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1.You Are His Replacement.你是他的替代品Regardless of your sex, age or how menacing you actually are or aren’t, He has reigned supreme as the main man in his baby’s life for a long time。不管你的性别,年龄或者不管你是否真的构成了威胁,他都已经在他宝贝的生活中作为一个主要人物享有主权。No matter how hard you try to prove to him that you are a worthy individual for him to hand his reigns over to, he will probably never be entirely convinced。不管你多努力尝试着明你是一个可以让他移交主权的人,他可能都绝不会完全的信你。2.You Are Annoying And Immature。你很烦人很不成熟Even if you are the same age as her father or you’re the smartest human being to ever walk among us, he is still going to see you through a haze of irritation and condescension。即使你和他的父亲年龄一样或者你比我们周围的人都要聪明,他都能用恼怒或者高傲的态度来看待你。Particularly if there’s a generation gap, he is probably going to regard every movie, type of music or hobby preference of yours as completely ridiculous because he aly has his opinions on such things and he is not about to relent them to you。尤其是有代沟的时候,他可能会把每一部电影,每种类型的音乐或者你的种种兴趣爱好认为成完全的不合理,因为他已经在这些事情上面有自己的见解,他不会跟你讲这些。3.He Is Her Protector。他是她的守护者As a father, he has spent many years cherishing and protecting his daughter with all the strength and determination he is capable of. So, he’s not likely to feel an instant connection with the person who is taking away his baby girl.So beware: if you hurt his daughter, he will come down on you , and he’s constantly prepared to do so。作为一个父亲,他用了他所有的力气和决心保护、珍视他的女儿多年。所以他不可能很快的就能和要带走他宝贝女儿的人有感情。一定要注意:如果你伤害他的女儿,他会惩罚你,比如一吨左右的砖块,并且他一直都准备着那么干。 /201503/362748

I am a liberal. I believe government is often the solution, not always the problem. I believe government should enact laws that protect rights, not strip them away. I#39;m for laws that expand equality, not restrict it. I believe in creating policies, not obstructing them.我是自由主义者。我相信政府常常是问题的解决者,而不是问题。我相信政府应该颁布那些保护权利的法律,而不是废除它们。我挺那些扩大平等的法律,而不是限制平等的法律。我相信有创造性的政策,而不是阻塞一切的政策。I#39;m for helping those in need, not telling them to fend for themselves. I support healthcare for all, not healthcare only for those who can afford it. I believe in nutrition assistance for the hungry, not tax breaks for the greedy. I believe in healthy school lunches for children, but not by changing the definition of pizza. I#39;m for Social Security and Medicare, and I know these programs would be self-sustaining if the FICA cap were removed and everyone paid into the system on 100% of their income.我要帮助那些需要帮助的人,而不是告诉他们自己想办法谋生去。我持面向所有人的医疗保险,而不是仅仅给那些付得起保险费的人医疗保险。我相信要给饥饿者以食物,而不是为贪婪者免税。我相信给孩子们吃健康的学校午餐,而不是改变制作一份披萨的原料。我挺社保和医保,并且我知道如果联邦社会保险捐款法不设上限,而且每个人都将全部收入存进这个系统,这些计划是会自我保持的。I believe all people should be free to practice whatever the religion they choose, not have their religion chosen for them. I believe people should be free to practice no religion at all, rather than be forced to partake in prayer. I believe religion is a system of beliefs, not a set of scientific facts. I believe there is a difference between laws laid out in the Bible and laws set forth in the Constitution. I believe all people should have the right to marry whomever they love, not be told their love is a sin.我相信所有人都有选择信何种宗教的自由,而不是让别人为自己选择宗教。我完全相信人人都应该有不信任何宗教的自由,而不是被逼迫加入某种宗教,成为一个祈祷者。我相信宗教是一种信仰系统,而不是一系列科学事实。我相信《圣经》上记载的那些律条和源自宪法的各种法律是有区别的。我相信所有的人本来是有权利和他们所爱之人结婚的,而不是被告知他们的爱情是一桩罪过。I believe in the right of the people to bear arms, not amass armaments. I#39;m for keeping Americans safe i n their homes, but not the uninfringeable access to guns. I#39;m for helping victims of violent crime, not f or blaming them for becoming victims. I believe in equal justice for all, not separate justice for some. I believe rights are inherent to all free citizens, not privileges that can be taken away.我相信人民有携带武器的权利,却不是拥有大规模杀伤性武器。我要让美国人在自己家里能够捍卫自己的安全,而不是侵害他们获取的权利。我要帮助暴力犯罪的牺牲者,而不是指责他们成了牺牲品。我相信司法公正是对所有人,而不是割裂公正,只针对一部分人。我相信权利对所有自由公民是固有的、天生的,而不是能被拿走的特权。I believe in our form of government, but not imposing it on other nations. I#39;m for keeping America stron g, but not weakening it with a bloated military. I#39;m for going to war to defend our country#39;s sovereignty ,not for sending troops to fight in every country#39;s civil war. I#39;m for supporting veterans by helping th em when they return from service, not dishonoring their service by cutting their benefits.我信任我们政府的组成形式,但不会将它强加给其它国家。我要让美国保持强大,但不会甩膨胀的军力削弱它。我打仗是为了捍卫我们国家的独立自主,而不是派逍部队去参加其它国家的内战。当老兵退役时,我持帮助他们,而不是靠砍掉他们的津贴来侮辱他们为国家作出的贡献。I believe in regulated capitalism, not an unfettered free market. I#39;m for subsidizing the development of new energy technologies, but not the production of carbon-emitting fossil fuels. I#39;m for protecting the environment, not destroying it. I believe we should address man-made climate change, not deny it exists.我相信有调节的资本主义,而不是无限制的自由市场。我力挺补贴新能源科技发展,但不是释放二氧化碳的化石燃料生产。我保护环境,而不是摧毁它。我相信我们应该处理人为的环境改变,而不是拒绝承认它的存在。I believe in more people voting, not fewer. I#39;m for term limits, not lifetime terms. I believe elected officials should serve their individual constituents, not their corporate donors. I believe money is currency, not speech, and that corporations are businesses, not people.我相信要让更多的人投票,而非更少。我力挺限制领导人的任期,而不是活多久就领导一个国家多久。我相信选上的官员应该为每个选民务,而不是那些捐了钱的法人们。我相信钱是货币,而不是演讲。我还相信公司呀、法人呀就是商业行为,而不是真正的人。In other words, I believe in democracy and that#39;s why I am a liberal.就这样说吧,我相信民主,那就是我为什么是自由主义者。 /201503/363638

Male and female brains really ARE wired differently没错,男女大脑真的不一样It has long been said that the male and female brain is wired differently.我们一直都说男女大脑是不一样的。Now, Swiss researchers have uncovered another example of how it really is.如今,瑞士研究人员发现了这一论断的另一个实例。They found women rate emotional images as more emotionally stimulating than men do and are more likely to remember them.他们发现,女性比男性更容易在情绪上受感性类图像的刺激,也更容易记住它们。The large-scale study by a research team at the University of Basel focused on determining the gender-dependent relationship between emotions, memory performance and brain activity.巴塞尔大学的一个研究小组进行了一项大规模的研究,主要探究男性和女性的情感、表现和大脑活动之间的关系。#39;This would suggest that gender-dependent differences in emotional processing and memory are due to different mechanisms,#39; says study leader Dr Annette Milnik.该研究的负责人Annette Milnnik士说:“这表明,情感处理和记忆上的性别差异是由不同的机制造成的。”It is known that women often consider emotional events to be more emotionally stimulating than men do.我们都知道,女性比男性更容易在情绪上受情感类事件的刺激。Earlier studies have shown that emotions influence our memory: the more emotional a situation is, the more likely we are to remember it.早期研究显示,情绪会影响我们的:越感性的情况,我们越容易记住。This raises the question as to whether women often outperform men in memory tests because of the way they process emotions.这就引出了一个问题,女性之所以在测试中表现得比男性好,是否和他们处理情绪的方式有关。A research team from the University of Basel#39;s #39;Molecular and Cognitive Neurosciences#39; Transfaculty Research Platform attempted to find out.巴塞尔大学Transfaculty“分子和认知神经科学”研究平台的一个研究小组尝试从研究中找出。With the help of 3,398 test subjects from four sub-trials, the researchers were able to demonstrate that females rated emotional image content – especially negative content – as more emotionally stimulating than their male counterparts did.通过对四个分项测验中的3398名对象进行测试,研究人员实,与被试中的男性相比,女性在对待感性类图像内容,尤其是消极内容时,更容易在情绪上受其影响。In the case of neutral images, however, there were no gender-related differences in emotional appraisal.但是,当涉及到中性图像内容时,在情感评价上没有太大的性别差异。In a subsequent memory test, female participants could freely recall significantly more images than the male participants.在随后进行的记忆测试中,女性参与者明显能比男性参与者回忆起更多的图像。Surprisingly though, women had a particular advantage over men when recalling positive images.但让人意外的是,女性在回忆积极类图像内容时,特别占有优势。Using fMRI data from 696 test subjects, the researchers were also able to show that stronger appraisal of negative emotional image content by the female participants is linked to increased brain activity in motoric regions.对696名被试的功能性磁共振成像数据进行分析后,研究人员也能明,女性参与者对消极图像内容作出的强烈评价与大脑肌肉运动区活动的增加是有关系的。#39;This result would support the common belief that women are more emotionally expressive than men,#39; explained Dr Klara Spalek, lead author of the study.该研究的主要作者Klara Spalek士解释说:“这个结论也为女性比男性更情绪化这一普遍观念提供了依据。”The findings also help to provide a better understanding of gender-specific differences in information processing.这些发现也有助于更好地了解信息处理中的性别差异。This knowledge is important, because many neuropsychiatric illnesses also exhibit gender-related differences.这一认知之所以很重要,是因为很多神经疾病也表现出了性别差异。 /201506/384030

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