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广州天河哪家看人流最好广州天河长安中医科Science and technology科学技术The Cambrian explosion寒武纪大爆发Kingdom come 动物王国出现Chinese palaeontologists hope to explain the rise of the animals中国古生物学家希望解释动物的起源AMONG the mysteries of evolution, one of the most profound is what exactly happened at the beginning of the Cambrian period.在众多进化之谜中,其中意义最深远的就是在寒武纪开始时期到底发生了什么。Before that period, which started 541m years ago and ran on for 56m years, life was a modest thing.在寒武纪之前,从5.41亿年前开始持续5600万年的时代里,生命是适度存在的。Bacteria had been around for about 3 billion years, but for most of this time they had had the Earth to themselves.细菌已经存在了大约30亿年,但是在多数时间里,它们主宰着地球。Seaweeds, jellyfish-like creatures, sponges and the odd worm do start to put in an appearance a few million years before the Cambrian begins.海藻、类似水母的生物、海绵生物和奇怪的虫子确实在寒武纪开始的前几百万年已经出现。But red in tooth and claw the Precambrian was not—for neither teeth nor claws existed.但是前寒武纪时期却不是腥牙血爪,因为那个时候牙齿和爪子都没有出现。Then, in the 20m-year blink of a geological eye, animals arrived in force.然后,在地质学看来一眨眼的2000万年中,动物大规模的出现了。Most of the main groups of the animal kingdom—arthropods, brachiopods, coelenterates, echinoderms, molluscs and even chordates, the branch from which vertebrates went on to develop—are found in the fossil beds of the Cambrian.人们在寒武纪群落里发现了动物王国的主要动物集群,包括腕足、腔肠、棘皮、软体和脊索。The sudden evolution of this megafauna is known as the Cambrian explosion.寒武纪因威尔士的群山而得名,But two centuries after it was noticed, in the mountains of Wales after which the Cambrian period is named, nobody knows what detonated it.在寒武纪被注意到的两个多世纪里,没人知道到底为什么会发生大爆炸。A group of Chinese scientists, led by Zhu Maoyan of the Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology, plan to change that with a project called “From the Snowball Earth to the Cambrian explosion: the evolution of life and environment 600m years ago”.由南京地质古生物研究所的朱茂炎领导的中国科学家小组计划通过一个名为“从雪球事件到寒武纪大爆发:距今6亿年前后的生物与环境演变”的项目改变这种情况。The “Snowball Earth” refers to a series of ice ages that happened between 725m and 541m years ago.雪球事件指的是7.25亿-5.41年前一系列的冰川时代。These were, at their maxima, among the most extensive glaciations in the Earth’s history.在顶峰时期,它们是地球史上最大规模的冰川时期。They alternated, though, with periods that make the modern tropics seem chilly: the planet’s average temperature was sometimes as high as 50C.不过他们是交替发生的,在某些时候,使得现在的热带地区变的寒冷,有时候全球的平均温度却高达50度。Add the fact that a supercontinent was breaking up at this time, and you have a picture of a world in chaos.从而导致了一个超大陆分裂,从此我们就有了一个混乱的地球,Just the sort of thing that might drive evolution.就是这些事情可能导致进化的发生。Dr Zhu and his colleagues hope to find out exactly how these environmental changes correspond to changes in the fossil record.朱士和他的同事希望从化石记录的变化中发现这个时期环境是如何确切变化的。The animals’ carnival动物狂欢节Fortunately, China’s fossil record for this period is rich.幸运的是,中国在这个时期的化石资料是非常丰富的。Until recently, the only known fossils of Precambrian animals were what is called the Ediacaran fauna—a handful of strange creatures found in Australia, Canada and the English Midlands that lived in the Ediacaran period, between 635m and 541m years ago, and which bear little resemblance to what came afterwards.直到目前,唯一知道的前寒武纪一少部分化石是埃迪卡拉动物群。它们生活与生活在距今6.35亿年到5.42亿年之间埃迪卡拉纪,在澳大利亚、加拿大、英格兰中部等地区被发现,但是他们和寒武纪的生物相似性很少。In 1998, however, a team led by Chen Junyuan, also of the Nanjing Institute, and another led by Xiao Shuhai of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute, in America, discovered a 580m-year-old Lagersttte—a place where fossils are particularly well preserved—in a geological formation called the Doushantuo, which sps out across southern China.然而,1998年,一个由同样来自南京所的陈俊元和美国弗吉尼亚理工大学的肖书海共同领导的小组在中国南部一个广泛存在的陡山沱地质构造中发现了一个距今5.8亿年且保存出奇的好的生物群。Portents of the modern world 现代世界的前兆This Lagersttte has yielded many previously unknown species, including microscopic sponges, small tubular organisms of unknown nature, things that look like jellyfish but might not be and a range of what appear to be embryos that show bilateral symmetry.这个生物群落发现了许多之前不知道的物种,包括微型海绵生物,不知名物种的小管器官,一些似是而非的软体动物,以及一些有对称结构的像是胚胎的生物。What these embryos would have grown into is unclear. But some might be the ancestors of the Cambrian megafauna.这些胚胎将会长成什么不得而知,但是他们中的一些可能就是寒武纪大型动物的祖先。To try to link the evolution of these species with changes in the environment, Chu Xuelei of the Institute of Geology and Geophysics in Beijing and his colleagues have been looking at carbon isotopes in the Doushantuo rocks.为了把这些物种的进化和环境变化联系起来,北京地质与地球物理研究所的储雪雷和他的同事用碳同位素方法测试陡山沱石块。They have found that the proportion of 12C—a light isotope of carbon that is more easily incorporated by living organisms into organic matter than its heavy cousin, 13C—increased on at least three occasions during the Ediacaran period.他们发现在埃迪卡拉纪有至少三次12C的增加,而较轻的碳同位素12C相比于它的同胞13C更容易被生物体吸收转化为有机物。They suggest these increases mark moments when the amount of oxygen in seawater went up, because more oxygen would mean more oxidisation of buried organic matter. That would liberate its 12C, for incorporation into rocks.他们推测这些增长标志当时海水中的氧含量在增长,因为更多的氧气意味着更多的埋藏的有机物的氧化。他们在变成化石的过程中就将释放12C。Each of Dr Chu’s oxidation events corresponds with an increase in the size, complexity and diversity of life, both plant and animal.褚士的每个氧化事项都与动植物在其体积,复杂性、多样性上的增加有关。What triggered what, however, is unclear.然而,哪一个引发哪一个却不得而知。There may have been an increase in photosynthesis because there were more algae around.这有可能因为出现了更多的藻类,光合作用增强,Or eroded material from newly formed mountains may have buried organic matter that would otherwise have reacted with oxygen, leading to a build-up of the gas.或者是新形成的山脉上的腐蚀物质埋藏本该和氧气反应的有机物,导致气体的增加。The last—and most dramatic—rise in oxygen took place towards the end of the Ediacaran.最戏剧性的,也是氧气含量最后的增长发生在埃迪卡拉纪末期。Follow-up work by Dr Zhu, in nine other sections of the Doushantuo formation, suggests this surge started just after the final Precambrian glacial period about 560m years ago, and went on for 9m years.后续的工作由朱士完成,有九个其他的陡山沱构造说明这个激增仅仅是在最后一次前寒武纪冰川之后,大约5.6亿年前,并且持续了900万年。These dates overlap with those of signs of oxidation found in rocks in other parts of the world, confirming that whatever was going on affected the entire planet.这些数据和全球其他地方发现的化石中的氧化物一起确定了到底是什么将影响整个星球。Dr Zhu suspects this global environmental shift propelled the evolution of complex animals.朱士认为是全球环境的变化促进了复杂动物的进化。Dr Zhu also plans to push back before the Ediacaran period.朱士还计划回推到埃迪卡拉纪之前。Other researchers have found fossils of algae and wormlike creatures in rocks in northern China that pre-date the end of the Marinoan glaciation, 635m years ago, which marks the boundary between the Ediacaran and the Cryogenian period that precedes it.其他研究者已经在中国北部的石块中发现了藻类和类似虫子的生物的化石,其年代在6.35亿年之前的圣马力诺冰期末端之前,圣马力诺冰期确定了其之前埃迪卡拉纪和成冰纪之间的边界。Such fossils are hard to study, so Dr Zhu will use new imaging technologies that can look at them without having to clean away the surrounding rock, and are also able to detect traces of fossil organic matter invisible to the eye.这些化石很难去研究,所以朱士利用可以清晰成像而不用去清除周边石块的新成像技术,并且可以探测不被肉眼可见的化石有机物的踪迹。Besides digging back before the Ediacaran, the new project’s researchers also intend to analyse the unfolding of the Cambrian explosion itself by taking advantage of other Lagersttten—for China has several that date from the Cambrian.除了研究埃迪卡拉纪之前以外,新项目的研究者还利用其他生物群去分析未解开的寒武纪大爆炸,因为中国有好几个这样寒武纪的群落。Dr Chen, indeed, first made his name in 1984, when he excavated one at Chengjiang in Yunnan province.陈士因为1984年发掘了云南澄江生物群而出名,It dates from 525m years ago, which make it 20m years older than the most famous CambrianLagersttte in the West, the Burgess shale of British Columbia, in Canada.澄江生物群大概在5.25亿年以前,这就使得他比西方著名的加拿大不列颠哥伦比亚的波基斯页岩寒武纪群落早了2000万年。The project’s researchers plan to see how, evolutionarily speaking, the various Lagerst?tten relate to one another, to try to determine exactly when different groups of organisms emerged.这个项目的研究者计划从进化学上解释,不同的群落是怎么和其他的群落发生联系,并且试图解决到底什么时候出现了不同的生物分类。They will also look at the chemistry of elements other than carbon and oxygen—particularly nitrogen and phosphorous, which are essential to life, and sulphur, which often indicates the absence of oxygen and is thus antithetical to much animal life.他们不单单只是观察氧和碳元素,尤其是生命必须的氮和磷,以及经常指示缺少氧且和大部分动物生命对立的硫。Dr Zhu hopes to map changes in the distribution of these chemicals across time and space.朱士希望绘制这些元素随着时间和空间分布变化图,确认这些变化的关联性,He will assess how these changes correlate, whether they are related to weathering, mountain building and the ebb and flow of glaciers, how they could have affected the evolution of life, and how plants and animals might themselves have altered the chemistry of air and sea.它们是否和天气,造山,冰川的起伏有关,他们怎样影响生命的进化,以及动植物他们自己是如何改变空气和海洋中的化学组成。Most ambitiously, Dr Zhu, Dr Xiao and their colleagues hope to drill right through several fossiliferous sites in southern China where Ediacaran rocks turn seamlessly into Cambrian ones.朱士,肖士以及他们的团队很有雄心的希望在中国南部那些无缝连接埃迪卡拉纪和寒武纪的几个含有化石的地方穿凿而过。Such places are valuable because in most parts of the world there is a gap, known as an unconformity, between the Ediacaran and the Cambrian.这些地方都很有价值,世界的大部分地区,埃迪卡拉和寒武纪之间都有空白,这种空白被称为不整合面。Unconformities are places where rocks have been eroded before new ones are deposited, and the widesp Ediacaran-Cambrian unconformity has been a big obstacle to understanding the Cambrian explosion.不整合面地方的石块在新的沉积之前已经被侵蚀,埃迪卡拉纪-寒武纪之间广泛的不整合面是了解寒武纪大爆发的一个重大障碍。With luck, then, a mystery first noticed in the Welsh mountains in the early 19th century will be solved in the Chinese ones in the early 21st.幸运的是,在19世纪早期威尔士群山中发现的神奇事件将被21世纪中国发现的群落所解决。If it is, the origin of the animal kingdom will have become clear, and an important gap in the history of humanity itself will have been filled.如果是的话,那动物王国的起源将会变得更清晰,人类历史中一个重要的空白将被填补。 /201312/268598广州番禺哪里治疗阴道炎 Science and technology科学技术3D printing三维压制A third-world dimension第三世界的发展空间A new manufacturing technique could help poor countries as well as rich ones一项新的制造技术能够对贫困国家有所帮助,就像对那些富有国家的帮助一样。EVERY summer, Seattle holds a raft race in Green Lake, a park that is the eponymous home of the water the rafts must cross.每年夏天,西雅图都会在绿湖举行一场木筏比赛,参加比赛的木筏必须渡过这个湖,这里的公园因其湖水而闻名。Entries for the Milk Carton Derby have to be made from old plastic milk bottles.参加这场同城牛奶盒比赛的木筏必须是由旧的塑料牛奶盒制成。The result is a wonderfully Heath-Robinson collection of improvised craft.结果,你就会看到一场奇妙的希思-鲁宾逊简易工艺展。But this year one stood out: the entry from the University of Washingtons engineering department actually looked like a boat.但是今年,有一个参赛的木筏特别引人注目:这个木筏是华盛顿大学工程系做的,看起来真的像一只船。The students who built it, Matthew Rogge, Bethany Weeks and Brandon Bowman, had shredded and melted their bottles, and then used a 3D printer to print themselves a plastic vessel.制造这个木筏的学生—马修罗格、伯斯尼威克斯和布兰登伯曼,把他们收集的塑料盒切碎后再熔化,再使用一种三维压印技术压印成一种塑料容器。No doubt the Milk-Carton-Derby rules will be tightened next year—though in the end, the team came only second.毫无疑问的是,同城牛奶盒比赛的规则明年会更加严格—虽然最后,这个队只赢得了第二名。But they did come first in a competition that mattered more.但是,他们在比赛中首次出现的意义却更重大。On October 19th they won 0,000 in the 3D4D Challenge, organised by a charity called techfortrade.在10月19日,他们在由一个称为技术为了贸易更美好的慈善组织组织的三维-四维挑战赛中赢得了十万美元的奖金。3D printing is all the rage at the moment.三维压印目前正是风靡一时。Several varieties of the technique exist, using a wide range of materials as the ink.利用几种不同的现有技术,再加上大范围的原料—称之为墨水就可以操作了。One of the most popular methods, though—and the one used by the team—works by extruding a filament of molten plastic.尽管,最流利的一种方式—就是那个参加比赛的队伍使用的,只是挤压成一条熔化后的塑料细丝。In the case of the teams printer, this plastic was high-density polyethylene from milk bottles.就这个参赛队伍的印刷技术来说,这种塑料是由牛奶盒提炼出的高密度聚乙烯。The print head makes repeated passes over the thing being printed, leaving a plastic trail as it does so.打印头重复地打压着半成品,当它重复这样的过程后,只留下一条塑料丝。It thus builds up a three-dimensional structure.最后,就生产出了一个三维产品。3D printing is now taken seriously by manufacturers as an alternative to cutting, bending, pressing and moulding things.制造商们正在认真考虑三维压印技术,想用它来替代切割、弯曲和压制成型机器。It is also a popular hobby among those of a geeky disposition.而且,它在那些古怪的配制中也算比较受欢迎了。What it has not been used for so far is to help people in poor countries improve their everyday lives.只是,到目前为止它还没被应用于贫困国家,帮助那里的人们改善他们的生活。Mr Rogge, Ms Weeks and Mr Bowman intend to employ their prize money to do precisely that.罗格先生,威克斯女士和伯曼先生打算用他们的奖金去实现这个目标。They plan to form a firm that will, in partnership with a charity called Water for Humans, custom-build composting toilets and rainwater collectors.他们打算与一家称为为人类提供生活之水的慈善组织合作,创建一家专门生产自动堆肥厕所和雨水收集容器的公司。The partnership will look for suitable local entrepreneurs in poor countries and will train them how to build, use and maintain the printers.他们的合伙人将会在那些贫困国家中寻找当地合适的企业家,并且会训练他们怎样组装、使用和保养压印机器。Once the technology is established for toilets and water collectors, other products will be introduced.一旦这种技术应用于厕所和集水箱,那么将会产生一系列的其它附属产品。The local partners will know what products are needed and how much people are prepared to pay for them—and therefore what is worth making.当地的合作者瘵会了解,这里需要什么样的产品,这里的人们愿意花多少钱来购买—因此这是值得试试的。The operation will thus run on a commercial basis.这种运作将会基于一种商业操作模式。But the software that controls the printers will be open-source and available to all, as will many of the designs for things the printers can make.但是,控制压印机器的软件将会成为公共资源,所有人都可以使用,就像当时设计这种压印机器时的设想一样。That way, the technology can sp.这样的话,这种技术将能很快传播开来。A trial will begin soon in Oaxaca, Mexico.墨西哥的瓦哈卡将会很快进行这种试验。The crucial point about the teams printer is that it combines size and cheapness.威克斯小组的压印机最关键的一点是,它的大小正合适而且价格很便宜。Printers used by hobbyists are not expensive, but they are small.供业余爱好者使用的压印机并不贵,而且很小巧。Many would find it hard to make anything larger than a coffee cup.许多人发现这个机器做出的东西都没一个咖啡杯大。Those used by engineering companies cost serious money—and even they might balk at printing an object the size of the Milk Carton Derby boat.那些工程公司使用的压印机成本很高—甚至他们也无法压制出像同城牛奶盒比赛中那样大的木筏。The teams printer is built around a second-hand computer-controlled plasma cutter.那个参赛队伍的压印机是由一台二手电脑控制的空气等离子切割机做出来的。This directs the movement of an extruder that melts flakes of plastic into a thin stream which can be squirted out as required.电脑控制着挤压机里的一切运作—即先熔化塑料,再挤压成细细的液体状,当需要时就可以喷射出来进行压制。It is able to create things with dimensions of up to 2.5 metres by 1.2 metres by 1 metre.这种机器可以生产出长2.5米,宽1.2米,高1米的物品。Appropriately, many of its parts were themselves manufactured on a desktop 3D printer.产品的许多部分还是来自于原材料,只是经过了一台台式三维压印机的处理而已。The ink is cheap, too. High-density polyethylene is as common as muck—literally, for a lot of it ends up on refuse tips.墨水也很便宜。高密度聚乙烯很常见,就像随处可见的泥土一样—就是这个意思,因为垃圾堆中有大量这种材料。Chop it up, though, and it is grist to the mill.但是,一定要记得剁碎它,这对压印机很重要。Mr Rogge estimates that if he and his colleagues had printed their boat from commercial plastic filament it would have cost them 0.罗格先生估计,如果他和他的同事利用商业塑料丝来制作这条船的话,那么成本会高达800美元。Instead, 250 clean, empty milk bottles set them back just .20.相反,他们用250个干净的,空牛奶盒只花了3.2美元。Some technical questions remain.不过,还有一些技术问题。High-density polyethylene shrinks when it cools.高密度聚乙烯遇冷会收缩。That stresses the object being printed and can sometimes tear it apart.这个不足也反应到了压制出来的产品上,产品有时都能完全扯开。The students are therefore working on a second prototype that prints things faster, allowing the layers of plastic to cool almost simultaneously.因此,这些学生们正在努力制作第二个样品,以提高压制速度,而且确保让塑料层几乎能同时冷却下来。They are also experimenting with making things from other types of waste plastic that suffer less from shrinkage.他们也在试验用其它类型的废塑料制作产品,以减少收缩性。And until a production version of the printer is y and priced, it remains to be seen how competitive its output really will be with mass-produced items.在压印机生产出来的成品已经完全没有问题,而且定出合理的价格以前,这种产品与大批量生产的成品的竞争力谁高谁低还有待观察。Mr Rogge doubts, for example, that a 3D-printed bucket—even one made from milk bottles—will ever be cheaper than one made in a factory.罗格先生还不确定,比如说,一个三维技术压制出来的水桶—即使原材料是牛奶盒—的价格会低于工厂生产出来的水桶价格。Boats, though, could be a hit.虽然,木筏可能会是个创举。One of the judges at the 3D4D Challenge noted that many small vessels in West Africa are made from trees, such as teak, that are becoming scarce.在三维-四维挑战赛中的一位评委说,在西非,许多小容器就是由树木,比如柚木制成的,而这种木材也越来越少了。Making them from waste plastic instead would be an environmental twofer: rare species would be conserved and less rubbish thrown away.如果用废塑料制作这些容器将会对环境是一举两得:珍稀物种得到了保护,而且还减少了垃圾 /201401/272528When human females are pregnant, theyre advised to stay away from alcohol, for fear of harming the fetus.当人类女性怀时,人们就会建议她们戒酒,以免伤害胎儿。And most parents refrain from giving their infants bottles full of whiskey or beer, for obvious reasons.大多数父母都不会给婴儿接触满瓶的威士忌或者啤酒,原因是显而易见的。But if youre a fruit fly, literally dousing your offspring in alcohol is apparently one of the best ways to protect them from danger, particularly from certain types of wasps.但如果你是一只果蝇,毫不夸张的说,你把后代浸没在酒精中是保护它们远离危险的最好办法之一,特别是这样能避免黄蜂的伤害。How and why?如何以及为什么要这样做?Lets back up a bit.让我们来回顾一下。First, certain types of wasps prey on fruit flies by injecting eggs inside fruit fly larvae.首先,特定类型的黄蜂会将卵注入果蝇幼虫中,以捕食果蝇。Unless an infected larva kills the wasp egg, it hatches and the wasp larva eats its way out from inside the fruit fly larva, killing it.除非受感染的果蝇幼虫杀死黄蜂卵,否则当黄蜂卵孵化出来后,黄蜂幼虫将会由内而外吞噬果蝇幼虫,将其杀死。One way for fruit fly moms to protect against this gruesome fate is to lay their eggs in an alcohol soaked environment, such as fermenting fruit, when they see that parasitic wasps are around.果蝇妈妈为防止幼虫遭受厄运的其中一种办法是,当看到寄生蜂的出现时,将卵产在酒精浸泡的环境之中,例如发酵的水果里。Although alcohol is toxic to fruit flies, its even more toxic to wasps, which, unlike fruit flies, have not evolved a high level of alcohol tolerance.尽管酒精对果蝇有毒,但酒精对黄蜂的毒性更大。与果蝇不同,黄蜂还没有进化成对高浓度酒精的耐受性。So if the larvae eat enough alcohol rich food, it can kill the wasp egg and keep it from hatching.所以如果果蝇幼虫吃了足够富含酒精的食物后,它就可以杀死黄蜂卵并使之不能孵化。Apparently, fruit flies are not the only fly species to use alcohol to protect their young.很明显,果蝇并不是利用酒精来保护幼虫的唯一的蝇类。In fact, it seems that most flies that eat rotting fruit use the alcohol defense against wasps.实际上,大部分的苍蝇都会食用腐烂水果,利用酒精来防御黄蜂。So fruit flies are not unique in this regard, but theyre still mighty impressive.所以果蝇在这方面并不独特,但它们仍然令人印象深刻。 /201311/265286广州长安医院治多囊卵巢多少钱

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广州番禺做人流手术哪家医院安全Harold Pinters “Old Times”哈罗德品特的《昔日》Ah yes, I remember it well是的,我都记得A mysterious play about the tricks of memory returns to London关于记忆之隙的神秘戏剧重登伦敦舞台She says tomato, I say nothing她说了番茄,我可什么也没说HAROLD PINTER knew his way around silence. There is something dangerous about quiet on stage, as if it is a gap, an emptiness, a mistake. But Pinter, an English playwright who died in 2008, understood these moments to be the essence of drama, charged and full of reckoning. Speech, on the other hand, was “a constant stratagem to cover nakedness”, he once wrote. In his work the lapses in dialogue can yawn on awkwardly, even oppressively, but they tend to be more expressive than the words.哈罗德品特深谙沉默之道。舞台上的沉默有某种危险性,仿佛一道裂缝,一种虚无,一个错误。然而故世于2008年的英国剧作家品特,却深深懂得:这些沉默时刻暗潮汹涌,蓄势待发,正是戏剧的精华所在。他曾经写道,言语仅仅是“为掩饰而经常采用的伎俩”。在品特的作品中,对话间的空白尴尬地蔓延开来,甚至压抑得叫人窒息。然而,这些空白却比言语更富表现性。“Old Times”, a play that premiered in 1971, is full of this electric silence.In a new production at the recently renamed Harold Pinter Theatre in London, directed by the gifted Ian Rickson, the work feels as vital as ever.《昔日》,这部首演于1971年的作品,就充满了这种火花四射的沉默。在一家最近被命名为哈罗德.品特剧院的伦敦剧院里,由天才的伊恩.瑞克森执导的《昔日》,魅力不减当年。At a remote farmhouse on the English seaside, Anna pays an unexpected visit to Kate and her husband Deeley, seemingly to reminisce about all of those adventures they shared in London 20 years ago. But memory can be a funny thing, full of selfish needs and manipulative fictions. These three figures seem to know each other intimately, but it is not clear what history they actually share. Their recollections overlap but also confuse and compete with each other. To heighten the sense that this is a play about the power and frailty of perception, Kristin Scott Thomas and Lia Williams switch roles for different performances, though Rufus Sewell stays anchored as Deeley.在英国海滨一间偏远的家舍,女主人凯特和丈夫迪利迎来了一个意外访客:安娜;勾起了三人20年前在伦敦嬉游冒险的回忆。但是记忆这个恶作剧鬼,满是自私自利的念头和操纵人心的捏造。三人似乎曾经过从甚密;然而却无法言明究意有何共同经历。他们的记忆彼此重叠,却又各执一词,让人费解。克里斯汀.斯考特.托马斯和利娅.威廉姆斯在不同场次的演出中会互换角色,以凸显该剧的主题:感觉的威力与脆弱;不过迪利一角,始终由鲁弗斯扮演。“What silence!” declares Anna. “Is it always as silent?” She has just finished rhapsodising about their young, romantic lives in the big city, only to be greeted by an inhospitable wall of quiet. Annas memories are so colourful, so vivacious, but the Kate she describes is nothing like the quietly intense woman on stage. Undeterred, Anna manically lobs yet more memories as if they are weapons. Kate consistently tries to perch on the sofa behind her husband, turning him into a shield. Deeley, meanwhile, is both spectator and provocateur, stoking the evening with his own memories. As the lone man in the room, he enjoys a unique power. He clings to it, sensing that he is always on the verge of being the odd one out.“多么安静啊!”安娜感叹,“这安静一直如斯吗?”这时她刚刚吟诵完他们年轻时在伦敦的浪漫生活,回应她的却是一堵不甚友善的沉默之墙。安娜的记忆缤纷绚烂,栩栩如生;她描述的凯特一点也不像舞台上这个神经质般紧张安静的女人。然而安娜毫不气馁,她像投射武器一般急急匆匆地扔出更多的记忆;凯特总想躲在丈夫身后的沙发上,仿佛他是一个盾牌。迪利既是旁观者又是破坏者,用自己的记忆为这个夜晚煽风点火。作为屋里唯一的男人,他仿佛拥有有了某种特别的力量—他感觉自己将要成为被踢出局的格格不入者时,便紧紧攀附着这种力量。This is a strange play, puzzling and haunting. It works as well as it does thanks not only to Pinters text, but also to superb interpretation on stage. Mr Sewell stomps and sputters as the charismatic and slightly insecure Deeley, though he might be a touch too handsome—his face too chiselled—for the role. Ms Williams makes for a nervously effervescent Anna. But it is Ms Scott Thomas who steals the show. Her enormous hooded grey eyes shine and then brood; the drama ricochets off her impressive cheekbones. In either role, she is compelling enough to command even the small gestures, such as when she picks at her toes after a bath, or languorously drapes a foot over a bed. Her silence, far from empty, is seductive and mysterious.这出古怪的戏剧,莫明其妙却引人入胜。这不仅归功于品特的剧本,也要归功于舞台上演员出色的演绎。西维尔在舞台上不停哚脚,喋喋不休,正是那个气势逼人却又有轻微不安全感的丈夫。不过对迪利这个角色而言,他实在太英俊了些,脸庞也太轮廓分明了些。威廉姆斯塑造的极富生气的安娜也很成功。然而斯考特.托马斯的表演夺人心魄。她阴影深重的灰眼睛里光芒闪烁,旋即陷入沉思;所有的戏剧性都汇聚到她高耸的颧骨上。无论是安娜或是凯特一角,都被她诠释得天衣无缝。无论是洗澡后拨弄脚趾,或懒洋洋地把脚搭在床上;这些微小的动作在她做来却让人目不转睛,心驰神往。她的沉默远非虚无,却是风情万种,神秘莫测。 /201405/301791 广州天河盆腔积液治疗费用广州番禺公交医院人流怎么样




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