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The phone rings at FBI headquarters. FBI总部的电话响了。 "Hello, is this the FBI?" “你好,是FBI吗?” "Yes it is ,What do you want ?" the voice replies. 一个声音回答说:“是的,您有什么事?” "I'm calling to report my neighbor Tom. He is hiding marijuana in his firewood," the man says. 这个男人说:“我打电话给你们是想告发我的邻居汤姆。他把大麻藏在他们家的柴火堆里了。” "we will investigate," say the FBI agent. FBI官员说:“我们会调查的。” On the next day, the FBI goes to Tom's house. They search the shed where the firewood is kept, break every piece of wood find no marijuana ,curse at Tom and leave. 第二天,FBI来到汤姆家,搜索了柴房,劈开了每块木头,结果没有发现大麻。他们诅咒了汤姆一通就离开了。 The phone rings at Tom's house. 这时,汤姆家的电话响了。 "Hey, Tom ! Did the FBI come and chop your firewood?" “嘿,汤姆!FBI去你家劈柴了么?” "Yes they did." Tom answers. 汤姆说:“嗯,他们来了。” "OK, now it's your turn to call .I need my garden plowed." “好,现在该你给FBI打电话了。我们家的花园还没耕过呢。” 词汇: marijuana 大麻 firewood 柴火堆 plow 犁 /201111/160722An owl sanctuary says it is still feeling the unwanted effect of the Harry Potter films, with high numbers of owls being abandoned.英国一家猫头鹰收容所称,“哈利波特”系列电影带来的负面影响仍在继续,大量猫头鹰遭到弃养。It is claimed owls#39; popularity as pets increased in the last decade with many keen to copy JK Rowling#39;s schoolboy hero with his companion Hedwig.在JK罗琳撰写的这部系列小说中,哈利-波特养的猫头鹰海德薇也是他的好伙伴。因此在过去十年中,英国出现了饲养宠物猫头鹰的热潮。Ian Toothill, of the North Wales Owl Sanctuary, says about 90% of the birds are abandoned ;captive-bred; pets.北威尔士猫头鹰收容所的伊恩-图特希尔说,收容所内90%的猫头鹰是遭弃养的“人工圈养”宠物。He says people often do not realise owls smell and are not good pets.他说,人们通常没有意识到猫头鹰身上有味道,也不好养。Mr Toothill and his wife Pam have more than 100 birds at the Corwen sanctuary.图特希尔和他的妻子帕姆在康威收容所里收养了100多只猫头鹰。Demand for their services increased after the release of the Harry Potter films, which featured actor Daniel Radcliffe with a pet snowy owl.《哈利波特》系列电影发布后,他们的业务量大增。在影片中,男星丹尼尔-雷德克里夫饰演的哈利-波特饲养了一只“雪鸮”。Mr Toothill said: ;We have had quite a big increase in owls coming in from the pet industry over the last 10 years.图特希尔说:“在过去十年间,我们收养的宠物猫头鹰数量大增。”There has always been a market for pets for owls for many years, but since Harry Potter came out the increase probably doubled or tripled overnight.”“这些年,宠物猫头鹰一直很有市场,但自从哈利-波特系列作品问世后,宠物猫头鹰的数量一夜间增长了两三倍。While the Potter films saw a surge in pet owls, Mr Toothill said the desire for status symbols meant the problem continued, and there were also parents who ;can#39;t say no to their children;.哈利-波特系列作品掀起了饲养宠物猫头鹰的热潮,但图特希尔称拥有这种“身份象征”的愿望也意味着问题会继续存在,还有一些家长“无法拒绝子女的要求”。He said many birds were ;captive-bred; abroad for the pet industry, often taken from their parents as eggs, and would not survive in the wild.他说很多猫头鹰都是从宠物店买回来“人工饲养”的,经常是母猫头鹰下了蛋就被拿走,这样长大的猫头鹰在野外无法存活。He said they did not ;make good pets at all,; have sharp talons and can ;nip quite badly;.他说猫头鹰“很难伺候”,爪子很锋利,而且“啄人也很疼”。It is known that some owls can live for 50 years.据知有些猫头鹰寿命长达50年。 /201205/184065

After celebrating her 60th year on the throne in style this past week, Britain#39;s Queen Elizabeth II can now look forward to breaking some more records. She is aly, at 86, Britain#39;s oldest monarch (were she to die now, her son would immediately be the 12th oldest). On Sept. 10, 2015, she would pass Queen Victoria to become the longest-reigning monarch in British history. To beat Louis XIV (who succeeded to the throne at the age of 4) for the longest reign in European history, she would have to live to 98. 在风风光光庆祝完自己登基60周年后,英国女王伊丽莎白二世(Queen Elizabeth II)现在可以期待打破更多纪录了。86岁的她已经是英国历史上最年长的君主了(如果她现在离世,她的儿子就会立即成为第12年长的君主)。到2015年9月10日,她将会超越维多利亚女王(Queen Victoria),成为英国历史上在位时间最长的君主。要打败四岁时继承王位的路易十四(Louis XIV)成为欧洲历史上在位时间最长的君主,她需要活到98岁。 Elizabeth II is still going strong, but the maximum human lifespan isn#39;t rising at anything like the rate of average life expectancy, which is rushing upward globally at the rate of about three months a year, mainly because of progress against premature mortality. Indeed, we may aly have hit some kind of limit for maximum lifespan - perhaps because natural selection, with its strict focus on reproductive success, has no particular need to preserve genes that would keep us going to 150. 伊丽莎白二世身体依然很硬朗,但人类最长寿命并不像平均预期寿命一样在不断增长,后者在全球范围内以每年约三个月的幅度在增长,主要是由于对抗过早死亡方面取得的进展。的确,我们或许已经达到了某种最长寿命的极限,这可能是因为严格以繁殖成功为中心的自然选择过程没有必要特别保存能让我们活到150岁的基因。 The oldest woman in the world, Besse Cooper, a retired schoolteacher in Georgia, will be 116 on Aug. 26, according to the Gerontology Research Group, an organization that studies aging issues. That#39;s a great age, but it#39;s a hefty six years short of the record: 122 years and 164 days, set by Jeanne Calment of France in 1997. In other words, if Mrs. Cooper can get there, Mrs. Calment#39;s record will have stood for 21 years; if she can#39;t, maybe longer. 根据研究老龄化问题的老年学研究组织(Gerontology Research Group)的数据,世界最长寿的女性、来自佐治亚州的退休教师贝斯#8226;库珀(Besse Cooper)将在8月26日年满116岁。这是很长寿的年纪了,但是依然比世界纪录小六岁多:122岁零164天,它是由法国的雅娜#8226;卡尔芒(Jeanne Calment)创下的纪录。换句话说,如果库珀能活到这个年纪,那么卡尔芒的纪录就保持了21年,如果活不到,可能保持的时间会更长。 That#39;s a long time, considering that there are now nearly a half million centenarians alive in the world. That number has been going up 7% a year, but the number of those over 115 is not increasing. 这会是漫长的一段时间,因为目前全世界有近50万百岁老人在世。这个数字在以每年7%的幅度增长,但115岁以上老人的人数并没有增加。 If Mrs. Cooper does not take the record, there are only two other 115-year-olds alive to take on the challenge, and one of them is a man: Jiroemon Kimura, a retired postman from Kyoto. He#39;s within seven months of beating the age record for his sex, set by Christian Mortensen, who died in 1998. But Mr. Kimura is less likely than a woman to make 122, and there are fewer women over 115 today (two) than there were in 2006 (four) or even 1997 (three). 如果库珀没有刷新纪录,就只有两位在世的115岁老人接受这项挑战,其中一位是男性:来自日本京都的退休邮差木村次郎右卫门(Jiroemon Kimura)。他还有七个月就将打破由1998年去世的克里斯蒂安#8226;莫滕森(Christian Mortensen)创下的男性最长寿命纪录。但木村次郎右卫门活到122岁的可能性没有女性大,而目前超过115岁的女性(两位)没有2006年(四位)多,甚至还不如1997年(三位)。 At least two people died after their 110th birthdays in the 1800s, if you#39;re willing to trust the birth certificates. So the increase of 12 years in maximum life expectancy during the 20th century was just one-third as large as the increase in average life expectancy during the period (36 years). 从出生明来看,19世纪至少有两个人在110岁生日后逝世。因此,20世纪最长寿命12年的增长幅度只不过是同期平均寿命增幅(36年)的三分之一。 In 2002, James Vaupel of the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research in Rostock, Germany, startled demographers by pointing out that every estimate published of the level at which average life expectancy would level out has been broken within a few years. Jay Olshansky of the University of Illinois, however, argues that since 1980 this has no longer been true for aly-old people in rich countries like the U.S.: Official estimates of remaining years of life for a woman aged 65 should be revised downward. 2002年,德国罗斯托克马克斯-普朗克人口研究所(Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research)的詹姆斯#8226;沃佩尔(James Vaupel)指出,每次公开发布的对平均寿命趋稳水平的估计都会在几年内被打破,这令人口统计学家感到吃惊。然而,伊利诺伊大学(University of Illinois)的杰伊#8226;奥尔山斯基(Jay Olshansky)则认为,从1980年开始,在美国等富裕国家,这种规律已经不适用于已经进入高龄的老人了:官方对年龄在65岁的女性剩余寿命的估算应该下调。 Thanks to healthier lifestyles, more and more people are surviving into old age. But that is not incompatible with there being a sort of expiration date on human lifespan. Most scientists think the decay of the body by aging is not itself programmed by genes, but the repair mechanisms that delay decay are. In human beings, genes that help keep you alive as a parent or even grandparent have had a selective advantage through helping children thrive, but ones that keep you alive as a great-grandparent - who likely doesn#39;t play much of a role in the well-being and survival of great-grandchildren - have probably never contributed to reproductive success. 由于生活方式越来越健康,活到高龄的人越来越多。但这与人类寿命存在某种期限并不矛盾。大多数科学家认为,人体随年龄增大而衰老本身并不是由基因决定的,但延缓衰老的修复机制却是由基因决定的。对人类来说,帮助人作为父母甚至祖父母活着的基因有助于孩子健壮成长因而具备了选择性优势,但帮助人作为曾祖父母活着的基因可能永远都不会有助于繁殖成功,因为曾祖父母在曾孙的健康和生存上可能发挥不了什么作用。 In other words, there is perhaps no limit to the number of people who can reach 90 or 100, but getting more than a handful of people past 120 may never be possible, and 150 is probably unattainable, absent genetic engineering - even for a monarch. 换句话说,活到90岁或100岁者的人数或许没有上限,但让一大批人活到120岁以上或许永远都不可能实现,没有遗传工程的帮助,人是很难活到150岁的,即便君主也做不到。 /201209/197946

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