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余干县妇幼保健人民中医院去除狐臭多少钱上饶铅山县抽脂瘦腿多少钱This bleaching occurs because corals can only live in a narrow temperature range.这种漂白现象之所以发生是因为珊瑚虫只能在很窄的气温范围内存活。Healthy corals get their colour from microscopic algae living in their tissues.健康的珊瑚虫颜色来自于生活它们组织里的海藻。These manufacture food for the corals by photosynthesis but when the temperature rises just two degrees above the normal summer maximum, the algal cells are expelled because they no longer benefit the coral.这些海藻通过光合作用为珊瑚虫生产食物,但是当气温上升,仅仅比夏天正常的最高气温高两度海藻细胞就会被排出,因为它们不在对珊瑚有用处。The bleaching effect is the white chalky skeleton showing through the corals transparent tissues.漂白效应是珊瑚白色的骨骼,透过透明的组织显露出来。But theyre not dead. Not yet.但是它们没有死亡。They can survive in this bleached state for several weeks.它们能在这种漂白状态下生存几个星期。If the temperature drops,the corals acquire new algae from plankton floating by.如果气温下降,珊瑚从游过的浮游生物获得新的海藻。But, if the warm water persists, the coral dies.但是如果水温继续保持下去,珊瑚就会死亡。Coral bleaching hadnt been seen on the Great Barrier Reef before the 1980s.在大堡礁珊瑚礁变白现象在19世纪80年代之前,没有被看到过。Due to global warming, bleachings now more common and cyclones are likely to be more frequent too.由于全球变暖,珊瑚礁变白变得更普遍,飓风也变得更频繁了。And theres something even more insidious.有一些事情有着更严重的潜在危险。Temperatures are rising because more and more carbon dioxide from human activity enters the atmosphere.气温上升是由于人类活动导致越来越多的,二氧化碳进入到大气。This dissolves in seawater turning it weakly acidic,which can stop coral growth.它们溶解到海水中导致海水轻微变酸,这能导致珊瑚礁停止生长。If they cant build their chalky skeletons,reefs will start to crumble.如果它们不能建造它们的骨骼,珊瑚礁将会开始慢慢垮掉。 译文属201512/413621上饶那家医院做双眼皮好 I got my co-host Jennifer Aniston and the lovely and talented Portia de Rossi.这是我的共同主持Jennifer Aniston 和可爱 有天赋的Portia de RossiAnd the two of you are the same age. Is that correct?You both turn...right?你们两个差不多大 是吗? 你们都...是吗?pretty much. A couple of years.Im a couple years older.oh,ok,so but I love being forty.差不多 差几年 我比她大几岁 哦 好吧 但我喜欢到四十岁I am more excited than turning thirty honestly.I mean just be fine so far.老实说 我比迈入三十几岁时还激动 到目前为止还不错you are ok?yeah, Im totally fine.you are doing great. nothings changed你还好吗?好 我完全没事 你做得很好 什么都没变no, nothings changed, and we are gorgeous.I’m fifty-five.什么都没变 我们都很棒 我已经55岁了I dont, I really dont ever think about it.I think its like, you know, I dont ever talk about it.我不去想这件事情 就像是 你懂的 我从不谈论这件事情I dont either.Thats why I dont understand why every time when someone is mentioned on a magazine.they put a number of age next to it.我也不去想 这就是我为什么不能理解 为什么每次杂志上提到某人 都要在旁边写上年龄And I go what is the importance of the information when this story is being told.我想 说这件事和年龄这个信息有关系吗?right.I know. thats I see that;Ellen, fifty-five, sells another house. ;我懂的 我看到“Ellen 55岁 又卖了一套房子”Like why do I have to be.what is that to do with that house?what do that have to do with selling the house?为什么我必须是 这和房子有什么关系? 那个和我卖房子有什么关系?Portia, forty, forced to move again.all right, lets talk about. We are running out of time.Portia, 40岁 又被迫搬家 好的 时间差不多了and I wanna talk about ;arrested Development;which is everybody is so exctied about.我想说一说 发展受阻 大家都很期待this is... so exciting, so exciting.Yeah, seven years.So excited.太让人激动了 是 七年了 太激动了I know. I just think that must have been like a dream come true to have one of the most beloved show be taken away way我知道 那感觉一定像是梦想成真 有一个这么受喜爱的节目很可惜那么早就被砍掉后before its time and then have it come back.And and, you know, have, have everybody be there.又重新复活了 而且全部演员都回归了and its, doesnt seem. it seems to seamless,and your fans must be so excited.感觉不像是... 感觉就像没有中断过一样 还有你的粉丝一定很兴奋 /201604/438504上饶韩美美容医院激光除皱多少钱

上饶韩美整形医院祛斑效果好婺源县激光治疗鸡眼多少钱 And whats the situation,this school year,whats the situation now情况怎么样 这个学年 现在情况怎样Now weve lost 40 percent of all our teaching staff,weve lost 50 percent of our support staff现在我们失去了百分之40的教职员工,百分之50的后勤人员But we are all pulling together.Im just the face that you see and the voice that you hear但我们都在齐心协力 今天在这里你看到我 听到我的声音But I have them in the classroom right now working hard as Im here这个时候我的同事们都在教室里努力的工作But I have the whole school district that pulling together to do what they have to do for the children.Im just one of many people that doing all they can我们整个学校都在齐心协力为孩子们 做我们必须做的 我不过是尽力而为的众多人中的一个Well,were happy for you to be here to represent all those people,and we are grateful to all those people out there that they are working我们很高兴你作为这群人的代表 今天可以来到这里 我们感谢所有那些正在努力的人You know,I just recently partner with J.C.Penney,and J.C.Penney is changing the way they do everything你知道 我最近开始和J.C.Penney合作 J.C.Penney正在改变他们做事的方式And they are all being fair and square and treating people the way they should be treated这就是公平合理 并以应该得的方式去对待每个人And I want to make sure that you are treating yourself,because youre helping everybody else,so just for you你在正确的对待你自己 你在帮助其他人I want to give you a 5,000 dollars gift card to go to J.C.Penney and whatever you want to get我要给你5,000美金的礼物卡 你可以去J.C.Penney买你想要的任何东西All right.Thank you so much,you are welcome.Wow,just for you.No,its unbelievable.Thank you.You are welcome,thank you.好吗 太谢谢你了 不用谢 哇 这是给你的 不 真不敢相信 谢谢 不用谢 应该谢谢你J.C.penney also believes in doing the right thing and they want to make sure that kids realized their full potentialJ.C.Penney 相信该做正确的事情 他们想确保孩子能够挖掘出所有的潜能So theyre going to give you a little bit help to help your school out.Youre going to get a check for 100,000 dollars for your school所以他们想尽绵薄之力来帮助你们学校 你将得到一张价值10万美元的票Oh,thank you so much.Thank you so much.Its unbelievable哦 太感谢了 应该谢谢你 难以置信We believe in you kids,dont ever give up.we believe in you.well back with Daniel Radcliffe right after this我们相信你 孩子们 永远不要放弃 我们相信你 广告之后 与Daniel Radcliffe 马上回来 /201609/467485上饶治疗歪鼻哪家医院好

铅山县人民医院整形美容科New banks新兴Ripe for disruption扰乱时机正当时A rush of new entrants hope to shake up banking新兴这股狂流欲重组业“I PROMISE to open a bank account for a British citizen in just two minutes”, says Nazzim Ishaque brightly. With a background in IT, banking and asset management, he is submitting plans to the regulators to start a new bank called Lintel; the two-minute pledge is one of his selling points. Mr Ishaque reckons that he can do better than the existing banks, and is putting plenty of his own money where his mouth is, as part of the £5m (.5m) start-up cost. He hopes to start doing business early next year.Nazzim Ishaque明确表示:“我承诺可以两分钟内为英国人民开通账户。”他从事过互联网、和资产管理行业,现向多家监管机构提交新建Lintel的计划方案,卖点之一就是两分钟开户的承诺。Ishaque认为他可以比现有做得更好,而且为了更具说力,拿出自己的大量资金投放到总数500万欧元(750万美元)的启动资金中。他希望明年年初开始营业。Since April 2013 three new British banks have appeared and three outfits have taken over old licences. Martin Stewart, who doles out banking licences at the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA), part of the Bank of England, says people are now applying to open banks in “unprecedented numbers”. Four applicants are likely to start operating this year, he says, with a further four or so probably coming to market next year. At least as far as the consumer is concerned, banking could be on the verge of quite a shake-up.2013年4月份以来,英国有三家成立,三家机构收购老牌。马克·斯图尔特在英格兰分机构审慎监管局负责颁发营业执照,他表示“从未见过”这么多人申请开设,说道:有望在今年开始运营的有四家,明年能营业的大约有另外四家。至少对于消费者而言,业可能面临大幅度重组的境地。Since March 2013 the process to apply for a license has been streamlined. The PRA claims that a new bank can be up and running just six months after final authorisation. The capital requirements for the start-ups are lower than they used to be. And many of the new entrants are acting like classic entrepreneurs. They work out how the existing banks are failing customers, then look for niches, whether in products, customers or technology. All are encouraged by the growing willingness of consumers to switch from one bank to another (see chart), stimulated in part by regulations designed to make this easier.自2013年3月份起,申请营业执照的过程实现精简化。审慎监管局声称:新建仅需经过最终授权后六个月内就可以挂牌营业了。他们对启动资本的要求比以往降低。很多新建的行事方式像是典型的企业家。他们发现现有在哪些方面不合客户心意,然后探寻诸如产品、客户或技术方面的商机。客户们跨行热情日益高涨(见图表)促使新建将跨行手续的操作变得更为简便。Mr Ishaques niche will be immigrants, both students on short-stay visas and longer-term economic migrants. They are treated “extremely badly” by existing banks, he claims. He will offer a full range of products, in many languages, digitally and also at a few branches, to be located at the most convenient places for his target customers—such as the railway stations in London that serve Heathrow and Gatwick airports.Ishaque将商机锁定在外来移民身上,包括持短期签的学生和长期的经济移民。他表示现有对这些人的态度“极其恶劣”。他会在一些分机构提供各种各样的多语言电子产品,这些机构将落户于有目标客户的最便利地点,如位于伦敦希思罗和盖特威克两家机场务范围的火车站。Atom Banks niche, by contrast, is technological. It will be the first British bank to be digital-only, with all transactions done through smartphones and tablets, via an app. This ought to lower the banks overheads. Set up by Mark Mullen, a former head of branchless bank First Direct, and Anthony Thomson, co-founder of another of the new wave of “challenger” banks, Metro, Atom Bank should start operating in the second half of this year. (Metro Bank itself, which started in 2010, is following a quite different road: it is opening new branches almost as quickly as traditional banks like Lloyds, RBS, Barclays and HS are closing them.)与此相比,原子将商机放在技术方面。它将是英国首家在线网络,所以交易都通过智能手机和平板电脑上的一款应用软件完成。这会降低的店营费用。该家由无分机构的第一直通前任行长马克·马兰与新一轮挑战者首都的合伙创始人安东尼·汤姆森共同创立,预计于今年下半年付诸运营。(于2010年启运的首都不走寻常路,增设分机构的速度几乎赶上劳埃德、苏格兰皇家、巴克莱与汇丰这些老牌关闭分的速度。)The banking sector is currently the subject of a review by the Competition and Markets Authority, an official watchdog. Most of the new entrants would agree with the authoritys criticism that some features of the current banking market “prevent, restrict or distort competition”, in relation to both personal customers and small businesses. The entrepreneurs also claim that their innovative new products and technologies will help to address some of those criticisms. Mr Mullen, for instance, attacks what he calls the opaque pricing of many current accounts: a selling point of Atom Bank, he claims, is that all its pricing will be utterly transparent. “We will drive change,” he says.业成为竞争与市场这家官方监察机构目前的评议对象。该机构称,现在金融市场的某些特征“阻碍、限制或扭曲”了对个人客户和小型企业的竞争,对此大部分新兴都予以赞同。同时,创办人声称其新开发的创意产品和技术将有助于解决指出的一些问题。马兰指责他称之为诸多活期存款不透明定价的行为。原子的一个卖点是其所有定价完全透明。他表示:“我们将引领变革。”译者:石海霞 校对:邵夏沁 译文属译生译世 /201501/355814 上饶人民医院激光除皱多少钱上饶玉山县脸上祛斑多少钱



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