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Reasons making a claim 索赔理由A: We are sorry to you that the goods you sent us are not in conmity with the specifications of the contract.我方很遗憾地告诉你,你方运来的货物与合同不相符B: You dont say.不会吧A: As soon as the shipping arrived at our port we had it inspected.货物一到,我们就做了检查,令我们失望的是,我们发现缺重35吨B: That very strange 35 tons is no small quantity and cant get lost on route. Where can these 35 tons have gone?这真奇怪,35吨不是小数目,在途中是不会丢失的,那么这35吨哪去了呢?A: Our clients expressed their dissatisfaction. They strongly demand that you compensate the loss.我们的顾客很不满意,他们强烈要求你方赔偿损失B: Were sorry this. Well find out the reason soon and give you a reply immediately.对此我方深感抱歉,我们会尽快查明原因并给你方回复 1850A very famous king penguin at the Edinburgh Zoo inspected the King of Norway Guard in a grand official ceremony.近日,在一场隆重的官方仪式上,爱丁堡动物园一只非常有名的帝企鹅;检阅;了来爱丁堡参加爱丁堡军乐节的挪威国王卫队Named Nils Olav and as the mascot of the Norwegian royal Guard, the king penguin walked elegantly in front of about 50 unimed soldiers of the Guard, who are in Edinburgh The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, honored guests and public visitors.这只帝企鹅名叫尼尔斯·奥拉夫,是挪威国王卫队的吉祥物它优雅地在约50名身着制的卫队士兵、尊贵的嘉宾和普通游客面前走过The king penguin was also awarded another arm badge new promotion and title after the honor of a knighthood, which was approved by Norwegian King Harald V, in a visit by the Guard soldiers in .此外,这只帝企鹅又被授予了一枚代表着新的晋升和头衔的臂章此前,挪威国王卫队的士兵在年访问爱丁堡时,经挪威国王哈拉尔五世批准,授予了它爵士爵位Dating back in 197, a lieutenant called Nils Egelien arranged the Norwegian King Guard to adopt a penguin at the Zoo.早在197年,一名叫做尼尔斯·爱格里恩的少校安排挪威国王卫队在动物园认养了一只企鹅The penguin was named Nils Olav in honor of Nils Egelien, and King Olav V of Norway.这只企鹅被起名为尼尔斯·奥拉夫,就是为了纪念尼尔斯·爱格里恩少校和当时挪威的国王奥拉夫五世The name ;Nils Olav; has also been given to two other king penguins who preceded the current Nils Olav as the mascot of the Norwegian King Guard.在现任的尼尔斯·奥拉夫之前,还有两只帝企鹅曾担任挪威国王卫队的吉祥物,它们的名字也是;尼尔斯·奥拉夫; 6350

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  导购口语:It looks very good on you.您穿起来很好看I think it suits you very nicely.我认为您穿十分合适This one suits me best.这个我穿最合适 语句:It looks good on sb.某物或某事在某人身上显得很好,很不错(it可以用衣,帽子,鞋子等来代替Good前可以加very,pretty等词修饰)如果要说衣的款式,颜色或某种发型很适合你,这是可以用suit you来表达,也就是It looks good on you.当然这句话也可以表示“一份工作很适合你” 情景再现:That dress looks very good on you.这件衣穿在你身上真是太好看了This black evening gown looks attractive.这条黑色的晚礼看起来很迷人You look lovely in that jumper.你穿上那件无袖套头衫,看上去很可爱 196956

  A French woman who was convicted murdering her allegedly abusive husband has been released from jail after a complete pardon from President Francois Hollande.法国一名女子因不堪家暴杀死了自己的丈夫,在受到总统弗朗索瓦·奥朗德的赦免之后,她重获了自由;I have decided to grant Jacqueline Sauvage a pardon of the rest of her sentence. This pardon puts an immediate end to her detention,; Francois Hollande tweeted last Wednesday.奥朗德上周三在推特上发文道:“我决定赦免杰奎琳·索维奇,她将被立即释放,免除余下刑期”Within hours of the announcement, Sauvage was seen leaving the Reau prison in southeastern Paris.在这一命令公布数小时之后,索维奇就离开了巴黎东南部的雷欧监狱Now aged 69, Sauvage killed her allegedly alcoholic and abusive husband, Norbert Marot, by shooting him three times in the back with a hunting rifle in , after a marriage of over 0 years. She was sentenced to years in prison.在结婚0年后,现年69岁的索维奇在年杀死了她的酒鬼、虐待狂丈夫诺伯特·默罗德,她用一把猎在他的背上开了三Three daughters of Sauvage launched a petition her release after her imprisonment, making the case a cause celebre in France and drawing public attention to the issue of domestic violence. The petition had collected more than 00,000 signatures.在索维奇入狱后,她的三个女儿请愿释放她,使得该案件在法国闹得沸沸扬扬,引起了公众对家庭暴力的关注这份请愿书共收集到了超过0万份签名Hollande issued a partial pardon at the end of January, but the courts had rejected applications her release.奥朗德曾在去年一月底发布了一项部分赦免命令,但是法院拒绝释放她With the complete pardon, the president decided that ;the place of Ms. Sauvage was no longer in prison, but with her family,; said a statement of the Elysee Palace.据爱丽舍宫的一份声明称,做出完全赦免命令的奥朗德总统决定,“索维奇应该待的地方不再是监狱,而是和她的家人在一起” 78A: Hello, could you tell me my test results?B: Your results are posted on the website. Just put in your password and you can see the exact numbers.A: Are you saying that all my results were normal?B: We always contact you by phone to come in if there is a need follow-up.A: How will I know what the results mean on the website?B: The purpose of each test is given on the site.A: Will the numbers mean anything to me?B: The website will give you your results and then tell you what the normal range is.A: Can I see all of my test results at once?B: Yes, you can see every test the past five years. You can compare them. 365Donald Trump travel to his private club in Florida has cost over an estimated $ million in his first 80 days as president, putting the president on pace in his first year of office to surpass mer President Barack Obama spending on travel his entire eight years.在上任的头80天里,美国总统唐纳德·特朗普光是去他位于佛罗里达私人俱乐部的旅行出就已经高达00多万美元照这种花法,他首年任期所花的旅费,将会超越前任总统贝拉克·奥巴马在任八年的旅费The outsized spending on travel stands in stark relief to Trump calls belt tightening across the federal government and the fact that he regularly criticized Obama costing the American taxpayer money every time he took a trip.特朗普旅行经费的巨额出与他号召全国政府勤俭节约的说法形成鲜明对比,并且此前他本人也经常批评奥巴马外出旅行是在浪费纳税人的钱Given variations in each trip, estimating the security costs around a presidential trip is difficult.考虑到每次出行的具体内容差异很大,要估计总统每一次出行的具体安保费用可不太容易But a Government ability Office report about a four-day trip Obama took to Florida in -- one similar to Trump trips -- found the total cost to the Secret Service and Coast Guard was .6 million.但年美国政府问责署的一份报告显示,奥巴马总统在年前往佛罗里达州的一次天行程中(该行程与特朗普上任以来频繁前往佛罗里达州的行程相似),安保和海岸警卫队的总出高达360万美元To date, Trump has spent six weekends -- and a total of 1 days -- at Mar-A-Lago, his private Palm Beach club. The total estimated costs those trips are around .6 million.到今天为止,特朗普已经在他位于佛罗里达州棕榈泉的私人官邸--海湖庄园度过了六个周末,共计1天这几次出行的出预计在万美元左右Obama, by contrast, spent just under million on travel in his eight years as president, according to documents reviewed by Judicial Watch, a conservative government watchdog.相比之下,据司法监督机构——一个保守的政府部门--的文件显示,奥巴马在作为总统的八年间,出行经费在9700万美金之内Trump frequent weekend travel makes it all but certain the 5th President will surpass Obama spending in his first term, likely within months.特朗普频繁的周末出行使得这位第5任总统在第一个任期内的出百分百会超过奥巴马,也有可能在数月间就会超过Trump frequent trips to Florida will likely end soon. Businesses in Palm Beach County have been told to expect the president to visit through May, but that Trump will likely stop visiting after that because the weather in the area begins to get stiflingly hot.不过特朗普多次前往佛罗里达的行程不久将会结束虽然棕榈滩的生意可能期待他5月份去打理,但是随着该地区气温的逐渐攀升,特朗普可能在5月以后就不会再去了Instead, many expect Trump will then start making frequent trips to his penthouse apartment at Trump Tower in New York City -- where first lady Melania Trump has been living the first part of as their son, Baron, finishes school -- and his private Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster Township, New Jersey.相反,许多人预测特朗普接下来会频繁前往他位于纽约特朗普大厦的空中别墅--第一夫人梅拉尼娅为了让儿子巴伦在目前就读的学校完成学业,而在年上半年继续居住于此此外,还有他位于新泽西州贝德明斯特的私人国家高尔夫俱乐部Not only does Trump travel frequently, but New York City officials have said it costs between ,000 to ,000 a day to protect first lady Melania Trump when she is in New York and the president is not there.除了特朗普的频繁出行之外,纽约市的官员也表示,当第一夫人独自呆在纽约时,为确保梅拉尼娅的安全,纽约市每天将出.7万至.6万美金的安保经费 5

  7.Born Over Troubled Waters7.踏浪而至In May 1995, a decade bee Hurricane Katrina laid siege to New Orleans, the historic city was beset by record levels of flooding.1995年5月,卡特里娜飓风肆虐新奥尔良前十年,一场史上罕见的大洪水包围这座历史名城As rising waters wreaked .1 billion of havoc and ced widesp evacuations, Maria Tanzini found herself grappling with an altogether different water problem, namely, when hers would break.暴涨的洪水造成了31亿美元的损失,大批人员被紧急疏散在这当口,玛莉亚·坦季尼发现她还面临着另一个麻烦:她的羊水要破了The night bee her due date, a torrential downpour drenched the city, and the pregnant Tanzini started having contractions. She, her husband, and her parents packed into a van and tried to go to the hospital.就在她预产期的头一天,倾盆大雨把整座城市变成了一片泽国,而有在身的她也开始了分娩的阵痛她与丈夫和父母挤进了一辆面包车,朝着医院疾驰而去Water climbed to the door handle, and the van soon stalled. At this point, they saw no other choice but to travel on foot, despite waist-high flooding.但水漫过了门的把手,车子也很快抛锚了这时,他们除了趟着及腰深的洪水步行前往医院外,别无选择As the family faced down the flood on foot, tune shined on them in the m of a sturdier vehicle.自助者,天亦助之在这个家庭勇敢地面对困难的时候,命运之神也眷顾了他们,给他们送来了一辆更结实的车A local bar owner spotted the group from his four-wheel-drive and offered Maria and her husband a ride as her parents waded back home. The water levels surged upward, making travel increasingly difficult and dangerous.一个当地的酒吧老板透过车窗看到了这家人,并好心搭载玛莉亚和她的丈夫去医院,而她的父母则趟水回了家水位仍在猛涨,整个路途显得格外艰险Then an ambulance showed up to intercept the trio and bring the Tazinis the rest of the way to East Jefferson General Hospital, where Brittany Tazini was born.谁料,一辆救护车拦停了这三个人,并把坦季尼一家送到了东杰弗逊综合医院,而布列塔尼·坦季尼也在此降生The Tazinis story of perseverance and almost cinematic luck made young Brittany a media darling.坦季尼一家人锲而不舍的精神和只有在电影中才能撞到的大运使得小布列塔尼成为了媒体的宠儿She was quickly dubbed a ;miracle baby,; a representation of New Orleans own robust character.她被称作;神奇宝贝;,成为新奥尔良坚强城市品格的代言人 Brittany, now an adult studying cosmetology, it just an annually retold story of a time she cant remember.长大成人的布列塔尼现今正在学习美容,于她而言,这这仅仅是一个发生在何时她根本记忆全无,却年复一年不停被复述的故事According to the young woman, ;I dont even think it really happened to me. I wasnt there.;这个年轻的女人自己说:;我甚至并不认为这事真的发生在我身上,我当时又不在那!;6.An Unusually Long Wait6.不寻常的长时间等待If television and film have taught us anything, it that when a pregnant woman water breaks, a squealing infant is just around the corner.如果电视剧和电影曾告诉过我们任何关于分娩的知识,那就是妇羊水一破,马上就会生出一个哇哇啼哭的孩子But there was nothing speedy or intuitive about Gideon Whitchurch when he was born.但吉迪恩·惠特彻奇出生的时候,一切并没这么快速而容易His parents had suffered through five years of miscarriages and unfulfilled hopes to conceive him.怀上他之前的五年内,他的父母经历了多次流产和希望落空Then, just weeks into the pregnancy, his mother water broke, and Gideon kept the eager parents waiting once again an extremely long time—over a month.接着,仅怀周,吉迪恩妈妈的羊水就破裂,于是,这个小家伙又让他求子心切的父母再一次陷入漫长的等待——超过一个月It not unheard of a child amniotic sac to break bee he or she is y to make a grand entrance.孩子出生前羊膜囊就破裂,这并不是前所未闻的事It a phenomenon known as premature rupture of membranes (P-PROM), and it observed in about 3 percent of pregnancies.这被称为胎膜早破(P-PROM),据观察,有3%的妇都会出现这种情况When a woman water breaks too early, infection becomes an ever-looming threat. Things looked dicey Gideon. With just seven months of growing under his belt, he would be susceptible to various complications if delivered.羊水破裂太早,感染就成了早晚都会到来的威胁吉迪恩的情况非常不好,他只在妈妈肚子里呆了7个月,如果过早出生,他很可能会感染各种并发症Doctors hoped they would be able to delay his arrival by two days. Gideon, however, stayed nestled in his mother womb a whole 39 days after her water broke.医生希望吉迪恩可以撑多两天再出生然而,吉迪恩却在羊水破了后,又在他妈妈子宫里呆了整整39天According to the mother, doctors inmed her that the chances of a remaining in the mother body even a full week after amniotic rupture were about only 5 percent. To last days would be ;a miracle.;考虑到他妈妈的情况,医生们告知她说,羊水破裂后,孩子还能留在母体里超过一个星期的概率只有5%,能撑过天就是奇迹了But ever the procrastinator, young Gideon took almost four miracles worth of time bee he was y to greet the world. Thirty-three weeks into the pregnancy, the baby was finally delivered via Cesarean.但年幼的吉迪恩整整拖够了创造四个奇迹的时间才出生吉迪恩妈怀3周时,终于通过剖腹产生下了他After a five-month stint in the neonatal intensive care , Gideon was right as rain.他在新生儿监护室住了5个月后,终于恢复了健康5.On Shaky Ground5.地震脱险The Nepal earthquake of April was the country deadliest on record, claiming more than 8,500 souls.年月的尼泊尔大地震是该国遭受过的最严重的地震,死亡人数超过8500人But even among the carnage of the 7.8-magnitude monster and a second large quake that followed, life found a way.但尽管这一7.8震级的恶魔尚且杀戮未止,第二次大地震就接踵而至,生命却还是在此时找到了出路As thousands tragically died, hundreds of babies were born, with the UN estimating that 6,000 expectant mothers were impacted by the disaster. Among those women was -year-old Dolma Tamang.数千人悲惨死去的同时,数百个新生儿诞生了,据联合国估算,有万6千的妇受此次地震影响分娩其中之一便是岁的妇,多尔玛·塔芒Tamang was consumed by a pile of rubble that used to be her house when the quake hit. Somehow, she not only survived but clawed her way from underneath the remnants of her house.塔芒的家在地震中成为了一片废墟,她也被埋在废墟之下然而,塔芒不仅活了下来,还从断壁残垣中扒出一条出路But Tamang still found herself in a serious bind. She had suffered multiple injuries, and her breathing was labored.但她仍然感到困难重重她多处受伤,呼吸困难She had no idea how the building collapse had affected the child she was carrying, and the nearest health post was in ruins.她不知道房子坍塌有没有伤到肚子里的孩子,而离她最近的卫生站也坍塌了Reaching the next closest clinic would require a three-hour walk across earthquake-ravaged terrain, and Tamang was too weak to manage it.去到下一个最近的卫生站需要步行3个小时之久,还要穿过地震重灾区,而塔芒身体太虚弱了,根本走不了那么久The mother was trapped in terrifying limbo two weeks bee going into labor. But just when it seemed she would bring her child into unfettered chaos, a Japanese mobile clinic happened by her.在分娩之前,这位母亲被困在恐怖的地狱边缘整整两周之久但眼看着她就要把孩子生在混乱的废墟中,一辆日本的医疗车恰巧出现在她面前To the relief of everyone, she gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby boy.她顺利产下一名健康的男婴,每个人都松了一口气.An Ambush From Within.;宝贝伏击;A soldier must be prepared anything: withering physical exertion, the unremitting gore of combat, and the possibility of dying.一个士兵必须做好面对任何事情的准备:无论是体力耗竭、在战场上反复受伤,还是死亡UK footballer and lance bombardier Lynette Pearce was undoubtedly y all of those things when she shipped off to Afghanistan a six-month deployment.当英国足球运动员、一等兵丽奈特·皮尔斯去往阿富汗参与为期6个月的军事行动时,她无疑是做好了充分的准备She had completed her training, passed arduous physical fitness tests, and was y to rock on the battlefield.在那之前,她便已完成了训练,通过了艰难的体能测试,并随时准备在战场上大展拳脚So Pearce must have been floored to find out just days after shed fought off Taliban insurgents during an attack on her base that she had completed her training and stared down militant death itself while pregnant.而就在她击退了袭击基地的塔利班武装分子的几天后,在她完成了训练并做好了牺牲准备时,皮尔斯发现自己其实早已怀,这让她一时无法接受Pearce thought she was simply having stomach pains when she approached medics, not labor contractions.最初就医时,皮尔斯原本认为她只不过是有些胃疼,而未料到会是宫缩反应But as it turned out, someone had planted a baby bomb in her uterus bee her tour of duty began. In , five weeks bee it was due, that adorable explosive detonated.但事实明,在役之前她便已经怀了年,离预产期还有五周时,她肚子里的小家伙就提前来到了这个世界According to Pearce, it was the first time she even knew it was there.据皮尔斯说,这是她第一次切实感受到孩子的存在She had at least experienced the telltale symptom of unexplained weight gain, but she apparently didnt experience anything that tipped her off. Her commanding officers were also stunned.尽管皮尔斯曾出现过不明原因体重增加的警示症状,但显然没有其他更加明显的妊娠反应,以至于她并不知道自己怀了她的指挥官们也为之惊讶Pearce quickly went from combat hero to concerned mother when her son was born early. But she wasnt the only one who was unprepared the event.皮尔斯的儿子早产后,她很快就从战斗英雄转变为了一名忧心忡忡的母亲但她并不是唯一一个没有为这件事做好准备的人The medical staff was well versed in stitching up wounded soldiers but had little in the way of obstetric preparedness.基地的医务人员深谙如何为受伤的士兵缝合伤口,但几乎没有任何妇产科方面的知识But the base was able to incubate the child, and a special pediatric team was deployed to tend to him.不过基地仍然可以照料这个孩子,并为其指派了一个专门的儿科团队The momma warrior later returned to the UK with her battle-christened baby, excited to tackle childrearing.之后,这位战士母亲带着她那经受过战争洗礼的孩子回到了英国,并开始了激动人心的育儿生涯 779A: I'd like you to bring me some food.B: Just name it, sir.A: Please send up a bottle of champagne, lobster tail, and filet mignon, medium rare.B: Regrettably, we're currently out of filet mignon. May I suggest the porterhouse instead?A: Sure, I love porterhouse, too.B: Would you be interested in chocolate-covered strawberries with the champagne?A: I'd love to, but I'm allergic to strawberries.B: Okay, no strawberries tonight. The items will be charged to your amenities .A: Go right ahead.B: Our staff will bring you your order in as short a time as possible. 01

  《巧嘴英语做导游1 带队之前 7 Reservation Assistance 代人订票文本 导游界的先锋人士编写了这本《巧嘴英语做导游全书分为带队之前、旅途中事宜、景点介绍及走遍大江南北四大章共33个单元根据多年实践经验把做导游所能涉及的情景单元列出,内容实用而广泛,语言纯正而富有大众化,宜于活学活用从名言格言到流行句子,再到流畅的英语对话以及举一反三的实践操练,相信这本《巧嘴英语做导游会帮助涉外导游和欲从事导游工作的人员提供一个自成训练口语能力的良好平台 635

  There is arguably never a more beautiful time to see the world than when the leaves turn red and golden.当叶子颜色渐变为红色和金色时,可以说是全球最美的时节It in the autumn season that mountains and sweeping valleys are aglow.如今,秋意渐浓,山脉和山谷遍布红色And there are multiple ways to see the changing leaves.观赏秋叶的方式有许多种Visitors in Manhattan might like to take to the skies and swoop over a dazzling Central Park by helicopter, while ramblers in Abisko National Park in Sweden will also be rewarded with eye-catching foliage.曼哈顿的游客可以乘坐直升飞机,飞上蓝天,而后冲向炫目的中央公园,而漫步于瑞典阿比斯库国家公园的人们将同样被迷人的秋叶景观所吸引Kayak along the Bonshaw River on Prince Edward Island in Canada, meanwhile, and there a prize of golden leaves reflecting in shining waters.在加拿大的爱德华王子岛,沿着邦肖河划着独木舟,一时间,金色叶子的影子映射在光亮的水面上Some of the best autumn colours can be easily viewed from the road, though, with The Rockies and the Smoky Mountains offering the adventurous truly memorable autumnal moments.或许,我们透过林荫大道即可感知秋色,但落基山和大烟山确为我们提供了一段让人记忆深刻的秋日冒险时光Here we picks out some of the best places witnessing magnificent autumn hues.在此我们选出了几个观赏绚烂秋色的最佳胜地The spectacular sight of Mount Nantai and Lake Chuzenji in Nikko, Japan, is even more incredible in the autumn.位于日本日光城的男体山及中禅寺湖,其壮美景象在秋日愈发迷人New York may be famous its skyscrapers but a helicopter ride over Central Park as the leaves turn orange is just as breathtaking.纽约或以其天大楼闻名于世,然而在秋叶变黄之际,乘坐直升机穿越中央公园更是美的令人惊叹A kaleidoscope of colours surrounds a bridge in Bear Mountain in New York during an autumn season.秋季时分,纽约大熊山间的一座桥被秋色环绕,色斑斓,变化万千The intensely red autumnal trees in Sweden Abisko National Park contrast starkly with the snowcapped mountains rising above them.在瑞典阿比斯库国家公园,分外显眼的红色秋木与高起的雪山形成鲜明对比The fairy tale-like Neuschwanstein castle in Bavaria, Germany, looks even more magical while encircled by autumnal trees.在德国巴伐利亚,宛若仙境的新天鹅堡在秋木的环绕之下愈显梦幻Double the value: Rent a kayak on Bonshaw River on Prince Edward Island in Canada a superb view of autumn foliage on land - and reflected in the water.双重收获:在加拿大的爱德华王子岛,租一独木舟,泛舟于邦肖河,可以同时享受岸上的和水中倒映的绝佳秋色Golden temple: The trees surrounding Osaka Castle in Japan look truly vibrant as winter approaches.日本大阪城周,秋木环绕,虽隆冬渐至,颇显生气If travelling by land suits you more, the dramatic Rockies in Canada look spectacular when surrounded by autumnal leaves.如果认为自己更适合陆路旅行,那么一定要去加拿大的落基山,颇为雄伟尤其待到漫山秋叶时,好不壮观Exploring the Bieszczady Mountains is one of the most exciting things to do in Poland, and there is arguably never a better time to go than when the landscape is a golden haze.[en在波兰,最令人激动的事情之一就是于毕斯兹扎迪山内探险而且,当宛若金色雾霭的秋叶笼罩山间之时,毋庸置疑,正是去那儿的绝佳时节If you are considering a wine tour in the Loire Valley in France, why not go in the autumn when the vineyards have mesmerising hues.如果你计划在法国的卢尔瓦河谷来一场美酒之旅,为何不选择在葡萄园呈现迷人之色的秋日出发呢?See the fiery-hued mountains reflected in Lake Sylvenstein in Bavaria, Germany, as you drive over the Sylvenstein Dam.在德国巴伐利亚,当你驱车行驶在Sylvenstein大坝上,你会看到湖面上倒映着的绯色山景Taking a hot air balloon is a great way to see autumnal colour stretching out towards the horizon, and one of the best places this is in Vermont in the US where the landscape is 75 per cent est.在美国,乘坐热气球是一种观赏秋色的绝佳方式,且看那无边秋色延至地平线而佛蒙特州则作为乘热气球赏秋色的最佳地点,那里75%都被秋木覆盖The sun rays illuminate an aspen grove at Oxbow Bend in the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming, with storm clouds over the Tetons.在怀俄明州的大蒂顿国家公园,阳光穿透乌云,照射在Oxbend Bowd的杨树丛上The range of trees and lakes in Adelaide Hills, part of the Mount Lofty Ranges in South Australia, are a colourful mix during autumn.秋季时节,在阿德莱德山,南澳州的部分高山岭地区,一排排秋木与湖区色层叠,交相辉映 a breathtaking drive, journey along the highway across the Smoky Mountains to see winding roads with bright hues.可以来一次难忘的驾车之旅,驾车循着高速路横跨大烟山,沿途道路蜿蜒,色明丽Rows upon rows of tangy-coloured grapes can be seen in the vineyards of Napa Valley in Calinia.在加利福尼亚州的纳帕谷地,葡萄园中那一排排葡萄颜色格外鲜明 a jaw-dropping landscape Queenstown in New Zealand has arguably some of the best going. And this is enhanced when the farmlands turn golden.凭借其令人惊叹的迷人风光,新西兰皇后镇可以说是最佳去处之一,尤其当整个田地披上金色之后,这种说法就更加确凿了 189。


  3.Platypus3.鸭嘴兽This semiaquatic, fur-covered, duck-billed, web-footed mammal that lays eggs seems to have been assembled from bits of other animals.鸭嘴兽是半水栖的卵生哺乳动物,全身长毛,鸭嘴蹼足,看起来像是其它动物组装而成的Hailing from Australia, the platypus is about feet (61 centimeters) in length and weighs just 3.5 pounds (1.5 kilograms).鸭嘴兽主要分布在澳大利亚,身长约英尺(61厘米),重约3.5英磅(1.5公斤)In fact, the platypus is so odd that when English naturalists first obtained a carcass study in 99 from New South Wales Gov. John Hunter, they worried that it might be a hoax foisted upon them by a mischievous taxidermist.99年,新南威尔士州的官员约翰·亨特把鸭嘴兽的尸体送给英国的物学家研究,由于鸭嘴兽的样子太奇怪,他们一度以为这个尸体是某个动物标本剥制师的恶作剧The platypus is a ager that scoops up insects, larvae, shellfish, worms and gravel with its bill from the mud on the bottom of streams.鸭嘴兽以昆虫、幼鱼、贝类和蠕虫为食,它们用扁扁的嘴巴从溪流底部的河床搜寻食物It stores its finds within cheek pouches until it reaches the surface and then uses the gravel to mash up the food eating – a platypus has no teeth.把食物同砂砾一起放到腮帮子里,然后浮出水面,由于鸭嘴兽没有牙齿,所以它们就用砂砾把食物挤碎再吃下去Despite its seemingly awkward design, the creature turns out to be a surprisingly adept underwater swimmer, thanks to its webbed feet and beaver-like tail.尽管样子看上去很奇怪,但鸭嘴兽却是一个游泳高手,这归功于它那条跟海狸一样的尾巴.Devil Bird.林雕鸮In Sri Lankan folklore, a woman whose child was murdered by her husband went mad and ran off into the jungle to commit suicide.据斯里兰卡民间传说,一个女人因孩子被丈夫谋杀,发疯后跑进丛林自杀After her death, the gods transmed her into a creature called the ulama, or devil bird, whose horrible, human-sounding wail in the distance is a portent that something terrible is about to happen.她死后,上帝把她变成乌力马,即恶魔鸟它的叫声像人的哀嚎,哪怕在远处听到,也一般预示着会发生可怕的事情But was this a real animal? In the 1950s, ornithologist George Morton Henry, author of a definitive volume on the birds of Sri Lanka, decided that the devil bird actually was the spot-bellied eagle owl.但这种动物真的存在吗?在二十世纪五十年代,鸟类学家乔治·莫顿·亨利,《斯里兰卡的飞鸟最终卷一书的作者,认为恶魔鸟就是林雕鸮This predatory bird, which is also known as the est eagle owl, is found in a swath of south Asia stretching from India to Burma.这种食肉鸟类又叫猫头鹰 ,在亚洲南部,从印度到缅甸的大片土地都可以发现它的踪迹It is about 1 inches (53 centimeters) in length and has heart-shaped spots and prominent black-and-white ear tufts that give it a suitably eerie appearance.它大约1英寸长(53厘米),有心形的斑点和突出的黑白耳毛,这让它看起来很怪异But people who are fearful of it shouldnt worry, because it eats only game birds (like pheasants), reptiles and fish.但害怕它的人其实不必担心,因为它只吃鸟(像野鸡)、爬行动物和鱼1.Tasmanian Devil1.袋獾Some might think the Tasmanian devil is a fictional creature, cooked up by an imaginative animator the Warner Bros. ;Looney Tunes; shorts.有些人可能认为袋獾是虚构的生物,是由华纳兄弟创造的想象力丰富的动画“兔八哥”里的角色But it actually a real animal, Sarcophilus harrisii, which is indigenous to Tasmania, an island to the south of the Australian mainland.但实际上它是一种真正的有袋类动物,是靠近澳洲大陆南岛的塔斯马尼亚岛上的原生物种The size of Tasmanian devils varies considerably, depending on diet, habitat and age, but large males can grow as long as .5 feet (80 centimeters) and weigh as much as 6 pounds ( kilograms).袋獾的大小有很大差别,这取决于它们的饮食、生境和年龄,但男性可以能长到.5英尺(80厘米),重达6磅(公斤)The devil is a stocky animal with brownish-black fur, white throat patches and spots on its sides and backside, pink snout and a big powerful head and jaw.袋獾身材矮胖,棕黑色皮毛,白色的喉咙,两侧和背面有斑点,粉色的鼻子和一个巨大的头部和下颚The latter enables the scavenger to gnaw on the aly dead carcasses of wombats, wallabies, sheep and rabbits, though devils also will eat insects, larvae, snakes and vegetation when the opporty presents itself.虽然它也会吃昆虫、幼虫、蛇和蔬菜,但它们通常是机会主义者,多食腐肉,以咬死的袋熊,袋鼠、羊、兔的尸体为食Contrary to its cartoon counterpart, the actual Tasmanian devil is a slow, lumbering creature, not a frenetic whirlwind, though it is known to get loud and rowdy when eating in groups.虽然袋獾一起进食时声音很大众所周知,但与它对应的卡通形象相反,袋獾实际上是一种缓慢而低效的生物,而不是一个凶恶的生物And despite its fearsome reputation, conservationists are worried about the devils long-term survival, because theyre threatened by a contagious facial cancer that killed off 60 percent of the population between 00 and .尽管它们声名狼藉,自然资源保护论者依然很担心此物种的存活,因为一种传染性面部肿瘤威胁着它们的生存,这种面部肿瘤在00到年间曾导致60%的袋獾丧生 55

  Mexican Judge Anuar Gonzalez has a strange definition of rape.墨西哥法官阿努阿尔·冈萨雷斯对强奸有一个奇怪的定义Last week, he dismissed rape charges against Diego Cruz, 1, who allegedly ced -year-old Daphne Fernandez into a car, then sexually assaulted her with three friends.他上周驳回了对1岁男子迭戈·克鲁兹的强奸指控,后者涉嫌将岁少女达芙妮·费尔南德兹绑架到一辆车上,并和三名同伙对其实施了性侵It wasnt because Gonzalez didnt believe her story. Instead, the judge said Cruz should not be punished because ;an incidental touching or fondling will not be considered sexual acts, if proof is not presented that it was done to satisfy a sexual desire.;然而这并不是因为冈萨雷斯不相信达芙妮的遭遇相反,这名法官宣判克鲁兹不应受到惩罚,依据是“如果没有据能明是为了满足性欲,那么一次偶然的接触或抚摸不应被认为是性行为”In other words: It doesnt matter what Cruz did, as long as he didnt enjoy himself.换句话说:不管克鲁兹做了什么,只要他没有快感就不是强奸!Gonzalez also suggested that the victim — who testified that shed been pushed into a black Mercedes, had her cellphone snatched from her hands and struggled while her attackers laughed — was not ;defenseless; because shed changed places in the car.受害者作称,当时她被强行推入一辆黑色奔驰轿车内,手机被抢走,罪犯大笑着对她实施暴行,而她反抗也非常激烈但是法官冈萨雷斯却表示,这说明受害人并非“毫无抵抗”,因为她还可以在车里动来动去Gonzalez decision in this highly charged case, which has sparked relentless media coverage and big protests across Mexico, seemed to confirm Mexicans worst fears about their justice system: that in this hopelessly corrupt system, the rich can buy their way out of punishment.墨西哥媒体对这起强奸案进行了旷日持久的报道,该案还在墨西哥引起了多起大型抗议活动,但是法官冈萨雷斯的判决似乎实了墨西哥人对他们司法系统最糟糕的担忧:在这个无可救药的腐败制度内,富人可以花钱逃避法律的惩处The girl father called the judge arguments ;abominable,; saying ;if this is approved, then any adult can touch a minor and by simply arguing that it wasnt done lasciviously, that he didnt have any intention to copulate, he going to get off.;被害女孩的父亲称法官的观点“可恶至极”,说道:“如果这都说得通,那么任何成年人都可以随意猥亵未成年人,然后只要说他们并不是出于下流目的、并不是想要和对方进行性行为,那他就可以脱罪!” 556

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