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郴州男性医院哪家比较好郴州资兴市治疗男性不育多少钱Palestinian Gunmen Kill Two Israelis in Cross-Border Attack加沙激进分子越境杀以色列平民  Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip have carried out a deadly cross-border raid. The attack is likely to provoke Israeli retaliation.  加沙地带的巴勒斯坦激进分子越过以色列边界发动了一次猛烈的袭击。这次袭击可能会招致以色列人的报复。 Four Palestinian gunmen stormed through the border fence in Gaza and attacked an Israeli cargo crossing in a daring daylight raid. They shot and killed two Israeli civilians who work for the company that supplies fuel to Gaza.  四名巴勒斯坦手越过加沙地带的边境隔离墙,在光天化日之下大胆地袭击了以色列的一个货运关卡。他们开打死了两名以色列平民。这两名以色列平民受雇于一家为加沙地带提供燃料的公司。Israeli general Yoav Galant who rushed to the scene said it could have been worse.  以色列的加兰特将军迅速赶往事发现场。他说,这起事件的后果本来可能会更加严重。He said the militants were apparently planning to attack a kibbutz collective farm or to kidnap a soldier. The general said the quick response of Israeli troops prevented further casualties.  加兰特说,很显然,这些激进分子原来计划袭击基布兹集体农庄或者绑架一名军人。加兰特将军说,由于以色列军队作出了快速的反应,才避免了更多的人员伤亡。Two gunmen were killed and two others fled back across the border. Then, according to Israeli sources, a helicopter fired a missile at the getaway car in Gaza, killing the other two gunmen and apparently their driver.  两名手被打死,另外两名手穿过边境逃了回去。根据以色列方面提供的消息,当时一架直升飞机朝加沙地带一辆正在逃离中的汽车发射一枚导弹,炸死了另外两名手,他们的司机也显然被炸死。Two Islamic militant groups, Islamic Jihad and the Popular Resistance Committees, claimed responsibility for the shooting.  两个伊斯兰激进分子组织--伊斯兰圣战组织和人民抵抗委员会声称对这起击事件负责。Islamic Jihad spokesman Abu Ahmad described the raid as a "unique and complicated operation." The Islamic militant group Hamas, which rules Gaza, said it was a "heroic and courageous" attack. 伊斯兰圣战组织的发言人艾哈迈德说这次袭击是“一次独特而复杂的行动”。控制加沙地带的伊斯兰激进组织哈马斯说,这是一次“英勇的”袭击。Israeli officials are furious that the gunmen attacked a cargo crossing that brings in fuel for the Palestinian people. 以色列官员对这次袭击表示愤慨,因为手们袭击的这个货运关卡正在越过边境向巴勒斯坦人民运输燃料。Cabinet Minister Gideon Ezra said Israel should cut off fuel supplies to Gaza. While Israel has reduced fuel shipments in response to daily Palestinian rocket attacks, it sends in enough fuel and food to Gaza to avoid a humanitarian crisis.  以色列内阁部长埃兹拉说,以色列应当停止往加沙地带提供燃料。尽管以色列已经减少了燃料供应量,以此来回应巴勒斯坦人每天发动的火箭袭击,但是,以色列仍然在往加沙地带输送足够的燃料和食物,以避免人道危机。Israel said it holds Hamas responsible for the attack, and it will pay a heavy price.  以色列方面表示,哈马斯组织应当为这次袭击事件负责,哈马斯组织将为此付出沉重的代价。200804/34140郴州有没有泌尿专科 So I believe it was Mae West to (have) said in 1932, "It's not the man in my life that counts, it's the life in my men." But it turns out that Mae West may have been under what is possibly a dying breed. No less an institution than Harvard has been wondering whether or not manly men are in fact on the wane. And Bill Wales is here to look at it. Oh, Diane, you know, manly men that can also mean er destructive men, self-absorbed, sometimes misogynistic men. And a feminist gender-neutral societies got a long way towards breaking up the He-Man Women Haters Club. But according to manliness, say a thought provoking new polemic, we should stop pretending men and women are equal, and brace the inner caveman and let guys be guys.Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca, cool, independent, self sufficient."He is looking at you, kid" No doubt, a very manly man. But what about the men of today? Manly, definitely manly. He is manly, but just in a different way. (He's like soft manly.)Manly, yes, the Terminator thing. Manly or not?Manly, yes. (You can be honest.)Not.Not?Absolutely not.No.No.Not manly.Not at all.Not even a little bit.Take heart, Tom Cruise, you are not alone. Because according to a controversial new book, America's on the verge of a manliness crisis. Men are still free to be manly, but there is no justification for it. There is no welcome for it, no respect for it. Harvard professor Harvey Mansfield wrote Manliness and he defines it as confidence in the face of risk. Think Gary Cooper in High Noon, President Bush, and on the dark side, even Sadam Hussein. Women like Margaret Thatcher can be manly, and even the cowboys of Brokeback Mountain. But manly men deserve to be cocky, Mansfield says, after all, they built the world.We are losing the contribution that manly men can make, and we are er, confusing women and men who don't quite know what to do about manliness.He says we should stop pretending women are equal in all tasks, and he says women should stop pretending they want something else in a man.He is so sensitive. But what women wouldn't want a sensitive man?Women may say they want a sensitive man but they don't always love one. They are sometimes much more attracted to a manly man, who maybe more oblivious of their needs and their desires but impresses them more. Whether or not they want macho? More modern women may be yearning for old-fashioned roles, in a recent survey of 5000 couples, the happiest wives said their men support them financially and emotionally. A Bogart who cuddles. I mean it takes a lot of energy to flex your muscles all the time, you know, it's nice just to relax.Now convincing them to do the ironing, that's a whole other thing. Critics accuse the author here of trying to turn back the clock. But his basic premises, "We should let women be women, guys be guys".So he says it's men who build the world, huh?Yes.Yeah, tell that to Eve, Ok!?Touche. 200809/47727湘南学院附属医院龟头炎症

郴州治疗前列腺肥大哪里最好郴州治疗早泄 Hello again.又和大家见面啦。Things havent been going well at Tip Top Trading.Tip Top Trading公司今天看起来情况似乎不太妙啊。There was a fire in the warehouse, caused by Mr Ingles cigarette and now Mr Socrates – the big boss from America – has turned up unexpectedly.库房发生了火灾,是英格尔先生吸烟引起的,而现在苏格拉底先生——美国的大老板突然出现了。So honey, are you…?亲爱的,你是……?Anna. Im Anna, I work here as a sales executive.安娜,我叫安娜。我是这的销售代表。We havent met before.我们之前没见过。We sure aint. Looks like Ive arrived just in the nick of time.的确是。看来我来的不太是时候啊。Whats going on… oh, Mr Socrates!怎么了……噢,是苏格拉底先生!Golly gosh, what an unexpected...天啊,可真是意外的荣幸啊。Unexpected alright. Looks like this company is in a mess.意外是真的。看来我们公司一团糟啊。Err yes. It was OK when I popped out for some biscuits… erm, would you like one?不过我出去买饼干的时候还好好的呢。来一块吗?Biscuits? ! Theyre cookies man.饼干?不就是曲奇饼吗。Look, now what do I have to do to get a triple shot, organic, skinny cappuccino round here?现在谁给我弄一杯有三份浓缩的有机低脂卡布奇诺来?Ill get you one Mr Socrates.我去给您拿来,苏格拉底先生。Its OK honey. I need you to book me a hotel room.没事了,亲爱的,我需要你帮我订一间酒店。You...whats your name again… Paul… can you fetch me one?你……你的名字叫什么来着……保罗……你来帮我拿一杯来吧。Right Anna. Booking a room for Mr Socrates.好的,安娜。给苏格拉底先生定酒店。This is something you cant get wrong.有些事你可千万不能弄错。Well Ive never done it before.可是我之前没做过这种事情。Im sure youll be OK.我相信你肯定行的。When you book a room, heres what you could say.订酒店的时候,你会用到下面这些句子。Hello, Id like to check availability and prices for a room please.你好,我想查一下有没有空房间以及房间的价格。Does the price include breakfast?价格里面包括早餐吗?Are there any business facilities such as internet and wi fi?里面有没有办公设施,比方说互联网或者无线网? /201702/491108湖南省郴州市龟头炎症

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