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上海市第六人民医院金山分院打瘦腿针的费用第一人民医院宝山分院口腔美容中心 Jeb Bush, the former Florida governor, on Monday launched his 2016 presidential campaign, making formal what has been assumed for months as he criss-crossed America raising millions of dollars for what is expected to become the most expensive White House race in history.周一,美国佛罗里达州前州长杰#8226;布什(Jeb Bush)启动了他016年总统竞选活动,实了几个月以来外界的猜测。过去几个月,他走遍全美国,筹集了数百万美元资金,用于一场预计将是史上“最贵”的白宫角逐赛。“We will take command of our future once again,said the latest Republican candidate, according to his prepared remarks. “We will lift our sights again, make opportunity common again, get events in the world moving our way again.”“我们将再次掌控自己的未来,”这位最新的共和党竞选人根据事先准备的讲稿说。“我们将再一次提升视野,再次让大家共享机遇,再次让世界局势朝着有利于我们的方向运行。”In language that seemed designed to counter criticism that he and Hillary Clinton, the Democratic frontrunner, are vestiges of the past, he said his message would be an “optimisticone. “I am certain that we can make the decades just ahead in America the greatest time ever to be alive in this world.”他说,他传达出的将是“乐观的”消息。“我确信,我们能让美国未来的几十年变成人们在这个世界上所能经历的最伟大时代。”此言似乎意在回击有关他和民主党领跑者希拉里#8226;克林Hillary Clinton)都是历史遗痕的批评。Mr Bush is the 11th Republican to join the ballooning number of Republican presidential contenders.杰布#8226;布什是第11位宣布竞选总统的共和党人,这一数字还在持续膨胀。Mr Bush was touted as the Republican frontrunner by the party’s establishment when he revealed last year that he was considering following the path of his brother and father by running for president. However, despite what is expected to be a hugely successful fundraising campaign, Mr Bush has struggled to pull ahead of his rivals in opinion polls.在杰#8226;布什去年透露其正考虑追随兄长及父亲的脚步竞选美国总统时,他被共和党当权派吹捧为该党的领跑者。然而,尽管其筹款活动预计将取得巨大成功,但杰布#8226;布什之前一直难以在民调中领先其竞争对手。来 /201506/381113上海仁济医院整形美容

上海如何去除伤疤President Enrique Pe#241;a Nieto of Mexico was caught in a fresh storm on Sunday over claims that his personal residence is owned by a company linked to a Mexican member of the Chinese-led consortium that won a high-speed rail contract last week only to be stripped of it days later.周日,墨西哥总统恩里#8226;培尼#8226;涅托(Enrique Pe#241;a Nieto)陷入了一场新的风波,有指控称,他的私人住宅的所有者公司与中国领衔的中标联合体中的某家墨西哥公司有关联。该投标联合体上周赢得了一项墨西哥的高铁合同,但几天之后该合同被取消。The allegations, based on documents seen by the Financial Times and reported on the Aristegui Noticias news website, added fuel to protests over the disappearance of 43 students, who were arrested by police and are now feared dead.这些指控基于英国《金融时报》看到的文件和新闻网站Aristegui Noticias报道的内容。这一指控助推了因43名学生消失事件引发的抗议活动。这些学生被警察逮捕,现在恐怕已经死去了。The presidency said in a statement that the first lady, Angélica Rivera, had signed a contract with Ingeniería Inmobiliaria del Centro (IIC), a company owned by the businessman Juan Armando Hinojosa, in January 2012, to purchase two properties. The properties, adjacent to one she aly owned, were originally bought by IIC, and the family’s residence was built on the land they once occupied.总统办公室发表声明称,第一夫人安杰莉卡#8226;里韦Angélica Rivera)012年与Ingeniería Inmobiliaria del Centro(IIC)签订合同购买其两处房产。IIC的所有人是商人Juan Armando Hinojosa。这两处房产靠近她本来拥有的一处房产,最初是由IIC购买的,总统私宅就建在这两处房产曾占据的土地上。But the presidency did not deny that the house had been built by a company owned by Mr Hinojosa at a time when his Grupo Higa was a contractor of the State of Mexico and Mr Pe#241;a Nieto was state governor.但总统办公室没有否认,总统私宅的施工者是Hinojosa的Grupo Higa公司,施工时Grupo Higa是墨西哥州的一家承包商,而培尼亚#8226;涅托是该州州长。Grupo Higa owns Constructora Teya, a company that was part of the Chinese-led rail consortium that won a .6bn contract which was scrapped by the president last Thursday after an outcry over the bidding process.Grupo Higa下属的Constructora Teya,则是中国领衔的投标联合体的一员。该联合体赢得了一6亿美元的合同,但因为招标过程引发抗议,该合同于上周四被总统取消。Grupo Higa, which won about 8bn pesos (0m) in public works contracts in the State of Mexico, could not be reached for comment.记者未能联系到Grupo Higa置评。IIC was constituted on November 13 2008, the day after Mr Pe#241;a Nieto acknowledged his relationship with Ms Rivera on a television show.IIC成立00813日,此前一天培尼亚#8226;涅托在一次电视节目上承认了他与里韦拉的关系。In January 2012, Ms Rivera, a former soap star, paid for part of the property with a personal cheque, said the presidency statement. She had been paying the balance regularly, most recently in October, and the property would be transferred to her name when she had paid it off, it added. She initially paid 30 per cent of the list price.总统办公室称012月,前肥皂剧明里韦拉用个人票付部分房款。总统办公室补充称,里韦拉一直在定期缴纳尾款,最近一次是今年10月份,一旦房款付清,该房产就会转入里韦拉名下。里韦拉曾付了该房0%的首付。Eduardo Sánchez, a presidential spokesman, did not immediately respond to questions from the FT about when the property was built. According to Aristegui Noticias, the start of building work was registered on July 7 2010, while Mr Pe#241;a Nieto was still governor, and was officially completed in August 2012 when he had aly won the presidential election. The architectural website Archdaily says the property dates from 2011.总统发言人Eduardo Sánchez并没有立刻回答英囀?金融时报》记者的问题——该房屋是何时建造的。据Aristegui Noticias报道,房屋于2010月开始动工,当时培尼#8226;涅托还是州长。房屋于2012月完工,此时涅托已经当选墨西哥总统。建筑网站Archdaily 显示,该房产的建造则追溯011年。The allegations surfaced as Mr Pe#241;a Nieto flew to China to attend the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation forum, and threatened to overshadow the trip. Beijing said it was “surprisedby the decision to cancel the contract.在培尼亚#8226;涅托飞往中国参加亚太经合组织(APEC)论坛那时,上述指控浮出水面,给他的行程蒙上了阴影。北京方面表示,对墨西哥政府决定取消招标结果“感到意外”。来 /201411/341751 For a while four years in fact it looked as though Hillary Clinton had put the past behind her. As America’s top diplomat, she enjoyed by far the highest ratings of any US figure. Her popularity abroad was matched by appreciation at home for the grace with which she buried the hatchet with Barack Obama. Americans most admire politicians who seem to be above politics. Mrs Clinton had a taste of that. Then she quit as secretary of state (to prepare for her second White House bid). She has been losing altitude ever since. The worry among Democrats is her woes are only a foretaste of what is to come. They are probably right.在一段时期里(实际上年),希拉里#8226;克林Hillary Clinton)似乎抛掉了历史包袱。作为美国的最高外交官,她在美国政要中享有遥遥领先的最高人气。与她在海外的受欢迎程度相媲美的是,她与巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)捐弃前嫌所展现的风度让她在国内备受赞赏。美国人最敬佩那些似乎超越政治的政治人物。希拉里曾经接近那种境界。接着她辞去国务卿一职(为再度问鼎白宫做准备)。自那以来她一直在失去高度。民主党人担心,她的困境只是未来的一种预兆。他们的看法很可能是对的。Like almost every Clinton “scandal there is less than meets the eye to revelations that Mrs Clinton used a private account for her official emails. The discovery that she routed her government correspondence through a “homebrewserver is the kind of exposé that sends Washington into a tailspin but barely registers beyond. From the Whitewater investigations during Bill Clinton’s presidency in the 1990s to the ructions over the 2012 Benghazi murders of four US diplomats, the smoking gun is always just beyond reach. Failure to find one is why Whitewater prosecutors were sidetracked into Mr Clinton’s dalliance with Monica Lewinsky. It is also the path by which the Benghazi probes stumbled on Mrs Clinton’s home server.有人爆出,希拉里曾利用个人账户收发官方电邮。与几乎所有与克林顿夫妇相关的“丑闻”一样,这些爆料不像看上去那么复杂。据悉,她通过设在家中的务器收发政府邮件,这种爆料在华盛顿引发轩然,但除此之外没什么人关心。从比尔#8226;克林Bill Clinton)上世0年代担任总统期间的白水事Whitewater)调查,到围绕2012年班加西美国领事馆遇袭案(导名美国外交官遇难)的争议,人们总是无法找到确凿的据明克林顿夫妇有过错。正因如此,白水事件的检方将矛头转向克林顿与莫尼#8226;莱温斯基(Monica Lewinsky)的绯闻。同样,班加西案的调查偶然发现了希拉里安在家中的务器。With the Clintons there is always some cover-up waiting to be unearthed. Nearly a quarter of a century of probes from Little Rock to Washington have failed to bring them down. Yet there is also more to “homebrewthan meets the eye. Mrs Clinton was technically within the law in using a private account. It is possible her home server was more secure than the State Department’s porous system. None of this really matters. To Mrs Clinton’s enemies, the fact that a trove of private emails exist is invitation to conspiracy. It is also an example of how she plays by different rules. Even President Obama uses official email. Mrs Clinton’s pursuers are unlikely to give up until every one of her emails has been subpoenaed.在克林顿夫妇身上,总有一些被掩盖的事情等着被揭露。近25年的调查(从阿肯色州的小石城到华盛顿)都没能打倒他们。但此次“电邮门”事件要比看上去复杂。从技术上说,希拉里使用个人账户是合法的。她设在家中的务器可能比美国国务院漏洞百出的系统更安全。这些其实都不重要。对于希拉里的敌人而言,大量私人电邮的存在本身就意味着可能有什么阴谋。这也是她不按常理出牌的一个例子。就连奥巴马总统也使用官方电邮。在希拉里的全部电邮都被传唤之前,追击她的人是不太可能放弃的。“Homebrewhighlights three big problems facing Mrs Clinton. First, the Democratic party is suffering from Clinton fatigue. Given the lack of exciting alternatives, Democrats have little choice but to stick with her through hell or high water. Some of them would take that literally. The contrast with the Republican field, which is aly crowded with names, is stark. Now would be a good moment for an unknown talent from Illinois with a Muslim middle name to take Democrats by storm. But that is unlikely to happen twice. Even among Mrs Clinton’s most loyal backers, the mood is one of grim determination. They are steeling for trial by ordeal not a coronation.“电邮门”事件突显出希拉里面临的三大问题。首先,民主党正经历“克林顿”审美疲劳。由于缺乏其他令人振奋的候选人,该党别无选择,只能在任何情况下力挺希拉里。其中一些人真的会竭尽全力。与“人才济济”的共和党相比,这一点相当明显。现在应该有一个来自伊利诺伊州、有一个穆斯林中间名、不知名的人物登场,让民主党振作起来。但这不太可能发现两次。甚至在希拉里最忠实的持者中,也洋溢着一种坚韧决心的情绪。他们正下决心忍受痛苦的煎熬,而非加冕礼。Second, Mrs Clinton is running against herself, which is the worst of both worlds. The Clintons are at their best with their backs to the wall. Mr Clinton’s finest campaign moment came after he was written off in 1991 only to resurge as the “comeback kidin the New Hampshire primary. Mrs Clinton’s most electrifying phase was in 2008 after she had been upended by Mr Obama and was fighting for her pride. She won state after state, though it was aly too late. This time, Mrs Clinton faces no plausible rival. Once again she is the “inevitable nominee with the inflated expectations that brings. If she fails to win each primary convincingly, the sharks will be quick to smell blood.第二,希拉里正在同自己竞选,这种状况是最糟糕的。克林顿夫妇往往在背水一战时进入最佳状态。克林顿最棒的竞选时刻莫过于1991年他被人放弃希望,却又在新罕布什尔州的初选中卷土重来。希拉里最令人振奋的阶段是008年被奥巴马夺走风头之后,继续为自己的尊严而战。她赢得了一个又一个州,尽管已经太迟。这一次,希拉里不再面对任何可信的对手。她再次成为“不可避免的被提名人”,伴随着与之俱来的过高期望。如果她不能令人信地拿下每一场初选,鲨鱼很快就会闻到血腥。Third, Mrs Clinton’s distrust of the media is self-fulfilling. She has genuine reasons for concern. As First Lady, she was the target of more scurrilous journalism than any figure in recent memory. Madcap books were written about how the Clintons assassinated their enemies and looted public funds. But there was also plenty of legitimate critical journalism. After a while, Mrs Clinton did not seem to know the difference. She shrouded her healthcare reform effort in secrecy, then saw the product picked apart by supposed allies. The wrong lesson was drawn. Mrs Clinton withdrew even further into her circle of trust. Sticking with inveterate loyalists undid her campaign in 2008. It could do so again. To win, she must engage people openly, including the media.第三,希拉里对媒体的不信任正在自我应验。她有真诚的理由对媒体感到担忧。作为第一夫人,她受到的舆论诽谤比我们近期记忆中的任何人物都要多。一些荒唐的书描写了克林顿夫妇如何暗杀他们的敌人并侵吞公款。但也存在很多正当的批评报道。过了一段时间后,希拉里似乎搞不清它们之间的差别。她把自己的医疗改革努力搞得神神秘秘,结果却看到自己的心血被所谓的盟友说得一文不值。但希拉里吸取了错误的教训。她进一步退缩回自己信任的小圈子。重用坚定持者毁掉了希拉008年的竞选。这种情况可能会再次出现。要获得胜利,她必须公开地与社会各界打交道,包括媒体。There are signs that Mrs Clinton has corrected some of her bad habits. Picking John Podesta to chair her campaign, as she is expected to do, would be a good step. As Mr Obama’s second-term adviser, Mr Podesta helped to reboot a White House that was also damaged by overreliance on insiders. He did much the same for Mr Clinton after he was impeached over the Lewinsky scandal. He will have to dig deep for Mrs Clinton. The New York Times revelation that foreign governments, from Azerbaijan to Qatar, gave money to her husband’s Clinton Foundation while she was secretary of state is unlikely to go away. The “homebrewscandal has given it stronger legs. Ill-wishers will be scouring Mrs Clinton’s emails for evidence有迹象显示,希拉里已改正了自己的某些坏习惯。选择约翰#8226;波德斯塔(John Podesta)来主持她的竞选(人们期望她会这么做)将是很好的一步。作为奥巴马第二任期的顾问,波德斯塔帮助重启了因过度信赖内部人士而受损的白宫。他也这样帮助过克林顿,那是在后者因莱温斯基丑闻遭到弹劾之后。他将不得不为希拉里绞尽脑汁。据《纽约时报New York Times)披露,希拉里担任国务卿期间,从阿塞拜疆到卡塔尔的外国政府曾向她丈夫的克林顿基金会(Clinton Foundation)捐款。这件事不太可能平息。“电邮门”丑闻助长了它的发酵。幸灾乐祸的人将在希拉里的邮件里搜寻据,明她知晓这些捐款。关于她促成了这些捐款的任何线索都可能是致命的。she was aware of such donations. Any hint that she facilitated them could be fatal.We are still weeks from Mrs Clinton’s official campaign launch possibly months. Yet it is aly encountering heavy turbulence. Democrats have little choice but to climb aboard. They should fasten their seatbelts and put on the headphones. The next 18 months are going to be noisy.距离希拉里正式启动竞选还有几周——也可能是几个月。但此次竞选已经遭遇了强气流。民主党人别无选择,只能爬上船。他们应该系好安全带、戴上耳机。未8个月将充满争吵。来 /201503/363485交通大学医学院附属仁济医院做双眼皮价格费用上海市宝山区中西医结合医院祛眼袋多少钱



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