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On two fronts and two continents,在两条战线上和两个大洲中,the proof of Einsteins theory now hangs in the balance.爱因斯坦的理论明现在依然悬而未决。Its February 1919, at top Mountain Hamilton in California,1919年2月,在加州汉密尔顿的山顶,William Wallace Campbell is examining and re-examining photographic plates which appear to indicate that Einsteins General Theory of Relativity,威廉·华莱士·坎贝尔一遍又一遍的检查并重新审视感光板,而结果似乎表明爱因斯坦的广义相对论。his theory of gravity, is wrong.他的引力理论,是错误的。But Campbell has competition from British astronomer Arthur Eddington,但坎贝尔与来自英国天文学家阿瑟·爱丁顿之间也在进行着竞争,who was on his way to photograph an eclipse in Africa.爱丁顿正在去非洲拍摄日食的路上。Eddington leaves Britain and heads south.爱丁顿离开英国并且向南方进发。He is in his late 30s, traveling in those days was not comfortable.他是在20世纪30年代末,在那些日子里,旅行可不舒。This is the tropics, the height of summer.这是热带地区,而且夏天太阳难耐。It must have been a very unpleasant place to be.要去的一定是一个很不舒的地方。In May of 1919, after 10 weeks at sea,在1919年5月, 在海上的10周后,Eddington and his assistant arrive on the shores of Principe,爱丁顿和他的助手到达圣多美普林西比海岸,a small island off the coast of West Africa.这是西非海岸的一个小岛。注:听力文本来源于普特 201205/183246淮安市妇幼保健院男科大夫With the exception of those who are unfortunately handicapped or disabled, most people in the world have the same five senses of hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch. Some people, however, develop one or more of their senses up to a higher level. For example, a wine connoisseur may be able to tell exactly where and when a certain vintage wine was made just by the smell and taste. Someone who ;has a good eye for; art, may be able to discriminate between valuable and worthless paintings.这个世界上的有些人生有缺陷或不幸伤残,但大多数人都有五种相同的感官:听觉、视觉、嗅觉、味觉和触觉。然而,有些人的某一感官却可达到更高的水平。例如,葡萄酒鉴赏家只通过嗅觉和味觉就可说出某一佳酿的确切产地和年份。而一个对艺术敏感的人可以区分出哪些是无价之宝,哪些是平凡赝品。Likewise, someone who ;has a good ear for; music may be able to tell everything about a piece of classical music after hearing only the first three notes. Others may ;have a good ear for; languages, and learn how to speak in several tongues.同样,对音乐敏感的人仅仅在听过三个音符之后就可把一首古典音乐讲得头头是道。还有一些人对语言有天赋,可以学会数种语言。201203/174294淮安妇幼保健院包皮手术怎么样Now from the Boston Museum of Science, Sci-tech today on NECN.有线新闻,波士顿消息,欢迎收看今天的Sci-tech Today。There are so much in the news about flu vaccines these days, how exactly do they work? Joining us now from the Museum of Science Boston is Anita Loughlin from the Boston University School of Medicine, good to have you here.最近有许多关于流感疫苗的消息,疫苗究竟是如何预防疾病的?今天来自波士顿大学医学院的Anita Loughlin将向我们做详细介绍。你好。Thank you, nice to be here.谢谢,很高兴参加这期节目。Why do people need to get immunized? What is the history of immunization in this country?为什么人类需要免疫系统?美国的免疫史是怎样的?The prevention of vaccine-preventable diseases/serious diseases has been the number one accomplishment of vaccines in the 20th century. Weve therefore controlled small pox, weve um... eradicated polio from the Americans, we controlled diseases like measles,tetanus, diphtheria, and news diseases that were controlling now are things like hemophilus influenzae, which caused a lot of meningitis, 20,000 cases each year as early as 1990. We vaccinate people for two reasons, one, to keep the individual healthy, and the second reason is, if we vaccinate more people, there is actually barriers and so that we can actually prevent the sp of disease in the community, thats called herd immunity. And we do that, so that we can prevent people that are at high risk for complications.通过疫苗来防御疾病,尤其是严重疾病是20世纪最伟大的成就。我们现在消除了小儿麻痹症,控制了天花,麻疹,破伤风,白喉等疾病,最近还控制了能引起髓膜炎的嗜血杆菌流感,自1990年以来,控制病例达20,000之多。人类打疫苗有两个原因,第一,是为了个人的身体健康,第二,是为了防止疾病传播,这叫做群体免疫。这么做,我们就能降低人类得病的机率。What can you tell us about the H1N1 vaccine and the reasons for having two vaccines this year?你能告诉我们H1N1流感疫苗的情况吗?为什么今年会有两只流感疫苗?Well, the reason for having two vaccines this year is, well, every year we actually make a new seasonal flu vaccine, the strain of seasonal flu that circulates every year changes a little bit by what is called antigenic drift, and so every year there is a global surveillance, and the manufacturers have to look and see what strain is circulating, and they put those strains into the vaccine, the best match those that are circulating, so every year we make a new flu vaccine. The H1N1 strain started circulating a little bit later than we could do it to get it into the annual this flu vaccine, so they actually made a new vaccine. Now they made that vaccine in exact same way they made the seasonal flu vaccine, they use the exact same equipment, the exact same manufactures, the exact same testing procedures.为什么今年会有两只流感疫苗呢,事实上,每年我们在研制疫苗的时候,会发现每年当季传染病的主要病毒会稍有不同,学名称作“抗原漂移”,所以每年我们都会调查当季的病毒,工厂也需要调查主要病毒,将病毒加入疫苗中,病毒每年都在循环变化,所以我们每年都在制作新的疫苗。现在,他们研制疫苗的方式正是我们当初研制疫苗的方式,他们和我们使用的是同样的设备,同样的工艺,同样的程序。Does the HPV vaccine works the same way that the flu vaccines work?疫苗和病毒发挥作用的原理一样吗?They all work in a similar way in a sense that our body is producing antibodies to prevent either the attachment of the virus to ourselves or to, be able to remove that virus more quickly from our body in preventing affection.疫苗和病毒发挥作用的原理是相同的,疫苗是通过刺激机体产生抗体来防御病毒或更快地从人体中移除病毒来预防病毒。And is that only for females?只需要向女性注射疫苗吗?No, the reason why the HPV virus is actually sp, is that they were targeting in sp by sexual transmission, so you are right, if we want to, to sp , prevent to sp it in poplulation, we would give it to both males and females. The reason why women and girls are in targeted, it is because cervical cancer is the number two cause of cancer in the ed States, causing about ten thousand new cases per year, and about three thousand thirty seven hundred death per year. And the prevention of cervical cancer is the reason why its been targeted towards women. Now In the new vaccines, they also prevent other HPVs, once they cause genital warts and papillomas of respiratory track and papillamas in the respiratory track of young children born into women with genital warts. Those vaccines are 90% affective, are preventing these genital warts and these other things. And they also seems to be affective and preventing other genital cancers and heading that cancers that affect both men and women, so now in just recently Otocber , the gardasil vaccine has been licensed and recommended for boys and young men.不,HPV病毒传播的途径是性传染途径,如果想防止HPV病毒传播,就要向男性和女性都注射疫苗。主要向女性宣传,是因为宫颈癌是美国第二大癌症,每年造成1万女性患病,三万三千七百女性死亡。宫颈癌病发在女性也是原因之一。一旦病毒造成妇生殖器疣和呼吸道乳头状瘤,新型疫苗可以预防HPV病毒感染腹中胎儿。疫苗能90%有效地防止生殖器疣等病发症,预防男性和女性感染病毒。年10月,疫苗经过批准使用,收到了青年男士女士的青睐。All righty, Doctor, Anita Loughlin of the Boston University School of Medicine, thanks for joining us.好的,感谢波士顿大学医学院的士Anita Loughlin的精介绍。small pox: 天花polio: n. 小儿麻痹症,脊髓灰质炎measle: n. [动]囊尾蚴tetanus: n. 破伤风diphtheria: n. 白喉hemophilus: 嗜血杆菌meningitis: n. 髓膜炎herd immunity: 群体免疫,人群免疫antigenic drift: 抗原性漂移cervical cancer: 子宫颈癌papilloma: n. 乳头肿genital: n. 生殖器wart:n. 疣,瘿respiratory track: 呼吸道注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201206/185799淮安疱疹可以治吗

淮安检查艾滋病淮安安全可视人工流产All over the year, over a year ago we decided our television business needed a new business model and by teaming up with TPV of Taiwan, weve moved the television business to a joint venture which gives the TV business a new initial life, that allows Phillips to focus on what we are really good at, and that is as a technology company to innovate, to make the world healthier and more sustainable, we do that as for areas, health care, energy efficient, lighting and consumer health wellbeing, we think that this is really important for the world, there will be a lot of demand for these programs, and at the same time, we are improving our operation excellence through our accelerated program, and in the third quarter result, thats what you see coming through, an increasing top line and an improving bottom line, thanks to Phillips accelerating.一年前,我们认为公司的电视业务需要一种新的业务模式,一年来,我们与台湾TPV公司合作。现在我们将电视生产业务发展成为一个联合投资公司,给予其新的生命力;同时,公司集中力量于真正擅长的领域即作为一家能够不断进行创新的技术公司,为全世界更健康、持续发展贡献自己的力量。我们的领域包括医疗、高效能源、照明及顾客的健康和福利事业。我们认为这些领域对全世界来说都是至关重要的,对这些项目也将会有大量需求。与此同时,通过加速开发这些项目,我们持续提高公司卓越的运营能力。由于飞利浦公司的加速发展,可以看到第三财季业绩的顶线有所增长,账本底线有所改善。Well, while asked about the future, the Phillips chief was a bit more cautious.当我们问到公司未来的前景时,飞利浦的首席执行官还保有一些谨慎。We talked about economic headwinds of Phillips, and we see 3 parts of the world slowing down, China with a lower GDP, Europe of course in a recessional period, and the ed States where especially in the second half of this year, we see more uncertainty creeping, undoubtedly related to related to the elections and the threat of the fiscal cliff and the uncertainty around the responsible care act (Obama Care), we see some orders being pushed out in the ed States even though the third quarter will still very good in growth. The feasibility looking ahead is much lower.我们谈论了飞利浦发展的不利因素,全世界有三大市场的经济发展都在放慢速度,中国的GDP也较往年更低,欧洲正处于经济衰退期,而美国特别是在下半年,潜伏着更多不确定因素,确切地说,是和选举有关的因素、财政悬崖的威胁以及责任医保法案的不确定因素(奥巴马法案)。尽管第三季度保持良好的增长势头,来自美国的定单却在减少。展望未来,不容太过乐观。201211/208998淮安治疗前列腺肥大哪家好A 3D trip down the catwalk, British company Burberry capped off London fashion week with a 3D show, streamed live around the world. And fans could do more than just check out the latest styles. Anyone watching online could instantly order any of the items they wanted.看T型台上的3D盛宴,伦敦Burberry公司用一场全世界直播的3D时装展向伦敦时装周致敬。粉丝们不仅可以观赏最新潮流,在线观看的观众还可以马上订购看中的商品。Because you know this should be an international business and you know, weve got the, weve got the show here in London. But I also wanted to try to find a way that we could transmit the same energy and the same feeling to different locations around the world. And 3D technologys advanced enough now to be able to use it. And we are the first company ever to be able to do a live broadcast using 3D. So it was kind of a big challenge to ourselves.你应该知道,这是项国际商业,我们虽然在伦敦办了时装展览,但我努力想要把我们的能量,感觉传送到世界各地。现在的3D技术足以办到这一点。而我们是第一家能够将3D技术应用到时装表演中的公司,这也是对我们的一项挑战。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201206/185100淮安市治疗早孕哪家医院最好的

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