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1. I study the biology of personality, and Ive come to believe that weve evolved four very broad styles of thinking and behaving, linked with the dopamine, serotonin, testosterone and estrogen systems. So I created a questionnaire directly from brain science to measure the degree to which you express the traits—the constellation of traits—linked with each of these four brain systems. Fourteen million or more people have now taken the questionnaire.我研究人格生物学,在研究过程中我慢慢相信人类进化了四种非常广泛的思考和行为方式,它们与多巴胺、血清素、雄激素和雌激素系统息息相关我直接从大脑科学的角度创建了一项调查问卷,衡量人们表达性格特征(分别与这四个大脑系统相关联的一系列性格特征)的程度一千四百万甚至更多的人已经完成了这项调查问卷And as it turns out, those who were very expressive of the dopamine system tend to be curious, creative, spontaneous, energetic. They’re drawn to people like themselves. People who are very expressive of the serotonin system tend to be traditional, conventional, they follow the rules, they respect authority, they tend to be religious—religiosity is in the serotonin system—and traditional people go traditional people. In that way, similarity attracts.事实明,那些富有多巴胺系统表现力的人往往是好奇的、有创造性的、随性的和精力充沛的他们同时也被和自己相似的人所吸引而血清素系统的表达者往往是传统的,他们遵守规则、尊重权威并且通常是宗教信仰者——虔诚的宗教信仰蕴含在血清素系统中——且传统的人趋向追寻他们的同类在这两种情况下,都是因为相似所以吸引In the other two cases, opposites attract. People very expressive of the testosterone system tend to be analytical, logical, direct, decisive, and they go their opposite: they go somebody who high estrogen, somebody who got very good verbal skills and people skills, who very intuitive and who very nurturing and emotionally expressive. We have natural patterns of mate choice. Modern technology is not going to change who we choose to love.而在另外两种情况下正好相反,都是因为不同所以吸引雄激素系统的表达者的分析与逻辑性强、直接、果断,他们追求与他们不同的人:他们追求高雌激素的人,这些人具有很好的语言表达能力和人际交往能力,善于使用直觉、抚育和表达情感可见我们的择偶模式是天然决定的现代科技无法改变我们选择爱谁. But technology is producing one modern trend that I find particularly important. It associated with the concept of paradox of choice. millions of years, we lived in little hunting and gathering groups. You didnt have the opporty to choose between 1,000 people on a dating site. We can embrace about five to nine alternatives, and after that, you get into what academics call ;cognitive overload,; and you dont choose any.但是科技促生出了一个我认为不可小觑的现代趋势这与“选择的悖论”这一概密切相关曾在数百万年的时间里,人类都生活在小型的狩猎和采集族群里那时候可没有机会在一个约会网站上从00人之中做出选择我们只能接受5到9个选择,在那以后,我们会进入到一种学者称之为“认知超载”的状态,而做不出任何选择So Ive come to think that due to this cognitive overload, were ushering in a new m of courtship that I call ;slow love.; 67 percent of singles in America today who are living long-term with somebody, have not yet married because they are terrified of divorce. Theyre terrified of the social, legal, emotional, economic consequences of divorce. Today singles want to know every single thing about a partner bee they wed.我认为,由于这种认知超载,我们进入了一个新的求爱形式,我称之为“慢爱”今天在美国67%的单身人士是和伴侣长期同居但还没有结婚的,因为他们害怕离婚他们害怕离婚所造成的社会、法律、情感和经济后果今天的单身人士想在结婚之前了解有关他们另一半的一切事情But the human brain always triumphs, and indeed, in the ed States today, 86 percent of Americans will marry by age 9. I did a study of 1,0 married people and I asked them a lot of questions. But one of the questions was, ;Would you re-marry the person youre currently married to?; And 81 percent said, ;Yes.;尽管如此,人类的大脑总还是会获得最终的胜利——事实表明,在如今的美国,86%的人都会在9岁之前结婚我曾对10位已婚人士做过一项研究,问了他们很多问题其中一个问题是,“你会再和你现在的伴侣结婚吗?”,81%的回答是肯定的3. Im not a Pollyanna; there a great deal to cry about. As William Butler Yeats, the poet, once said, ;Love is the crooked thing.; I would add, ;Nobody gets out alive.; We all have problems. But in fact,I think the poet Randall Jarrell really sums it up best. He said, ;The dark, uneasy world of family life—where the greatest can fail, and the humblest succeed.;我不是一个盲目乐观的人,有很多事情让我悲伤就像诗人威廉·巴特勒·叶芝说的,“爱情是一条扭曲的路”“我还要补充一句:“没有人能活着出来“我们每个人都有情感问题但事实上,我认为诗人兰德尔·贾雷尔对此做出了最好的总结他说,“在家庭生活黑暗、不安的世界里,最伟大的也可能失败,最卑微的也可能成功”But I will leave you with this: love and attachment will prevail,technology cannot change it. And I will conclude by saying any understanding of human relationships must take into one of the most powerful determinants of human behavior: the unquenchable,adaptable and primordial human drive to love.无论如何我可以告诉你的是:爱和依恋的联结永远会占上风,技术无法改变它作为总结我想说,对任何人际关系的理解都必须将一个最强大的人类行为的决定因素纳入考虑,那就是人类不可抗拒、极具适应性且原始的内驱力——去爱 6。

Correct Male Responses男人正确的回答What makes these questions so bad is that every one is guaranteed to explode into a major argument andor divorce if the man does not answer properly.这些问题之所以说它们不好是因为每一个问题如果男人回答得不正确都会导致一场吵架甚至是离婚Question 1: ;Do you love me?;问题一:“你爱我吗?”The correct answer to the question is, ;Yes.; or if you want to be more elaborate, you may answer, ;Yes, dear.; Wrong answers include:正确的回答是:“爱”如果你还想多说些,也可以说:“是的,亲爱的,我爱你”错误的回答包括以下几种:A. I suppose so.A. 我想是的B. Would it make you feel better if I said yes?B. 我说是你是不是会感觉好些?C. That depends on what you mean by ;love.;C. 那得看你说的“爱”是什么意思D. Does it matter?D. 这很重要吗?E. Who, me?E. 谁,问我吗?Question : ;Do I look fat?;问题二:“我看起来胖吗?”The correct male response to this question is to confidentl and emphatically state, ;No, of course not!; and then quickly leave the room. Incorrect answers include:正确的回答方式是确定无疑地说:“不,你一点儿也不胖!”然后迅速离开房间错误的回答包括以下几种:A. I wouldnt call you fat, but youre not exactly thin.A. 你这不叫胖,可也确实不太瘦B. Compared to what?B. 和谁比?C. A little extra weight looks good on you.C. 你胖点儿好看D. Ive seen fatter.D. 我看是胖了些E. Could you repeat the question? I was just thinking about your insurance policy.E. 你再说一遍好吗?我刚刚在想你的保险条款Question 3: ;Do you think she prettier than me?;问题三:“你觉得她长得比我好看吗?”The ;she; in the question could be an ex-girlfriend, a passer-by you were staring at or an actress in a movie you just saw. In any case, the correct response is, ;No, you are much prettier.; or simply ;Of course not!; Wrong answers include:这个问题中的“她”可能是你的前任女友或是你盯着看的一个过路人或是你们正在看的电影里的女演员不管是谁,正确的回答是:“不,你要漂亮得多”或者“当然没你漂亮!”错误的回答包括以下几种:A. Not prettier, just pretty in a different way.A. 并不比你漂亮,只是不同种类的漂亮B. Not prettier, but definitely thinner.B. 不比你漂亮,只是更苗条些C. Yes, but I bet you have a better personality.C. 是的,但是我相信你的性格比她好D. Not as pretty as you when you were her age.D. 你在她这个年龄时你一定比她漂亮Question : ;What would you do if I died?;问题四:“我死了以后你会怎么办?”A definite no-win question. No matter how you answer this, be prepared at least an hour of follow-up questions. This might be the stupidest question of the lot, as is illustrated by the following stupid exchange:这绝对是个没法回答的问题不管你怎么回答,都要准备好回答至少一小时的后续问题这是最愚蠢的问题,正如下面的对话展现的:Woman: Dear, what would you do if I died?女人:亲爱的,我死了以后你会怎么办?Man: Why, dear, I would be extremely upset. Why do you ask such a question?男人:亲爱的,我会非常伤心你怎么会问这样的问题?Woman: Would you get married again?女人:你会再结婚吗?Man: No, of course not, dear.男人:当然不会,亲爱的Woman: Dont you like being married?女人:你不喜欢婚姻吗?Man: Of course I do, dear.男人:当然不是,亲爱的Woman: Then why wouldnt you remarry?女人:那你为什么不想再结婚?Man: Alright, Id remarry.男人:好吧,我会再婚Woman: You would? (looking vaguely hurt)女人:你会?(看上去有些伤心)Man: Yes.男人:是的Woman: Would you sleep with her in our bed?女人:你会和她睡在我们的床上吗?Man: Well yes, I suppose I would. Where else would we sleep?男人:是的,我想会的,不然我们睡哪儿?Woman: And would you take down the pictures of me and replace them with pictures of her? (icily)女人:那么你会把我的照片都取下来换成她的吗?(冷冷地)Man: Yes. I think that would be the correct thing to do.男人:是的,我想应该这样吧Woman: Is that so? (leaping to her feet) And I suppose youd let her play with my golf clubs, too.女人:是吗?(在跳脚儿了)我想你还会让她用我的高尔夫球杆吧Man: Of course not, dear. She left-handed...男人:当然不,亲爱的,她是左撇子……Question 5: What are you thinking about?问题五:“你在想什么?”The proper answer to this, of course, is: ;Im sorry if Ive been pensive, dear. I was just reflecting on what a warm, wonderful, thoughtful, caring, intelligent woman you are, and how lucky I am to have met you.; Wrong answers include:正确的回答当然是:“亲爱的,如果我显得心事重重,我只是在想你是一个热情、完美、细致而聪明的女人,我能和你在一起实在是很幸运”错误的回答包括以下几种:A. Baseball.A. 棒球B. Football.B. 足球C. How fat you are.C. 你太胖了D. How much prettier she is than you.D. 她比你漂亮多少E. How I would spend the insurance moeny if you died.E. 你死了以后我怎么花那笔保险费 38。

ome day you will find what your special gift is and when you do, you will make your parents very proud of you. One of the worst evils of today is the exaggerated importance given to so-called intelligence tests. Many other qualities besides agility in answering trick questions go into the making of human personality. A man can fail all the tests and make a wonderful life. Let me tell you what happened to a young Canadian boy.总有一天,你会发现你有特别的天赋,当你去使用它,你的父母也会为你骄傲所谓的智力测试被过分看重,这是如今的不幸诸如敏捷应答难题等此类的素质其实也参与人格塑造一个人就算各种测试一败涂地也能活出精人生我来告诉你一个年轻的加拿大男孩经历过什么Call him Johnnie Martin. He was the son of a carpenter, and his mother worked as a housekeeper. They lived frugal lives, saving their money the day when they could send their son to college. Johnnie had reached the second year in high school when the blow fell. A psychologist attached to the school called the young man, just reached sixteen, into his private office and this is what he said.他叫约翰尼#539;马丁,是一个木匠的儿子母亲是一位家庭主妇父母节衣缩食,为了将来能送孩子上大学就在约翰尼上高中二年级那年,一个沉重的打击袭来学校的心理医生把刚满岁的约翰尼叫到了他的办公室,对约翰尼说了下面这段话:Johnnie, Ive been studying your marks and Ive gone over your various tests in motor and sensory impressions—your physical examination. Ive made a very careful study of you and your achievements. Ive been trying hard, put in Johnnie. That just the trouble. said the psychologist.“约翰尼,我一直在研究你的学习成绩,我仔细核查了你的运动和感觉系统的各项测试—你的体检情况,我已经对你和你的成绩作了十分仔细的研究,” “我一直都在努力” 约翰尼插话说“问题就在这里”心理医生说You have worked very hard indeed—but it has not helped. You just dont seem able to get ahead in your studies. Youre just not cut out it, and you to remain in high school would, in my opinion, be a waste of time.“你的确已经非常努力了,可一点效果也没有你的学习好像无法再取得任何进步你天生不是这块料,如果你继续上中学,依我看,也只是浪费时间”The boy buried his face in his hands. This will be hard on my mother and father, he said. Their one idea is me to be a college man.约翰尼用双手捂住了脸“这会让妈妈、爸爸非常难过的”他说,“他们唯一的希望就是让我上大学”The psychologist laid his hand on the boy shoulder. People have different kinds of talents, Johnnie, he said. There are painters who were never able to learn the multiplication table, and engineers who cant sing on key. But every one of us has something special—and you are no exception. Some day you will find what your special gift is and when you do, you will make your parents very proud of you.心理医生把手放在男孩的肩膀上,说:“约翰尼,人都有不同的天赋有的画家一辈子也学不会乘法表,有的工程师唱歌就是找不着调然而,我们每个人都有自己独特的才能——你也不例外总有一天,你会发现自己独特的天赋,到那时,你会让父母为你感到骄傲的”Johnnie never went back to school. Jobs were scarce in town, but he managed to keep busy mowing the lawns of the householders and puttering in their flower-beds. And then a curious thing happened. Bee long his customers began to notice that Johnnie had what they called a green thumb. The plants he tended grew and blossomed, and the rose trees blossomed. He fell into the habit of making suggestions re-arranging the tiny front-yard landscapes. He had an eye colour and could make surprising combinations that pleased the eye.约翰尼再也没有回学校镇上工作很难找,但他还是设法找到些给人修剪草坪、摆弄花坛的活计这时,一件奇怪的事情发生了他的顾客很快发现,约翰尼其实是一个园艺高手由他侍弄的植物开花了,玫瑰也繁花似锦他渐渐习惯了建议别人重新布置小小的前院的景观他对色很有鉴赏力,颜色搭配常常出人意料,让人看了赏心悦目One day while he was down town he happened to notice a stretch of unused land behind the city hall. Chance or fate or whatever you may like to call it brought one of the town alderman round the corner just at that moment. Impetuously the boy said, I can make a garden out of this dump, if youll let me.一天,他去城里的时候,偶然在市政厅的后面发现一块闲置的空地机缘巧合,此时正好有一位市政委员走过市政厅的拐角男孩一阵冲动,对他说:“如果您允许的话,我可以把这片垃圾场变成一个花园The town got no money frills, said the alderman. I dont want any money it, said the boy, I just want to do it.“市里可没有钱来搞什么美化” 市政委员说“我一分钱都不要”男孩说,“我只是想试试”The alderman, being a politician, was astounded to find anyone who did not want money, under any and all circumstances. He took Johnnie into an office, and when the young man came out he had the authority to clean up the public eyesore.竟然有人干活不要钱,这让市政委员感到很惊讶他把约翰尼领进一间办公室当这个年轻人出来的时候,他已经得到授权来清除这个公认的“眼中钉”That very afternoon he borrowed extra tools and seeds and soil. Someone gave him a few young trees to plant. When others heard of it they offered rose-bushes and even a hedge. Then the town leading manufacturer heard of it, and volunteered to supply some benches.就在当天下午,约翰尼借来工具、种子和土壤有人给了他一些树苗其他人听说此事后,纷纷提供玫瑰花丛,甚至还有树篱市里的一家大工厂听说了此事,免费提供一些长椅Bee long the dreary old dump had become a little park. There were grassy lawns and little curving walks and restful seats and little house birds. All the townspeople were talking about what a lovely improvement the young man had made. But it was also a kind of show window Johnnie. People saw the result of his skill and knew him a natural landscape gardener.没多久,那块沉闷乏味的垃圾场就变成了一个小小的花园有绿油油的草地,有蜿蜒曲折的花径,还有供人休憩的坐椅和为小鸟搭建的窝巢镇上所有的人都在谈论,这个年轻人把这块地方变得多么可爱 不过,这也是展示约翰尼才艺的一个窗口人们见识到他的手艺,知道他是一个天生的园艺设计师That was twenty-five years ago. Today Johnnie is the head of a prosperous business in landscape gardening. His customers extend into neighbouring provinces. Johnnie still cannot speak French or translate Latin, trigonometry is unknown to him.这已是5年前的事情了现在的约翰尼是一家生意兴隆的园艺设计公司的负责人他的客户已经扩展到临近的其他省份约翰尼到现在还是不会讲法语,也不会翻译拉丁语,对三角学更是一窍不通But colour and light and lovely prospects are his b and butter. His aging parents are proud of Johnnie, he is not only a success—a man of affairs and a member of the best clubs in town— he has also made his part of the world a lovelier place to live in. Wherever he and his men go, they sp beauty bee the eyes of people.然而,色、光线和怡人的景观设计成了他的职业他年迈的父母为他感到骄傲,不仅仅因为他是一位成功人士,还因为他把自己的那部分世界变得更为美好,适宜居住不管他和他的设计团队去到哪里,他们都散播赏心悦目的美丽 50。

讲解今天推荐大家的歌叫做What makes you beautifulThe key word in this song is BeautifulBeautiful 美丽的,美好的If you describe(描述) something as beautiful, you mean that it is very attractive(吸引力).Here is an example:It been a beautiful evening and you have made it all possible.那是个美好的夜晚,你让一切成为可能男童鞋们快快记住这句话,一定说给你的女朋友听哦And the song we are going to recommend to you is WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL. It is a song by English-Irish boy band One Direction. ;What Makes You Beautiful; is a powerful pop song. It served as their debut single(首单曲) from their debut studio album, Up All Night ().作为one direction的第一张专辑,一周内卖出超过万张在英国、美国、澳大利亚等各大榜单中巨均问鼎榜首也让5位英国鲜肉收获了无数老中青女性的爱 歌词写得非常讨巧励志:“Dont need make-up,To cover up Being the way that you are is enough”基本上就是在跟一姑娘说: 你知不知道你自己很漂亮啊,你从什么时候开始这么美腻的呢?你根本不用化妆好吗,素颜就能亮瞎我的眼姑娘,你知道我最欣赏你什么吗?就是你辣么美,你自己竟然都不知道!!!!If only you saw what I saw Youll understand why I want you so desperately(不顾一切地)Right now Im looking at you and I cant believe it 你竟然不知道你自己很美哈哈哈,好想看看这个姑娘到底长得什么样? Anyway, 男孩这个对待女孩的态度绝对是要提倡的姑娘们,我们要抬头挺胸的自信的生活你本来就很美,那就,释放你的美! 6。

这么巧?愚人节又赶上轻松美语课堂?今天你打算怎样玩儿坏这个“开国际玩笑”节呢?当然首先要一起来学地道的愚人节美语啦!让我们假装一下你都没听说过这个节日呢,一起来开两个标准的愚人节玩笑,学两个地道的一惊一乍的节日口语表达在我们过着标准愚人节的时候,希望你能天马行空地尽情整蛊,要知道这世界最不缺的就是创意啦,尤其是整人的创意哦!祝—各位今天人品大爆发,百整不怠,上当愉快!听力文本:小高:你认真看书准备考试了吗?我最晚熬了一宿,希望能考个好成绩呀!京晶:考试?什么考试?我不知道我们今天有考试呀!小高:哈哈,愚人节快乐!我刚才跟你开玩笑呢!是下周考试呢!京晶:哎呀我的妈呀!不带这么吓人的呢!那啥,到底什么是愚人节啊!小高:照传统,四月愚人节就在四月的第一天,人们会跟朋友和关系亲密的人开开玩笑,就像我刚才跟你闹着玩儿那样京晶:全世界都庆祝这个节日吗?小高:许多国家都庆祝呢!比如,新西兰,爱尔兰,英国,南非,这些国家人们之间开玩笑不会超过中午有时候,报纸会在早间版文章中来个恶作剧在另外一些国家,比如美国、法国、意大利,玩笑可以持续一整天京晶:那这个疯狂的节日是如何开始的呢?小高:愚人节真实的起源其实是不太确定的不过月1号和愚人的联系最早可以追溯到9年京晶:不错,那…能不能告诉我一些你听过的有趣的恶作剧?小高:在1957年,英国的B电视台开了一个著名的玩笑,一棵树上长出面条了听了这则消息后,人们纷纷打电话给电视台询问如何在树上种面条京晶:有意思, 不过你今天最好小心点儿,我可是会报仇的哦!小高:祝你好运!想整我没那么容易!New words dialogue:April Fools! Yank someone’s chain Thank heavens! Practical joke Hoax Origin Grey area Watch your back Seek revenge 听力中英文本敬请期待下期内容! 367638。

Shanghai was his second stop on his spring tour.在他的春季巡演里,上海是第二站my life is a song tour.我的人生就像一场巡演The tour now heads to South China.现在他的巡演在一路南下不擅长跟观众互动,not good at interacting with the audience民谣歌曲ballad民谣歌手就是balladeer主播:十七 37377。