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TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201605/438635The Creation of Adam: Neurology and Neoplatonism米开朗基罗:《创造亚当》All right, cherubs. Right now were looking at a detail from the Fresco on the ceiling of Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo.好的,天使们。现在我们要看米开朗基罗在西斯汀礼拜堂天花板上的局部壁画。This particular detail is often called Creation of Adam and its one of the most recognizable paintings ever made. People often discuss how Michelangelo painted this while lying on his back, or use it for a fart joke Memes, but this has been reproduced for more interesting reasons. It visually tells a story of God giving life to mankind out of dust, which is what Adams name means.这块特定的局部通常被称作《创造亚当》,而它是至今最具辨识度的画作之一。人们通常讨论米开朗基罗是怎么背靠在地上画出这个的,或是把它拿来做恶搞图,但这画被复制是因为更有趣的理由。它以视觉讲了上帝从尘土中给了人类生命的故事,而尘土正是亚当名字的意思。Now thats a big task—how can one paint God? Michelangelo chose to make him look old and wise here, which God should be since hes infinitely old and infinitely wise. But hes also really fit. Check out those triceps. Hes youthful and strong, which God should be since hes infinitely powerful and should be energetic enough to be infinitely present.现在那是个大工程--人怎么可以画出上帝?米开朗基罗选择了让他在这看起来年长又有智慧,上帝应该这样,因为他是极其年老和极其有智慧的。但他同样也非常强壮。看看那些三头肌。他朝气蓬勃又强壮,上帝应该这样,因为他是极其强大、应该要有足够的精力永远存在。Adam is stationary here as dust is, while God is in motion, stretching to give...is it life? Adam aly looks awake, I guess. He kind of has a blank stare here but his eyes are open. He can be viewed as an allegory for dust: lifeless and still, waiting for the breath of life to enter him.亚当在这就跟尘土一样是静止的,然而上帝在移动中,伸展着要给他...是生命吗?亚当看起来已经是醒过来的,我猜。他在这像是有着无神的凝视,但他的双眼是睁开的。他可以被看做是尘土的象征:毫无生气且静止不动,等待着生命的气息进入它。An interesting idea here is that God is giving Adam consciousness or intelligence. This is perhaps the reason that its so popular to discuss the relationship with Gods vehicle, here, to the human brain. I mean, this does look like a brain.这里一个很有趣的想法是,上帝正在给予亚当知觉或智慧。这也许就是为何如此流行讨论神的乘坐工具,这里,与人类大脑关系的理由。我是说,这确实看起来像颗脑袋。This scarf looks like a vertebral artery, and this cherubs leg was like a pituitary gland. Some even claim this section of the painting here represents synapses, which is a part of the neuron to transmit chemical or electrical signals to one another.这条围巾看起来像脊椎动脉,而这个天使的腿像脑下垂体。有些人甚至称画作的这区块代表神经突触,这是神经相互传递化学或电子讯号的部位。Now Michelangelo certainly would not have known about synapsis, but the comparison is fun to think about. He did work with dissection and knew quite a bit about the human body. You can easily see his knowledge of anatomy in the Statue of David. So this brain theory isnt entirely crazy.米开朗基罗当然不会已经了解突触,但思考这比拟是很有趣的。他确实有做过解剖且了解相当多关于人体的事。你可以轻易地看出他对大卫像结构分析的了解。所以这个大脑理论并非完全疯狂的。This part of the brain is called the occipital lobe, and its partly responsible for sight. Sight has an interesting relationship with consciousness, particularly when we think about an intellectual movement Michelangelo was a part of called Neoplatonism.大脑的这部份称为枕叶,它负责部分视觉。视觉和知觉有种有趣的关系,特别是当我们想到米开朗基罗曾参与、叫做新柏拉图派哲学的知识运动。This movement, encouraged by the first Latin translations of Platos work in Florence during the late 1,400s, revived Platonic philosophy and the content of ideal forms during the High Renaissance. Platos works stressed the importance of metaphysical forms, immune to any corruption, over temporary earthbound forms subject to decay.这个运动,由1,400晚期间在佛罗伦斯柏拉图作品的首批拉丁文翻译所引领,在文艺复兴盛期使柏拉图哲学和理想形式的内涵重新流行起来。柏拉图的作品强调了抽象形式的重要性,免于任何在受制于衰败的暂时、受世俗束缚的形式中任何腐化。What we can visually see in the physical realm, using our occipital lobe, is a reflection of a higher ideal form, and in the Christian framework, its a reflection of the light of God.我们可以在物质方面从视觉上看到的,利用我们的枕叶,是更高一等理想形式的反射,而在基督教的架构中,这是上帝之光的反射。Mankind uniquely has this double nature. We have the ability of comprehend like a God, but we have to perceive the universe with flaw senses made from dust. In this painting, Adam has been given the insight to recognize higher spiritual forms through their earthbound shadows or representations.人类独特地拥有这种双重特质。我们拥有像上帝一样理解的能力,但我们必须要用由尘土做成、带有缺陷的知觉来理解天地万物。在这幅画中,亚当被给予识别出更高一等精神形式的洞察力,透过他们受世俗所束缚的幻影或是形象。Michelangelo also plays with Neoplatonic thought by representing mankind in ideal form. I mean, no man in the real world has that kind of muscle structure, or at least Id like to think its not possible. By representing Adam in an ideal way rather than a natural way, hes forcing us to consider the idea of man rather than the physical and temporary real men.米开朗基罗同样也透过以理想形式描绘人类,摆弄新柏拉图派哲学的思想。我是说,在现实世界没有男人拥有那种肌肉结构,或至少我想认为这是不可能的。借由以理想的方式而不是自然的方式描绘出亚当,他正迫使我们思考“男人的概念”、而不是实际上当代的“真正男人”。Its interesting to think this painting illustrates God giving humanity the breath of life through consciousness and a physical brain that is literally the vehicle through which we can perceive the metaphysical by showing God riding on that vehicle.那是很有趣的,想想这幅画描绘出上帝给予人类生命的气息,透过知觉、以及透过其实就是那骑乘工具的实体脑袋,透过那个我们可以借由表现出上帝骑乘着那工具,理解那抽象概念。Just sit with that for a little while.就接受那想法一下下。If you like the way we discussed this painting and want to see more, please subscribe for a new art history every other Monday.如果你喜欢我们讨论这幅画作的方式,且想要看更多,请订阅以在每隔週一看到新的艺术史影片。201502/358480

Thats right. The adolescent brain is a composite of areas[qh]是的 青春期的大脑是个很复杂的组织[qh]that are more sensitive to alcohol and less sensitive to alcohol than adults.[qh]它对酒精的反应相对成年大脑来说[qh]In amongst the things that the proportions of the brain that seem to be very sensitive to alcohol[qh]普遍上应该更容易受到酒精损害[qh]are regions that are important for learning and memory.[qh]特别是负责学习与记忆的区域[qh]Adolescents are very sensitive to alcohol-induced memory impairments.[qh]很容易受到酒精作用而损害[qh]I couldnt think of a worse combination -[qh]这是很可怕的状态[qh]a teenagers memory and learning potential vulnerable to alcohol[qh]少年大脑的和学习潜力最易被损害[qh]but the teenager not feeling the effects.[qh]但他们对这种损害却很不敏感[qh]Its almost like youve got to be careful when you see a young person drunk.[qh]所以当你见到青年喝醉的时候要很小心[qh]Theyve probably taken more than you imagined.Absolutely.[qh]因为他喝的已经超量了[qh]If you ask parents theres a big disconnect[qh]实际上家长们掌握的情况 也不准确[qh]because if you ask parents are their kids drinking[qh]你问他们的孩子是否有在喝酒[qh]they report quite a lower number of kids drinking[qh]他们回答的数量[qh]than the kids that are actually drinking.[qh]要比实际的要少得多[qh]And part of that is because these kids are coming home[qh]因为孩子回到家的时候[qh]and theyre not acting theyre not looking intoxicated.[qh]他们表现得和没喝醉一样[qh]But if a young person comes home after a night out and they are substantially affected[qh]他们整晚都在被酒精损伤着[qh]theyve drunk a hell of a lot of alcohol.[qh]因为他们已经喝了一大堆的酒精201507/384298

If the purpose of a telescope is to bring far-away things closer to us, then why do we send some of them so far away? The main reason to put a telescope into space is to avoid that perpetual trouble maker:the atmosphere since astronomenrs havent yet figured out how to get rid of it. And its a big nuisance.如果说望远镜的任务是将远处物体呈现在我们面前,那么,我们为何将望远镜送去远方呢?将望远镜送入太空的主要目的是为了避开麻烦制造者:大气层,因数天文学家尚未找出摆脱大气影响的方法。这问题相当恼人。First off,the atmosphere plane gets in the way, what with its clouds and smoke and haze than can block light from distant stars or nearby planets. And even just the air in a clear sky blocks a huge range of the wavelengths of lights, pretty much only letting through visible light, and a smattering of infra-red and radio waves.首先,大气平面挡在中间,其中的云、烟、霾会挡住远处星星和近处行星发出的光。即便晴空万里,光是空气就会挡住很大范围的光波波段,几乎只允许可见光、以及少数红外光和无线电波通过。The atmosphere is also HEY! Stop that!... Distracting At day, visible light from the sun bounces off of air molecules, and other small particles and completely overwhelms the light from any other star you might want to look at. At night, the light from the moon and from human sources bounces off the same paricles and outshines the light from most distant and faint stars and galaxies, washing out their images.此外大气层还会,嘿!住手!……造成散射,白天,来自太阳的可见光被空气分子和其他微粒反射,这会令来自其他恒星的光完全被淹没,无法观测。晚上,月光和人造光源同样被这些粒子散射而来自遥远星星、暗星和的光,彻底被淹没其中。The atmosphere also messes things up.Air is constantly moving, and just like a heat mirage,this turbulence blurs and distorts starlight, which causes stars to twinkle, and telescope images of stars to be blurry we can avoid all of these nuisances by putting telescopes above the atmosphere, in space. Plus, there are other benefits; a space telescope can make observations 24 hours a day.大气也会令事情一片混乱。空气是流动的,就像海市蜃楼,这些星光会因紊变得模糊扭曲,星星因此而闪烁不停,望远镜看到的星图变得模糊不清,将望远镜移至大气之上的太空中,可以避免所有上述问题。此外,还有其他好处;太空望远镜可以24小时持续观测。A space telescope can be put far enough away from the earths infra-red warmth and then cooled down really cold so that it can take clean infra-red images, and a space telescope is a telescope we freaking put in outer sapce! Of course,there are some downsides to space telescopes; Its hard and expensive to get them there, hard and expensive to fix them if they break or you want to upgrade to newer fancier parts,hard and expensive to take people there on tours,but really,How can you argue, with;this;. And this, and this, and this, and even this, and this, and this, this too, and this.太空望远镜可以远离地球的红外线温度冷却到足够低的温度,以拍摄清晰的红外线图像,将望远镜送入太空是我们的最佳选择!当然,天空望远镜也有缺点;首先将它们送进太空就超难超贵,出现问题时维修或是升级新功能也是超难贵,安排人员巡查也是超难贵,但是说真的,看到这个时简直无法抱怨。还有这个、以及这个、这个、这个、这个、这个、甚至这个、这个,还有这个、这个。201604/438312In fact,scientists have aly discovered that our decision to do something...事实上 科学家已经发现 当我们决定做某件事Can be affected by many things. Not least,electricity.会被许多因素影响 尤其是电流Now,I do hope youre not squeamish...我希望你不会觉得太恐怖But lets imagine watching a surgical procedure called:但现在我们来想象我们正在目睹一种Awake Brain Surgery.;清醒开颅手术;的外科手术Its used to treat Neurological disorders.这种手术曾用来治疗神经疾病The brain is exposed and stimulated with electrical probes.开颅后露出大脑 并用电探针刺激The urge to move... a foot,hand or face想要移动脚 手或脸的行动can be artificially triggered by electrically exciting只要用电流刺激大脑的适当部位appropriate regions of the brain.便可人工触发All it takes is about 3.5 volts in the right place.这一切只需在正确位置用3 5伏特的刺激The patient may ;think; he has made a choice患者可能以为是自己做了决定but in fact,the surgeon made it for him.但其实是外科医生替他决定的We can imagine a future where advanced technology could allow the doctor我们能想象未来先进的科技 让医生能to control someones thoughts.控制一个人的想法Perhaps even make them fall in love.也许甚至能让他们坠入爱河The unfortunate subject would believe he was acting out of free will这位不幸的实验品还可能相信他是出于自由意志But the opposite would be true.但事实却正好相反Its all just physics in the brain.这一切都只是大脑里的物理现象201602/425782

Japan has taken a decisive step away from its postwar stance on defence with a vote in parliament allowing the deployment of military force abroad in combat roles.日本在允许海外部署军事力量的议会表决中,就战后防御立场迈出了决定性的一步。Until now Japan’s armed forces have not been allowed to fight in UN operations, or deployments with its allies. Opposition MPs dragged themselves to the podium to vote, and made vociferous declarations against the move, with several complaining Japan was meekly doing the USA’s bidding.到目前为止,日本的武装部队不允许参与联合国行动或及盟国部署。反对党议员上台投票,并极力宣称反对此举,有人抱怨日本乖乖的听从于美国。But no avail. The change was approved, and after the vote the prime minister said it was all about peace, not foreign agression.但无济于事。这项变更被批准了。投票表决后日本首相称这是关于和平,而不是对外侵略。The legislation will protect Japan and our peaceful way of life…and prevent war. I believe the legal basis allowing our children and future generations peace has been established.立法会防止战争,保护日本以及我们和平的生活方式。我相信这项让我们的孩子以及后代和平的法律基础已经建立。It is so regrettable that the government ignored all the objections and enacted the legislation. This has scarred Japan’s pacifism, constitution and democracy.令人遗憾的是,政府无视所有的反对意见制定了立法。此举使日本的和平主义、宪法以及民主伤痕累累。Critics note the new law will allow Japan’s hi-tech defence industry to export for the first time, opening a lucrative new market. Pacifists demonstrated outside parliament during the vote, as many Japanese are deeply uneasy about abandoning 70 years of pacifism.批评人士指出,新的法律将首次允许日本出口高科技国防工业,打开了一项有利可图的新市场。选票期间,和平主义者在国会门外抗议,对放弃70年来的和平主义深表不安。译文属。 /201509/399971Find healthy recipes during pregnancy to ensure the baby is eating right and you are physically prepared for the delivery.期遵循健康的食谱,保障婴儿吃得恰当,让你的身体为分娩做好准备。You Will Need你需要Food pyramid食物金字塔Healthy foods健康的食物Prenatal vitamins产前维生素Calcium supplements钙补充剂Steps步骤STEP 1 Fix the 61.六种食物相搭配Fix meals with recipes containing the 6 pyramid food groups of grains, fruits, vegetables, meat and beans, dairy products, and oils. Eat cereals rich in folic acid for breakfast, especially in your first 28 days of pregnancy.饮食中加入食物金字塔顶端的六种食品,包括谷类,水果,蔬菜,肉类,豆类和奶制品,以及油。早餐食用富含叶酸的谷类,尤其是期最初的28天。STEP 2 Have some snacks2.吃零食Blend fresh lemons and honey for a tart treat, adding sugar by heating some with a cup of water on the stove to make a syrup. This may help with morning sickness. Prepare a smoothie with fruit, yogurt, and peanut butter for a healthy snack. Treating snacks as mini meals throughout the day like like this may reduce heartburn.将一些新鲜的柠檬和蜂蜜一起搅拌,加糖,然后加入一杯清水中,加热,制成糖浆。这样可以预防晨起呕吐。用水果,酸奶和花生酱一起制作奶昔,做成健康的零食。把这些零食作为一天之中的加餐,预防烧心。STEP 3 Make turkey burgers3.制作火鸡汉堡Make turkey burgers, which contain 40 percent of the daily protein requirement for pregnant women, plus plenty of iron and fiber. Add a variety of seasonings to spice them up. Ditch the bun and cheese to cut sodium, especially if your stomach is reacting.制作火鸡汉堡,其中含有妇每天所需的40%的蛋白质,此外还有足够的铁和纤维。加入各种各样的配料来添加风味。不要吃小圆面包和奶酪,防止摄入过量的钠,尤其是胃有反应的时候。If you were overweight before your pregnancy, consult a physician about how much you should be eating and how to get sufficient nutrients, which will be even more important if you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes.如果期过度肥胖,向医生咨询应该吃多少,怎样获得充足的养分,尤其是你被诊断患有妊娠糖尿病的时候。STEP 4 Drink soy4.喝豆奶Drink a soy milk and wheat germ shake, which contains 20 percent of your folic acid requirement and a critical infusion of omega-3 fatty acids.喝豆奶和小麦胚芽奶昔,其中含有身体所需的20%的叶酸和至关重要的omega-3脂肪酸。STEP 5 Increase calcium5.补钙Increase the calcium in your diet by adding broccoli, spinach, and calcium-fortified juices and foods. Use prenatal vitamins or calcium supplements to provide a calcium boost if youre lactose-intolerant.食用西兰花,菠菜和加钙果汁食品来补钙。如果你乳糖过敏的话,用产前维生素和钙补充剂来提供充足的钙。What you consume and the health of the baby are strongly connected. Stay away from alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, nonpasteurized dairy, fish high in mercury, and deli meats, which can contain listeria.你摄入的营养和婴儿的健康息息相关。远离酒精,香烟,咖啡因,未经巴氏消毒的奶制品,含有大量水银的鱼,和含有李氏杆菌的熟食。STEP 6 Enjoy taco salad6.享用塔可沙拉Enjoy a protein-packed taco salad with black beans, which adds B-12, iron, and zinc requirements to the equation.享用富含蛋白质的塔可沙拉,添加一些黑豆,可以补充维生素B-12,铁和锌。STEP 7 Jazz it up7.增添趣味Jazz up dinner and treat yourself with sliced tomato and avocado on grilled farm-raised salmon or another low-mercury fish, cooked brown rice and a side of green beans. Add a multigrain roll for the perfect, healthy way to nourish yourself and your baby.为晚餐增添一点趣味,切一点土豆和鳄梨,加到烤三文鱼或其他水银含量较少的鱼肉上,然后吃一点糙米和一点四季豆。再加一点多谷物卷,以健康的方式为你和婴儿提供充足的营养。Infants absorb 50 to 75 percent of the iron in breast milk, but normally less than 12 percent of that in commercial formula.婴儿可以从母乳中吸收50%至75%的铁,而奶粉中通常只含有不到12%的铁。 /201502/357761Michael has a deep affection for helping children in need.迈克尔很希望帮助孩童And this child happened to have a severe case of cancer.而这孩子刚好罹患癌症Michael immediately wanted to do something to help, to give this child hope,迈克尔立刻想要给这孩子一点希望and give him a reason to live.给他活下去的动力A lot of the people working for Michael Jackson didnt want Michael to do this身边许多人都试着劝阻迈克尔because they felt that after what happened with Jordy Chandler,因为经过了乔迪·钱德勒那事件后people shouldnt be reminded of any association that Michael had with any kids.实在不需要再把迈克尔与孩童连接在一起But Michael had no consciousness of guilt, at all.但迈克尔问心无愧l saw the original documentary that Mr Bashir produced.我看过巴舍尔制作的纪录片l didnt know Michael Jackson at the time.我当时不认识迈克尔·杰克逊But something seemed vety, vety manipulative,但整部片感觉是控的very sinister, about the way he approached Michael Jackson.很邪恶 尤其是他与迈克尔·杰克逊的谈话态度And what was proof of that was the naivete Michael displayed而迈克尔却很天真的in continuing to talk to this man, who clearly, in my opinion,一直跟这人相处 我真的觉得这个人的目的was bent on destroying his reputation.在于毁灭他的名声Tonight, 12-year-old Gavin reveaIs he spends nights at NeverIand,今晚12岁的文 将透露他在梦幻庄园夜宿sometimes in Jacksons bed, the star on the floor.有时睡在杰克逊的床上 而迈克尔·杰克逊打地铺201510/405776

The fourth Republican debate in the search for a US presidential nominee saw Donald Trump under sustained attack from his rivals – not least over the billionaire businessman’s plan to build a wall along the border with Mexico and deport millions of illegal immigrants.第四次共和党美国总统候选人辩论,唐纳德·特朗普遭到竞争对手的持续攻击,尤其是这位亿万富翁计划在与墨西哥的边界上建造城墙,驱逐数百万非法移民。We are a country of laws. We need borders. We will have a wall. The wall will be built. The wall will be successful,And if you think walls don’t work, all you have to do is to ask Israel. The wall works, believe me. Properly done. Believe me.我们是一个法治国家,我们需要边界。我们将有一座城墙,将建造一座城墙,这是成功的,如果你认为城墙不起作用,你们去问问以色列。城墙是有作用的,相信我。做得好。相信我。Making more of an impression than in previous debates, Jeb Bush begged to differ.比往期辩论更给人印象深刻的杰布·布什却并不赞同。Twelve million illegal immigrants. To send them back, 500,000 a month, is just not possible,And it is not embracing American values. And even having this conversation sends a powerful signal. They are doing high-fives in the Clinton campaign right now when they hear this.一千二百万的非法移民。把他们送回去,五十万人一个月,这是不可能的,这不符合美国的价值观。这样的对话甚至发出一个强大的信号。当他们闻之会高举双手赞成克林顿竞选。No clear winner emerged but no-one had a disastrous debate.Donald Trump and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson remain frontrunners to represent the Republicans in next year’s election.辩论没有出现明确的胜负,没有谁的辩论是完全失败的。唐纳德·特朗普和退休的神经外科医生本杰明·卡森仍有望代表共和党参加明年的大选。译文属。 /201511/409556栏目介绍:搞笑英语轻松学通过不同的搞笑生活片段来学习日常口语,领域涉及生活的各个方面,让我们边看视频边学英语。正宗地道的口语,假一罚十。美剧电影真人秀都看过了之后还能看什么学口语呢?当然是看这些双语视频啦!又好玩,又原汁原味,又顺便学一两句地道英语,多痛快!快来看看吧!201511/410776

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