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哈尔滨市医科大学医院第三院做血常规检查原味人文风情:In a Moment of Vision...当灵感来临时...Its the height of the Gold Rush, 1850s, California. A young tailor named Jacob Davis notices that his gold-mining customers are wearing through pants faster than they can patch them. In a moment of vision, Davis adds reinforcing metal rivets to his pant design, strategically placing them at points of strain, like the corners of pockets and the base of the fly.当时是淘金热最高峰,1850 年代的加州。有一位名叫 Jacob Davis 的年轻裁缝,他注意到他那些开采金矿的顾客们把裤子穿破的速度比他们补裤子还快。灵机一动,Davis 在裤子设计中加入加强的金属铆钉,策略地将铆钉放在受拉扯的点上,象是口袋角落和拉鍊底部。The enhanced trousers are soon in high demand. In order to take out a patent on the highly successful riveted pant, Davis needs a business partner. He approaches the supplier of his cloth, a dry goods merchant by the name of Levi Strauss. Strauss and Davis begin manufacturing pants out of denim and continue to modify the design to accommodate their customers. It is rumored that the removal of the crotch rivet was due to a complaint from the miners that squatting too near a campfire in their typical ;underwear-free fashion; could be painful.强化版的裤子很快就大受欢迎。为了取得这件极为成功的铆钉裤的专利,Davis 需要一位合伙人。他找上他的布料供应商,一位叫作 Levi Strauss 的布商。Strauss 和 Davis 开始用丹宁布制造裤子,并持续改良设计来符合客户需求。有传闻说拿掉裤裆处的铆钉是因为矿工们的抱怨,他们说以他们平常「不穿内裤的风格」,这样蹲离营火太近时会痛痛的。Jeans continued to be modified and diversified over the years, eventually becoming an everyday fashion item for both work and play by the 1960s. Today, 96 percent of American consumers own at least one, if not many, pairs of jeans.牛仔裤多年来不断改良并有更多样貌,最后在 1960 年代成为工作和玩乐都能穿的日常时尚单品。现在,有百分之九十六的美国消费者就算没有很多件,也至少拥有一件牛仔裤。201706/511427伊春第一人民中医院医院账单 Just horrible.Got to look out an ankle-breaker this terrain is.这地方真糟糕 鬼地形是个脚踝杀手Also when you do fall,these rocks are rather sharp, like glass.若不幸摔倒 便很容易被岩石划伤Im trying to keep a good low centre of gravity.Use your hands.我试着放低重心 用手平衡Im like an animal giving it a four wheel drive.像动物一样手脚并用The hot cinders are giving way to volcanic ash and pumice.滚热的煤渣渐渐被火山灰和浮岩所替代I can move quicker here,digging my heels into the slope for extra grip,这里我可以走快点 脚跟埋进砂石可以提供更多抓地力leaning back in the heels puts less strain on your leg muscles and gives you a lower centre of gravity.中心放在脚跟 减少腿部肌肉受力 同时也能降低重心First sign of anything living.Thats a good sign.终于见到活物了 是个好兆头Means Im getting away from the danger zone.意味着我已经离开了危险地带And this must be old lava,but vegetation is growing in it.这些可能是以前的岩浆 但是已经有植物生长于此Im heading for the tree line,making for the jungle below the volcano.我要找到林木线 前往位于火山脚下的丛林Even though its only a few miles from the equator,即使赤道近在咫尺 at this altitude,its mainly pine trees that grow on the fertile volcanic soil,在这个海拔 火山沃土上的主要植被是松树and if there are trees, then therell be grubs and bugs.而如果有植物 就一定有幼虫和甲虫Buried in all this dead wood,the rhino beetle.这些枯木中 藏了很多犀甲虫201609/464298哈尔滨看妇科病哪个医院比较好

黑龙江省中西医结合学会医院在线预约For Rockefeller and Carnegie, Morgans passing is a reminder-- time is running short and the realization triggers a new contest.对洛克菲勒和卡内基来讲 根的去世敲响了警钟 提醒他们时间不多了 意识到这点 新的较量也随之开始No longer is their competition about who makes more money, now the question is who can give more away.现在他们比的不是谁赚的钱多 而是谁捐的钱多了Andrew Carnegie was the first of the big capitalists of this era to be bitten by the philanthropy bug.安德鲁·卡内基是这个时代 第一个热心慈善事业的大资本家了He decided that he was going to use his wealth to good purpose and he said that a man who dies rich dies disgraced.他决定用他的财富做善事 他说抱着钱死去是一种耻辱Andrew Carnegie was not a very popular man among his millionaire friends because he demanded that the millionaire has to give away all of his money.安德鲁·卡内基在他的富豪朋友圈内不是一个很受欢迎的人 因为他要求他们把钱全部捐出去Theres nothing wrong with making a lot of money. Making money is fun. I enjoy that very much. But I enjoy giving away money, even more so.赚很多钱没什么不妥 赚钱很好玩 我也乐在其中 但相比之下 我更喜欢捐钱Carnegie gives away more than three hundred and fifty million dollars.Sixty-seven billion, today.卡内基捐款超过三点五亿美元相当于今天的六百七十亿Most goes to education and his favorite cause--libraries.大多数都用在教育以及他的挚爱 图书馆As more than twenty-five hundred ;Carnegie libraries; are built in forty-nine states and around the world.在四十九个州乃至全世界 一共有两千五百多座卡内基图书馆But even in this contest Carnegie will be bested by his old rival.但是即使是捐钱比赛 卡内基还是输给了他的老对手201608/457584 We have a new favorite game around here were gonna play.在这里我们会玩一个最新受我们欢迎的游戏Its called Five Second Rule, and Kevin is gonna say, like, a category,叫做五秒规则 凯文会说 像 一个范畴and we have to say five things--uh, three things in five seconds.然后我们要说五件事情--嗯 三件事情在五秒之内说完Okay. And then as soon as we say it, then you hit that, and Ill go first好的 然后就我们说完 然后你就按铃就像我这样做的just so you see--it goes very, very quickly.就像你看到的是很快 非常快的I need to warm up anyway, so thats great.我需要先热身 这真是太棒了All right. Ready? Ellen, three things you do in front of a fire.好的 准备好了吗?艾伦 在火炉前你会做的三件事You toast marshmallows, you kiss and you have hot cocoa. Nice.烤棉花糖 亲吻还有热可可 很好Oh, that was good. No. Cheating. Cheater. Three people you want to kiss under the mistletoe.哦 那太棒了 不可以 作弊 骗子 你想在槲寄生下亲吻的三个人My boyfriend, Ryan Gosling, and Ryan Gosling again. Ooh. Three people. Ding!我的男朋友 瑞恩·高斯林以及瑞恩·高斯林 喔 三个人 叮!All right. All right. Thats all right. Ellen.可以 可以 那个可以 艾伦Dont give her a point for that! Oh, come on! We all love Ryan!她这样不能给她分!噢 拜托!我们都爱瑞恩I know, but hes not three people. Okay, Ellen. All right.我知道 但是他不是三个人 好的 艾伦 好吧Im competitive. Yeah. Three things you can pinch. Your cheek, your butt, a baby. Nice.我求胜心切 是的 三件你可以捏东西 脸颊 屁股 婴儿 棒I thought you were gonna say ;nipple.; Okay. Beth, besides your nipple, three--我以为你会说“奶头” 好的 贝丝 除了你的奶头 三--Three things you wouldnt want an ant to bite.你不希望蚂蚁咬到的三个部位Oh, um, your toe, your wrist, and your, mm, uh--Ooh. Eye.噢 嗯 脚趾 手腕 还有 嗯 诶--噢 眼睛After the clock. You sure wouldnt want it to bite your eye.超时了 你一定不会希望咬到你的眼睛I kept thinking dirty cause of ;nipple,; and then I couldnt say anything cause its daytime.因为“奶头”这个词一直让我想歪 而且因为现在是白天 所以我啥也不能说Well, we just wouldve bleeped you. All right. All right.嗯 你要是说了我们就消音嘛 好吧 好的Ellen, three things you do on a nude beach.艾伦 你在裸体沙滩上会做的三件事You put sunscreen on, you cover yourself with a towel, and then you run.涂防晒霜 用毛巾盖住自己 然后开始跑Oh, with zero seconds. Oh. Beth, three things you bring on a first date.噢 零秒钟 噢 贝丝 你会在约会那天做的三件事Lipstick, breath mint, condom. Oh, boy.口红 清新的薄荷糖 避套 噢 天哪Well, weve learned a lot about you today.好的 我们今天了解很多关于你的事情201707/516006哈尔滨市南岗区妇产医院做人流呼兰区妇幼保健医院网上预约系统



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