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本期内容:Empty vessels make the most noise满瓶子不响,空瓶子晃荡首先,我们来学习一个单词 vessel V-E-S-S-E-L 瓶子 容器再来学习一个短语 mak enoise 发出声响,制造噪音empty vessels make the most noise 满瓶子不响,空瓶子晃荡,形容知识浅薄的人更喜欢班门弄斧关注微信公众号@ 口语侠(ID: xia2015) 查看更多英语资讯!好玩有趣有料,有外教,有英语大咖 /201702/494171Exercise 1-36:Description and Set Phrase TestLets check and see if the concepts are clear.Pause the CD and underline or highlight the stressed word.Check Answer Key, beginning on page 193.Repeat after me.......1......Hes a nice guy.......2......Hes an American guy from San Francisco.......3......The cheerleader needs a rubber band to hold her ponytail.......4......The executive assistant needs a paper clip for the final report.......5......The law student took an English test in a foreign country.......6......The policeman saw a red car on the freeway in Los Angeles.......7......My old dog has long ears and a flea problem.......8......The new teacher broke his coffee cup on the first day.......9......His best friend has a broken cup in his other office.......10......Lets play football on the weekend in New York.......11......;Jingle Bells; is a nice song.......12......Where are my new shoes?......13......Where are my tennis shoes?......14......I have a headache from the heat wave in South Carolina.......15......The newlyweds took a long walk in Long Beach.......16......The little dog was sitting on the sidewalk.......17......The famous athlete changed clothes in the locker room.......18......The art exhibit was held in an empty room.......19......There was a class reunion at the high school.......20......The headlines indicated a new policy.......21......We got on line and went to americanaccent dot com.......22......The stock options were listed in the company directory.......23......All the second-graders were out on the playground. /201507/383582

unit 303 购买花瓶dialogue 英语情景对话A:Where do these flower vases come from?A:这些花瓶是哪里生产的?B:They are made a town nearby. The flower vases are made of porcelain and covered with tiny bamboo sticks.B:是附近的一个镇上制造的。花瓶是瓷器做的,上面有细竹丝。A:Are they breakable?A:它们容易碎吗?B:No. They are not only ornamental, but also useful.B:不会。它们不但具有装饰性,而且还实用。A:No wonder its so expensive.A:怪不得这么贵。 /201601/422015Julia: So Todd were talking about riots. Can you tell me about riots in America? You ever experienced any rioting?朱莉娅:托德,我们之前谈了骚乱。你能说说美国的骚乱事件吗?你经历过骚乱事件吗?Todd: There has been a little bit, like theres been riots from, you know, fans going crazy, you know.托德:美国偶尔有骚乱发生,比如因为球迷非常疯狂而引发的骚乱。Julia: Oh yeah.朱莉娅:哦,好。Todd: After their team won the championship thats usually a problem. Cities sometimes have to be on high alert if their team wins a championship which is absolute idiocy. Its like ;hey we won the championship, lets go turn over cars and, you know, burn things.; It recently also happened in Canada.托德:在他们喜欢的球队获得冠军以后,通常会出现问题。如果他们的球队赢得冠军,可能城市都要保持高度戒备状态,因为球迷可能会做出愚蠢的行为。比如,他们会说“嘿,我们赢得了冠军,我们去把汽车掀翻,烧些东西。”最近加拿大也发生过这种事。Julia: Yes, I remember, yeah.朱莉娅:对,我记得。Todd: Its happened in Detroit, its happened in Dallas. I think the most famous riot we had was the LA riots but that was a long time ago, that was over twenty years ago. Now its about social unrest.托德:底特律发生过,达拉斯也发生过。我认为美国最著名的暴乱是洛杉矶暴动,不过那是很长时间以前的事情了,大概是20多年前的事情。现在是社会动荡。Julia: Yeah.朱莉娅:对。Todd: And social injustice for like inner city people but I was in Thailand right when they had their riots.托德:对贫民区来说是社会不公平,泰国发生暴乱时我就在那里。Julia: The political riots.朱莉娅:政治骚乱。Todd: Yeah, so I actually left the day before they came down and occupied downtown and things got serious.托德:对,在他们占领市中心前一天,在形势变严重前我离开了那里。Julia: Wow, and you wouldnt have been able to leave probably if that happened? Did they close the airports?朱莉娅:哇哦,暴乱发生时就不能离开了吧?他们有关闭机场吗?Todd: Oh no, I think the airport was still open yeah, yeah, but I did see them every day so I mean before that they would often ride, you know, the red shirts, would ride down and for people listening you had the red shirts who were against the government and they came and they occupied Bangkok and that was quite interesting. But to be honest, I never felt threatened but then again Id left the day before anything happened so before things turned ugly.托德:没有,我想机场还是开放的,不过我的确每天都能看到那些人,就是那些穿着红衫的人,他们一路游行示威,我们要解释一下,“红衫军”指的是那些反对政府的人,他们占领了曼谷,这很有意思。说实话,我从未感觉害怕,而且我在发生情况以前、在事态变丑恶的前一天离开了那里。Julia: And were tourists targeted during those riots?朱莉娅:这些暴乱有针对游客吗?Todd: No, not at all. Actually it was weird being a foreigner at the time when all this was going on because you felt like you were at somebodys house when they had a family fight. You know, have you ever been at somebodys house and maybe the daughter gets in a fight with the mother and they get so heated in the argument they forget that youre even there? Thats what it was like in Thailand at the time.托德:没有,完全没有。其实作为外国人来说,在事情发生时我觉得很奇怪,就好像你去别人家里做客而那家人发生了争吵。就好比你去别人家做客时,那家的女儿和妈妈吵了起来,她们吵得非常激烈,以至于她们忘了你还在他们家里。那就是我在泰国动乱发生时的感受。Julia: So you didnt feel under threat in any way?朱莉娅:所以你并没有受到威胁?Todd: Oh no. And actually the red shirt people were trying to be careful not to hurt anybody. The government, the yellow shirt people, were trying to be helpful and not, make sure that no tourists were hurt. It was really an internal fight.托德:没有,实际上“红衫军”会尽量很小心,不去伤害任何人。而持政府的“黄衫军”也愿意提供帮助,他们希望确保没有游客受到伤害。这是内部斗争。Julia: A domestic issue?朱莉娅:这是国内问题?Todd: It was a domestic issue and it was quite interesting how both sides took so much care to make sure that no outsiders were harmed even though eventually it turned really violent for each other. So a family squabble you might say.托德:是国内问题,非常有意思的是,双方都非常小心谨慎,目的是确保外人不会受伤,虽然最后演变成了暴力事件。可以说这是家庭争吵。Julia: Hmm.朱莉娅:嗯。译文属 /201610/4740571.惯用口语句子:I find that hard to believe.我觉得那难以置信。I unbelievable.不可信。unbelievable a. 不可信的Ill take that with a grain of salt.我对此半信半疑。grain n. 一粒,一点儿take sth. with again of salt“半信半疑地,有保留地”I doubt it.我对此表示怀疑。I am still skeptical.我仍表示怀疑。skeptical a. 怀疑的You cant fool me.你蒙不了我。fool v. 愚弄,欺骗Ill believe it when I see it.我要亲眼见到才能相信。Seeing is believing.眼见为实。I wasnt born yesterday.我又不是三岁小孩。句型“I was born...”表示“我出生于…”。His decision is doubtful.他的决定值得怀疑。decision n. 决定,决策(动词decide的名词形式)doubtful a. 可疑的Dont expect me to believe you.别指望我会相信你。I dont believe you.我不相信你。I dont have belief in ads.我不相信广告。adadvertisement“广告”Get out of it!别瞎说了!Never tell me!我才不信呢!You have won the scholarship?! I dont buy it,你得了奖学金?!我才不相信你的鬼话呢。scholarship n. 奖学金 /201501/356003

Conversation 1对话1so its a potentially difficult situation.所以这可能会是个麻烦的情况。Hello, everyone.大家好,各位。Well, hi, Alice.嗨,Alice.Arent you going to introduce me, Paul?Paul,你不帮我介绍一下吗?Oh, of course.噢,当然要。Jane, Id like you to meet Alice. Alice has her own fashion design company here in town, and Jane works for Tamp;D.Jane,来见见Alice, Alice在这里开了一家时装设计公司,Jane则是在Tamp;D工作。Tamp;D, huh? Nice work. Its a pleasure, Jane.Tamp;D吗?好工作。很高兴认识你,Jane.Pleased to meet you too, Alice.Alice,很高兴认识你。We were just discussing the new business regulations, and Jane reckons theyre going to impact small businesses worst.我们刚才在讨论新的商业规定,Jane认为它们对小企业的影响最大。I never talk business after ten oclock, Paul, as you know…我从来不在,0点过后谈生意的。Paul,你知道……Conversation 2对话2Well, I agree.额,我同意。Look, heres Gina-lets ask her about it. Hi, Gina.你看,Gina来了,我们来问问她。悔,Gina。Hello.你好。Gina, have you met Shirley?Gina,见过了Shirley吗?Shirley, meet Gina.Shirley,来认识Gina。Gina has her own IT company, and Shirley here is normally based in Beijing but is enjoying this fabulous party!Gina开了一家IT公司,而Shirley通常是在北京工作,但她现在正在享受这个很棒的宴会!Hello, Gina. Im Shirley.你好,Gina,我是Shirley.Hi, Shirley. Nice to meet you.嗨,Shirley,很高兴认识你。We were just talking about Judy and how she knows so many people.我们刚才在谈Judy,以及她怎么会认识这么多人。Oh, yeah. She knows just about everybody.额,对啊,她几乎每个人都认识。Shes a great networker.她的人面很广。So how did you meet her, Gina?你是怎么认识她的,Gina?Well, I used to date her brother. Then her brother married someone.哦,我和她哥哥交往过,后来她哥哥和别人结婚了…… /201604/435584unit 205 称赞异性dialogue 英语情景对话A:I couldnt look at you, and say you arent beautiful!A:我不能看着你,硬说你不漂亮。B:You are pretending!B:你在说谎!A:No, Miss Anna, you must let me say how lovely you are! Whats wrong with that?A:没有,安娜,你一定要允许我说你是多么的漂亮!这有什么问题吗?B:Its wrong because---it isnt true.B:有问题,因为这不是真的。A:You know that everybody notices how beautiful you are, dont you?A:你心里清楚人们都注意到你是多么的漂亮了,难道不是吗?B:Well, no-that is, Ive heard Linda say they do, but... Thank you. But please dont speak to me again.B:嗯,不是啊,我只听琳达说过人们是这么说的,可是……谢谢你,但别再跟我讲话了。A:Oh, Miss Anna! Thats too hard! I wont be here long.A:哦,安娜!这太不近人情了!我不会在这待很久的。 /201509/400454Feifei is ironing a huge pile of clothes before she goes on holiday. But Neil thinks this is long. Learn a useful expression to describe boring jobs in the programme.菲菲在度假前要熨一大堆衣。不过尼尔认为这太“无聊”了。请在本期节目中学习这个形容无聊工作的有用表达方式。Neil: Hi Feifei, what are you up to?尼尔:嗨,菲菲,你在忙什么?Feifei: Hi Neil. Oh, Im just... ironing a few clothes.菲菲:嗨,尼尔。哦,我只是在熨几件衣。Neil: Thats a big pile of clothes.尼尔:这可是一大堆衣啊。Feifei: Im going on holiday! Everything has to be neat and clean.菲菲:我要去度假了!所有东西都要干净整洁。Neil: Youre even ironing your shorts!尼尔:你连短裤都要熨!Feifei: Nothing like perfectly ironed shorts.菲菲:没有什么比得上完美熨烫过的短裤。Neil: Nah, thats long, Feifei!尼尔:不是,这太无聊了,菲菲!Feifei: Theyre shorts – not long!菲菲:这些是短裤,并不长!Neil: Haha – very funny. You know what I mean.尼尔:哈哈,真有趣。你知道我是什么意思。Feifei: Long is British street slang which we use to talk about a task which is boring and not really worth it.菲菲:“long”是英国街头俚语,用来形容一项任务无聊又不值得。Neil: Exactly. Ironing is long. Its dull and takes forever.尼尔:没错。熨衣就非常枯燥。而且无趣又耗时。Feifei: Thats because you do it all wrong. Here, let me show you, while we play these examples.菲菲:这是因为你做得不对。来,我来教你,这期间我们来听些例句。Examples例句I cant believe youre cleaning the whole house. Thats long, bro. Come out and enjoy the sun.我真不敢相信你要打扫整个房子。伙计,那太无聊了。我们出去享受阳光吧。A: Why dont you stick with your diet?A:你为什么不坚持节食?B: Dieting is long. I just eat what I want and go to the gym instead.B:节食太枯燥了。现在我吃我想吃的食物,然后去健身房锻炼。Neil: You know, Feifei, youre right. Ironing isnt so bad.尼尔:菲菲,你是对的。熨衣也不是那么糟嘛。Feifei: Just you wait. Youll be ironing your socks before you know it.菲菲:别急。熨袜子的时候你就知道了。Neil: So, where are you off to on holiday?尼尔:你打算去哪里度假?Feifei: Im travelling around the world for five months!菲菲:我要用五个月的时间去环游世界!Neil: Wow, five months! Thats long.尼尔:哇哦,五个月!好长的假期啊。Feifei: Aha – but do you mean long – as in boring?菲菲:哈,你的意思是说无聊吗?Neil: Of course not... Five months is a long holiday. Have a great trip!尼尔:当然不是了。五个月可是个长假。祝你旅行愉快!Feifei: You can do all my ironing when I get back.菲菲:我回来的时候你可以帮我熨衣。Neil: So long, Feifei. Bye!尼尔:那太无聊了,菲菲。再见!Feifei: Bye.菲菲:再见。 译文属 /201706/514556

A: 欢迎大家来到这期的美语训练班! 我是杨琳!B: 我是Mike! 杨琳,来告诉大家今天都要学什么!A: 嗯! 今天,我们要一起来聊聊如何讨价还价,看看怎么说假警报,还要告诉大家怎么说消灭在萌芽状态!B: Bargaining! Thats the most important skill I picked up in China!A: 哈哈没错! 我原来也特喜欢砍价,好像占了多大便宜似的,特别高兴!B: Yeah, that sounds like you...(A:Hey!) Ok Ok, we will introduce you to more bargaining tips later in the show, for now lets go ahead with our first segment:A: Learn a word!Learn A Word 1769 record-breaking今天我们要学的词是record-breaking. record is spelled r-e-c-o-r-d, record, and breaking, b-r-e-a-k-i-n-g, breaking, record-breaking. Record-breaking 破记录的。A record-breaking heat wave is raising the risk of fire in the Seattle area. 西雅图出现破记录的热浪天气,增加了火灾的风险。The annual celebration is drawing a record-breaking crowd. 一年一度的庆祝活动吸引了众多参观者,人数冲破了往年的记录。Iron Man 3 had a record-breaking opening weekend around the globe. 钢铁侠第三集上映的第一个周末,创下了票房新高。好的,今天我们学习的词是 record-breaking, record-breaking, record-breaking......A: Have you watched Iron Man 3? Gosh it is definitely the best movie Ive watched this year so far! Its about....B: Wowowoww, 杨琳,no spoilers! Dont ruin a film for me again!A: Again? What do you mean again? Anyways...so the bad person is called the Mandarin...B: (Interrupt) Stop it! Remember last weekend when you told me the whole plot of Game of Throne? You ruined it for me! Ruined it!A: 我是让你做好心理准备嘛!B: Oh gosh you are enjoying this... I should have nipped this in the bud....A: 哈哈! All right, all right, I will behave this time! But you just mentioned a very good idiom, nip in the bud! Lets check out todays words and idioms and see what it means!Words and Idioms 843 NIP (STH) IN THE BUD美国习惯用语第 843 讲我们办公室新来了个制片助理。这个女孩子刚走出大学校园,带着浓厚的工作热情,而且很有创意。美中不足的是,喜欢工作时间聊大天。为此,老板今天把她叫去谈话,希望尽早纠正她的这个坏习惯。这个例子用我们今天要学的习惯用语来描述十分贴切,叫:M: Nip something in the bud. Nip is spelled n-i-p, and bud; b-u-d. Nip-something-in-the-bud. Nip something in the bud.Nip 是掐断的意思。Bud 是花蕾,萌芽的意思。nip something in the bud 这个习惯用语意思是将一件事物消灭在萌芽状态,防微杜渐。你现在一定明白了,老板找我们新来的那位制片助理谈话,就是要尽早把她喜欢聊天的坏毛病扳过来。 He wants to NIP her behavior IN THE BUD. 以防日后发展到不可收拾的地步。多年前,美国制药业曾经遭受过一次沉重打击,业界人士迅速采取行动,才在最短时间内恢复了元气。让我们一起听听有关介绍。M: ;In 1982, someone poisoned bottles of aspirin, killing seven consumers. Fear sp across the country. Fortunately, drug manufacturers recalled all remaining stock and changed the packaging of their products to prevent tampering in the future. By NIPPING the crisis IN THE BUD, their sales rebounded within a year.;这段话说:1982年,有人在阿司匹林的药瓶里下毒,造成七名消费者死亡,引起全国恐慌。好在制药公司召回了全部存货,采用新的包装方式,防止产品再被人下手脚。正是因为他们及时采取措施,把危机消灭在萌芽阶段,销售量才在短短一年内出现了反弹。现在药瓶瓶口上的铝箔封口和塑料包装就是为了让用户对产品的安全放心。好的,让我们再来听听上面那段话。M: ;In 1982, someone poisoned bottles of aspirin, killing seven consumers. Fear sp across the country. Fortunately, drug manufacturers recalled all remaining stock and changed the packaging of their products to prevent tampering in the future. By NIPPING the crisis IN THE BUD, their sales rebounded within a year.;虽然下面这个例子听上去比较轻松,但是很多看似无关紧要的小事,也不能掉以轻心。让我们一起来听听。M: ;Like a lot of puppies, mine liked to beg for food every time I sat down to eat. If Id let her continue, she would have become uncontrollable. My friend suggested that I fill a can with coins and shake it whenever she started to bark at me. That really NIPPED IT IN THE BUD. She soon learned to stay quiet. Since then, Lucy has developed into a very well-behaved dog.;这个养的人说:跟其他小一样,每次我坐下吃东西,Lucy 就来要吃的。如果我听其自然,肯定早就管不了了。我朋友建议我拿一罐硬币,她一叫,就摇罐子,这招还真管用,改掉了她的坏毛病,让她学会安静。从那以后,Lucy 已经成了一只很懂规矩的。这招还真灵,因为不喜欢噪音,所以用摇硬币的办法来驯十分奏效。另外还有驯师建议,往脸上喷水也是驯的好办法。好的,我们再来听一下上面那个例句。M: ;Like a lot of puppies, mine liked to beg for food every time I sat down to eat. If Id let her continue, she would have become uncontrollable. My friend suggested that I fill a can with coins and shake it whenever she started to bark at me. That really NIPPED IT IN THE BUD. She soon learned to stay quiet. Since then, Lucy has developed into a very well-behaved dog.;我真希望有什么好办法能让我侄子知趣点。自从上个月搬来我家住,他就一直无所事事,整天看电视,我暗示他出去找个工作,但是至今,I havent been successful at NIPPING his laziness IN THE BUD. 我还是没能把他懒散的坏毛病改掉。看来只好改变策略。好的,这次美国习惯用语就到此结束了。M: Until next time.M: This has been Words and Idioms.A: My mom always tells me to nip any sign of sickness in the bud. Whenever you feel under the weather, take the day off, let your body relax before it turns into something more severe.B: Really? Sounds like you should nip your laziness in the bud. (A: Say that again?) Ok kidding kidding. You are one of the most hardworking people Ive ever met!A: 这还差不多!B: Well, lets continue with our class!A: In todays business etiquette, 公司主管Fred要来跟客户讨价还价! Lets listen and check out some useful bargaining tips!礼节美语Raising PricesPart IMicroMax 公司销售部主管Fred 给客户Tom打电话,讨论涨价的事情。Susan (secretary): Hello, Tom Grossmans office. How may I help you?Fred Lim: Hi, Susan. This is Fred Lim from MicroMax. Is Tom available for a second?Susan: One moment, please. Im connecting you now.Tom: Hey, Fred. Whats up?F: Well, I was going to send you an email, but I thought it might be better for me to call.T: Uh, oh. Sounds serious.秘书Susan帮Fred接通Tom的电话。Tom拿起电话来问,Hey, Fred, Whats up?这是熟人之间见面,或是打电话一上来很常见的说法。直截了当,又很亲切。Fred 说,本想发个电子邮件,后来觉得还是电话里说好,是什么重要的事呢?F: Its about the last order your company placed with us.T: Lets see...you mean the order for six containers of chipboards?F: Yep, thats the one. Now I know we originally agreed on the price, but theres a little problem. Yesterday one of our major suppliers notified us that they are raising prices.T: Thats never good.原来是关于最近一批订货,订货要用动词 place, to place an order. 供货商昨天电话通知Fred的公司,要涨价 They are raising prices.这可不是好消息。F: Also, due to recent jumps in energy prices, our shipping agent is also upping fees. I guess what Im getting at is that we just cant offer our product at the original price anymore.T: But Fred, this order is aly in! I made it two weeks ago! You cant change prices on me like this.F: I understand your position, Tom. But if we fill your order as is, we lose money. If we cant find some kind of compromise, Im afraid our company might have to cancel the order all together.涨价也可以说 to up the fees。Fred 抱怨说,油价贵了,运费也水涨船高,What Im getting at is that....归根结底要涨价。Tom 不同意,因为 The order is aly in. 货已经定好了,怎么还能涨价呢?Fred 表示,if we fill your order as is, 如果按原样供货,就会赔钱。如果谈不拢,就只好 cancel the order 取消定单。T: Well, how much more are you asking for?F: We need to ask for another 25%.T: 25%! Thats a huge increase, Fred!F: Tom, you are one of our most valued customers. Your business is important to us, but this situation is out of our hands.T: I understand that your company needs to make a profit. But its going to be very hard for me to pass on these increases to our customers.Tom 听说要取消定单,口气软了下来,但觉得涨25%还是太多。Fred解释说,the situation is out of our hands. 目前的情况已经不是我们所能控制的了。Fred和Tom接下来如何讨价还价,我们下次再听。A: 销售主管Fred给客户Tom 打电话,表示订单需要涨价。Tom说,the order was placed two weeks ago, 两周前就下了订单,涨价太不合理了。Fred说,由于油价飞涨,everyone is upping the fees, 各方都在涨价,所以the situation is out of their hands, 他们也控制不了。I cant believe these people...they just pushed their responsibilities on to others and left the customers hanging there!B: Thats true for some bad companies, but some companies has great customer service. My iPhone and kindle both broke this week. Amazon fixed my kindle within 48 hours and Apple replaced my phone in 20 minutes flat. Im remarkably impressed with both companies for how quickly they got their devices back into my hands.A: Wow thats great! Maybe some of that good karma is coming back to you...B: Ha, maybe! Well, lets keep listening to Tom and Fred, and learn how the bargaining goes in the business world!礼节美语Raising PricesPart IIMicroMax 公司销售部主管Fred 给客户Tom打电话,讨论涨价的事情。Fred要涨25%,Tom嫌太多。F: I feel your pain, Tom. We are also in hot water these days. The global financial crisis is hitting all of us hard.T: Is there anyway we could cut costs in other areas? Could we find a new shipping agent?F: Yes, we could do that. But in the end it still comes down to protecting our bottom line.对别人表示理解,可以说 I feel your pain. 不过,Fred话锋一转说,We are also in hot water. 我们日子也不好过。in the end it still comes down to protecting our bottom line.归根结底我们还是要保公司利润。the bottom line 意思是赢利。T: Look, I understand that prices for everything are going up these days. Its a tough time to be in business. My company had to lay off over 100 employees last summer; but 25% is just too much.F: You and I go a long way back, Tom. Ill do everything in my power to be flexible....how about 22%?T: Its still too high. Our board of directors is aly going to give me a hard time over this. Can you do better?Tom同意涨价,但不肯接受25%. Fred跟Tom拉关系,You and I go a long way back.咱俩可是老交情了,然后问Tom22%怎么样。Tom还是嫌多,说董事会会give me a hard time绕不了我。F: Tom, seeing as Ive known you for over 10 years and because this price increase really came out of the blue, I think I can go down to 20%. But thats really the best I can do.T: How about this: Ill pay 15% more for this shipment. Then for the next order well boost it up to 18%.F: You certainly know how to drive a hard bargain. Ok....how about 18% for this one and a 21% increase for next time?T: I think I can do that. Ok....Fred, youve got yourself a deal.Fred降到20%,并表示,Thats really the best I can do.不能再低了,他肯这样做,是因为the increase really came out of the blue这次涨价的要求确实很突然。Tom 还是不肯点头。Fred 说,you certainly know how to drive a hard bargain. 意思是真会杀价。最后两人同意这批货涨18%,下批货涨21%。 Tom 说,Fred, youve got yourself a deal. 意思是成交。成交后当然还要寒暄一下。F: I appreciate your understanding, Tom. And Im sorry for the trouble this has caused you.T: Ah, thats all right. I know its not your fault. Prices for everything these days are insane.F: Still, I appreciate your understanding. Lets get together for lunch next time youre in town.T: Sure thing. And say hi to your lovely wife, Katrina.F: Will do. Thanks again, Tom.A: Fred向Tom解释说, we are also in hot water, 处境也不容易。Tom说,如果这么涨价,董事会会 give me a hard time, 绕不了我。两个人谈了很久,Tom同意这次涨价20%. Fred说Tom,You drive a hard bargain, 意思是你很会砍价。B: Thats something I learned at 秀水街 in China. You start by asking for half the price and bargain up from there, and it usually works!A: You know what? This is why Chinese people are good at numbers, because we started practicing when we were kids!B: I cant argue with that! You definitely are better at calculating tips than me...A: Haha, ok! Lets move on to another segment of our class now!Learn A Word 1771 false alarm今天我们要学的词是false alarm. False is spelled f-a-l-s-e; and a-l-a-r-m, alarm。False alarm的意思是乌龙,假警报。美国德州遭受龙卷风袭击,据说,On average, roughly 70% of all tornado warnings are false alarms. 平均来说,大约有百分之70的龙卷风警报都是虚惊一场。报假火警会浪费公用资源,Some cities in the U.S. are considering starting to issue fines for false alarms. 美国的一些城市在考虑,对报假火警的人予以罚款。美国联邦参议员莱文的办公室收到可疑信件,Preliminary FBI testing shows that the letter was not contaminated with poison and was a false alarm. FBI 的初步化验显示信件并没有被下毒,是虚惊一场。好的,今天我们学习的词是 false alarm, false alarm, false alarm...A: I think 80% of the fire alarms in my apartment building are false alarms, so I never actually go downstairs...I just wait for the alarms to stop.B: Woo...you dont want to risk that. What if there really is a fire? Life is too precious to risk on something silly like that!A: OK OK professor....Lets now...continue with our class!Words and Idioms 844 NEITHER HERE NOR THERE美国习惯用语gt;第 844 讲我特别喜欢去电影院看电影,可是有时也会遇到一些不愉快的事情。比如说上个周末,我们后面坐的三个女孩子,从电影一开始就旁若无人地聊天。我后来实在忍无可忍,回头请她们保持安静,谁知其中一个女孩说,我们可是比你先坐在这儿的,让我哭笑不得,因为英语里说:M: Neither here nor there. Here is spelled h-e-r-e, and there; t-h-e-r-e. Neither-here-nor-there. Neither here nor there.Neither here nor there 这个习惯用语的意思是无关紧要。我之所以这么说,是因为在电影院里保持安静是最起码的礼貌,先来后到其实并不重要。换句话说,那个女孩子提出是她们先到的,完全就是 It was NEITHTER HERE NOR THERE.在下面这个例子中,一名政客擅自挪用税款,欺骗选民。让我们一起听听他在为自己做出辩护的时候是怎么说的。M: ;Our senator was found guilty of taking tax money to pay for his summer home. When confronted, he reminded reporters that he had been serving the citizens for over 40 years. That remark was NEITHER HERE NOR THERE; hed broken the law! Did he think that he could divert our attention from his crime?;这段话说:我们的参议员已经被认定有罪,罪名是挪用税款,给自己盖夏季别墅。被问到这个问题时,他居然提醒记者说,他已经为大众务四十多年了。从政多少年并不重要,重要的是,他违反了法律。他难道以为这样说,就能让我们不再注意他的罪行吗?这倒让我想到一件好笑的事情。每次我老公做错事,只要我嗓门稍微一升高,他马上就会夸我看上去年轻漂亮。What hes saying is NEITHER HERE NOR THERE. 他这么说明摆着就是在转移视线,避重就轻。好的,让我们再来听听上面那段话。M: ;Our senator was found guilty of taking tax money to pay for his summer home. When confronted, he reminded reporters that he had been serving the citizens for over 40 years. That remark was NEITHER HERE NOR THERE; hed broken the law! Did he think that he could divert our attention from his crime?;我好几个朋友的孩子都曾前往伊拉克作战。最近,我跟一个马上准备回来的孩子聊天,才发现,在这些军人的心目中,什么才是最重要的。让我们一起听听他是怎么说的。M: ;My tour of duty is nearly over and my moms busy planning my favorite meals. I really appreciate her thinking of me. But whatever she makes seems NEITHER HERE NOR THERE. It just isnt that important. What I care about is being home with my family again.;这个人说:我驻防的任务马上就要结束了,妈妈正在准备做那些我最喜欢吃的菜。她能这么惦记我,我当然高兴,可其实,她做什么饭菜并不重要,最让我高兴的是,我又能跟家人团聚了。看来,战场的磨炼还真能让人成熟。我哥哥的女儿其实跟上面这个男孩子差不多大。可她现在最关心的,却是怎么才能让老爸给她买辆新车。她还专门把各款跑车的介绍从网上打印下来,拿给我哥看。不过,我哥说,她的这番努力是 NEITHER HERE NOR THERE 根本没用。能开上家里那辆十年的旧车,就已经算她好运了。好的,我们再来听一下上面那个例句。M: ;My tour of duty is nearly over and my moms busy planning my favorite meals. I really appreciate her thinking of me. But whatever she makes seems NEITHER HERE NOR THERE. It just isnt that important. What I care about is being home with my family again.;说到年纪,NEITHER HERE NOR THERE 这个习惯用语最早出现是在1583年。如果大家有任何问题,即使你觉得可能是 NEITHER HERE NOR THERE 无关紧要,也不妨跟我们联系,电子邮件可以寄到 MEIYU@VOANEWS.COM。好的,这次美国习惯用语就到此结束了。M: Until next time.下次节目再见。M: This has been Words and Idioms.A: Mike, stop making excuses for eating all my snacks...and stop pretending you are trying to help me lose weight or something, its neither here nor there...B: Really? Because Im pretty sure if you put on any more weight, Lingdao isnt going to let you appear on camera.......A:.....好了同学们,这次节目时间就到这里了。B: Tune in next time for American English Mosaic!A: See you next time! /201501/349723

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