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欧洲杯:黑马克罗地亚-1战胜卫冕冠军西班牙 -- :: 来源: 在昨日的比赛中,黑马克罗地亚队以-1的成绩击败种子选手西班牙队,使得西班牙队的排名掉到了D组第二,接下来西班牙将和意大利死亡角逐争夺进入强的名额 Spain took the lead when Cesc Fabregas dinked the ball over keeper Danijel Subasic and Alvaro Morata tapped in.西班牙曾保持领先,当时法布雷加斯将球绕过了克罗地亚守门员达尼耶尔·苏西巴奇,然后莫拉塔将球打进了球门An Ivan Rakitic lob hit the woodwork Croatia, who equalised when Nikola Kalinic turned in Ivan Perisic’s cross.拉基蒂奇一脚高射打中了克罗地亚的门柱,而克罗地亚方面,尼克拉·卡利尼奇接过佩里西奇的传球,将双方比分扳平Subasic saved a Sergio Ramos penalty and Perisic’s late winner gave Croatia, who finished top of the group, a tie against a third-placed qualifier.苏西巴奇成功扑救了拉莫斯的点球,后来佩里西奇又为克罗地亚攻进一球,使得克罗地亚队以小组第一名的成绩晋级强,将在淘汰赛中对阵一“最佳第三名”的球队Perisic lashed in an 87th-minute shot in a thrilling match to inflict Spain’s first defeat in games at the European Championship since losing to Portugal in Euro .在这场惊心动魄的比赛中,佩里西奇在87分钟的那粒进球最终击败了西班牙队,这还是西班牙自从年败给葡萄牙以来在欧洲杯场比赛中的首次失利Croatia will now play on Saturday in Lens, while Spain’s mouth-watering tie against Italy will take place on Monday in Paris.克罗地亚的下一场比赛将于本周六于伦斯举行,而万众瞩目的西班牙对阵意大利的比赛将于下周一在巴黎举行Spain’s defence looks suspect西班牙的防守很有问题This was an eagerly anticipated game because of the quality at Croatia’s disposal and the type of test they were expected to give the reigning champions.这是一场备受期待的比赛,因为克罗地亚队的阵容很强大,人们期望看到黑马克罗地亚和卫冕冠军西班牙之间将爆发怎样一场龙争虎斗From that point of view, Croatia pressed and pushed further up than Spain’s previous opponents - Turkey and the Czech Republic - and, despite going behind, caused plenty of moments of uncertainty at the back Vicente del Bosque’s side.从那一点上来看,相比于西班牙以前的对手(土耳其和捷克),克罗地亚对西班牙施加了更大的压力,而且尽管落后于西班牙,但是却给西班牙队造成了许多的不确定性Spain centre-back Ramos gave the ball away early on and Perisic had a shot palmed away by keeper David de Gea.西班牙中卫拉莫斯早早地便丢了球,克罗地亚队佩里西奇一脚射门,但是却被守门员德赫亚成功扑救De Gea was then dispossessed by Kalinic and the ball fell to Rakitic, whose chip hit the crossbar and the post bee bouncing the wrong side of the post Croatia.在随后卡利尼奇的进攻下,德赫亚显得无依无靠,皮球落到拉基蒂奇的脚下,但是他却一脚高射打到了克罗地亚球门横梁,足球反弹到了球门另一边,最后进攻无果Spain again dominated possession but their resistance was finally broken when they conceded their first goal in 73.5 minutes at the Euros as Kalinic stole in front of Ramos to turn in Perisic’s left-wing cross.西班牙再次控球,但是他们的攻势最终却被瓦解在73.5分钟的时候,卡利尼奇从拉莫斯面前晃过,将佩里西奇的左翼传球打进了西班牙的球门,完成了他们本场比赛第一粒进球A weak punch from De Gea led to him having to save Tin Jedvaj’s shot bee Marko Pjaca sent an overhead kick wide.德赫亚无力的跑动导致他不得不扑救耶德瓦伊的射门,而随后马尔科·皮亚察一记射门从德赫亚头顶飞过,惊起一身冷汗Spain’s keeper and their defence looked vulnerable when exposed bee they were caught out on the counter-attack, with Perisic’s strike beating De Gea at his near post.在克罗地亚面前,西班牙守门员和整队伍的防守看起来都脆弱不堪,后来在克罗地亚的反击下,更是喘不过气来,佩里西奇一记近射绕过了德赫亚,打进了西班牙的球门Croatia’s strength in depth克罗地亚的纵深实力Croatia coach Ante Cacic made five changes while his team were without key midfielder Luka Modric and striker Mario Mandzukic through injury.由于伤痛原因,克罗地亚场上缺少了关键的中场莫德里奇和前锋曼朱基奇,克罗地亚教练安特·查契奇在全场比赛中要求了5次换人Nevertheless, they managed to provide further evidence they pose a danger to any team in the tournament by not only showing character to come back from a goal down but discipline in defence and a threat when going ward.然而,他们以自身实力进一步明他们是欧洲杯所有球队的劲敌,他们不但能够在输球的情况下迎头赶上,而且也能够在领先的情况下保持防守纪律、展示出威胁Perisic and captain Darijo Srna are key to their play with their energetic running on the flanks and ability to whip in dangerous crosses, like the one which led to the equaliser.佩里西奇和队长斯尔纳是比赛中的关键人物,他们能够保持在侧翼的移动,还有能力踢出有威胁性的传球--例如致使比分扳平的那一记传球In another plus Croatia, there was no trouble from their fans following the crowd unrest and throwing of flares on to the pitch which marred their draw with Czech Republic.克罗地亚还有另一个优点,在和捷克打平的那场比赛中爆发了人群骚动,观众向球场内投掷了焰火,而克罗地亚球迷则十分克制没有惹麻烦

女警穿比基尼抓贼 --30 18:00:3 来源: 瑞典一名女警在休假中发现了小偷,身上只穿着比基尼就将小偷制,数千网友点赞 A bikini-clad Swedish police officer has been praised tackling a suspected thief while she was off-duty sunbathing with friends in Stockholm.日前,一名身穿比基尼的女警因抓住一名小偷嫌犯而被表扬,当时她正在休假中,和朋友在斯德哥尔享受日光浴Mikaela Kellner told the Aftonbladet daily that she and a fellow officer pursued the man when they realised he had taken one of their mobile phones.米凯拉·凯尔纳对瑞典日报透露说,当时她和一名同事意识到这名男子拿走了他们的手机,于是她们两人便一起追捕他She told the paper that she would have intervened "even if she were naked".米凯拉对媒体说道,“即使着身体”她也会对小偷实施追捕A photo of the incident on Ms Kellner’s Instagram page has attracted more than 9,000 likes in less than two days.在不到两天的时间里,发布在米凯拉Instagram上的这起事件的照片就收到了9000多个赞The incident is said to have taken place in Stockholm’s Ralambshov Park on Wednesday, where the off-duty policewoman was sunbathing with friends.据说这起事件发生在周三,地点是斯德哥尔的罗兰布斯霍夫公园,当时休假中的米凯拉和她的朋友们在享受日光浴The group was approached by a man who claimed to be selling publications on behalf of the homeless.一名自称是为无家可归者卖报纸的男子靠近了她们Ms Kellner reportedly became suspicious when the man began lingering, setting some papers down over their blanket.据报道,当时这名男子开始拖延、赖着不走,还把一些报纸丢到了她们的毯子上,米凯拉对此起了疑心As soon as he left, collecting his papers, one of her friends noticed that her phone was missing.当这名男子捡起报纸一离开,米凯拉的一名朋友就发现她的手机不见了"There was no time, so I ran after him, maybe metres or so," Ms Kellner told Swedish news site, The Local.米凯拉对瑞典新闻网站《本地人说道:“没有时间了,所以我就追了过去,大约米远的样子”"One of my friends is also a police officer, so we got hold of him. He tried to get away so we held onto him harder."“我的一个朋友也是警察,所以我们就抓住了他他企图逃跑,所以我们就更用力的制住他”The stolen phone was swiftly recovered, and the man was arrested by a police patrol.被盗的手机很快就被发现了,该名男子也被一只警察巡逻队逮捕了"I’ve had a lot of positive comments both from friends and colleagues," she told The Local.米凯拉对《本地人说道:“我从朋友和同事那里得到了很多好评”"It happens all the time that valuables are taken like this... I mainly just wanted to raise awareness of how cunning these people are, almost like magicians."“这种事情时有发生,贵重物品就是这样被偷走的我主要是想提高对这些人的警惕意识,他们狡猾得就好像魔术手一样”

法官认定:星巴克咖啡未装满 可要求索赔 -- ::55 来源: 美国联邦法官表示,两位顾客可以提出诉讼,指控星巴克连锁店未装满拿铁,偷斤减两的行为涉嫌诈骗顾客 A federal judge said two Starbucks customers may pursue a lawsuit accusing the coffee chain of cheating patrons by underfilling lattes.美国联邦法官表示,两位顾客可以提出诉讼,指控星巴克连锁店未装满拿铁,偷斤减两的行为涉嫌诈骗顾客In a decision on Friday, U.S. District Judge Thelton Henderson in San Francisco said the Calinia plaintiffs may seek damages from Starbucks Corp in their proposed nationwide class action, including fraud and false advertising.周五,美国旧金山的地方法官Thelton Henderson表示,加州原告在全国范围内发起集体诉讼,以诈骗和广告不实为由向星巴克索赔Starbucks was accused of overcharging customers by systematically serving lattes that are 5 percent too small, based on a recipe it adopted in to save money on milk.消费者指控星巴克要价过高自年采用拿铁食谱以来,为了节省牛奶成本开销,故意减少5%的拿铁量The plaintiffs, Siera Strumlauf of San Francisco and Benjamin Robles of Carlsbad, said Starbucks requires baristas to use pitchers heating milk with etched "fill to" lines that are too low, and to leave inch of free space in drink cups.旧金山的原告Siera Strumlauf和卡尔斯巴德的原告Benjamin Robles指出,星巴克要求员工用来加热牛奶的罐子指示装牛奶的刻度过低,而且杯子还留出四分之一吋的空间They said this shorts customers because Starbucks’ cups tall, grande and venti lattes hold exactly , and ounces.星巴克的拿铁分为中杯、大杯和超大杯,容量分别是、和盎司,减少拿铁量使其成小杯容量"This is not a case where the alleged deception is simply implausible as a matter of law," Henderson wrote. "The court finds it probable that a significant portion of the latte-consuming public could believe that a ’Grande’ contains ounces of fluid."“从法律上来看,所谓的欺骗行为并非不合情理,” Henderson法官写道“很多喝拿铁的消费者点大杯时,都以为含有盎司的饮料”Henderson did not rule on the case’s merits. He dismissed three of the plaintiffs’ eight claims against Seattle-based Starbucks, as well as their request injunctive relief.Henderson法官并没有对案件的法律依据进行裁决法官否决了原告对西雅图星巴克提出的8个诉讼之中的3个,并驳回了法令救济的要求Starbucks spokesman Reggie Borges on Monday said the company believes the lawsuit is without merit and is prepared to defend itself against the remaining claims.星巴克发言人Reggie Borges周一表示,星巴克认为诉讼缺乏法律依据,公司将提出强力辩护He also said that if a customer is not satisfied with how a beverage is prepared, "we will gladly remake it."他还说,如果顾客对饮料调配不满意,很乐意进行重新调配Lawyers the plaintiffs did not immediately respond on Monday to requests comment.周一,原告的律师并未对置评请求进行及时的回应

3D打印遇上医疗 为你私人订制脊椎(双语) -- ::9 来源:sohu 小到食品,大到别墅,3D打印正在改变着人们的生活这一技术在医疗领域擦出的火花更加令人惊艳——它能精准地打印出私人定制的“人体骨骼”,帮助医生完成过去想都不敢想的手术 近日,在北京大学第三附属医院里,一台六小时的手术成为了世界上以3D打印植入物替代脊椎长度最长的手术北京的医生应用3D打印,为一个癌症缠身而必须切除5节脊椎的男人创造了新的脊柱医生介绍,该手术是世界上第一次用如此长度的3D打印脊椎 Rencently,doctors in Beijing have used 3-D printing to create a new spine a local man after five cancer-riddled vertebrae were removed from his body. The six-hour procedure is a world first the length of vertebral bodies replaced by a 3-D printed implant. The procedure is a world first in terms of the length of vertebrae replaced this way, the doctors say. 0岁的北京患者袁先生,接受了长达6个多小时的手术手术将长达19厘米的3D打印胸椎和腰椎椎体植入他的脊椎主治医生刘忠军介绍,如果没有3D打印技术的持,患者的治疗几乎无望3D打印的人工椎体具有微孔结构,能够允许相邻的正常脊椎骨细胞长入到人工植入物之中,最终实现骨融合刘医生介绍,医院已经有60 多名患者接受了这种3D打印骨科植入手术正如在许多其他领域一样,3D打印技术在骨科领域的应用具有广阔的前景 The man, surnamed Yuan, 0, of Beijing, underwent a surgery over six hours to have a 3-D printed implant of multiple thoracic and lumbar vertebral bodies, measuring 19 centimeters, inserted into his spine.Without 3-D printing technology it would have been impossible to treat him.; The 3-D printed implant also has pores that allow bones on healthy vertebrae to grow into the artificial implant and eventually to fuse with it.More than 60 patients have benefited from 3-D printed orthopedic implants in the hospital, Liu said. 3-D printing technology in orthopedics is promising, as it is in many other fields. 年9 月,国家食品药品监督管理总局批准注册了由北京大学第三医院骨科团队研发的我国首个金属3D打印人体植入物——人工髋关节产品同年5月又批准了该团队研发的人工椎体产品据了解,目前我国批准注册的3D打印人体植入物产品仅此两个刘医生补充说,3D打印技术在医学领域的应用在全球来说都是一个全新的科学领域然而,我国这项技术要比其他国家更具优势,急需国家卫生部门高效的评审程序以批准这些产品的临床使用 Last September, the China Food and Drug Administration approved the use of 3-D printed hips joint product developed by the team, and in May the administration approved the team's 3-D printed artificial vertebral body product. Medical application of 3-D printing is quite a new scientific field internationally, he adds. However, to have a competitive advantage in the medical application of 3-D printing technology compared with other countries, it is urgent the Chinese health authorities to have an efficient and comprehensive evaluation procedure to approve the clinical use of such 3-D medical products, Liu says.、 English Source: China Daily

西班牙推"社区冰箱"分享食物 -- :33: 来源: 西班牙推"社区冰箱"分享食物Commy Fridge in Spain lets people avoid food wasting by sharingFood waste is a growing problem throughout the world; on one hand, we've got so many people starving or living in food insecurity, and on the other hand, in places like Western Europe or the US people are wasting almost 50% of what they eat. It seems rational to find ways to send the excess food to the places where it's most needed, but that doesn't happen nearly as much as it should. With that in mind, people in Galdakao, Spain, took initiative.全球的食物浪费形势越来越严峻一方面,很多人仍然在挨饿或者没有足够的食物;另一方面,西欧、美国等地区吃剩浪费的食物近50%寻找方法把多余的食物送送到最需要食物的地方似乎是一种合理的选择,但是这样的现象并不经常发生考虑到这一问题,西班牙加尔达考的人们积极采取了行动They launched what they call the Commy Fridge – a regular white fridge placed in the middle of the town where anyone can drop food or leftovers and anyone can come in and take it. This one fridge has aly saved 300 kg of food in just two months. The creators of the fridge are adamant that the service is not a charity – anyone can come and just take whatever food they want.他们推出了一种“社区冰箱”,这个普通的白色冰箱被安置在镇中心,任何人都可以把食物或吃剩的饭菜放在这,或来这取食物这个冰箱在仅仅两个月内已经节省了300千克食物这个冰箱的发起者坚称这项务不是施舍,每个人都可以来,想拿走什么就拿走什么Of course, there are a few regulations though – you can"t donate raw fish, meat or eggs, health reasons. Also, all the food has to be within its expiration date and anything homemade should have a label with the ingredients; reasonable rules, and so far, the program seems to enjoy its success. Other Spanish cities have expressed interest in adopting their own Commy Fridge.当然也有些规定,为了健康起见,不能捐赠生鱼、肉和鸡蛋而且,所有的食物必须在保质期内,自制食品必须添加标签说明它的成分,这些都是合理的规定到目前为止,这个项目似乎很成功西班牙其他城市也对安置这种“社区冰箱”颇有兴趣This is not the first time this kind of idea has been put th. In Pumpipumpe in Switzerland residents place stickers on their mailbox to mark goods they can lend to neighbors and that works out just fine. A man in the Saudi city of Hail has also put a fridge outside his house and called on neighbors to fill it with food the needy. However, in Yolo County, Calinia, several University of Calinia graduate students placed a commy fridge on their lawn, sharing what they didn"t need. People loved the idea and it worked just as it should, until the Yolo County Health Department caught wind of the experiment, they shut it down. County officials claimed the fridge was an illegal food facility.此前也有类似的想法倡议在瑞士的Pumpipumpe,当地居民在他们的邮箱上贴上标签,标明哪些物品可以借给邻居,效果还不错沙特海尔市的一名男子也在自家门外放了一台冰箱,号召邻居往里面放食物送给穷人然而,在加州约洛县,加利福尼亚大学的几名研究生在草坪上安置了一台社区冰箱,把他们用不着的食物分享给大家人们觉着这个点子很赞,而且效果也不错,直到约洛县卫生部门听说了这个尝试,他们叫停了这个项目县官员称这台冰箱是非法的食品设施"He's started a food business. The food's not from an approved source. He can't guarantee its safety. There are so many unknowns that there is a high risk to the public,"said April Meneghetti, a Yolo County environmental health specialist.约洛县环境卫生专家阿普丽尔?梅内盖蒂表示,“他开始做食品生意,食物的来源未经认可他不能保食品安全仍有很多未知因素,这将给市民带来很高的风险”That idea doesn't fly in the US, and it seems like some people would rather throw food away than risk sharing it with others, but I certainly think this idea is worth sping. Sure, you need someone to verify the contents of the fridge periodically and take out the food that goes bad, but 0 kg of food per month, with one fridge? I think that's worth it.这种想法并没有在美国流行开来,一些人似乎宁愿扔掉食物,也不愿冒险与别人分享,但是我的确认为这个想法值得传播开来当然,需要有人定期检查冰箱里放的食物,把坏掉的食物拿出来仅用一个冰箱,每个月就能节省0公斤的食物,我认为值得一试Vocabularyadamant: 坚定不移的catch wind of: 听说英文来源:zmescience.com译者:实习生冯佳佳审校编辑:许晶晶

公共场所“秀恩爱”,你怎么看? -- 1:55:9 来源: 日前,包括发生在北京“三里屯优衣库试衣间”在内的一些公共场所发生的亲密行为视频引发热议那么公众对于情侣在公共场所“秀恩爱”的行为是怎么看的呢?A group of photos showing creative ways of public display of affection acts go viral online. [PhotoChengdu Evening News]请看相关报道:Nearly half of Chinese disapprove of public displays of affection while the most tolerated type of intimate act is a hug, a survey by Southern Metropolis Daily shows.《南方都市报的一项调查显示,近一半的受访者反对“公共场所秀恩爱”,而最能接受的公共场所亲密行为是拥抱“公共场所秀恩爱”、公共场所亲密、公开展示感情之类的行为,我们可以用public displays of affection表示,指的是情侣在公众面前展现亲密举动这个表达有时在新闻里也会简写成PDA,如Heidi Klum indulges in a passionate PDA with boyfriend Vito Schnabel.(海蒂?克拉姆与男友维托?施纳贝尔秀恩爱)这份调查显示,7%的受访者对于公共场所“秀恩爱”表示反感,因为这不顾及他人感受(neglects the feelings of others),影响不好;%的受访者认为不反感,但是不持在公共场所“秀恩爱”的行为中,仅有“搂搂抱抱”(hug)被一般人所接受,而“接吻”(kiss)、“摸来摸去”(touch)、“性行为”(explicit sexual behavior)这三项行为不被接受的受访者比例分别高达3%、7%和95%有人表示,公开秀恩爱像是为了寻求刺激,而不是真爱的表现(it's just the thrill, not true love)但也有受访者表示,只要不过分就好

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