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Bangkok, Thailand 泰国曼谷With a bustling nightlife, Bangkok is a stark contrast to quiet Chiang Mai.与安静的清迈形成鲜明对比,曼谷的夜生活可谓丰富多。Bangkok ;has all of the big city perks,; says Jen. Nomads found the city extremely affordable, with a basic meal costing on average .27.詹指出,曼谷“拥有大城市的一切便利条件”。数字游牧民认为生活在这里实在是太实惠了,一顿便饭平均只需2.27美元。But digital nomads haven#39;t been impressed with the air quality and weather -- it can get hot.但是数字游牧民对曼谷的空气质量和天气可不敢恭维——这里太热了。Monthly estimated costs: ,439每月估计开销:1439美元London, UK 英国伦敦With its increasingly sophisticated start-up scene and crazy amount of activities, London is a major draw for digital nomads.伦敦尖端新兴企业数量日增,各类活动层出不穷,因而吸引了许多数字游牧民。The digital nomads love the lively nightlife but don#39;t care for the air quality.数字游牧民非常满意伦敦繁华热闹的夜生活,同时也不计较这里的空气质量。However, the cost of living is high and the dust has yet to settle from last week#39;s game-changing vote for the UK to quit the EU.然而,伦敦生活成本高,受英国脱欧的影响而引发的混乱还有待平息。Monthly estimated costs: ,264每月估计开销:3264美元 /201608/462805A drunk passenger had to be bound to his seat after he allegedly punched a flight attendant in the face.因涉嫌殴打一名乘务员,近日,一位醉酒乘客不得不被绑在座椅上。The man#39;s drunken tirade was captured on camera and shared online, following the altercation that unfolded on an Aeroflot flight in Russia.一架摄像机记录下了该男子的酒后狂言,这段视频也被分享到了网络上。随后俄罗斯航空公司对争执事件进行了说明。According to Russian media, cabin crew had complained about the intoxicated man#39;s behaviour during the flight, prompting the captain to come out of the cockpit to resolve the situation.据俄罗斯媒体报道,机组人员抱怨称,在飞行期间,该醉酒男子的行为使得机长走出机舱来解决问题。When the captain tried to convince him to calm down and return to his seat, the man lashed out, punching one of the flight attendants in the face, the Mail Online reported.据英国《每日邮报》报道,机长在试图劝说该男子冷静下来、回到自己的座位上时,他却大声指责,一拳打在了一名乘务员的脸上。Passengers rushed to the aid of the cabin crew and they managed to restrain him, tying his hands behind his back with duct tape.乘客纷纷帮助机组人员,试图控制住该男子,并用胶带将其双手绑在身后。In the , the man can reportedly be heard swearing at cabin crew in Russian and challenging them to fight him. The plane was met by police upon landing in Moscow, and the man was taken into custody. He faces charges and a possible jail sentence.据报道,视频中可以听到该男子咒骂、挑衅俄罗斯机组人员。这架飞机在莫斯科着陆后,警方已将该男子逮捕拘留。他将面临指控和监禁。It#39;s not the first time it has happened. In June, cabin crew and passengers were forced to restrain a man who reportedly tried to break into the cockpit on a flight in China. In 2015, airline passengers beat up and then tied up a man who reportedly became unruly on a flight from Hong Kong to Vladivostok.这并不是第一次发生此类事件了。据报道,今年6月,在中国的一列航班上,机组人员和乘客不得不去制止一名试图闯入机舱的男子。而在2015年,在香港飞往符拉迪沃斯托克的航班上,乘客们殴打并捆绑了一名不守规矩的乘客。 /201608/461462

Former Israeli President Moshe Katsav, in jail for rape and other sexual offenses, has asked for pardon, the current president#39;s office said.据以色列现总统办公室的一份声明表示,因强奸和其他性犯罪被捕入狱的以色列前总统西·卡察夫,已经申请赦免。The request was received and was transferred for legal evaluation, part of the regular procedure in clemency requests, President Reuven Rivlin#39;s office said in a statement.据现总统鲁文·里夫林办公室发表的一份声明表示,以色列有关部门在收到了卡察夫的请求,并将其转交给了其他部门做法律评审。An earlier clemency request by Katsav#39;s family was denied in 2012.此前卡察夫的家人曾在2012年提起过赦免请求,不过被当局拒绝了。The new request, coming only a month after a parole board rejected Katsav#39;s appeal for early release, triggered public criticism, with women organizations calling on Rivlin not to approve the clemency.卡察夫此前曾要求提起释放,但是假释委员会拒绝了他的提议。而就在一个月后,他便提出了新的赦免请求。此举在以色列当地引起了公众的批评,妇女组织呼吁里夫林不要批准这份赦免请求。In its 20-page-long decision, the parole board noted that Katzav never assumed responsibility for his crimes or agree to undergo rehabilitation. ;He never expressed remorse or empathy for his victims,; the panel said.针对卡察夫的要求,假释委员会下达了一份长达20页的判决书,指责卡察夫从来没有对自己的罪行承担责任,也没有同意接受康复治疗。该假释委员会小组说:“他从来没有对自己的罪行感到悔恨。”Rather, he ;perceives himself as the victim, and he is engaged in blaming others for his condition.;相反,他认为自己才是受害者,他一直在指责是别人造就了他目前的境况。Katsav served as Israel#39;s eighth president between 2000 and 2007. In 2011, he was convicted of two counts of rape of women subordinates, as well as sexual harassment of others, and obstruction of justice. He was sentenced to seven years in prison, which he is serving in a jailhouse in central Israel.在2000年至2007年间,卡察夫曾担任以色列第八任总统。在2011年,他因为两次强奸女性下级、对他人性骚扰以及妨碍司法公正等罪名被判有罪。最终,他被判处七年有期徒刑,此后便一直在以色列中部的一处监狱刑。 /201605/444041

Cat lovers of the world, rejoice! You finally have the chance to understand what your pet is saying thanks to a smart collar that can interpret feline meows and translate it into human speech. Aptly named ;Catterbox;, the collar supposedly has a digital sensor that detects meows, and uses a special program to decipher the meaning behind them.全世界的铲屎官们,欢呼吧!托智能项圈的福,你们终于有机会听懂自己的宠物在说什么了。这款项圈可以把猫语翻译成人话,叫作“猫语匣子”可谓名副其实,里面应该装着一个探测猫叫的数字传感器,通过特殊程序破译其中的意义。Developed by London ad agency adamamp;eveDDB, for Temptations cat treats, the invention comes preloaded with a dictionary of cat purrs, meows, and several other sounds to make the interpretation as accurate as possible. ;We#39;re fascinated by cats, so we set out on a mission to get to know them better,; said Pete Simmons, global brand director of Temptations.这款猫语项圈是由伦敦adamamp;eveDDB广告公司给猫零食品牌Temptations研发的,里面预置了猫语词典,包括呜呜叫、喵喵叫和其它一些语音,使翻译尽可能准确。Temptations公司全球品牌总监皮特#8226;西蒙斯说:“我们为猫着迷,所以我们进行此项任务来更好地了解它们。”The promo for the device claims that Catterbox, the world#39;s first talking cat collar, is designed to finally help humans understand the meaning of meows. ;Cats are often perceived as quite hard to get to know, independent pets, so we set up The Temptations Lab to find innovative ways to inject even more fun into a cat and owner#39;s relationship,; said Richard Brim, executive creative director of adamamp;eveDDB.这个小发明的宣传视频称猫语匣子是世界上第一款会说话的猫项圈,借助它,人们终于可以理解猫叫的意义。adamamp;eveDDB公司执行创意总监理查德#8226;布里姆说:“人们通常认为猫很难懂,而且非常独立,所以我们设立了The Temptation实验室,探索创新方法,给猫和主人的关系注入更多乐趣。;Studies show they only meow in order to communicate with humans,; the adds. ;So we set out on a mission to get to know them better. By analysing different cat noises, we#39;ve designed a digital sensor that detects a cat#39;s meow and uses a unique program to turn it into a human voice.;视频中还讲,“研究表明,猫为了和人交流才会叫。所以我们进行此项任务来更好地了解它们。通过分析猫的不同叫声,我们设计出一个可以探测猫叫的数字传感器,用特别的程序把猫叫转化成人声。”So by using the collar, owners can speak to their cats and expect a meaningful response – well, about as meaningful as a cat’s meows can get. The sassy responses are delivered in a British accent, in a voice of the owner#39;s choice, selected through a smartphone app paired with the collar. A few sample responses are demonstrated on the company#39;s YouTube channel – they are quite hilarious, but obviously not very convincing.因此,通过这款项圈,猫奴们可以和喵星人对话,期待着有意义的回应——嗯,猫叫有多少意义就差不多能传达出多少意义。这种时髦的应答装置发出的声音是英式英语,主人可以通过与项圈连接的智能手机应用自己选择嗓音。这个公司的YouTube网页上列着几个应答的示例,非常搞笑,但显然并不能令人信。In all probability, Catterbox is just a tongue-in-cheek albeit very clever marketing gimmick. If you really want to learn the meaning of cat meows, you#39;re better off keeping an eye on ;Meowsic; (short for ;Melody in Human-Cat Communication;), a Swedish study carried out over the next five years.猫语匣子十有八九只是个唬人的玩意,尽管市场营销做得非常巧妙。如果你真的想要了解猫语的意义,你最好关注一下Meowsic(“人猫对话旋律”的缩写),这是瑞典的一项研究,五年之后才能得出结果。 /201605/443182

How do you mummify a body?怎样制作木乃伊?You asked us a question. How do you mummify a body?最近有人问过我们“怎样制作木乃伊”的问题。The answer depends on whom you ask.问的人不同,也会不同。The ancient Egyptians would say if you had enough wealth and status, special priests could preserve you. Forever. 古埃及人会回答,如果你有钱有地位,会有专业的祭祀给你全套务。把你做成长久不腐的木乃伊不是什么难事。First, they pull out your brain and internal organs. They would take out everything. The only thing they didn#39;t take out was your heart. It stays. Then they dry out your body with a kind of salt. Most of your organs would be preserved in jars. But your body would get wrapped up in strips of linen and layers of resin. Then it would be sealed in a coffin.首先,他们会把你的大脑和其他内部器官摘除。把体腔挖空,只留下心脏。然后,他们会用盐风干你的身体。而从你身体掏出的大部分器官,会用陶罐保存。最后,他们会用布和松香塞满你的身体,然后把你封进棺材里。Their technique worked pretty well. But they weren#39;t the first to go mummy. Two thousand years earlier, the Chinchorro of Chile and Peru were in the habit of skinning, dismembering and disemboweling bodies. Then they would put them back together. They put them together with sticks, straw and plant fibers. Then they#39;d paint the bodies.古埃及人制作木乃伊的机制很好用。但他们并不是第一批做木乃伊的人。埃及文明再往前追溯2000多年,生活在今天智利和秘鲁区域的新克罗人,就掌握了剥皮,肢解和取出内脏的方法。最后他们会把这些用木棍、稻草和植物纤维重新组合起来。还会在尸体上作画。More recently, nature did the dirty work for the Inca. They made sacrifices to their gods by bringing kids high up into the Andes Mountains. The kids#39; bodies became mummified by the dry atmosphere and extreme cold.再靠近近代一些时间,印加帝国流行过害人的风俗。他们会把孩子放到安迪斯山顶祭神。由于山顶极冷和极干的环境,这些孩子的尸体也木乃伊化了。Peat bogs, glaciers and deserts can have the same effect. The oxygen-deprived acidic, cold, hot and dry conditions of these environments desiccate bodies and stop decomposition au natural.沼泽、冰川和沙漠也能制造同样效果。无氧的酸性、极寒、极热和极干环境,都能使身体迅速脱水,停止腐烂。So basically, take your pick. But wait. I mean, not really, though, right? 以上既是。但等一等,问这些问题的童鞋不是真打算把自己变成木乃伊吧?译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201607/452537

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