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我的my dog --19 :19:58 来源: What is your favorite subject? Miss Wang asks me .I like any subject .I likebasketball only .I liketopiay with my dog ,Nick.His name is Nike .He is years old .Nike doesn't like subjects ,But his "subject''is only running aroud with me .We're good friends.A Letter to Sunsan 致苏珊的一封信 -- 3:58:30 来源: A Letter to Sunsan 致苏珊的一封信Dear Sunsan,  I am very glad to receive your letter. And I'd like very much to be your pen friend. I was born in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province on October 18, 1993. Now I am studying at Yingze Primary School. There are about 0 teachers and 1,500 students in our school. We study Chinese, maths, English and some other subjects. I like English best, because it is useful in the world.  There are three people in my family. My parents are both doctors. I love them, and they are very kind to me. But they are strict with me, too.  I hope one day I can go and visit your country.With best regards!Yours,Zhang Li亲爱的苏珊:  很高兴收到你的来信我很愿意作你的笔友我于1993年月18日出生于山西省太原市,现在我在迎泽小学学习我校大约有0名教师和1,500名学生我们学习语文、数学、英语和其他科目我最喜欢英语,因为它在世界上很有用  我家有三口人,我的父母都是医生我爱他们,他们对我很好,可是对我也很严格  我希望有一天能到你们国家看看致以问候!你的,张丽This Is My Bedroom -- :: 来源: This Is My BedroomThis is my bedroom. It's clean and beautiful.There is a bed on the right. There is a pillow and a quilt on it. There is a big table near the bed. The closet is near the table. There are many clothes in the closet. The trash bin is behind the door. The mirror is under the air-conditioner.Do you like my bedroom? What's your bedroom like? Can you tell me, please?

英语话剧:阿甘正传 -- :55:30 来源: REST (voice-over) That Momma, she sure was right. It's funny how things work out. EXT. BAYOU LA BATREBUBBA'S MOM'S HOUSE - DAY rest walks up to a shack on the edge of the Bayou. A group of black kids play in the front yard. REST (voice-over) I didn't stay home long, because I'd made a promise to Bubba. And I always try to keep my promise. So I went on down to Bayou La Batre to meet Bubba's family and make their introduction. Bubba's mother named MRS. BLUE and her other children look at rest. MRS. BLUE Are you crazy, or just plain stupid? REST Stupid is as stupid does, Mrs. Blue. MRS. BLUE I guess. EXT. BUBBA'S GRAVE - DAY rest steps over to Bubba's tombstone. REST (voice-over) And of course, I paid my respect to Bubba himself. REST Hey, Bubba, it's me, rest Gump. I remember everything you said, and I got it all figured out. rest pulls out notes from his pocket. REST I'm taking the twenty-four thousand, five hundred and six-two dollars and ty-seven cents that I got... EXT. BAYOU - DAY rest walks across a yard where men are cleaning shrimp. REST (voice-over) ... well, that's left after a new hair cut and a new suit and I took Momma out to real fancy dinner and I bought a bus ticket and three Doctor Peppers. rest walks along a wooden pier. rest pays an old black shrimper a large wad of cash. OLD SHRIMPER Tell me something. Are you stupid or something? REST Stupid is as stupid does, sir. EXT. BUBBA'S GRAVE rest stands at the grave. REST Well, that's what's left after me saying, "When I was in China on the All-America Ping-Pong Team, I just loved playing ping-pong with my Flex-O-Ping-Pong Paddle." Which everybody knows it isn't true, but Momma says it's just a little white lie so it wouldn't hurt nobody. So, anyway, I'm putting all that on gas, ropes and new nets and a brand-new shrimpin' boat. EXT. BAYOU - DAY rest steers his shrimping boat. The boat is old and rusty. rest unleashes his nets as his catch of the day drops to the deck. It is a bunch of garbage and shells. rest picks up one shrimp. REST (voice-over) Now, Bubba had told me everything he knows about shrimpin', but you know what I found out? Shrimpin' is tough. EXT. DOCKS rest pulls a couple of shrimp out of a bucket. REST I only caught five. OLD SHRIMPER A couple of more, you can have yourself a cocktail. The old shrimper begins to walk away, then stops and looks at rest. OLD SHRIMPER Hey, you ever think about namin' this old boat? REST (voice-over) I'd never named a boat bee, but there was only one I could think of. rest paints a name on the side of his boat. The name is "Jenny." REST (voice-over) The most beautiful name in the wide world.

灵隐寺旅行游记 -- 18:53: 来源: 灵隐寺旅行游记Bee going to Hangzhou, I saw a photo of Lingyin Temple in the blog.The morning you will hear the sound of the bell, the night listening to the drum sound. Sounds very pure, very exciting. Lingyin Temple was founded in the Eastern Jin Dynasty period, then India monk Hui Li see the mountains here are very beautiful . He believes that there is a fairy place, so he decided to build a temple here, named "Ling yin".Walking in the Lingyin Temple spring of summer, the temperature will drop a few degrees, that’s like to enjoy the natural air conditioning. The ecological environment here is very good, you will meet the little squirrel,it must be eating fruit. Here it is green everywhere, you feel cool and comtable. In the city of all the troubles, you will get, enjoy the feeling here.The main attractions of Lingyin Temple is Klippe, klippe in geology is a limestone. There are a lot of strange stone, there are many old trees.The most magical is, klippe cave in cliffs, carved from the Five Dynasties to the song and Yuan period, more than 70 statues of stone carvings. The carving is very beautiful, although after many years, some carving is not clear, but look carefully, you will see the beauty of sculpture.I heard if you come to Lingyin Temple to Buddha: Handheld candles, from the four corners of the world in four directions the worship time, pray God's protection. In each house should also pay attention to the order, king hall, main hall, pharmacist hall is the three main hall.Yongfu temple in the mountains of Lingyin Temple, more quiet. When you experienced in the Buddhist holy places, walking in the mountains, you can feel this quiet at the moment, and enjoy the culture of Lingyin Temple. 灵隐寺旅行游记

下周(Next Week) -- ::58 来源: 下周(Next Week)  Next week is the Chinese New Year. My cousin is coming to visit my family. Next Monday my cousin and I are going shopping in the city mall.  We are going to eat KFC lunch. We are going to be very happy. Next Tuesday my cousin and I are going to play chess and play computer games at home. Next Wednesday my cousin is going home. It’s going to be a happy week. I am excited

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