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青岛哪里做无痛人流做的好青岛不孕不育治疗多少钱A Brazilian congressional committee on Monday voted in favor of moving forward with the impeachment proceedings against President Dilma Rousseff.巴西国会委员会周一投票赞成推进总统迪尔玛·罗塞夫的弹劾程序。The 65-member Special Impeachment Committee of the Chamber of Deputies voted 38-27 in favor of the impeachment, paving the way for the full chamber to vote on the matter.5人组成的巴西国会众议院特委中,有38人对报告投了赞成票,27人表示反对。这一结果为全院投票铺平了道路。The vote in the lower house of parliament is expected on Sunday. If two-thirds of the chamber, or 372 of 513 deputies, vote in favor, the motion then goes to the Senate, which would rule whether Rousseff should be removed.国会下议院的投票预计将在星期日进行。如13个议员中的有372名以上(即三分之二)投了赞成票,那么方可通过至参议院。此后,参议院还要对是否弹劾总统进行表决。Before the results were announced, Vice-President Michel Temer was caught in a leaked audio talking as if President Dilma Rousseff had aly been impeached. Local media reported that the government was aly prepared for such an outcome.特委会投票结果公布之前,副总统迈克尔·特梅尔的一段录音外泄,听其口吻,似乎总统罗塞夫已遭弹劾。当地媒体报道称,巴西政府已为这样的结果做好准备。A turnaround in Brazils economic fortunes coupled with a corruption scandal at state oil giant Petrobras are mainly blamed for damaging Rousseffs popularity and fueling the attempt by the political opposition to remove her from power.巴西的经济命运再加上国有石油巨头巴西国家石油公司的腐败丑闻,是影响罗塞夫的声誉及助长政治反对派试图消除她的权力的主要因素。Last week, Brazils Attorney General Jose Eduardo Cardozo, acting as the governments legal counsel, said the call to impeach the president had no legal basis and was motivated by a political ;vendetta.;上周,作为政府法律顾问的巴西总律师若泽·卡多佐表示,呼吁弹劾总统是没有法律依据的,这完全是出于政治上的“恩怨”。来 /201604/437646青岛崂山区人工流产多少钱 青岛妇产科医院做取环手术吗

青岛婚前体检多少钱青岛李村妇幼保健院在哪儿 The U.S. and Iraq have agreed on a plan that will send about 600 additional American troops to Iraq to help retake Mosul from Islamic State, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter announced Wednesday.美国国防部长卡特星期三宣布,美国和伊拉克达成一项增00多名美军前往伊拉克的计划,协助伊拉克从伊斯兰国手中夺回苏尔。Speaking to reporters in New Mexico, Carter said the increase is part of the coalitions ;accelerating campaign; to ;isolate and collapse; Islamic States control over Mosul and ;expand gains by Iraqi Security Forces elsewhere in Iraq.;卡特在新墨西哥州对记者说,增派美军是联军“加速攻势”的一部分,以“孤立和粉碎”伊斯兰国对苏尔的控制,并“扩大伊拉克保安部队在其他地区的战果。”A U.S. defense official put the total number at 615, bringing the number of American troops authorized to fight IS in Iraq at 5,262.一名美国国防官员说,增派的美军人数15人,从而将美国授权在伊拉克与伊斯兰国作战的总兵力增262人。Carter said the additional U.S. military personnel will train, advise and assist Iraqi Security Forces and Kurdish Peshmerga. They also will be used to improve logistics and to intensify intelligence operations with a “special emphasison uncovering IS plans to launch terror attacks against Baghdad and the West.卡特说,增派的美军人员将训练、建议并协助伊拉克保安部队和库尔德自由战士。他们还将被用来改善后勤工作并加强情报行动,“特别着重于”破获伊斯兰国对巴格达和西方发动恐怖袭击的阴谋。Carter also echoed other top U.S. defense officials who have suggested the battle to retake Mosul could get under way in a matter of weeks.卡特也表达了与其他美国高层国防官员相同的看法。他们提出,重新夺回苏尔的战斗几个星期之内就有可能展开。来 /201610/469089青岛市南区人工流产需要多少钱

胶南市中医院月经不调阴道炎宫颈炎尿道炎Donald Trumps state visit to Britain will be delayed in an alleged attempt to avoid embarrassing protests over his Muslim ban. The visit will reportedly now take place in October after the US President supposedly expressed his fears to Prime Minister Theresa May during a phone call two weeks ago.唐纳德特朗普对英的国事访问将会推迟,由于英国民众对他却并不待见,当地爆发了多次反对特朗普“禁穆令”的抗议活动。朗普致电英国首相特雷莎?梅,表示由于“禁穆令”遭到英国民众反对,他本人对出访一事有所担心。而最新报道称,特朗普决定等到10月再访问英国。Trumps stay was rumoured to be set up for June but has been postponed so the controversy over his attempt to ban migrants from seven majority Muslim countries from entering the US can die down. Instead the Spanish royal family are now due to come in the first half of the year.据传特朗普或月访英的计划被推迟,所以有关他对于七个主要的穆斯林国家进入美国禁令的争议也开始降温。在今年上半年取代特朗普访问英国的是西班牙皇室。A provisional three day visit, from October 5 to 8, has been pencilled in for Mr Trump.The dates fall just after the Conservative party conference but before Parliament returns from a recess meaning Trump would not have to address MPs in parliament and spark further protests.邀请特朗普为期三天的国事访问从108日已经确定,正值英国英国议会休会期间,意味着特朗普不会在议会发表演讲,也不会进一步激化抗议活动A senior government source told The Sun: Trump still really wants to come this year, but he wants the heat to die down a bit first.The White House watch what happens over here surprisingly closely, and they dont want to create a scene for our sake either.英国政府内部的消息来源对太阳报称“特朗普很想在今年访英,白宫对这里动态的关注密切程度出乎意料,他们也不希望制造不利于我们的混乱。”Last month, speaker John Bercow attempted to ban Trump from addressing Parliament as thousands took to British streets to protest the controversial US leader.In an extraordinary broadside from the Speakers chair, he said Mr Trumps ban on migrants had left him even more strongly opposed to a speech than he had been.上月,英国下议院议长John Bercow表示,强烈反对美国总统特朗普在对英国进行国事访问期间在英国议会发表讲话,致使上万民众上街游行,反对这位颇受争议的美国领导进行访问;在移民禁令之前,我自己就一直强烈反对特朗普总统在威斯敏斯特大厅发表演讲;而在特朗普实施移民紧令后,我更加强烈反对。”However, some branded Mr Bercow a hypocrite over the comments as he previously had no objections to leaders of controversial regimes, including China, Kuwait and Qatar, addressing MPs and peers in both houses.此前他在两院(上院和下发表演讲,并没有反对有关争议领土包括中国、科威特、卡塔尔等过的领导,所以他此次的言论被有些人认为是“伪善”。An October state visit could increase the Trumps chance of seeing the Queen at her Scottish retreat Balmoral. The monarch holidays every year in her Highlands castle at the end of the summer and Trump, whose mother was Scottish, has expressed his desire to visit the country in an official capacity.如果特朗普今0月访英计划得以实现,那么他将有望在巴尔莫勒尔堡见到英国女王。每年夏天结束后,英国女王就会到位于苏格兰的私宅巴尔莫勒尔堡居住。特朗普的母亲是苏格兰人,他曾表示希望以官方身份访问英国。来 /201703/495369 青岛看妇科的中医院哪个好莱西市第一人民妇保中医院是私人医院吗



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