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Ive heard that psilocybin, which is the hallucinogenicingredient in psychedelic mushrooms, can alter peoplespersonalities and make them nicer.我听说裸头草碱是迷幻蘑菇中的一种迷幻成分,能改变人的性格使他们的性格变得更好。Is that true?这是真的吗?Well, first, before answering the question, we need to be clear that psilocybin is an illegalsubstance.首先,在回答这个问题之前,我们需要清楚的明白裸头草碱是一种非法物品。And although psychedelic mushrooms are not known to be addictive, their effects canbe unpredictable and extremely unpleasant.虽然我们还不清楚迷幻蘑菇是否会让人上瘾,但是它们的影响是不可预测的而且不容乐观的。Right,but scientists with government permission are able to experiment with psilocybin.对的,只有得到政府允许的科学家们才能够用裸草头碱做实验。And inone study researchers did in fact find that some people who took a single dose of psilocybin experienced altered personalities for more than a year.在一次实验中科学家确实发现一些有用一定剂量裸头草碱的人的性格的确发生了改变,并且持续了一年多。In most cases, the alterations were positivesubjects who had what they called a mystical experience while on the drug showed increases in apersonality trait known as openness.在大多数情况下,试验者身上会产生积极的变化,这他们被认为是经历了一次神秘的过程,在这种药物作用下,他们性格中外向开放的那一面有所彰显。Which is pretty much what it sounds like:这几乎就是那些听到的东西:being more open to and appreciative of art, music,other people.试验者变得更加开放,对艺术、音乐和其他人更有欣赏力。Openness also means being more imaginative, intellectually engaged, and moreaware of feelings in yourself and in others.开放也意味着更富有想象力、有更多的智慧并且更清楚的意识到对你自己和对别人的感觉。Which all sounds pretty good.这听起来的确很不错。But note that most of the subjects in the study were peoplealy into mystical practices such as prayer and meditation.但是注意到大多数研究的主体是已经融入到神秘实践如祈祷和思考中去的人们。So its not as though anyone whowants to become a nicer person can simply take a dose of psilocybin and be instantlytransformed.所以并不是任何一个想把自己性格变好的人都能通过用一定剂量的裸草头碱就立刻改变。Its possible that the effect only happens with people aly leaning towardopenness.除非在注射之前他们已经是偏外向型性格。But its also possible that psilocybin could be used to help treat people with personality disordersand other psychological problems.但是,草头碱还是有可能被用于去辅助治疗那些有性格缺陷和其他心理问题的人。 /201411/340175Thousands of ex-soldiers formed paramilitary groups called Freikorps in order to fight the revolution.数千名德国退伍军人组成名为“自由军团”的准军事组织,旨在镇压革命。And these Freikorps aly held many of the ideas and beliefs that Hitler would later adopt as his own.自由军团所奉行的理念和信仰日后演变成希特勒的信条。Many Freikorps were hugely anti-Semitic,believing in the fantasy that Jews were responsible both for Communism and Germanys defeat in the war.多数成员是极端反犹太主义者,认为犹太人应为一战中的共产主义和德国战败负全责。And one of the most notorious Freikorps groups even adapted what they took to be a racist symbol, the Hakenkreuz...or Swastika.而其中最臭名昭著的一个自由军团甚至设计了种族主义的标志,纳粹党徽,即纳粹万字符。Members of the Freikorps called their leaders Fuehrer.自由军团成员将领导人称为元首。And many of those who would later become infamous as Nazis joined Freikorps...后来很多都成了恶名昭彰的纳粹分子。like Heinrich Himmler, who would become head of the SS,如希姆莱,后成为党卫军头目。Gregor Strasser, one of the most important early leaders in the Nazi party and Rudolf Hoess,the future commandant of Auschwitz.格雷戈尔·史特拉斯,纳粹早期重要领导人之一,以及鲁道夫·赫斯,后成为奥斯维集中营指挥官。But Hitler was not in a Freikorps.但希特勒没有参加自由军团。He was back in Munich.他当时在慕尼黑。Devastated by the loss of the war and desperate to stay in the army, he seemed lost and directionless.因为德国战败而备受打击,他不顾一切留在军中,他心情低落,迷失了方向。201510/403496And shes just completely changed my life and turned my whole world upside-down但是我女儿彻底改变了我的世界 我的整个人生都为她颠覆And on behalf of all mothers I think that you know children make us better people我想代表所有母亲讲一句 孩子使我们变成更好的人They make us more compassionate and more caring and more understanding and more tolerant他们让我们更加怜悯 关系 理解 宽容他人And I think all mothers should be that and should be proud to be tolerant and compassionate and understanding and accepting我觉得 作为一个母亲 都应该以宽容 怜悯 理解和包容为荣And I think intolerance of any kind especially by a mother shouldnt be tolerated by anyone而且我认为 每个人都应该是宽容的 尤其是作为一个母亲you are amazing,thank you.Your daughter is lucky to have you I mean really,you are an amazing smart woman你真是太棒了 谢谢你 有这样的妈妈 你的女儿好幸福 你是个不可思议的睿智的妈妈And especially coming from like you said coming from a childhood,to break that you know而且你还是从一个不幸的童年成长起来的 你打破了那个枷锁Sometimes generation after generation you know,people repeat the same mistakes有时候一代接着一代 人们会将错误延续And for you to be able to correct it and stop it,and make your child have a wonderful loving childhood而你却有能力去打破这个恶性循环 去纠正它 去给予你的孩子一个幸福的童年And teach her compassion,she is luck to have a mom like you,thank you.教会怜悯 她应该为有你这样的一位母亲而感到幸运 谢谢And lets talk about the show right now,whts going on现在让我们谈谈你的剧吧 发生了什么Okay,so all day this morning I was with a lion,Felix,the most beautiful,like a lion lion好吧 今天一上午我都是跟一头狮子一起度过的 Felix 一头漂亮的狮子 一头真狮子A real lion,a lion which we dont love,you know,of course the lion on the show一头活生生的狮子 我们不想 剧里的那头狮子There is Felix,look how handsome he is,wow,so gorgeous看 这就是我们威风凛凛的小狮子 真是无与伦比的美丽So it was a wonderful morning,and the story line is he escapes,you know he had a trainer所以我过了一个很好的上午 故事的情节是它跑掉了 有一个驯兽师and there was an accident,that guy is going to end up coming to Seattle Grace the Hospital出了些状况 那家伙最后会来西雅图仁爱医院的 /201608/463004

The water within the immediate vicinity of the wreck is an area of incredibly intense and violent predatory activity.而在紧贴沉船的周边水域里,是气氛紧绷,危机四伏的猎场。For the small fish that call the Yongala their home to venture to this blue water is a huge gamble.对于在沉船庇护下长大的小鱼来说,进入周围水域是一件冒生命危险的事情。But theyve got to do it to seek out food但为了觅食,它们还得出去。And if they get it wrong and go too far, the difference between life and death on this wreck can be a matter of a millimeters of seconds.如果判断失误,离沉船残骸太远,生与死的距离就在瞬息毫厘之间。The amount of marine life to be found in the 100 metres of the wreck of the Yongala is truly staggering,在这百米的沉船残骸中,人们发现的生命数量大得惊人。arguably its a greater concentration than on any spot on the Barrier Reef itself.有人认为这里是大堡礁最庞大的生命据点,比任何其他据点都大。In contrast to the middle, the landward edge of the lagoon is relatively shallow,here bright sunlight can reach all the way to the sandy bottom where conditions are right for plants to grow.不同于中心地带,环礁湖的近岸区是浅水地带,阳光能够直接照射到海底的沙床上,这给海洋植物提供了合适的生长条件。201503/366303

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