - I know you wont be disappointed.I would be grateful if you could just sign the contract.Thank you. It was a pleasure doing business with you.Narrator: 真是不枉此行。Tom 和 Anna 得回伦敦向 Paul 报告好消息了!(Back at the airport)Anna: Oh no, look, our flight to London is cancelled! Its the last one today. What are we going to do?Tom: Well, I guess were just going to have to stay here for the night. Ill sort out a hotel.Narrator: 看来好事多磨啊!我们下次再见! 听力挑战:Tom 建议给法国客户什么样的优惠?上期:Anna 想在飞机上要靠窗的座位还是靠到的座位?:靠道德座位 /201301/222921

I would jump at the chance to work there.我特别希望能在那里工作。jump at the chance 直译为“为了得到这个机会而跳起来”,这个短语的真正意思是:“特别希望”。因此,当美国人说;I would jump at the chance to work there. ;时,他要表达的意思就是: ;I am looking forward to working there.;、;I really want to work there.;情景对白:Benjamin: Hi, man! I have heard that one of the 500 tops of the world is recruiting . I would jump at the chance to work there.本杰明:嗨,伙计!我听说一家世界500强公司正在招人,我特别希望能去那里工作。Terry: I think you can have a try.泰瑞:我觉得你可以去试一下。搭配句积累:① I would betransferredto work in Shanghai.我要调到上海工作。② I just got another job where I can meet with a lot of superstars.我刚找了份新工作,在那儿可以见到好多大明星。③ My sister is a kindergarden teacher, and the children are so cute there.我是个幼儿园教室,那儿的孩子都超级可爱。④ My company oiffers me many chances to go around on business.公司给我提供了许多去外地出差的机会。生词:1. 500 tops of the world 世界五百强企业。福布斯杂志每年根据企业的经营、资金和发展势头所作出的排行榜,上榜者均为比较著名和优秀的公司,还可以用 top 500 来表示世界五百强。2. recruit vt. 招聘,招募,招收。可以用来表示征兵,此时和draft同义,如:征兵站,既可以说成drafting center, 也可以说成 recruiting center.3.have a try 表示鼓励的话“不妨试试,试一下”,和try it 同义,用法也相同。Dont be afraid of thetrolly. try it. its really interesting.不要害怕坐缆车,试一下,很有意思的。4. transfer vt. 使转移;调任;n. 转让;转移;传递;过户The new technology that aimed at transferring waste food into fertilizer amazed a lot of people.这项旨在将浪费的食物转化为化肥的新技术,让很多人眼前一亮。5.kindergarten n. 幼儿园托儿所:nursery小学:primary school /201209/199534

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