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American#39;s golden state加州号称美国的黄金之州lives in the constant shadow of an enormous earthquake,却始终笼罩在大地震的阴影之下and because of this they throw more money也正因为此 他们在地震研究上into studying these disasters than anywhere else.投入的资金 比其他任何地方都多At the heart of this effort这项研究的核心机构is the ed States Geological Survey,是美国地质勘探局the nerve centre of earthquake monitoring.地震监测的中枢机构This is a map showing这幅地图显示了the global earthquakes of the last week上周以来全球发生的地震Any time you look at this picture无论何时看这张地图there#39;s going to be aspects of it大致情况都会that are gonna look a lot like this.跟这十分相近You#39;re gonna see this distribution down California你会看到加州这里分布[特别密集]because this map is showing因为这张地图上标出了smaller magnitude earthquakes in California.加州发生的较小震级的地震We are running our own networks here加州这里有自己专门的监测台网The red shows that we#39;ve just had an earthquake,红色表示刚刚有地震发生this is at the Northern end of Japan.地震位于日本的北端There#39;s usually something in Japan every week一般日本每周都会发生that#39;s large enough to show up here.强到足以在这显示出来的地震The South Pacific is one of the南太平洋地区是目前active areas of the world right now.活跃的地震带之一You#39;ll see a few things sp around,还可以看到这些分散分布点somewhere through Asia essentially all the time.亚洲的这带区域 总是有地震发生For seismologists like Lucy Jones,对于像露西·琼斯的地震学者来说it#39;s no longer a mystery地震为何如此频繁why the earth suffers so many quakes.已不再是个谜了 Article/201304/236922

Sphinxes-statues with a lion#39;s body and a man#39;s head-are creatures of myth and legend, but they#39;re also one of the great symbols of Egyptian royalty and power.狮身人面像,拥有狮子的身体,男性的头烦,来自古埃及神话传说,是埃及王权的重要象征。The most famous of all, of course, being the Great Sphinx at Giza.而位于吉萨的那一尊庞然大物,是其中最著名的一座。Here it is now and, compared with the one at Giza, this sphinx is very small.与吉萨的狮身人面像相比,本节提到的这一尊尺寸极小。it#39;s about the size of a spaniel-but it is particularly interesting, because it#39;s not just a hybrid of a man and a lion, but a fusion of Egypt and Kush.它的大小与一只西班牙猎犬相当,但它的特别之处在于,它并不只是狮子与人的混合体,也是埃及与库施王国结合的产物。It#39;s made out of sandy grey granite, and it#39;s beautifully preserved.它用灰色磨砂花岗岩制成,保存得极为完美。The muscular lion#39;s back, the mane of hair and the powerful outstretched paws are all classically Egyptian-but it#39;s not a typical Egyptian pharaoh#39;s face.狮子健壮的背部、脖子上的鬃毛以及强健有力的前爪,都具有强烈的埃及雕像的特征。但它的脸带有明显的非洲黑人特征,不是典型的埃及法老的脸。Because this man is unquestionably a black African, and this sphinx is the image of a black pharaoh.这座狮身人面像刻画的是一位黑人法老。Hieroglyphics on the sphinx#39;s chest spell it out: this is a portrait of the great King Taharqo, the fourth pharaoh to rule over the combined kingdoms of Kush and Egypt.雕像胸前的象形文字写着:这是伟大的塔哈尔卡王的雕像,他是库施与埃及联合王国的第四任法老。For thousands of years, Egypt had looked on its southern Kushite neighbour essentially as a rich but troublesome colony,数千年来,埃及一直把南方的库施看作一个富庶但棘手的属国。that could be exploited for its raw materials-there was gold and ivory and, very important, slaves.库施资源丰富,可提供黄金、象牙,以及最重要的奴隶。In this almost colonial relationship, Egypt was very much the master.在这种几乎殖民化的关系中,埃及是绝对的领主。But in 728 , the balance of power flipped.但在公元前七二八年,它们的力暈此消彼长。 Article/201408/320580Stop hitting the snooze button, and get going with these motivational activities.不要再按闹钟上的暂停按钮,采取以下激励措施,充分运动起来。You Will Need你需要An alarm闹钟Charged batteries充电电池Portable music player便携式音乐播放器Sleep睡眠Friend朋友Bath沐浴Journal日志Incentives奖励Steps步骤Step 1 Plan ahead1.提前计划Plan your morning workout at night. Get your clothes y, set the alarm, and make sure the batteries in any equipment you use are charged and y.晚上提前计划好早上的锻炼活动。准备好装,定好闹钟,确保要使用的任何设备的电池都充好电,准备好。Load a portable music player with songs that get and keep you moving.携带便携式音乐播放器,下载一些能让自己运动起来的歌曲。Step 2 Sleep2.睡眠Go to bed early and get plenty of rest.尽早上床睡觉,获得充分的休息。Step 3 Work out with a friend3.和朋友一起锻炼Work out with a friend. You will be more motivated to get moving in the morning.和朋友一起锻炼,这样早上开始运动就更有动力。Step 4 Remember how you feel4.记录自己的感觉Remember how good you feel after your workout, and how guilty you feel when you skip it.记录下来运动过后自己的感觉有多么舒适,错过锻炼自己有多么内疚。Step 5 Fill bathtub5.沐浴Promise yourself a post-workout bath. The faster you complete your workout, the sooner you will get to enjoy a warm, relaxing bath.承诺自己锻炼过后沐浴。越快完成锻炼,就可以越早享受温暖放松的沐浴。Step 6 Set goals6.设定目标Set goals for yourself and track them in a journal. When you meet your goals, celebrate them with a massage, new pair of shoes, or by attending an upcoming event.为自己设定目标,并在日志中进行追踪。当你达到目标的时候,作为庆祝,可以享受,为自己买双新鞋子,或者参加即将到来的重大活动。For each mile you walk, you will burn approximately 100 calories.每步行1英里,你可以燃烧大约100卡的热量。视频听力栏目译文属。 /201304/232913

we have always been shameless about stealing great ideas, 我从来不觉得借鉴别人的创意可耻and I think part of what made the Macintosh great was that people working on it were musicians, and poets and artists, and zoologists and historians, Macintosh团队里有音乐家,有诗人、艺术家、动物学家、历史学家who also happened to be the best computer scientists in the world. 这些人也懂计算机,所以Macintosh才这么出色But if it hadn#39;t been computer science, these people would have all been doing amazing things in other fields,如果没有计算机,他们也会在其他领域造创奇迹 and they all brought with them, 大家各自贡献自己的专业知识we all brought to this effort a very liberal arts sort of air, a very liberal arts attitude that we want to pull in the best that we saw in other fields into this field, Macintosh因此吸收了各个领域的优秀成果and I don#39;t think you#39;ll get that if you are very narrow.否则的话,它很可能是一款非常狭隘的产品One of the questions I asked everyone in the series was are you a hippie or a nerd?最后我问了一个规定问题:你是嬉皮士,还是书呆子?Oh if I had to pick one out of these two, I am clearly the hippie, all the people I work with were clearly that category too.如果必须二选一的话,我肯定是嬉皮士,我所有的同事都属于嬉皮士。Really?真的吗?Yeah.是的。Why? You seek out hippies? They are attracting to you?为什么?你有意招聘嬉皮士吗?他们吸引你?Well, ask yourself what#39;s hippie? 你觉得什么是嬉皮士?I mean this word has a lot of connotations, 不同的人有不同的理解but to me, remember the 60#39;s happens in the early 70#39;s, we have to remember that, 但是对我来说…60~70年代的嬉皮士运动给我留下了深刻印象that#39;s sort when I came of age, so I saw a lot of these, and a lot of things happened in our backyard here. 有些活动就是在我家后院举行的,嬉皮士运动启发了我So to me the spark of that was that there was something beyond, sort of what you see every day, 有些东西是超越日常忙碌琐碎的生活的there are something going on here in life beyond just a job, a family, 2 cars in the garage and a career.生活不仅仅是工作、家庭、财产、职业There#39;s something more going on, there#39;s another side of the coin,它更丰富,就像硬币还有另一面 that we don#39;t talk about much. and we experience when there are gaps, 虽然大家嘴上不说,但在生活的间隙when we kind of aren#39;t... when everything is not ordered or perfect and when there#39;s a kind of gap, you experience this inrush of something, 尤其是在不如意的时候,我们都能感受到某种冲动 /201307/249290

视频出处:本影片片段来自《非洲》High in Morocco#39;s Atlas Mountains,在洛哥阿特拉斯山脉高耸的群山中Barbary macaques shiver in the icy cedars.巴巴利猕猴躲在冰冷的雪松中颤抖The ancestors of these monkeys fled here这些猕猴的祖先逃到这里from a disaster that overwhelmed their homeland.因为他们的故乡被灾难所摧毁 Now, trapped in this isolated corner of Africa,如今他们被困在这与世隔绝的非洲一隅there#39;s no going back to the land farther south.无法再回到那遥远的南方土地Even in this snowy refuge,深处这白雪弥漫的避难之所there#39;s a reminder of what drove them here.他们从未忘记被迫迁来此处的原因The unbridled power of the African sun.非洲太阳的无穷力量Under its intense gaze,在炽热阳光的照耀下the snow can#39;t last for long.积雪不多会儿就融化了Melt water should bring life to the lowlands.雪水给低地带来了生命的气息 Article/201404/290065你怎么在一个伟大的公共空间内部建造一个并不伟大的建筑呢?莉斯 迪勒在这里分享了她的故事:在华盛顿赫什宏物馆的周边建造一个受欢迎的让人心情愉快的(甚至,我们敢说,是性感的)建筑。 Article/201403/280448

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