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广州天河哪家做人流多少钱天河宫外孕手术价格商贸英语实用对话 6:Agency Business(6)Agency Business A Taiwanese exporter of sporting goods talks with an English distributor about the possibility of becoming a commissioned agent. Distributor : Its a very innovative design. This tennis racquet is stronger, lighter, and more flexible than other existing racquets. Exporter : Yes, our company is the first to take the carbon fiber graphite used in rockets and apply this technology to racquets. As you know, Colin, wed like to introduce our products to England. But our experience with English markets is limited. Were considering appointing an agent for the U.K. How would you like to be our agent? Distributor: That might work well for both of us. Let me assure you that Id do my best for you. Id make sure this racquet got a good reception in the U.K. Exporter : Wed offer you a 10% commission on all sales. Distributor : What about buyers who dont make good on their payments? Exporter : Im afraid that would be the responsibility of the agent. Distributor : What terms of payment would you offer buyers? Exporter : The usual. 20% when the order is placed, 50% at delivery, and 30% 30 days after delivery. And a 5% cash discount. Distributor : Would you consider both C.W.O.and C.O.D. as cash? Exporter : Im afraid not, since with C.O.D. orders, the money is not paid until delivery. Wed only offer a discount on C.W.O. orders. Distributor : Then I guess you wouldnt offer discounts for prompt cash payments either. With that sort of arrangement the payment is supposed to be made within a reasonable time after delivery-usually within a few days. Exporter : We might be able to consider that kind of payment. And perhaps we could offer some discount for that and C.O.D., but not as much as for cash. Distributor : What about installment payments? Exporter : For domestic purchases that form of payment is quite popular and safe for the seller. You can reclaim goods if payments arent made. In the case of foreign trade you cant do that easily. Goods are difficult to reclaim from abroad, though, of course, I know you would use good judgment in choosing customers. Distributor : Well, we arent obliged to offer installment payments. We always say, A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush /200707/15812广州非营利性妇科医院 Draft and sign an agreement拟定签订协议A:Good morning,Mr Zhang,I wonder whether you have got an answer from your superior.A:张先生,早上好。我想知道您有没有得到上级的答复。B:Yes ,we had meting about it yesterday afternoon.B:得到了。我们昨天下午专门为此事开了个会。A:Whats the answer?A:结果如何?B:We decided that we could agree to your price,but we are a big worried about the slow delivery.B:我们认为可以接受你方的价格,但是我们有点担心你们的交货很慢。A:Let me see. I ed your delivery in three months, didnt I?A:我看看。我报给你们的交货时间是三个月,是吗?B:Yes, but we hope that the wool could reach us as soon as possible.B:对,但我们希望羊毛越早到越好。 A:I thought you would be worried about it. So I rang Auckland last night. As you are our biggest customer, they agreed to ship the order on the first vessel available that will leave Auckland next month.A:我也料到你们会为此事担心,因此我昨天晚上给奥克兰打了个电话。由于你是我们的最大买主,他们同意将你方订货装运第一艘下个月从奥克兰开出的船只。B:Good, if you agree well draft the agreement right away and sign it then.B:那好,如你同意的话,我们便可以拟定协议然后签订。A:By all means.A:完全同意。 /201510/402264小王早晨来到公司,看见小陈已经到了,就寒暄起来。小王:早,你来得挺早的 Morning! You come here so early.小陈:早,我也是刚到。 Morning! I just arrived here.小王:今天,我在地铁上看到有人带口罩了 (口罩怎么说) I saw someone wearing mask in the subway today.小陈:我也看到了,看起来猪流感是越来越严重了 (猪流感怎么说) So did I. It looks that the swine flu is more and more serious.小王:疫情还在蔓延,听说墨西哥感染猪流感死了几十人呢? The disease is still sping.It is said that dozens of people have died from swine flu in Mexico.小陈:嗯,美国也发现了几个确诊病例,一些人出现了猪流感症状。对了,传闻这次猪流感疫情来自我们中国,是吗? Hum,in America several people were confirmed and some people have showed the sympotom .By the way, swine flu is said to come from China,isn't it?小王:那肯定是造谣,中国现在都还没发现确诊的病例呢!我看一些外国人就喜欢把责任推给中国,金融危机不就这样吗? (这句话怎么说) Absolutely rumour.China hasn't find any confirmed cases so far. I think some foreigners like to pass the buck to China.they did so in the financial crisis,didn't they? (pass the buck to sb 把责任推给某人) /05/68956中山大学附属第六医院不孕专科

广州天河妇幼医院怎么样增城人民医院靠谱吗 商业英语口语 15暂无文本 /200707/16088广州天河那家医院治疗月经不调最好

广州省妇幼医院打胎一般要花多少钱Can you tell me how to get to Big Ben? 你能告诉我去大本钟怎么走吗?Can you tell me how to get to Big Ben?你能告诉我去大本钟怎么走吗?Walk straight and turn left at the third corner.一直往前走,第三个拐角左转。Could you tell me the way to the station?你能告诉我去车站的路怎么走吗?How do you get to Victoria Square?去维多利亚广场怎么走?Please tell me the shortest way to the museum.请告诉我一下去物馆最近的路怎么走?Im sorry to bother you, but can you direct me to the cinema?不妤意思打扰你,你能告诉我到电影院怎么走吗?Can I have 200 dollar worth of RMB? 能否给我换200美元的人民币?Can I have 200 dollar worth of RMB? 能否给我换200美元的人民币?All right.好的。How much is that in US dollars, please?请问,这些钱换成美元是多少?RMB to dollars, please.请把人民币换为美元。 /201511/408954 职场社交英语 Lesson 64:我发财了SCENE② A 四个半月后 玛莉巧遇戴夫 【我发财了】Mary: Is that you, Dave? Oh, my gosh! The 1) backstabber who left us to work for the evil WebTracker!玛莉: 是你吗,戴夫?天啊!背弃我们去帮万恶的“网路搜寻家”做事的阴险小人!Dave: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hi, Mary. How are you?戴夫: 对……嗨,玛莉。你好吗?Mary: I'm 2) filthy rich! Haven't you heard about the MicroPower 3) deal?玛莉: 我发财了!你没听说过“微力”的案子吗? Dave: Yeah, I guess I did. They're going to buy InfoKing?戴夫: 有,有听过吧。他们打算买下“资讯王”?Mary: That's right. For seventy-five million. So how are you?玛莉: 没错。七千五百万的高。那你好吗?Dave: I'm getting by OK. I heard MicroPower was going to make Zina 4) president of their new InfoKing Internet 5) division.戴夫: 还过得去。我听说“微力”将要让吉娜担任他们“资讯王”新网路分公司的总裁。 语言详解:A: He's good at negotiating business deals. 他很擅于协商生意条件。B: Then talk him into working for us.. 那就说他来帮我们做事。【I'm getting by OK.我还过得去。】get by 就是指“状况还过得去”,而在使用上,主要的状况有两种,一是指经济状况,get by用来表示钱虽然赚得不多,但是也够付日常生活的开销了。A: Are you able to get by on the salary you make? 你赚的薪水够你开销吗?B: I'm able to get by, but it could be better. 我的生活还过得去,不过还可以更好。get by也可以用来表示心理状态,形容心情持平,不能说心情不好,但也不是那种兴高采烈的情绪。A: How are you doing? 你还好吗?B: I'm getting by OK. You know, things just keep getting better and better. 还过得去。算是渐入佳境啦。1) backstabber (n.) 暗箭伤人的人2) filthy (adv.) 非常,相当3) deal (n.) 交易;make a deal with... 是“与...交易”。4) president (n.) 总裁,总统5) division (n.) 分部 /200602/4280广东长安医院不孕检查多少钱广东省广州市长安医院怎么样



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