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  • Its Friday, January 21st, Im Natali Morris. And its time to get loaded.今天是1月21日周五,我是Natali Morris。是时间了解最新资讯了。Big change up at Google, CEO Eric Schmidt is stepping down and Google co-founder Larry Page is going to step up into the role of CEO, Schmidt will stay with Google as Executive chairman, and Googles other co-founder Sergey Brin will continue to work what they are calling projects. Schmidt indicated that this is an effort to simplify management, as it were just taking too long to get things done because of too many Executive cooks in the kitchen. This change happens April 4th.谷歌高层有了大动作。原首席执行官Eric Schmidt退休,谷歌创始人之一的Larry Page接任首席执行官一职,Schmidt将保留谷歌执行总裁的职务,而谷歌的另一位创始人Sergey Brin将继续进行项目工作。Schmidt表示,这是简化管理的措施,这本是很早前就该做的事儿了,太多的首席执行官不利于公司的管理。新的人事变动将于4月4日开始实施。Coach potatoes, this one is for you! The new Logitech wireless mouse N515 works on your sofa. Its meant specifically for this purpose. It has a sealed bottom case, so you can plop yourself down on your laptop, and have a mouse that can plop right down with you. It launches in April in Europe and we assume shortly thereafter in the US.小土豆,它正是为你设计!罗技科技公司生产的最新无线鼠标N515可在沙发上使用。它正是为在沙发上使用而设计的。它采用密封底座,你可以在用笔记本电脑的时候,直接把鼠标放在自己身边任何物体上使用。这款鼠标将于4月在欧洲开始发售,稍后将在美国发售。Verizon has fired the first shot in challenging the new Net Neutrality Rules, the company filed an appeal in the US Court of Appeal challenging the FCCs recently adopted Net Neutrality Rules, specifically they challenged that the FCC has overstepped its boundaries in making such a move. They want the court to stay implementation of the new rules which go into effect 60 days after the FCC posed the rules to the federal register which could be any day now.威瑞森公司开始向新的中立网络规则发难,该公司已向美国上诉法院起草文件挑战联邦通信委员会最近制定的中立网络规则,明确指出邦通信委员会是越权制定该规则。威瑞森希望法院能够完善联邦通信委员宣布60天后也就是最近即将生效的中力网络规则。Google isnt the only company going through a cooperate shakeup, HP has replaced 4 board members and added 5 brand new ones, including former E-bay CEO Meg Whitman. All five new members report for duty in March.谷歌并不是唯一进行人事改组的公司,惠普更换了4名董事会成员,并增加了5名新员工,包括E-bay首席执行官Meg Whitman。这5名新成员将于三月走马上任。Google may be y to release a competitor to GroupOn—the local deal finding site. Remember Google tried to acquire GROUNPON last mouth but to no avail. Googles homemade version is said to be called ;Google offers;, and it sounds just like GROUNPON, aimed at matching potential customers with businesses through daily email deals. This product hasnt been formally announced but Google has confirmed that they are working on it.谷歌将与GroupOn——全球性团购网站展开竞争。记得谷歌上月曾试图收购GroupOn,但没有成功。谷歌的自制版本叫做“Google offers”,听着就和GroupOn是一个意思,旨在通过电子邮件向潜在买家推荐匹配商品。这款产品还没有正式公布,但谷歌已经确定要开发这款产品。Dont you wish all online photos of you would just disappear, a new technology will make it so. German researchers have created a software called Xpire, it will give you on-line photos an expiration date, once that date passes, the images will no longer be viewable or copyable. It is a cool idea but youd have to set the expiration date when you published the photo, meaning youd have to have the presence in mind to know this photo has the potential to embarrass you, meaning you probably should know better.你难道不希望你的所有在线照片都由一款软件来统一管理吗。德国研究人员发明了一种名叫Xpire的软件,它将给你的照片设定有效期限,一旦过了有效期,照片就不可视或不能转载。这个想法很酷,但你不得不在上传图片的时候设定有效期限,这意味着你必须要意识到这些照片有可能会使你难堪,也就是说你最好了解到发布的危险性。And get y for Angry Birds, the animated series. Rovio has planned to turn its hit iPhone game into a cartoon. We saw the game in board game form earlier this month at CES, it is not uncommon for a big franchise like this to come to multiple medium, but that usually happens with childrens products, and Im not so sure Angry Birds, the animated series would be for children. Isnt it a little too angry?准备好来看一则关于《愤怒的小鸟》动画系列的消息。Rovio计划将这款iPhone游戏制作成动画。本月早些时候,我们在CES上提到过这款桌面游戏,这种大型的大型连锁品牌跨越多媒体领域的情况并不少见,但通常会伴随着儿童玩具产品,而且我不确定动画版《愤怒的小鸟》会适合儿童,是不是太过愤怒了?And if youre interested in knowing who holds the title for Most Cursing in the game, you might be interested in the 2011 Guinness World Records Gamers Edition. It was published on Thursday and has all kinds of fun, and eves list backs like the most people to sing a karaoke game together, or the most perfect wii bowler who happens to be the oldest record holder in the book, it is 85-year-old John Bates from Wisconsin.如果你想知道之最,也许你会对2011年吉尼斯纪录之游戏版感兴趣。它于周四发布,记录了各种有趣的游戏之最。例如,最多人合唱的卡拉OK名字,任天堂bowler的最悠久记录持有者,他就是威斯康星州85岁的John Bates。Thats your news of the day and that wraps up your week of getting loaded, if you want more about any of our stories today, visit Cnet.com/loaded. Ill see you next week, Im Natali Morris for Cnet.com and youve just been loaded.这些就是今天的新闻,您已经了解了本周最新的科技资讯,如果您想了解今天讯息的详细内容,请访问Cnet.com / loaded。我们下周再见,我是Cnet.com的Natali Morris,感谢您的收看。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201210/203406。
  • Michael Jordans legacy is authenticity. If you removed all the hype, all the marketing, all the show-time glitz, he would be as 100% genuine as anybody whoever played in a gym or an armory anywhere anytime.迈克尔;乔丹的遗产是其真实性。如果你拿掉所有的炒作,所有的市场,所有的秀场浮华,他就会还原成100%的真实,就像在健身馆或军械库曾经乐此不疲的任何一个人一样。Theres never been a player thats had that ability that Michael Jordans had in the kind of way he did it in this game of basketball.从来没有这么一个好球员,像迈克尔;乔丹一样以他的那种方式驾驭篮球。His legacy is a new born child ten years from now and a father says, ;I wish you could have seen Michael Jordan.;他的遗产是一个新出生的孩子在从现在起的十年后也需要被其父亲教诲道:;我真希望你能有幸看到过迈克尔;乔丹的比赛。;The dignity and grace with which you conduct yourself off the court, those are important things, and I believe those are enduring things.高贵和优雅是你在场下才该做的事情,虽然这些都是重要的事情,但我认为有些事情更为重要。You figure thereve been,I dont know, 25,000 years. I dont know how you do the math of that, but thats like out of all 50,000 top athletes, since, you know, prehistoric times brontosaurus and pterodactyls included, hes right there!你认为以前,我不知道,或许是25000年前。我不知道你是怎么算数学的,但是这就像50000位的顶级的运动员,因为,你知道,包括史前时期雷龙和翼手龙那个时期,而他就在那里!Ten years from now, 20 years from now, what I hear people saying, or l would want people to say, and its simple, that if Michael Jordan was still playing the game of basketball, he would dominate.从现在起的十年内,或从今后的20年起,我听到别人说,或者我想人们说,很简单,如果迈克尔;乔丹继续驰骋篮球场,他仍然可以占据统治地位。No matter what happens in this business of basketball, if we didnt get paid a dime, you still would play the game of basketball somewhere.不管接下来篮球场内场外会发生什么事,商业氛围占据多大比重,如果我们没有得到一毫一厘的付,你仍然会在某处继续打篮球,固守着你那个永恒的篮球梦。Somewhere theres a kid working.He wont skip any steps. He will learn from my example, just as I have learned from others.在某个地方,会有一个小孩不懈努力着。他不会跳过任何步骤。他会学我的例子,正如我从别人那里学到的一样。There will be a player greater than me.青出于蓝而胜于蓝,迟早会有一位球员比我更加伟大。注:听力文本来源于普特201202/171472。
  • NASA unveiled a new lunar rover which aims to transform space exploration by allowing astronauts to roam large distances without cumbersome spacesuits when they return to the moon by 2020.美国宇航局推出了一款新型月球车,旨在让宇航员在2020年重返月球时能够不穿着笨重的宇航就可以在太空漫步很远的距离。A team of scientists is testing the Small Pressurized Rover Concept vehicle-which resembles a small, futuristic recreational vehicle mounted on six sets of wheels-12 in all-in trials in a rocky, barren corner of northern Arizona, selected for its similarities to the surface of the moon.一个科学家小组正在测试一种小型增压“漫游者”概念车。这是一款具有未来派艺术特色的小型休闲车,车身安装在6组共12个车轮上。目前它正在亚利桑那州北部荒漠的岩石轨道上进行测试——该地区的地理特征与月球表面相似。The battery-powered rover travels at speeds of up to 6 mph (10 kph). It is part of a range of systems and equipment being developed by the space agency for its planned return to the moon over the next decade.这款电池驱动的“漫游者”太空车的行驶速度可达6每小时英里(10公里)。它是航天局为了在未来十年重返月球而开发出的一系列系统和设备中的一部分。NASA hopes to build a permanent manned base on the moons surface as a prelude to subsequent exploration missions to Mars.美国宇航局希望在月球表面建立永久性载人基地,作为随后进行的火星探测任务的前奏。The new rover prototype would allow a crew of two astronauts to take extended exploration trips for up to two weeks at a time, covering distances of up to 625 miles (1,000 km).新“漫游者”原型车将允许两名宇航员的每次勘探考察活动可以延长到两个星期,漫步距离可达到625英里(1000公里)。The crew would not wear spacesuits while in the vehicle, which is fitted with large windows offering extensive views of the terrain, but to step outside, they would slip into spacesuits mounted on the outside of the vehicle through special hatches in the rover, officials said.“宇航员在太空车里不需要穿宇航。太空车上安装了大窗户,这样宇航员的视野可以更加宽广。如果宇航员想外出,他们可以通过太空车上的特殊舱门滑入安装在太空车外面的宇航里。”宇航局官员说。注:本文译文属原创,,。201205/181137。
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