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Visa formalities签手续A: Nina, have you had everything organized yet?A: 妮娜,一切都安排就绪了吗?B: Except your visa, everything is y. I have reserved a hotel room in the downtown area of Paris.B: 除了您的签,其他的事情都准备好了。我已经在巴黎市中心给您预订了宾馆。A: OK, thank you. Then when can I get my visa?A: 好的,谢谢你。那我什么时候能拿到签呢?B: There are some difficulties. You have to apply for the visa one month ahead of time, we were a little late when we started applying for it. And also we need an invitation from Firth Company.B: 这有些困难。申请签必须提前一个月,我们申请得有点晚。而且还需要福斯公司给我们出具邀请函。A: It really sounds complicated. Now what should I do?A: 听起来确实很复杂。我该怎么办?B: Dont worry. I have talked to the visa office and they promised that once we got the invitation, you would get your visa within 1 week.B: 不用担心,我已经和签办公室谈过了,他们说我们一拿到邀请函一个星期之内保就能拿到签。A: Great. Did you book my fight there?A: 太好了。你帮我预定机票了吗?B: Of course, I have booked the flight for 24th. You dont have to worry about these trifles.B: 当然了,我已经预定了24号的机票,你不用担心这件小事。A: I appreciate it. I am very lucky to have a secretary like you.A: 非常感谢,有你这样的秘书我真是很幸运。B: You are welcome.B: 不客气。 /201603/428816Britain Urges Russia Not to Start New Cold War英国敦促俄罗斯:别发动新冷战On a trip to Ukraine, Georgia was the main talking point as Britain's Foreign Secretary met with President Yushchenko and others. David Miliband's visit came just a day after Russia's president recognized the independence of Georgia's two breakaway regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. He also urged Russia not to start a new Cold War. 英国外交大臣米利班德访问乌克兰期间,格鲁吉亚问题是他跟乌克兰总统尤先科等官员会谈的主要议题。米利班德到访乌克兰的前一天,俄罗斯总统宣布承认格鲁吉亚两个分离地区---南奥塞梯和阿布哈兹独立。米利班德还敦促俄罗斯不要发动新的冷战。Foreign Secretary David Miliband rejected Moscow's recognition of the two Russian-leaning regions of Georgia and he called for an international coalition to counter what he called Russian aggression. 英国外交大臣米利班德拒绝了莫斯科承认格鲁吉亚两个亲俄罗斯地区的独立,他呼吁国际社会一致反对“俄罗斯的挑衅行为”。Miliband said the response by the European Union and NATO should be hard-headed engagement. 米利班德说,欧盟和北约对此应该做出强硬的反应。He said that means, in practical terms, that building a coalition of nations that denounce the Russian actions. He also said it means rebalancing the energy relationship with Russia and to defend the rules of international institutions. 他说,实际上就是说,由一些国家建立一个联盟一致谴责俄罗斯的做法。米利班德还说,这还意味着重新平衡跟俄罗斯的能源关系,捍卫国际制度的各项规则。Later at the Kiev news conference, the Foreign Secretary urged Moscow to change its course in Georgia.  米利班德于基辅稍后举行的联合记者会上敦促莫斯科改变其在格鲁吉亚问题上的政策。"We have talked a lot today about Russia," he said. "We are united in our view that her actions over the last two weeks have been damaging not just to international stability but also to the respect with which Russia and the trust that Russia holds around the world." 米利班德说:“今天我们会谈的内容很多是有关俄罗斯的,我们一致认为,俄罗斯过去两个星期的所作所为不仅是破坏国际稳定,而且还有损俄罗斯在全世界得到的尊重和信任。”Miliband said he and his Ukrainian colleagues agreed that Russia's action in the two Georgian breakaway regions is an attempt by Moscow to redraw the map of the area, and he said it represents a moment of real significance. 米利班德说,他和乌克兰的同仁一致认为,俄罗斯在格鲁吉亚两个分离地区的行动是莫斯科企图重新划定该地区版图,米利班德认为,目前到了关键的时刻。"We both want to defend international rules that respect the sovereignty, the integrity and the democracy of nation states," said Miliband. 米利班德说:“我们双方都希望捍卫国际准则,那就是尊重每个民族国家的主权、领土完整以及民主制度。”Miliband once again defended the use of diplomacy to resolve the situation, as he rejected calls for Moscow to be removed from the so-called Group of Eight industrialized states. But he did suggest that the European Union and NATO should now urgently review relations with Moscow. 米利班德再次为通过外交手段解决格鲁吉亚局势进行辩解,他拒绝了将莫斯科驱逐出工业化8国集团的要求。不过,他建议欧盟和北约现在应该立即考虑跟莫斯科的关系。200808/46848US to Shift Pakistan Counter-Terrorism Aid for Fighter Jet Upgrade美实为巴提供反恐资金转移用途  The Bush administration confirmed Thursday it plans to reallocate counter-terrorism aid money for Pakistan to allow that country to upgrade U.S.-supplied F-16 fighter planes. The move is drawing criticism from some members of the U.S. Congress. 布什政府星期四实重新分配给巴基斯坦的反恐资金的计划,为了使巴基斯坦能更新美国提供的F-16型战斗机,这一行动招致某些美国国会议员的批评。The Bush administration, in advance of next week's Washington visit by Pakistani Prime Minister Yousef Raza Gilani, says it has agreed to shift aid money earmarked for counter-terrorism to an upgrade of Pakistan's aging fleet of F-16 fighter jets. 布什政府说,它已同意把给巴基斯坦的反恐专用款项改而用于更新巴基斯坦老旧的F-16型喷气式战斗机。布什是巴基斯坦总理吉拉尼下周到访前发表以上讲话的。At issue is about 0 million in aid money approved by Congress for military equipment and training that had been earmarked for law enforcement and counter-terrorism purposes. 所涉及的款项是国会批准用于军事设备和训练的两亿三千万美元的援助资金,这笔经费是指定为执法及反恐的目的所用。Under the proposed re-programming, Pakistan could use the money to upgrade about 40 old-model F-16's in its arsenal for several years. U.S. officials say the planes would get new avionics and equipment to put them on a par with new F-16's Pakistan is buying under an arms deal approved in 2006. 根据提议中的重新分配计划,巴基斯坦可以使用这笔钱来更新已在武库内若干年的大约40架老型号的F-16型飞机。美国官员说,这些飞机会得到新型的航空控制系统和设备,使之相当于新式的F-16型飞机。巴基斯坦正在根据2006年批准的协议购买这类新型的飞机。The U.S. Congress could block the change and initial reaction has been negative, with leading Democrats questioning the utility of fighter planes in counter-terrorism operations. 美国国会可能会阻挠这一拨款的变动,而且国会对此的初步反应是负面的。主要的民主党人对战斗机在反恐行动中的实用性表示怀疑。But in a talk with reporters, Acting State Department Spokesman Gonzalo Gallegos said Pakistan has used F-16's in fighting insurgents along its border with Afghanistan.  但是,国务院代理发言人加列戈在与记者谈话时说,巴基斯坦已经在和阿富汗接壤的边境地区使用了F-16型战斗机打击叛乱分子。He said the aid shift was raised by Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmoud Qureshi in his Washington visit earlier this month, and that the administration believes it is a way to both enhance the Islamabad government's anti-terrorism capabilities, and ease its financial burden in the face of soaring energy and food prices. 他说,这笔援助资金的转移是巴基斯坦外长古瑞西在本月初访问华盛顿时提出的。布什政府认为,这样做能提高巴基斯坦政府反恐能力并在能源及食品价格上涨的局面下减轻他们的财务重负。"We took at look at this and decided that, because these [planes] could be used in this way, and because it was so necessary to continue this fight against the extremists, that this was good opportunity for us to, number one, assist the government with the request - this new democratically-elected elected government with the request that they made to us. And number two, to help to support their capability and our capability to fight extremists in the area," he said. 加列戈说:“我们考虑到这些飞机可以用于继续和极端分子作斗争,而这是非常有必要的,因此我们决定,这样做对我们来说是很好的机会来满足巴基斯坦政府提出的要求;其次,这样做也有助于持他们以及我们在该地区向极端分子斗争的能力。”In comments Wednesday, Senate Democrat Patrick Leahy and House Democrat Nita Lowey, both of whom chair key foreign affairs appropriations subcommittees, expressed reservations about the aid shift. 参议院民主党人莱希和众议院民主党人罗伊星期三发表,对这笔资金转移用途表示有保留意见。这两位议员都是重要的外交事务拨款小组委员会的主席。Lowey said it is incumbent on both the State Department and the Pakistani government, if they want Congress to support the action, to demonstrate clearly how the F-16's would be used to fight al-Qaida and the Taliban. 罗伊说,如果要美国国会持这项行动,那么,美国国务院和巴基斯坦政府就有责任来明确地展示这些F-16型飞机是如何能用来打击基地组织和塔利班的。The New York Times reported Thursday that Pakistan has used the F-16's against the extremists only on rare occasions, because of concern about potential civilian casualties. 据纽约时报星期四报导,巴基斯坦很少使用F-16型战斗机打击极端分子,因为担心会伤害平民。It said U.S. officials believe the upgrade would greatly enhance the planes' ability to strike insurgents more accurately and reduce the risk to others. 纽约时报说,美国官员相信更新的飞机能提高飞机打击叛乱分子的命中率,并减少他人承受危险的可能性。The Bush administration has provided Pakistan with more than billion in military and economic aid, since it sided with Washington in the war on terrorism after the September 11, 2001 attacks on the ed States. 2001年9月11号美国遭受恐怖袭击后,巴基斯坦持华盛顿的反恐战争。从那时以来,布什政府已向巴基斯坦提供了100多亿美元的军事和经济援助。Some members of Congress believe the program has been weighted too heavily toward security assistance.  某些国会议员认为,这一援助方案过于偏重于安全方面的援助。President Bush is to meet Prime Minister Gilani at the White House next Monday for talks expected to be dominated by aid and security issues. 布什总统下周一将在白宫与吉拉尼总理会谈,预计会谈的主题是援助和安全问题。200807/44778

As many as seven members of a Cuban national soccer team are reported to have defected in the ed States shortly after playing a match in the U.S. state of Florida.  据报导,7名古巴国家足球队队员在美国佛罗里达州打完一场球赛后不久逃离了他们的球队。Five of the players said they abandoned their team at a hotel in Tampa Tuesday night and plan to seek political asylum in the ed States. The coach and teammates from Cuba's under-23 team said the five disappeared shortly after playing a qualification match for the upcoming summer Olympics in Beijing.  5名球员说,他们星期二晚间在坦帕的一家酒店离开了他们的球队,计划在美国寻求政治避难。这由年龄23岁以下的队员组成的球队的教练和队员们说,5名队员在参与即将到来的在北京举行的奥运会资格赛比赛后不久去向不明。The Miami Herald online publication has reported two more Cuban players defected Wednesday, bringing the total to seven. The paper says its information comes from sources close to the players.  迈阿密先驱报网络版报导说,星期三又有2名古巴队员叛逃,使叛逃的人数达到7人。迈阿密先驱报报导说,他们从跟队员接近的人那里获得这些消息。The five players who deserted the squad Tuesday, told U.S. media they hope to establish themselves in the country and play professional soccer. A local team, Miami FC, said they will try out for it. 5名在星期二离开球队的队员对美国媒体说,他们希望能够在美国生活,踢职业足球。当地的迈阿密联合球队说,他们将试试看是否行得通。Groups such as the Cuban American National Foundation in Miami often seek to help Cuban performers and doctors to defect while they are on missions outside the country.  在迈阿密,像古巴裔美国人全国基金会这样的组织经常致力于帮助在外国执行工作任务的古巴演员和医生叛逃。The group's human rights director, Omar Lopez Montenegro, says they reached out to the Cuban soccer team during the trip but have not contacted the five.  这个组织的人权主管蒙特内格罗说,他们在古巴球队前来参加比赛期间联系了球队,但是没能同叛逃的5位队员取得联系。He said many take the decision to defect to expand the opportunities for their career and their families. 蒙特内格罗说,许多人决定叛逃是为了给他们的职业和家庭扩展机会。"When you are an athlete or a performer in Cuba, you are kind of a slave to the Cuban government. For example, athletes cannot negotiate their [own] contracts," he said. 他说:“如果你在古巴是一个运动员或演员,你就像是古巴政府的一个奴隶。比方说,运动员不能就他们的合同进行谈判。”Last December, a group of Cuban ballet dancers defected during a trip to Mexico, and a top Cuban television personality sought asylum after a visit to Canada. All of them are now pursuing their careers in Miami. 去年12月,一批古巴芭蕾舞演员在前往墨西哥的途中叛逃。后来,一名古巴电视台的资深工作人员在访问加拿大后寻求庇护。目前,他们中所有的人都在迈阿密为事业打拼。U.S. law allows for Cuban immigrants who arrive on U.S. soil to apply for residency after living in the country for one year.  美国法律允许到达美国领土的古巴移民在美国居住一年后申请居住权。200803/30500

US Finance Chiefs Urge Congress to Pass Emergency Measure美财经双长恳求尽快通过救市议案   Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson Tuesday implored members of the Senate Banking Committee to quickly enact legislation that would permit the government to buy up bad housing-related loans that have negatively impacted credit markets. 美联储主席伯南克和财政部长保尔森星期二恳求参议院委员会的成员尽快制定议案,允许政府收购严重影响信贷市场的房屋贷款坏帐。Bernanke said quick action is required to stabilize financial markets and combat the threat of economic slowdown. He said markets wildly gyrated last week and dire consequences loomed as the government scrambled to come up with a plan to shore up bad housing related loans.  伯南克说,必须尽快采取行动,以稳定金融市场,抵御经济放缓的威胁。他说,上星期市场剧烈波动,可怕的后果赫然成形,政府匆忙拿出这份收购房屋贷款坏帐的方案。Treasury Secretary Paulson told skeptical lawmakers that the two-year long slump in the U.S. housing market is the cause of the crisis. 财政部长保尔森对持怀疑态度的国会议员们表示,美国房地产市场持续两年的下滑是这场危机的根源。"The root cause is the housing correction [price declines], as you have all pointed out, that has resulted in illiquid mortgage assets choking off the flow of credit, which is so vitally important to our economy," said Paulson. 他说:“根本原因是房地产市场的调整,正像你们所有人指出得那样,房屋价格下滑导致了无法兑现的房贷资产,窒息了对我们的经济至关重要的信贷流动。”Bernanke defended recent actions by the government to deal with the problem. Those measures since September 7, included taking over the two government sponsored entities most involved in home finance, allowing the Lehman Brothers investment bank to fail, taking over AIG - the world's biggest insurer, and then announcing Friday a 0-billion rescue plan that must be approved by Congress.  伯南克为政府最近处理危机所采取的行动做辩护。这些措施包括,接管两家政府赞助的房屋贷款融资公司,允许投资雷曼兄弟公司申请破产保护,接管全球最大的保险公司美国国际集团,然后于上星期五宣布了7千亿美元的救援方案,这个方案必须得到国会的批准。Bernanke denied that the government has been too generous to the shareholders and managers of failing institutions. 伯南克否定有关政府对于那些陷于困境的金融机构的股东和主管人员过于慷慨的说法。"We have insisted on bringing the shareholder value down close to zero, imposing tough terms and so on. But the firms we are dealing with now [with the proposed legislation] are not necessarily failing," he said. "They are contracting, de-leveraging and pulling back. And they will be unwilling to make credit available as long as market conditions are as they are now." 他说:“我们一直坚持把这些股东们持有的资产价值降到几乎为零,并设定严厉条件和采取其他措施。但是我们现在所要挽救的公司是那些并不见得会倒闭的金融机构,它们正在采取紧缩措施,减少杠杆投资和紧缩开。然而只要它们目前所处的市场条件不改变,它们就不会情愿发放贷款。”Lawmakers were insistent that bankers not be rescued at the expense of ordinary homeowners and consumers. Both Bernanke and Paulson agreed, but said without a comprehensive bailout all consumers will suffer. 国会议员们坚持认为,政府不应当以牺牲普通房主和消费者的利益来挽救家。伯南克和保尔森对此表示认同,但是他们强调,如果不实行全面的收购计划,所有的消费者都将受到伤害。Paulson, who was a top executive of the Goldman Sachs investment bank before coming to Washington, blamed weak regulation for the abuses in mortgage finance. 在华盛顿任职之前曾担任高盛投资总裁的保尔森把滥发房屋贷款的原因归咎于监管不利。"I was shocked, absolutely shocked [when I arrived in DC two years ago], to find that it was not deregulation or too much regulation or too little regulation, it was just a flawed regulatory structure built for a different model," said Paulson. 他说:“(两年前当我到华盛顿任职的时候),我就感到非常震惊,因为我发现问题并不是放松监管、监管太多、或管理不够,而是监管结构有缺陷,那个监管结构是为另一种不同的模式建立的。”In 1999 Congress gave increased freedoms to the financial service industry, but failed to create a comprehensive regulatory structure. 1999年,美国国会扩大了金融务产业的自由度,但是却没有建立起一个新的全面的监管机制。President Bush, speaking at the ed Nations in New York, said he is acting decisively to contain the financial crisis. The administration wants Congress to approve the rescue legislation before its scheduled adjournment on Friday, but there is no clear indication that that timetable will hold. 布什总统在纽约联合国大会上表示,他正在采取坚定的行动来控制金融危机。布什政府希望国会在星期五国会休会之前批准这项救助立法。但是目前还没有明确迹象显示国会将按照这个时间表如期完成有关的立法程序。200809/50169

chatterbox ------ 话匣子(名词) 英文释义(noun, SLANG) Someone who talks incessantly, particularly a child. 例句Although shes shy in public, my daughter is a little chatterbox at home with endless questions, stories, and humorous observations.尽管在公共场合很腼腆,我的女儿在家里却是个小话匣子,有无穷尽的问题、故事和幽默。 /201610/466526

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